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1x2, 2x3 etc. = An alternative form of writing out pairings, used in some anime fandoms.

Each character is given a number so for Gundam Wing (eg.) someone might put 1x2 in
the subject line instead of Heero/Duo. I don't know the numbering systems of respective
fandoms, but some of them have got one.

Canon = Everything that is true in the actual source material of a fandom. Eg: The Doctor
is a Time Lord. Ash Ketchum comes from Pallet Town.

Drabble = A short fanfic. Strictly speaking, it should be only 100 words long. A "double
drabble" would be 200 words long and a "half drabble" is 50.

Fanon = Can be any fan - created theory that isn't canon, but often used where something
has become so popular that it is accepted as canon among fans despite not having been
officially confirmed. Eg. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were lovers. All of Gerry
Anderson's Supermarionation TV series take place in the same universe.

Ho!Mione = In the Harry Potter fandom, a Sueified version of Hermione Granger. Less
used is Ho!rry, which indicates a Harry - Stu.

Jossed = When the creator of a fandom's source material comes out with new canon that
contradicts the fanon. Called this because fans of Angel came up with a whole bunch of
theories about his exit from hell, which were all proved wrong after Joss Whedon wrote
an episode about it.

Mini - Balrog = When a character's name is so frequently misspelled throughout the fic
that it almost seems like a new character in itself. Eg. "Gandolf" (Gandalf) or "Argon"
(Aragorn). The term began in the LOTR fandom, hence the name, but other fandoms
have their equivalent: mini - Aragog (Harry Potter), mini - monkey (POTC) and mini -
luggage (Discworld).

Mpreg = Male Pregnancy.

Legomance, n, 1. A subgenre of LOTR fanfiction characterised by an original character

(normally a Mary Sue) engaging in a romantic relationship with Legolas (or, more
accurately, with Legolas-as-played-by-Orlando Bloom). 2. A theoretical subgenre of
romantic fanfiction focussing on Lego.

OC: Original Character

OOC: Out Of Character

IC: In Character

OTP: One True Pairing, or devout devotion to a particular pairing, where all others are

Pit of Voles: (Alternately referred to as simply "The Pit")

Uber Pit of Voles:

The Picture Pit: Fanart Central

Uber Picture Pit: Hentai Foundry

Rule 34: "There is porn of it, no exceptions".

Rule 34a: "Calling 'Rule 34' on something does not mean people are obligated to
automatically going to post examples. That's what Google is for."
Rule 36: "If it exists, someone has a fetish for it. No exceptions."
Rule 75: "There is always a female version of a male character, no exceptions."
Rule 88: "If it exists, there's a furry version of it.

The Gecko: Small lizard with a London accent that we should have been paying more
attention to before reading My Inner Life. Also does the Geico Ads.

OFU - Short for "Official Fanfiction University". Refers to a series of fics where bad
writers are subjected to harsh teaching in order not to suck. Each OFU fic focuses on a
specific series or genre...such as "Offical Fanfiction University of Sonic" or "Official
Fanfiction University of Anime".

Fanbrat - Troll-like fan of a series who not only claims to know everything about that
series, but also claims to know what is best for that exceptions.

Feeding the Fanbrats - Action taken by the creator of the series to have something happen
which matches what the fanbrats think should happen. (For example, one of the endings
in Starfox Command has Fox and Crystal married with kids...which I'm sure is
encouraging those Fox/Crystal loving fanbrats out there.)

Jumped the Shark - Term for a point in a series where the series starts to go downhill. The
term is derived from the point when Happy Days started to go downhill...starting with an
episode where Fonz actually jumps a shark tank with his motorcycle.

Fic-Canon - Something considered canon to a fanfiction series. (Not to be confused with

fanon.) Example: The Gamemaster of Arcadia looks like an accountant

Fannit = More polite word for fanbrat.

Non - Con = Non - Consensual Sex. There's no end in sight to the long and wanky debate
about whether or not this is the same as rape.

NBS = Not Brain Safe.

NSFW = Not Safe For Work.

NSS = Not Sanity Safe.

NWS = Not Work Safe.

OT3 = One True Threesome. Like an OTP, but with three characters. Do you support
Elizabeth/Will/Captain Jack Sparrow to the death and insist all other romantic pairings
are evil? That's an OT3.

Pepper Jack Cheese = Where a badfic author includes silly little details that have nothing
to do with the plot, for his/her own amusement. Well known sporker Pottersues came up
with the term from a Harry Potter fanfic where the author repeatedly mentioned that
Hermione liked pepper jack cheese (which isn't available in the UK) just because it was
the author's favourite cheese.

PWP = Stands for "Plot? What Plot?" or Porn Without Plot. Exactly what it says on the
tin, really: a fic written solely about the characters having sex, with no plot involved.

Round Robin = A fic written by a group of different authors who take it in turns to
continue the story.

Severitus Challenge = In the Harry Potter fandom, this was a highly popular fanfiction
challenge to write a fic in which Severus Snape turns out to be Harry's father. The
original specification was that Harry should undergo a physical change to look like
Snape, and Remus Lupin must return to Hogwarts. Nowadays it is just used for any story
where Harry and Snape have a father/son relationship. Has resulted in hundreds if not
thousands of badfics.

'Ship = Short for Relationship. Relates to which pairs of characters are romantically
involved in a fandom or fic. A 'shipper is a fan of a particular ship eg. if you think House
and Wilson should be living together, having lots of hawt sex and raising kittens, you are
a House/Wilson shipper.

Urple = Excessively flowery and over - the - top prose.

Vanilla = Run - of - the - mill sex scenes with nothing kinky in them.

Wangst = Short for either "whiny angst" or "wanky angst" depending on your point of
view. This is the really over the top angst that makes you want to slit your wrists just
reading it. If it involves cutting, Evanescence lyrics and the characters in tears every five
minutes, it's probably wangst
Ho!Mione = In the Harry Potter fandom, a Sueified version of Hermione Granger. Less
used is Ho!rry, which indicates a Harry - Stu.
To make this more general, the use of 'xxx!Character' represents an Out of Character
version of an individual with the bit before the exclamation mark indicating the form of
OOC. For example, Cutter!Legolas.

Cutter - Angst, a sharp object, (usually) wrists and someone acting OOC. Cutting is
usually performed while listening to Evanescence or whatever the hell teens listen to
these days.
Mary Sue - An original character, usually an avatar of the author, who is perfect in every
way, steals the spotlight from canon characters, hooks up with their favorite character and
is generally a wish-fulfillment fantasy inflicted on the rest of the world. Sues tend to have
twagic pasts in the belief that this is a flaw that makes them less Sue-ish or just to get
sympathy from other characters. A Mary Sue is sometimes called a Gary Stu if the
character is male. Canon characters can sometimes be turned into Sues as well.

Twagic - Excessively tragic.

Clusterfuck - the term for a group of anything that are all really, really, really bad,
especially together.

Catastrofuck - the term for a single thing so completely bad that it's worse than a
clusterfuck. The Iraqi war is now classed as a catastrofuck.

Three types of sex fics.

Romance. May have sex, maybe not, but as part of a romantic story. AKA Orange.

Drabble. Plot only really there to get you to the sex scene. AKA Grapefruit.

PWP. As mentioned by Ginja, just the sex scene. AKA Lemon. AKA Visual.

I wish someone would explain the term 'furries' to me. At first I thought it was Furies,
some sort of Greekfic thing, but what the hell are 'furries'? Fics involving fluffy animals?
Surely not at GAFF? S'gotta be worse than that!

Mpregolas: unfortunate nickname for the character Legolas, who is the subject of scores
of Lord of the Ring Mpreg fics.

Healing Cock/Healing Sex: A phenomenon in badfic in which a physically or

psychologically hurt character is cured with a dose of good luvin'. These fics also go by
the name of h/c, or hurt/comfort. Example-Harry is nearly killed by Voldemort, but
Malfoy/Hermione/Ginny/Ron/Snape/Anyone comes and has hot monkey sex with him.
Then everything is better.

Hawt: A common misspelling of "hot". Sometimes used in a snarky way to mock


Buttsecks: Apparently what every able-bodied male in a fandom is required to partake in

in a badfic.

Furries: People who think anthromorphic animals are hot. Emphasis on anthromorphic.
Real animals are a totally different thing

Lemons and limes - sex fics with varying degrees of graphic content.

Marty Stu - the male Mary Sue (see also Gary Stu and Marty Sam).
K/S - fics where Kirk and Spock are gay lovers.

Clana - Clark Kent and Lana Lang are true love personfied and the only relationship
worth a damn. (See also Clois = Clark/Lois Lane, Clex = Clark/Lex Luthor, Chlark -
Clark/Chloe Sullivan, Lexis = Lex/Lois, Lexana = Lex/Lana, Plana = Pete Ross/Lana,
Lollie = Lois/Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen, and Clori = Clark/Lori Lemaris the

Chlois - the belief that the Lois Lane Superman marries is really Chloe Sullivan under an
assumed name. Alternate usage applies to incest fics between Chloe and Lois.

Lanois - the belief that Lana changes her name to Lois Lane and marries Superman. Also
can be applied to Lana/Lois sex fics.

Hois and Nois - terms used by Smallville fans to devalue Lois in comparison to Lana and

Bamf - term for an MS suddenly appearing from out of nowhere into an established
franchise to do some damage. (Named after Nightcrawler's teleporting sound FX.)

Sugar high - stock excuse for a fic that makes no sense whatsoever.

Clexana - the Smallville love triangle between Clark, Lana, and Lex that causes the
mutual hatred between Superman and Lex. Also used to apply to threesome sex. (See also
Clexis = Clark/Lois/Lex.)

Woobie - a character viewed as a lovable, sexy good guy despite all evidence to the
contrary. See also "woobify."

Lucid dreaming - a lame excuse for writing MS epics.

Smushing: A term common in fanfiction. Two names are smushed together. Like
Harry/Ron becomes Horny. If I remember correctly. The term becomes common and
serchable. Like Sonadow.

Actorfic- Fanfiction about the people who play the characters in movies, plays, etc.,
instead of the actual character.

Plotbunny- An idea you just need to write, regardless of other factors that might distract
the thinker, like time or common sense

Rarepair- A pairing that is uncommon within a fandom, but still gets some margin of
attention. A "rarepair whore" is someone who only enjoys pairings that aren't usually

Shockfic- A fanfic written for the attention it gets, not the story content. Usually a result
of trolling, it's just what it sounds like: material to shock/horrify, not necessarily entertain.
Often involves torture and/or non-con sex.

Lemon- Explicit sex.

Lime- Implied or less explicit sex.

Crack!fic- A fanfic not meant to make sense or be in character. It's written solely for the
weird or silliness factor.

Otherkin: People who believe they are (or connected to) mythological or legendary
creatures like dragons, elves, unicorns, demons, angels, griffins, etc. Claims their other
dragon/whatever self resides on the "astral plane."

Soulbonders: People who think they're the reincarnation of their favorite fictional
character or have some soul connection to them. Ironically enough, very few claim to be
background characters who get maimed or blown up in explosions. Where is the love for
Postal Worker #2?
ex. "I am personally offended by your fanfic. Cyclops would never do that. I know this
because I AM Cyclops!"

Otakin: The anime/manga version of a soulbonder.

Astral Plane: A plane of existence "accessed" by lucid dreaming. I hear they also have a

crack!pairing: a relationship that has no chance happening in canon

crackfic - OMG randomness!! Humor!! WTF!!! Sometimes these are good, usually they
are an excuse not to try.

scriptfic - A fic written in script format

prose - Ummm, not script format? (sorry, I am sure everyone knows what this means so a
good def is kinda hard)

_____-shipping - An alternitive to the smooshing or the 2x3ing. A fan population will

decide on a term to describe the couple, and stick it before the word ship. Like
Rocketshipping is liking Jesse and James as a couple. This is done A LOT in pokemon,
but also in some other fandoms.

slash - Yeah, we all know this means guy on guy smechs (or buttsmechs as it were), but I
heard the term comes from the / between names, like Kirk/Spock. Neat, huh? Usually
used to describe non-anime gay pairings.

femmslash - Girl on girl smechs version of slash.

yaoi - Used to describe slash fics of anime or manga fandoms, or video game fandoms
originating in japan.

yuri - Lesbian version of yaoi.