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Invasion is an American science ction television series that aired on ABC for one season beginning in September 21, 2005. Somewhat similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the show told the story of the aftermath of a hurricane in which water-based creatures inltrate a small Florida town and begin to take over the bodies of the town's inhabitants through a cloning process (rst by merging with and then unknowingly replacing them). The show was produced by Shaun Cassidy Productions and Warner Bros. Television. Due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the aftermath in the southern United States, early on-air promotions were quickly pulled by ABC. The advertising then switched emphasis completely to the alien invasion aspect of the series, while the hurricane received no mention. The premiere was also preceded with a warning that the show featured images of a ctional hurricane that viewers could be sensitive to.


Complete Series DVD cover Format Created by Starring Drama/Science ction Shaun Cassidy William Fichtner Eddie Cibrian Kari Matchett Lisa Sheridan Tyler Labine Alexis Dziena Evan Peters Ariel Gade Composer(s) Country of origin Original language(s) No. of seasons 1 No. of episodes 22 (List of episodes) English Jon Ehrlich Jason Derlatka United States

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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...

Cast and characters

Production Running time 42 minutes

William Fichtner as Sheri Tom Production Shaun Cassidy Underlay company(s) Productions Eddie Cibrian as Russell Varon Warner Bros. Television Kari Matchett as Dr. Mariel Underlay Lisa Sheridan as Larkin Groves Distributor Warner Bros. Television Tyler Labine as Dave Groves Distribution Alexis Dziena as Kira Underlay Broadcast Evan Peters as Jesse Varon Nathan Baesel as Lewis Sirk Original ABC (recurring guest star) channel David Huynh as Sun Kim (recurring Original run September 21, 2005 guest star) May 17, 2006 Ariel Gade as Rose Varon Aisha Hinds as Mona Gomez James Frain as Eli Szura (recurring guest star) Elisabeth Moss as Christina (recurring guest star)


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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...


Directed by Thomas Schlamme

Written by Shaun Cassidy

Original air date September 21, 2005

Production code 475281

1 "Pilot"

Hurricane Eve strikes the town of Homestead. Lights are seen in the water and while Dave and Russell investigate, one attacks Dave. Sheri Underlay orders the area quarantined and the town attempts to rebuild itself. 2 "Lights Out" Lawrence Trilling Shaun Cassidy September 28, 2005 2T6951

Russell nds the body of an Air Force Ocer who has similar wounds as Dave. Mariel nds something in Paxton, which arouses suspicion. Sheri Underlay continues to cordon o the town. 3 "Watershed" Michael Dinner Shaun Cassidy October 5, 2005 2T6952

Kira and Jesse investigate a motor home with terrible consequences. Russell worries about Mariel's strange behavior and Larkin suspects that Tom is involved in, or knows something about, a military cover-up. Sergio MimicaGezzan Juan Carlos Coto & Becky Hartman Edwards

4 "Alpha Male"

October 12, 2005


Animals aected with a deadly u virus escape from a sanctuary; Russell and Tom try to track them down. Jesse gets jealous as Kira irts with a boy at a party. A woman attacks Larkin doubting her identity. Mariel shows more strange behavior. "Unnatural Selection" Thomas Schlamme Michael Berns & Shaun Cassidy

October 19, 2005


One of Russell's colleagues is involved in shootout with Tom leading to dire consequences. Larkin seizes a chance to snoop around for answers when an old boyfriend invites her to visit his military base. Mariel is invited to a survivors group. Shaun Cassidy & Becky Hartman Edwards

6 "The Hunt"

Lawrence Trilling

October 26, 2005


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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...

After nding an old Cuban refugee who lost his family to "the lights," Russell goes shing to catch one of the luminescent beings. Transformed, Derek switches his interest to Mariel, incurring the wrath of Underlay. Rod Holcomb Michael Alaimo & Juan Carlos Coto

7 "Fish Story"

November 2, 2005


After surviving a car crash, Larkin is picked up by a strange man who she becomes suspicious of, especially when she believes that he might have a link to the events that are occurring. Meanwhile, Mariel desperately tries to emotionally reconnect with her son, Jesse. 8 "The Cradle" Ernest R. Dickerson Julie Siege November 9, 2005 2T6957

A baby is abandoned at Russell's ranger station. The mother Christina, who was 'changed' after the Hurricane claims it is not hers. Dave learns the owner of the wedding ring and Mariels makes a discovery in the water. 9 "The Dredge" Michael Nankin Jill E. Blotevogel & November 16, 2005 Reed Steiner 2T6958

Russell's dark past is brought to the surface to the shock of Larkin. Dave investigates Mariel and her disappearance the night of the hurricane and Mariel pleads with Tom to dredge the bay to nd out the identity of the body. "Origin of 10 Species" Shaun Cassidy & Juan Carlos Coto

Steve Shill

November 30, 2005


Dave is abducted by his blog-readers wanting to know what he knows. Meanwhile Tom Underlay and his deputy Sirk learn the identity of the dead woman found in the bay and Sirk has an encounter with the lights. 11 "Us or Them" J. Miller Tobin Shaun Cassidy January 11, 2006 2T6960

Russell nally confronts Mariel about the changes she's undergone since the hurricane. Underlay invites Sirk into his home to recuperate and Jesse meets a beautiful, but strange, girl while on vacation with Larkin and Rose. Becky Lawrence Hartman Trilling Edwards & Reed Steiner

12 "Power"

January 18, 2006


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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...

Tom disappears while taking the kids for a 'little adventure' at a cabin and brings along a mysterious bag. Meanwhile Russell and Mariel try to locate the children and Larkin gets suspicious about Russell getting close to Mariel. Michael Alaimo & Shaun Cassidy

13 "Redemption"

Bill Eagles

January 25, 2006


After Tom's shooting he hovers between life and death as he re-lives his 1996 plane crash that led to his re-birth. Meanwhile Russell tries to prevent Larkin from telling the truth about what happens in the water. 14 "All God's Creatures" Harry Winer Michael Foley February 8, 2006 2T6963

Russell, Larkin and Dave discover the creature that has been stalking their home. Tom goes on a mission to nd out who shot him, while Kira questions what happened to her father and Mariel the night of the hurricane. 15 "The Nest" Lawrence Trilling Shaun Cassidy & Julie Siege February 15, 2006 2T6964

Kira continues her search for answers but falls into the wrong crowd and into trouble. Russell helps Mariel test her blood for abnormalities with shocking results, and Derek and Christina make their return to Homestead. 16 "The Fittest" Fred Toye Juan Carlos Coto March 8, 2006 2T6965

Tom and Russell team up to pursue Derek and Christina, stumbling upon a mysterious group of migrant workers. Mariel comes clean to the kids, Kira's life is in the balance after her encounter and Larkin still looks for answers. Bryan Spicer Michael Alaimo & Michael Foley

17 "The Key"

March 15, 2006


Christina uses a gun to get Mariel to perform an ultrasound. Russell and Dave set out to discover what the CIA knows about the hybrids, and Jesse and Rose return to school to witness some strange behaviour. 18 "Re-Evolution" Eric Laneuville Charles Grant Craig & Julie Siege April 19, 2006 2T6967

Russell and Dave investigate what's been happening on Szura's island. Tensions rise at school between those who have changed and those who haven't, and Tom

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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...

looks into the military's involvement in the post-hurricane changes. 19 "The Son Also Rises" Lawrence Trilling Michael Alaimo & Shaun Cassidy April 26, 2006 2T6968

Russell nally blows the whistle on Szura's island leading to Russell being out of a job. Jesse and Rose deal with more bizarre changes at school, and the hybrids prepare as a new hurricane is brewing in the Caribbean. Sergio MimicaGezzan Juan Carlos Coto & Michael Foley

20 "Run and Gun"

May 3, 2006


With Szura at large in Homestead, unlikely partners Russell and Sheri Tom team up in the hope of tracking down Szura. Meanwhile the hurricane gets increasingly closer to Homestead as the hybrids plan to make their move. 21 "Round Up" Steve Shill Shaun Cassidy May 10, 2006 2T6970

As the hurricane hits, Tom and Russell try to stop Szura. Mariel, Larkin, and the kids are rounded up by what looks to be the National Guard, but they have suspicions. Mariel discovers that Szura has a horrifying job for her as she experiences the true horror of the situation. "The Last Wave Goodbye" Lawrence Trilling Shaun Cassidy & Charles Grant Craig


May 17, 2006


In the middle of the hurricane chaos, Russell and Tom make a brave rescue bid. Brett and friends take Larkin, Dave, Jesse, and Rose hostage, which leads to a terrible accident for Larkin. Tom must make an important decision that could risk everything.

Invasion received mostly positive critical reception. Metacritic gave the season a score of 72, making it generally favorable.[1] The show was nominated on the 32nd Saturn Awards for Best Network TV Series and Best Television Actor for William Fichtner. It has been included in many "gone too soon" lists. [2][3][4][5][6][7] In the independent web critic, Critics at large, the show was reviewed as a Lost Treasure.[8] On a chat live between and Tyler Labine, the actor says: "Invasion did get lots of love. Critics loved it. There was quite a huge
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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...

following by the time we got cancelled. It was just the network didnt love it, thats all." He also acclaimed Shaun Cassidy's writing, calling him a "mad genius".[9]

Broadcast history
The series premiered on ABC on September 21, 2005, and aired for one season. The series included twenty-two episodes, which aired Wednesday evening at 10:00pm.[10] After the show's cancellation there were reports of a possible move to The CW, however, a deal never came to fruition.[11] The nal episode aired on May 17, 2006.[10] On August 22, 2006, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released the complete rst season as a six-disc DVD box set. [12] In the UK, the show premiered as a double bill on Channel 4, with the third episode shown shortly afterwards on 4's digital sister channel E4. In Bulgaria, Invasion premiered on February 21, 2007, on Nova Television and in Romania it premiered on March 10, 2009, on Pro Cinema movie channel.

Ratings troubles
According to Nielsen ratings, the series premiere garnered 17 million viewers airing after Lost. By the November 30, 2005 episode, the show was only garnering 10 million viewers. For the episodes shown on January 11, 18, and 25 the Nielsen Ratings only reached 9.7 million, 9 million and 9.3 million, respectively. It had lost nearly half of the rst episode's audience, far behind CBS's CSI: NY, which had 13.7 million, 15.5 million and 14.9 million, for the same period.[13][14][15] The show was then put on hiatus for the second time, during which time it was replaced with The Evidence.

Future plotlines
In the "August 1420, 2006" issue of TV Guide, actor Tyler Labine (who played the character Dave Groves) relayed what creator Shaun Cassidy had planned for the following season, saying that Cassidy had said, "Larkin was going to be presumed dead. Russell and I were going to join forces against Tom. Tom was going to nd out that his rst wife was alive and running this whole military operation, and she was Szura's boss." William Fichtner (who played the character Tom Underlay) also stated the following about the development of the storyline:

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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...

"There was something in there that I thought that was so good," said Fichtner. "I discovered who it really was who was orchestrating [everything]. I didn't even see it coming from a million miles away. It was my [rst wife, Grace], who got on the plane with me. Two people lived after that [1996] plane crash, not just one. She went in another direction altogether. It's amazing. It was, 'ah, what you could have done with that.' "

Invasion features an orchestral score performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra and composed by Jon Ehrlich and Jason Derlatka, incorporating many recurring themes and dramatic melodies.[16] Their music was well received.[17][18][19] The soundtrack of the show became available on October 21, 2008 at The album features more than 60 minutes of carefully selected tracks from the series.[20]

DVD releases
Warner Home Video has released the entire series on DVD in Region 1 & Region 2. DVD name The Complete Series Region 1 Region 2 Ep # Additional information

August September 22, 2006 4, 2006

This 6 disc box set includes all 22 episodes of the series and 50 minutes of extras: a documentary, invading the mind 22 of Shaun Cassidy, plus the gag reel and over 12 deleted scenes from several episodes of the series.

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Invasion (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclo...

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