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Press release April 2014 Product Launch Analytics Innovation of the Week: A new body wash enhanced with

the oodness of !reek yo urt

!reek yo urt is renowned for its thick" crea#y te$ture" hi h protein content and reduced sweetness relative to re ular yo urt% &ut who knew that !reek yo urt also has si nificant skin care benefits" and can help skin retain its natural #oisture' ,oisturi-in (hat is the #a)or benefit provided by new *ial !reek +o urt &ody Wash% .ew in the /0" this product is the *ata#onitor

1onsu#er Product Launch Analytics innovation of the week% Greek yogurt has been a sensation in the yogurt market. Consumers have flocked to Greek yogurt because of its thicker texture, higher protein content than regular yogurt, less sweet taste and more gourmet image. Now, Greek yogurt is coming to the body wash market with new ial Greek !ogurt "oisturi#ing $ody %ash. &ffered in a 'anilla (oney fragrance, this ultra)hydrating body wash leverages the fact that Greek yogurt contains two times the protein nourishment of ordinary yogurt. *his elevated protein content helps condition the skin and enables it to better retain natural moisture. *he protein comes from hydroly#ed yogurt protein, as noted on the ingredient label for this ial product. *om 'ierhile, +nnovation +nsights irector for atamonitor

Consumer says that Greek yogurt has revitali#ed the yogurt market in the ,- where it currently accounts for over one)third of total yogurt sales, up from almost nothing seven or eight years ago. (e goes on to add that this entry shows that Greek yogurt and its high protein content can be extended into personal care products like soaps and skin care products where the ability to moisturi#e the skin is key. *his could be the first of many Greek yogurt)influenced launches in personal care. 2.*0

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