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Mohamed Ismail Mohamed

36th A, Ragheb Street, Helwan, Cairo, Egypt. (002) 0109 334 3592

Petroleum Engineer with a robust oil field experience enhanced through 6 summer internships. Demonstrated strong interpersonal skills through holding a variety of positions within 4 NonGovernmental Organizations NGOs. Proficient user of MS Office. Excellent in written and spoken English.

Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Suez University, 2013. Major : Refining and Petrochemical Engineering Grade : Very Good (top 4%) Senior Project : Gas to Liquids Technology GTL (Excellent)

Interests: Directional Drilling and Drilling Fluids Technologies

Drilling Fluids Intern, Halliburton-Baroid, Cairo
Summer 2012 (1 month) Introduced to the drilling fluids types, additives and analysis and the control of its properties. Got involved in onsite MUD samples gathering and performed tests to optimize drilling parameters. Summer 2011 & 2012 (2 Weeks) Introduced to the offshore comprehensive MUD system and its operation. Lived an offshore Directional Drilling Process (A Sidetracking Operation). Summer 2012 (3 Weeks) Introduced to the operation of all equipments and fittings, and their functions. Manipulated the gas processing operation from the plant control room. Monitored and controlled the process variables to ensure standard specifications to the customers. Summer 2012 (2 Weeks) Summer 2010 (2 Weeks)

Offshore Drilling and Production Intern, GUPCO, Red Sea

Gas Processing Intern, GASCO, Alexandria

Crude Oil Processing Intern, Alex. Pet. Company, Alexandria Coke Gas Processing Intern, Coke Company, Cairo

Extracurricular Activities
TEDx PortTawfik, Suez Independently organized TED event
Operations Director Sept. 2013 - Present Lead a 12 member team to conceptualize how the event day can be outstandingly unveiled and perform its logistics.

Enactus Suez, Suez

Project Head Assistant Dec. 2012 - July 2013 Coordinated brainstorming meetings, performed researches, held recruitment campaigns, and succeeded in introducing a new enterprise within Suez. Presentation Team Member Sept. 2012 - July 2013 Committed to weekly deliver an English presentation and had put the conceptualization of the way of the competition presentation performance.

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Mohamed Ismail Mohamed

Extracurricular Activities (Cont.)
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists AAPG
Research and Development Head of the Academy coordination Dec. 2012 - May 2013 Conceptualize and manage the coordination season plan. Tracked and evaluated the team and enlarged the committees reach and circle of concern. Academy Coordination Member May 2012 Dec. 2012 Conducted profound surveys to settle down on the needed courses for the faculty students and acted on fulfilling their need as a way to empower them.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers SPE,

Mar. 2012 - Mar. 2013 Technical Article Writer at ECHO Magazine The Official Magazine of SPE, Suez University Student Chapter Conducted researches on the oil field new technologies. th Wrote an article through our magazine 5 issue which has been distributed around the globe through international petroleum technology conferences.

Professional Awards
Ranked Fourth among all students of Refining and Petrochemicals Department, Aug. 2013 First Place at Enactus SADCO Special Competition, July 2013 Ranked First among all senior projects of Refining and Petrochemicals Department, July 2013 SPE Worlds Chapter of the Month Award, Mar. 2013

References, Available upon request

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