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PLUMBING 1.) The art and science of installing pipes, fixtures and other apparatus to convey and supply water in building and to dispose and discharge waste water. a. Sanitary b. Waste Management c. lumbing

d. Wiring !.) "ne way of water distribution in which it uses the normal water pressure of #$ psi. a. neumatic

b. %ownfeed c. &pfeed d. 'one of the above (.) ) stop valve placed in a service pipe close to its connection with a water main a. *oose nec+ b. ,orporation coc+ c. umping circuit system

d. %riven #.) ) metal used as plumbing material by the romans. a. -ead b. Silver c. *old d. .ron /.) .t is a type of hot water tan+ which is made of galvani0ed sheet steel or copper, built into cylinder shape with concave ends either wielded or riveted. a. 1ange boiler

b. Storage Tan+ c. )ll of the above d. 'one of the above 2.) ) material available for plumbing installation wherein it uses asbestos fibers and ortland cement. a. )sbestos pipe b. 3ituminous fibre c. 4etrified clay pipe d. ,ast iron pipe 5.) "ne of the oldest lumbing material a. -ead pipe b. 1educer c. 6lbow d. *... 7.) The maximum water discharge for plumbing fixture in terms of unit. a. Maximum demand b. Minimum %emand c. Maximum supply d. Minimum supply 8.) .t consists of a hori0ontal pattern of pipes placed near the ceiling where the fire ha0ard re9uires their use a. Sprin+ler system b. :ire alarm c. )utomatic sprin+ler system d. 1oof leader 1$.) .t use for limiting the pressure of the water discharge from a pipe to a fixed amount of pressure of the water supplied to the pipe. a. ressure system regulators

b. *ate valve c. 1egulators d. 11.) ressure regulators ,onnects the roof terminal to the storm drain either inside or outside leader. a. 1oof follower b. ,onductor c. *utter d. 1oof leader 1!.) )ny pipe which conveys the discharge of water closets, urinals, or fixtures is called ;;;;;;;;;;; a. Stac+ b. 4ent c. Soil stac+ pipe d. Soil pipe 1(.) .t<s an arrangement of venting so installed that one vent pipe will serve two traps. a. Wet vent b. 3ranch c. &nit vent d. Waste pipe 1#.) ) vent pipe connecting from a branch of a drainage system to a vent stac+. a. &nit vent b. Wet vent c. 3ranch vent d. Stac+ vent 1/.) ) sewer or other pipe or conduit used for conveying ground water, surface water, waste water or sewage. a. Main

b. 3ranch vent c. Waste pipe d. %rain 12.) ipe which conveys only li9uid waste free of fecal matter. a. 3ranch vent b. Waste pipe c. &nit vent d. Soil pipe 15.) ) pipe or conduit for carrying sewage and waste li9uid. a. Sewer b. Sewage c. Sewerage d. ,leanout ferrule 17.) ) part of a plumbing system extending from a point about # or / feet from the inner face of the foundation wall of a building to the =unction with another sewer a. >ouse sewer b. 1elief vent c. %uct d. Trap seal 18.) )n end of a pipe which fits into a bell a. Spigot b. %uct c. Trap seal d. Siphonage !$.) ) common sewer directly controlled by public authority to which all abutters have e9ual rights of connection. a. Sewer

b. Sewerage c. ublic sewer

d. 'one of the above !1.) %ue to an inade9uate ventilation of the trap wherein the athmospheric minus or plus pressure effect the installation. a. Trap seal loss b. Trap seal c. 1ough in d. 'one of the above !!.) "pening for ventilation circulation of air a. 4ent b. 4ent stac+ c. %uct d. 'one of the above !(.) ) suction caused by the flow of li9uids in pipes. a. Siphonage b. %uct c. Septic tan+ d. 'one of the above !#.) ) type of trap seal loss wherein it is a result of minus pressure in the drainage system a. 3ac+ pressure b. 6vaporation c. ,apillary action d. 'one of the above !/.) ortion of the soil pipe stac+ above the highest installed fixture branch extended through the roof. a. Main soil

b. Waste vent c. Main vent d. .ndividual vent !2.) To ventilate the soil and waste pipe and the connecting branches other than the fixture trap. a. 1elief vent b. ?o+e or by@pass vent c. -oop vent d. )ll of the above !5.) .t is used on fixtures in a room away from partitions a. -oop vent b. ?o+e or by@pass vent c. -oop vent d. )ll of the above !7.) ortion of the vent pipe system which serves as a terminal of the smallest form of unit and grouped fixture trap ventilation. a. Main vent b. Main soil and waste vent c. )ll of the above d. 'one of the above !8.) 1eferred to as bac+ ventA serves as a single trap. a. .ndividual vent b. &nit vent c. ,ircuit vent d. 'one of the above ($.) Type of trap seal loos which is caused by a suspension of a foreign ob=ect extended over the outlet arm of the trap. a. ,apillary action

b. 6vaporation c. )ll of the above d. 'one of the above (1.) ) hole in the ground with stone and bric+s laid in such a manner as to allow raw contaminated sewage to leach into under surface of the ground. a. b. ublic sewer line rivy

c. )ll of the above d. 'one of the above (!.) Serves as a cleanout and an access for inspection and repair. a. ,esspool b. rivy

c. Septic tan+ d. Manhole ((.) -i9uids are retained for a sufficient period to the deposit settle@able material. a. ,atch basin b. %rain c. )ll of the above d. 'one of the above (#.) )n expensive and more efficient watercloset. >as larger amount of standing water , larger trapway causing less clog and flushing action is greater. a. 1everse trap b. Siphon =et c. )ll of the above d. 'one of the above (/.) 4ery efficient watercloset and less noisy and much expensive flushing by whirlpool action a. Siphon =et

b. 1everse trap c. Washdown d. Siphon vortex (2.) &sed to convey organic body waste to the plumbing system a. Water closet b. -avatory c. 3idet d. Shower head (5.) ) bowl or basin for washing face and hands a. Shower head b. :aucet c. -avatory d. 'one of the above (7.) ) lavatory installed in a hole provided within the lavatory itself. a. :itting ledge b. 3uilt@in c. &nder the counter d. 'one of the above (8.) )ppears li+e a water closet with an inverted water sprayer to clean the most delicate and well guarded parts of the body. a. >and bidet b. 3idet c. )ll of the above d. 'one of the above #$.) &sed whenever the water supply at its natural pressure cannot be directly piped to a building, tan+ or reservoir. a. 4alves

b. :aucet c. umps

d. 'one of the above #1.) ,onsists of a piston travelling up and down with in a cylinder which is connected with a pipe extended down into the source. a. :orce pump b. 1eciprocating pump c. %eep well plunger pump d. -ift pump #!.) &sed when the water level of the source is more than !! feet. a. 4ertical reciprocating pump b. >ori0ontal reciprocating pump c. 1eciprocating pump d. %eep well plunger pump #(.) ,lass of pump in which piston moves to and from, either hori0ontal or vertical. a. 4ertical reciprocating pump b. >ori0ontal reciprocating pump c. 1eciprocating pump d. %eep well plunger pump ##.) %ouble or single piston pumps adapted to all purposes where suction lift is not over !! feet at sea level. a. 4ertical reciprocating pump b. >ori0ontal reciprocating pump c. 1eciprocating pump d. %eep well plunger pump #/.) &sed for suction lifts of less than !! feet are composed of ( vertical cylinders placed side by side. a. 4ertical reciprocating pump

b. >ori0ontal reciprocating pump c. 1eciprocating pump d. %eep well plunger pump #2.) osses moving parts without valves, revolving aroung an axis and centrifugal action is utili0ed in delivering water under pressure. a. 4ertical reciprocating pump b. >ori0ontal reciprocating pump c. %eep well plunger d. ,entrifugal pumps #5.) )utomatic and re9uire no motor since the depend for operation upon water hammer that is the surging bac+ and forth in a pipe when suddenly brought to rest. a. >ydraulic ram b. ,entrifugal pumps c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above #7.) ,ontrol the flow of fluid and pressure within a system. a. 4alve b. umps

c. :aucets d. 'one of the above #8.) Wedged shaped plug which is screwed down to seat between two brass rings surroungding the inlet pipe so that a double seal is obtained. a. )ngle valve b. ,hec+ valve c. *lobe valve d. *ate valve /$.) "perated by screwing down a dis+ with soft pac+ing until it presser tightly upon a metal seat.

a. )ngle valve b. ,hec+ valve c. *lobe valve d. *ate valve /1.) "perate by means of round tapering plug perforated in one direction perpendicular to its axis and ground to fit a metal seat. a. Bey coc+ b. ,ompression coc+ c. >ose bib d. Self closing faucet ELECTRICAL /!.) ) form of energy generated by friction, induction or chemical change, having magnetic, chemical and radiant effect. a. Mechanical energy b. 6lectricity c. -ightning d. 'one of the above /(.) )re used to supply emergency lighting circuits for hallways, stairways, exits and to energi0e police and fire alarm systems and certain types of signal systems a. *enerators b. Storage batteries c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above /#.) Standard unit used in measuring the strength of an electric current. a. 4olt b. )mpere c. Watts d. "hms


:riction or opposition to the flow of current by the wires and transformer a. 1esistance b. "hms c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above


:low or rate of flow of electric force in conductor a. %irect current b. )lternating current c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above


:lows at a constant time rate and in the same direction a. %irect current b. )lternating current c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above


eriodically varying in time rate and in direction a. %irect current b. )lternating current c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above


6lectrical pressure that causes the electrons to move through a conductor a. .on b. 4olt c. )mpere d. Watts


1ate or measure of power used or consumed

a. .on b. 4olt c. )mpere d. Watts 21.) )tom or molecule which is not electrically balanced a. .on b. 4olt c. )mpere d. Watts 2!.) :or connecting electrical energy to mechanical energy. a. Transformer b. Motors c. 6lectric load control d. *enerators 2(.) Simple static device consisting of magnetic core wherein the primary and secondary windings are made. a. Motors b. 6lectric load control c. Transformer d. *enerators 2#.) Method of load control for efficient utili0ation of available energy to produce a high load factors a. Motor b. Transformer c. *enerators d. 6lectric load control 2/.) ,omponents are connected in tandem.

a. 6lectric load control b. Transformer c. *enerator d. 'one of the above 22.) a. -oads are placed across the same voltage constituting a separate circuit. arallel circuit

b. Series circuit c. electric conductor d. 25.) ower The current is conducted through the electrical system. a. Wires b. ,ables c. 6lectric conductor d. Stranded wire 27.) *roup of wires twisted to form a metallic string a. Solid wire b. Stranded wire c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above 28.) )W* number 2 larger a. Wires b. Strings c. ,ables d. ,ord 5$.) )ssembly of two or more individually conductors, cabled together and covered with a plastic or metal =ac+et. a. Mineral insulated cable

b. Cac+eted cable c. Service entrance cable d. 'one of the above 51.) ,hannels or wiring accessories so designed for holding wires, cables and bus bars that are either made of metal, plastic, or any insulating medium a. "utlets b. 1aceway c. 3us d. 'one of the above 5!.) .s a point in the wiring system at which current is ta+en to supply utili0ation e9uipment a. 1aceway b. "utlet c. 3us d. 'one of the above 5(.) 6stablishes connection between the conductor of the flexible cord and the conductors connected permanently to the receptacle. a. -ighting outlet b. ,onvenience outlet c. Switch d. 'one of the above 5#.) &sed to disconnect all the electrical service in the building except emergency e9uipment. a. Service switch b. ,ontactors c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above 5/.) ,ontactors that latches mechanically after being operated

a. Time controlled switches b. 1emote@controlled switches c. )utomatic transfer switches d. 'one of the above 52.) a. )ccepts relatively large bloc+s of power and distributes it in smaller cloc+s anel board

b. Transformer vault c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above 55.) ,age of some fire@resistant material supported on a structural frame, to the top member of which the cables are fastened. a. 6levator machine b. ,ables c. ,ontrol e9uipment d. ,ar 57.) ,ombination of push buttons, contacts, electronic e9uipment, relays, solid@state switching, cans, and devices that are operated manually or automatically to initiate door operation, starting, acceleration, retardation, levelling, and stopping of the car. a. ,ounterweights b. ,ar c. ,ables d. ,ontrol e9uipment 58.) laced in the elevator pit. Their purpose is to partially cushioned stop if it would over travel the lower terminal a. 3ra+e b. *eared traction machines c. "il or spring buffer d. 'one of the above

7$.) ,lear opening of the elevator in which is used in most commercial installation to reduced passenger transfer time and avoid discomfort. a. 1 meter b. 1./$ meter c. 1.$(# meter d. 1.$25 meter 71.) Turns the sheave and lifts or lower the car. .t consists of a heavy structural frame on which are mounted the sheave and driving motor, the gears, brea+s, magnetic safety brea+, and certain other auxillary. a. ,ar b. ,ontrol e9uipment c. 6levator machine d. 'one of the above 7!.) The limited platform area for dumbwaiter a. 8 ft D! b. 1$ ftD! c. 11 ftD! d. 'one of the above 7(.) -imit of / deg. .ncline motionA hori0ontal motion and inclined motion is incidental to the hori0ontal a. Moving wal+s b. Moving ramps c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above 7#.) ) device containing a strip or wire of fusible metal that melts under the heat produce by excess current thereby interrupting the circuit. a. ,ircuit brea+er b. :use

c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above 7/.) .nstrument which responds to the changes in temperature. a. :ire sprin+ler b. Thermostat c. 'one of the above d. all of the above 72.) rovide electric power and illumination essentially for life safety and protection of property during an emergency. a. 6mergency system b. anelboard

c. Switch board d. 'one of the above 75.) :ree@standing assemblies of switches, fusesEcircuit brea+er which normally provide switching and feeder protection to a number of circuits connected to a main source. a. 6mergency system b. anelboard

c. Switch board d. 'one of the above 77.) ,omprises a precision low speed miniature drive motor to which some type of electric contact ma+ing device is connected. a. 1emote@control switch b. )utomatic transfer switch c. Time controlled switch d. 'one of the above 78.) )ssembly of wires bound together with a tape or braid and then wrapped with a spiral@wound interloc+ing strip or steel tape.

a. 'on@metallic sheated cable b. :lexible metal clad cable c. Mineral insulated cable d. Cac+eted cable 8$.) )n assembly of ! or more plastic@insulated conductors and a ground wire, all covered with a flame@retardant, moisture@resistant plastic =ac+et. a. 'on@metallic sheated cable b. :lexible metal clad cable c. Mineral insulated cable d. Cac+eted cable 81.) .nsulated stranded wire a. ,ord b. Wire c. ,able d. String 8!.) "utlet intended to a lamp holder, lighting fixture, or a pendant cord terminating in a lamp holder. a. 1eceptacle outlet b. -ighting outlet c. ,onvenience outlet d. Switch 8(.) Single or multi@conductor assembly provided with or without an over@all covering primarily used for service wire a. Cac+eted cable b. Mineral insulated cable c. Service entrance cable d. 'one of the above

8#.) Switch that uses ! contact bloc+s of silver coated copper which are forced together to ma+e or are separated to brea+ the circuit. a. ,ontactors b. Service switch c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above 8/.) erforms the same protective function as a fuse and acts as a switch. a. ,ircuit brea+er b. 1emote control c. 'one of the above d. )ll of the above 82.) Minimum number of convenience outlet for every 2 meter wall based on the 'ational 3uilding of the hilippines a. 1 b. ! c. ( d. # 85.) a. b. Type of fire detectors that reacts to obscuration of light beam by smo+e Temperature detectors hotoelectric detectors

c. .oni0ation detectors d. :lame detectors 87.) What are the ! types of flame detectorsF a. .nfrared and &4 b. 3luetooth and .nfrared c. )utomatic and Manual d. 'one of the above


&sual numbers of cables that holds the car in the elevator shaft a. 8@1$ b. #@8 c. !@/ d. #@7

1$$.) .t continuously receives and discharges its live load at a constant speed with a practically no waiting periods at any landing. a. 6levator b. Moving wal+s c. Moving ramps d. 6scalator

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