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ABSTRACT : The aim of this project is to maintain the attendance of employee/student in computer. Nowadays so many companies and schools are maintaining their employee/students attendance in note only. It damage by insects or water or fire. Anybody can change their details easily. To avoid these disadvantages we developed this project. In this project the smart card contains the student/employee details. Whenever the person enter to the campus they have to insert the card into the card reader that time the person details will stored in computer with current time. COMPONENTS USED !ower "upply &icro controller *u++er 5" )6) converter 8%$ ;;!5<& memory 5eal Time %loc0 "mart card. "mart card reader %omputer min !entium / SOFTWARE USED ;mbedded % 3isual *asic : #v $% : AT'("#) : ,re-./ to /' 01+ 2#v./)3dc4 : &A7 )6) : /9:) characters : AT )=%9= 29=>bytes4 : $%/6?@

WORKING PRINCIPLE This project is used to maintain the employee/student attendance. The student/employee details are stored in smart card. 3* application software we can add/remove the person details. *efore entering the room that person should insert the card in to the reader. Now the microcontroller will read the details of persons from card through reader slot. After reading the details the microcontroller sends these details to the 3* application through serial port. The 3* application software will receive the details from microcontroller and it will chec0 with its database. If permission is available the software will store the person I$ date and time in its own database.



"mart card 5eader


Batter Ba!"up


&icro %ontroller 2AT'("#)4


8%$ 2$isplay4 8%$ $river 8%$ Alass


Bu&&er Dri'er

Bu&&er OSC

Power Suppl
Tra#$ %ormer Re!ti%ier Regulator (7805) Filter

COMPONENT APPLICATIONS: POWER SUPPLY: The microcontroller and other devices get power supply from A% to $c adapter through voltage regulator. The adapter output voltage will be /)3 $% non regulated. The @'?# voltage regulators are used to convert /) 3 to #3$%.

AC Power

AC/DC Adapter

Regulator (7805)

DC Output

Vital role o !o"er #$!!l% i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e##e#, The adapter output voltage will be /)3 $% non regulated. The @'?#/@'/) voltage regulators are used to convert /) 3 to #3//)3 $%. MICRO CONTROLLER-AT./S01 The AT'("#) is a widely available in mar0et cost effective low power and high.performance %&<" '.bit microcontroller with '> bytes of in.system programmable ,lash memory. The device is manufactured using AtmelBs high.density nonvolatile memory technology and is compatible with the industry. standard '?%#/ instruction set and pin out. Feat$re#: '> *ytes of In."ystem !rogrammable 2I"!4 ,lash &emory ;ndurance: /??? Write/;rase %ycles =.?3 to #.#3 <perating 5ange )#9 : '.bit Internal 5A& 6) !rogrammable I/< 8ines ,ull $uple: CA5T "erial %hannel ,ully "tatic <peration: ? 1+ to 66 &1+ Vital role o Mi)ro )o&troller-AT./S01 i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e##e#, This is used to read the person name and I$ from smart card by using II% protocol. The details of the person will send to the computer through serial port. After that person insert the cart in card slot the microcontroller will enable the bu++er.

SMART CARD MEMORY 21K3 These memory devices are used to store the data for off line process. The device provides )?=' bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read only memory 2;;!5<&4 organi+ed as )#9 words of ' bits each. The device is optimi+ed for use in many industrial and commercial applications where low power and low voltage operation are essential. Feat$re# Internally <rgani+ed )#9 : ' 2)> ).Wire "erial Interface 2I)% protocol4

1igh 5eliability D ;ndurance: / &illion Write %ycles D $ata 5etention: /?? Eears D ;"$ !rotection: F6???3 Vital role o #(art )ar* i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e## esB This is a memory device which used to store the employee/students details. The microcontroller will communicate with device through II% protocol. SMART CARD SLOT: This is used to hold the smart card. "o the microcontroller can able to read the person details from smart card without any disturbance. BU44ER: The bu++er subsystem produces a ) >1+ audible tone when powered. The bu++er will sound when the signal coming into the driver is high. It must be connected to a transistor $arlington or transducer driver subsystem. The bu++er is connected between the supply rail 2G34 and the input signal. This acts as loa* on the driver. When the input signal coming into the bu++er subsystem is low a !ote&tial *i ere&)e across the bu++er causes current to flow. It is this flow of current that causes the bu++er to sound. Vital role o B$55er i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e##e#, The bu++er will give beep sound after card is inserted in reader slot. "o the person can able to identify the process status. RS 161 CONVERTER 2MA7161N3 This is the device which is used to convert TT8/5")6) vice versa.

RS-161Proto)ol 5".)6) was created for one purpose to interface between $ata Terminal ;-uipment 2$T;4 and $ata %ommunications ;-uipment 2$%;4 employing serial binary data interchange. "o as stated the $T; is the terminal or computer and the $%; is the modem or other communications device. 5".)6) pin.outs for I*& compatible computers are shown below. There are two configurations that are typically used: one for a (.pin connector and the other for a ) connector.

Volta8e ra&8e The standard voltage range on 5".)6) pins is H/#3 to G/#3. This voltage range applies to all 5".)6) signal pins. The total voltage swing during signal transmission can be as large as 6?3. In many cases 5".)6) ports will operate with voltages as low as H#3 to G#3. This wide range of voltages allows for better compatibility between different types of e-uipment and allows greater noise margin to avoid interference. *ecause the voltage swing on 5".)6) lines is so large the 5".)6) signal lines generate a significant amount of electrical noise. It is important that this signal does not run close to high impedance microphone lines or audio lines in a system. In cases where you must run these types of signals nearby one another it is important to ma0e sure that all audio wires are properly shielded. The main role of the 5")6) chip is to convert the data coming for the /).volt logic to # volt logic and from # volt logic to /) volt logic Vital role o RS161 Co&9erter 2Ma: 161&3 i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e##e#, This converter converts TT8/ rs)6) into rs)6)/ TT8 form of signal. LCD 2LI;UID CRYSTAL DISPLAY3 8%$s can add a lot to your application in terms of providing an useful interface for the user debugging an application or just giving it a IprofessionalI loo0. The most common type of 8%$ controller is the 1itatchi ==@'? which provides a relatively simple interface between a processor and an 8%$. Csing this interface is often not attempted by ine:perienced designers and programmers because it is difficult to find good documentation on the interface initiali+ing the interface can be a problem and the displays themselves are e:pensive. 8%$ has single line display Two.line display four line display. ;very line has /9 characters. Vital role o LCD i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e##e#, The 8%$ display displays current time and employee details 2name and I$4.

REAL TIME CLOCK 2RTC < DS=6>?3 This is used to maintain the current time in off line processing. The $"/6?@ "erial 5eal.Time %loc0 is a low.powerJ full binary.coded decimal 2*%$4 cloc0/calendar plus #9 bytes of N3 "5A&. Address and data are transferred serially via a ).wire bi.directional bus. The cloc0/calendar provides seconds minutes hours day date month and year information. The end of the month date is automatically adjusted for months with fewer than 6/ days including corrections for leap year. The cloc0 operates in either the )=.hour or /).hour format with A&/!& indicator. The $"/6?@ has a power sense circuit that detects power failures and automatically switches to the battery supply. Feat$re# It $#e# I1C !roto)ol H 5eal.time cloc0 25T%4 counts seconds minutes hours date of the month month and day of the wee0 and year with leap.year compensation valid up to )/??. HTwo.wire serial interface %onsumes less than #??nA in battery bac0up mode with oscillator running Vital role o Real-ti(e )lo)@ i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e##e#, *y using 5T% the system can the system can get e:act current time. COMPUTER: This is used to monitor the system status and controls the system devices. 1ere the front end application is developed by using 3* software. The computer is communicating with microcontroller through serial port. Vital role o )o(!$ter i& '#(art )ar* rea*er a&* "riter "it+ atte&*a&)e a))e##e#, The student/employee details are maintained by computer by using front end software developed by using visual basic software. *y using this front end application we can add/remove the person details from database. The pc is communicating with microcontroller through serial port.

FEATURES OF THIS PROAECT: "tudent/;mployee attendance will update automatically. No need of separate person to maintain their attendance. APPLICATIONS OF THIS PROAECT: <rgani+ations %olleges schools