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Management Business Plan

Katie Ruhmann Aramark Dietetic Intern St. Josephs Medical Center-Kansas City, MO

Aramark Monthy Promotion Specials
Healthy for Life Platform

To increase total sales

To increase customer satisfaction

To increase caf traffic

Mission Statement
Carondelet Health-St. Josephs Medical Centers Mission Statement Our Mission: Carondelet Health consists of Catholic organizations dedicated to the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Our commitment to human dignity compels us to provide compassionate, quality health care for body, mind and spirit, with a special concern for the poor. We are responsible stewards serving the needs of all people from conception to death. We are united in this mission. Our Vision: Our mission inspires us to be a united community where we exceed the expectations of every individual with every interaction through unwavering advocacy. Our Values: Integrity - Compassion Unity 1

Mission Statement
Aramarks Mission Statement
Our mission is to Deliver Experiences that Enrich and Nourish Lives. From our food and facilities businesses to our uniform and medical technology maintenance businesses, we deliver experiences that enrich and nourish lives every day. As a company, we have five focus areas: our consumers, our clients, our employees, our shareholders and the communities in which we work and live.
Our vision is to Focus on Growth for our consumers and clients with a combination of innovation and service to accelerate growth. Our disciplined execution delivers results through the expansion of our Repeatable Business Model which will provide benefits for our consumers, our clients, our company and our shareholders. As One Aramark, we pursue excellence across Selling, Service, Execution, Operations and Marketing through a High-Performing Organization with front line capacity, the right capabilities and a culture of recognition and engagement. We will achieve our goals by being our clients and consumers Most Valued Partner while becoming the Most Efficient Operator empowered by the Most Engaged People

Increase total revenue by 10% from the last three Tuesdays before the event on 4/1. (**Average from last three Tuesdays was $4,085.96) Increase total customer count 10% from the last three Tuesdays before the event on 4/1. (**Average count from the last three Tuesdays was 930)

Increase total check averages 5% from the last three Tuesdays before the event on 4/1. (Average check average from the last three Tuesdays was $4.39)

St. Josephs Medical Center

35 years with Aramark
Profit & Loss Contract Services
Patient Services Retail Catering Doctor Dining Clinical Dietitian Environmental Services

SWOT Analysis

Customer Close-Up
90% of customers at Caf Josef are employees
2% of customers are visitors and students 4% are volunteers 33% Nursing 16% Administrative 13% Support Staff. Physicians 85% women 12% men 83% 25-59 years old

91% of the them report buying meals at Caf 3-5 days a week.
Healthy options More variety Better meal values Longer Hours Fast Service

Target Market
1st shift employees Females 25-59 years old Looking for a healthy, quality meal at a good price.

Fire Roasted Jalapeno Turkey Burger.
Everyday Option Healthy/Trends Spicy

Chilled Salmon Cilantro Ciabatta

Healthy but cheap Light and flavorful

Sold at $4.99 3.5 mark-up for Turkey Burger 2.45 mark-up for Salmon Sandwich

Caf Josef Deli Grill Display Cooking

Flyers posted in Caf
AppleTV Word of Mouth

Aramark Posters
Display food items


Angie Hemsath-Director Lee Ann Turner-Assistant Director Tinna McMahon-Retail Supervisor Craig Pauley-Executive Chef Cliff-Front Line Cook

Tammy & Dedrick-Cashiers

Resources-Food & Equipment

Freezer Oven Grill/Flat Top

Needed: Avocados Jalapeos Capers Salmon

Food processor
Cutting boards/knives Many sizes of hotel pans

Serving Spoons

Financial Data
Food Budget Forecasts:
Increase total sales Increase traffic Increase average check

Reasoning for objectives

Break Even Analysis

1 labor hour=$14.00 Labor Costs=2 hours prep +3 hours cooking for event = 5 hours x 14 = $70.00 x 8% = $75.60 Labor cost per meal = $1.64 Food Costs= $32.66 (turkey burger) + $46.46 = $79.12 / 46 meals = $1.72 a meal Breakeven in Sales Volume = FC/1-(variable cost/sales)
$15.66/(4.99-1.72) = 4.79

Objectives Met
10% increase in total sales 11% increase in customer cout 2.3% decrease in check average

Additional Outcomes
Avocado sales Customer reviews Leftovers utilized

Things to Change
Meal deals

Marketing Menu competing