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This agreement for adoption shall constitute a legal and binding contract between the rescuer, COMPANY (the rescuer), and the person adopting the animal listed herein, and whose signature is affi ed to this document! Adoption under false pretenses ma" result in legal action! 1. #$%e, ha&e adopted &accines and neutering! , on , residing at , Phone, ! # ha&e recei&ed the pet's health certificate as proof of all re(uired

2. The pet will be gi&en a suitable place to sleep within the household, as well as ade(uate food and water to maintain proper weight and health! Pet must be ta)en to the &eterinarian once a "ear for e amination and shots such as rabies, *+,PP and deworming! The animal should be groomed, bathed and brushed regularl" for ma imum comfort and to pre&ent parasites! Pet must also wear identification (rabies and dog license tags at all times)! *ail" e ercise (and lo&e) is a must3. #t is understood that COMPANY reser&es the right to, at an" reasonable time, stop in to chec) and ascertain that the adopted animal is being )ept under the terms of this agreement! #f the rescuer is not satisfied that the terms are being met, the animal ma" be remo&ed from the premises! This will not constitute a trespass and the adopter agrees to this freel"! 4. Adopter agrees not to declaw the adopti&e cat! 5. Adopter agreed that the adopti&e cat shall reside inside the residence of the adopter but shall not be )ept in the garage or basement and shall not be )ept in a barn or shed! Adopter agrees to )eep the adopti&e cat as an indoor cat onl"! #n no e&ent shall the adopti&e cat be allowed outdoors! 6. The adopter ac)nowledges that the purpose of this agreement is to safeguard the well.being of the pet! To protect the pet against neglect, abuse or cruelt", the adopter enters into this agreement freel" and with good will! 7. The adopter agrees to notif" the rescuer of an" change of address, or if unable to care for this animal under the terms of this agreement! /nder no circumstances will the adopter gi&e this animal to another adoption agenc", animal shelter, pound, animal control facilit", laborator" or an" other person--- #f at an" time the adopter is not able to )eep or loo) after the pet, he or she shall be returned to the rescuer! 8. There is a non.refundable adoption fee (donation) of 01111111111111! This donation is to help defra" general rescue e penses! 9! This contract constitutes final notice of the re(uirements stated herein, and no further notice is re(uired to institute legal action for &iolation of the terms of this account! 2hould it become necessar" for the rescuer to ta)e legal action to reco&er an adopted animal or otherwise enforce the pro&isions of this agreement, the undersigned adopter agrees to pa" all court costs and reasonable attorne"'s fees! 10. #$%e, and respect! , the adopter, promise to ta)e good care of and treat him with lo&e

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