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Adobe Bridge and PDFs

CATEGORIES: Acrobat, Tutorials | Taz Tally | January 08, 2009 In addition to providing integration between all the reative !uite applications, Adobe "ridge also gives an array o# tools and $ethods #or opening, viewing, and even creating %&' docu$ents( )ere are so$e o# the $ore use#ul %&' $anage$ent techni*ues using "ridge( 1 LAUNCH CONTROLGLOBAL To speci#y the de#ault application used to open %&' docu$ents through "ridge, press o$$and+, -% . trl+,/ to activate the %re#erences dialog in "ridge( Then, select 'ile Type Associations #ro$ the list on the le#t( !croll down the alphabetical list o# #ile #or$ats to %&' &ocu$ent -(pd#/( lic0 on the down#acing arrow located to the right to activate the list o# %&'+capable applications -the nu$ber $ay surprise you/( !elect the application you want, and clic0 the 1, button( 2our choice will now be the de#ault application to open any %&'s through "ridge(

LAUNCH CONTROLDOCU!ENT SPECIFIC !o$eti$es you $ay want to open a %&' docu$ent in an application other than the one you designated in !tep 3( To speci#y a particular application to open a %&' docu$ent, #irst select the %&' you want to open in "ridge( ontrol+clic0 -% . 4ight+ 3

clic0/ on the i$age to activate the conte5tual $enu( hoose 1pen 6ith to activate the list o# %&'+capable applications( !elect the application you want -here %hotoshop !7/ and your %&' will be opened in that application(

" #IE$ CONTENTS $ITHOUT OPENING In "ridge, select 6indow86or0space8)orizontal 'il$strip to activate an enlarged preview o# you docu$ents( Then, select the %&' docu$ent you want to preview #ro$ the thu$bnails in the ontent tab located at the botto$ o# the "ridge window( I# your %&' has $ore than one page, you9ll see navigation arrows, a page display #ield indicating the page you9re currently viewing, and the total nu$ber o# pages( :se the navigation arrows to scroll through your %&'( ;ote. 2ou can ad<ust the di$ension o# the preview by changing the size o# the "ridge window or dragging the bar between the %review and ontent areas(

% CO!PARE !ULTIPLE PDFS As you did in !tep 7, select 6indow86or0space8)orizontal 'il$strip to activate an enlarged preview o# your docu$ents( o$$and+clic0 -% . trl+clic0/ each %&' docu$ent you want to view and co$pare in the ontent tab -we used three docu$ents/( =nlarged previews o# all the selected %&' docu$ents will be displayed, side+by+side( ;ote. 2ou can navigate the contents o# any o# the %&'s that contain $ultiple pages(

& 'UIC( $A) TO !AGNIF) THU!BNAILS :se the #ollowing 0eyboard shortcuts to enlarge or reduce the onscreen di$ensions o# the thu$bnails in the ontent tab. o$$and+> -% . trl+>/ to enlarge? o$$and+@ -% . trl+@/ to reduce( I# you #irst select one o# the thu$bnails, "ridge will 0eep the selected %&' in view as you enlarge or reduce(

* CON#ERT FILES TO PDF #IA PHOTOSHOP 'ro$ the ontent tab, select the i$ages you9d li0e to convert to %&'( These i$ages can consist o# a broad range o# #ile #or$ats including TI''s, J%=Bs, and %!&s( 2ou can !hi#t+clic0 to select a continuous se*uence o# i$ages or o$$and+clic0 -% . trl+clic0/ to select noncontiguous i$ages( Tip: I# you don9t select any i$ages in a #older displayed in the ontent tab, "ridge assu$es you want to wor0 on all the i$ages contained in that #older( This is a very handy #eature when you9re wor0ing with dozens or even hundreds o# i$ages in a single #older(

+ CREATE A PDF PRESENTATION hoose Tools8%hotoshop8%&' %resentation( 6hen the %&' %resentation dialog appears, all the i$ages you selected are listed in the !ource 'iles section( 2ou can add to this list by either clic0ing on the "rowse or Add 1pen 'iles button( on#igure your output 1ptions section( 6e selected Dulti+%age &ocu$ent rather than %resentation, but you can use %resentation $ode to assign %resentation 1ptions such as Transitions -these can be controlled $ore co$pletely in Acrobat/( It9s reco$$ended that you chec0 the Include 'ilena$e bo5 to #acilitate i$age identi#ication in your %&'( lic0 !ave, then na$e and choose a location #or your %&'(

, CONFIGURE PDF CHARACTERISTICS 6hen the !ave Adobe %&' dialog appears, select an Adobe %&' %reset or con#igure your own %&' settings( -In this e5a$ple, we9re using a custo$ preset called G%&' %resentationH6eb(I/ Then, clic0 the !ave %&' button to create your %&'( Note: 'or your %&' settings, be sure to consider the resolution, co$pression, and color space that9s consistent with how you intend to use this %&'( Tip: 'or $ultipage 6eb %&'s, chec0 the 1pti$ize #or 'ast 6eb %review option to allow your %&' to be sent across the Internet one page at a ti$e(

- CREATE TE!PLATE FOR CONTACT SHEET :sing In&esign, create a contact sheet te$plate( !tic0 with a basic layout until you get the hang o# it? so <ust design a si$ple headline at the top o# the pageJno need to create i$age #ra$es, as "ridge and In&esign will per#or$ this( Bo to Kayout8Dargins and olu$ns and ad<ust the Top $argin so it9s below your headline( This way, only the white space below the headline will be used by "ridge and In&esign to place the selected i$ages(

1. SELECT I!AGES FOR CONTACT SHEET 6hen you9re done, save your te$plate( In the !ave As dialog, choose In&esign !7 Te$plate as the 'or$at( In "ridge, gather the i$ages that you9d li0e to place in a contact sheet( 2ou can either select i$ages #ro$ a larger set or isolate your choices in a separate #older -as shown/( &ecide how $any i$ages you want to have on each pageJthe greater the nu$ber o# i$ages per page, the s$aller the i$age di$ension( I# you want to use all the i$ages, don9t select any -re$e$ber the "ridge tip in !tep E/, and then choose Tools8In&esign8 reate In&esign ontact !heet(


11 CONFIGURE )OUR CONTACT SHEET In the ontact !heet dialog, set the nu$ber o# olu$ns and 4ows -here 7, 7/( Then chec0 the Auto@!pacing bo5( ;ow set the captions to be used -#ilena$es in this e5a$ple/( hec0 the :se In&esign Te$plate bo5 and locate and select the In&esign te$plate you created in !tep 9( I# you thin0 you $ight use this ontact !heet setup again in the #uture, clic0 the !ave !ettings button to create a preset( &on9t clic0 1, yet(


1 CONFIGURE )OUR CONTACT SHEET PDF SETTINGS hec0 the !ave as %&' bo5 at the botto$ o# the ontact !heet dialog( In the !elect In&esign %&' %reset dialog that appears, choose a %&' preset that $atches your output intentions( 1nce again, consider the i$age resolution, co$pression, and color space in your decision( lic0 the 1, button to con#ir$ your %&' %reset settings, which will return you to the ontact !heet dialog(


1" #IE$ )OUR INDESIGN PDF CONTACT SHEET lic0 the 1utput 'ile button ne5t to !ave as %&', na$e your %&', select a location, and clic0 !ave( lic0 1, bac0 in the ontact !heet dialog to begin the ontact !heet and %&' creation process( :sing either "ridge -the #astest way/, Acrobat, or another %&' application, view your new In&esign %&' contact sheet(