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Then motor was installed and DG trial was taken. No problem found.

(need data of date when trial was taken & insulation test reports)

KEY NOTES It seems that perhaps no action taken to identify reason of DC Ground Fault alarm, which was coming again & again. ?? Changing over of battery charger should have done once downstream DC Distribution system checked and no observation would have found. ?? No data available that what was done between 3:35AM to 05:07AM. (to be discussed concern people) ?? After changeover of charger, at 06:01AM again start command was given when again Mark VI supply disappeared. After this again at 07:10AM GTG was started without any check. ?? Even Lube Oil Motor Tripped on under-voltage alarm appeared many times but no action taken. Why fuse was not blown? (data to be validated with STEAG) ?? If in 1st trip, system would have been checked, major breakdown of motor would have been avoided ??. 88DS Motor ON & OFF indication not configured in Mark VI. Settings of relays, ratings of fuses in DC Distribution system to be reviewed

In 7 hours, there was 6 starting command given. Time Alarms & Event 00:42AM The first under-voltage alarm and then Master Protective Trip came in first start-up itself. But without taking any corrective action, it was again started after 41 mins. Under voltage alarm normally comes whenever DC Motor started in GT. 01:23AM This time Diesel Engine cracking was successful, but after 7 mins of run again ground fault appeared but system continued working. IT was manually stopped once soaking completed.

02:29AM After 30 mins again starting command was given but after 35 mins again DC Ground fault appeared but GT not tripped. It stopped manually. Informed IMD for checking, after checking they found cable to bleed valve ground in MARK 6. After Removing the cable IMD given clearance for start up. 03:35AM GTG again started at 03:35AM & tripped on EMG Manual Trip after DC Ground fault alarm came Informed EMD for checking, Checked GT Battery charger and found charger running on Boost Mode and there was alarm Ground Fault and battery on Under voltage. Checked Battery Voltage & individual battery cell voltage 05:07AM GTG crank Command given at 05:07AM. GTG again tripped on DC Ground Fault and suddenly Mark VI power supply OFF. This is when motor got fully damaged.

06:01AM Battery Charger changeover done and GTG again started, it again tripped on EMG Manual TRIP

07:10AM GTG again started at 07:10AM and again tripped & Mark VI Power supply OFF