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During Kristallnacht that occurred in bieleeld,Germany from November 9-10th 1938,local police and fireman were ordered not to interfere with the destruction only to prevent the fire from moving and damaging non Jewish property Herery kanner was a 14 year old boy all his family were murdered in a killing center henry was sent to prison but escaped the prison due to a policemen sneaking him through he was the only person from his family to live through the event.

We found this about Friends interesting:

Muslims gave prayer rugs to Jewish friends. This protected them as Muslims werent as hated by Nazis. False birth certificates were made by Christian friends for Jews to protect them from Hitler. People who worked at Concentration camps were embarrassed and wouldnt talk to friends about their experience. Sometimes friends turned on Jews and joined in the burning of their synagogues. Friends turned in their neighbours for being communists/socialists etc. People gained false papers and married Christians to appear non-Jewish. A friend saw a girl he danced with being forced to undress and be shot. SOME FRIENDSHIPS WERE STONG ENOUGH TO LAST THROUGH NAZI GERMANY, HOWEVER SOME FRIENDS SUCCUMBED TO PRESSURE UNDER HITLER AND BROKE THEIR FRIENDSHIPS WITH THOSE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST IN ORDER TO SAVE THEMSELF.

Religious Leaders
Miroslav Filipovic-Majstorovic was a Catholic priest in 1939. He served as commandant at concentration camp and overseen the murders of as many as 30,000 civilians. The founder of the Iron Guard Corneliu Codreanu was arrested and killed by Romanian police in 1938. Ella Liebman was a German born Jew who took confinement in France with her mother. They were deported to Aushwitz killing centre in 1943 were she was saved by Andre' Trocme' a church leader, however her mother was unable to be saved. By Monique, Tom & Tania

Teachers during World War 2 were forced to comply to the Nazi teaching standards, Which were thats sport was to be thought intensely going from 2 periods a week to 5, Boxing also became a compulsory subject. Consistent failure to succeed in Physical Training could lead to expulsion. Teachers were forced to go to a one month training course in order to become Nazi Certified, And the teachers were instructed not to make any adverse comments towards German students. If reports were made against the teachers then they could be arrested and re-educated History, biology and German language were essential tools in the Nazification of education. The importance of biology came from the special emphasis on race and heredity. Pupils were trained to measure their skulls and to classify each other's racial types. The Nazi state was obsessed with race and Hitler made the point time and time again that education's primary task was to instill a racial consciousness into every student. Mathematics focused on problems related to artillery trajectories, fighter-to-bomber ratios and budget deficits that came from helping hereditarily diseased families.

Teachers during wwii

Gisela Glaser was born in 1924 in Tarnw, Poland, where her father owned a hat shop. In 1942, she was confronted during school hours. And asked to move to a concentration camp, As she left her teacher and classmates laughed and cheered


Badge worn by French student Maurice Lombart to protest German antiJewish measures. Swing and Zazou, words added on such badges, were names of anti-authoritarian youth groups in occupied France. Acts such as Lombarts demonstrate that individuals had choices during the Holocaust, though not without risk. Lombart was arrested for mocking the German badge decree, though the length of his detention is unknown.