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This task will be looking into the implementation of e commerce for the company named BBQfun, which has been decided for the purpose of this assignment. With this objective firstly we will be looking into freezing the re uirement of physical as well as human resourcing which will be re uired for this new development. This will be done with the help of reviewing documentations of organisational as well as carrying out a research on the topic of e commerce. !part from the plan of physical and human resourcing we will also attempt to establish performance measures and targets for these resources. "inally, we will need to propose resourcing and associated operational changes to the #perations $eneral %anager, who will, in consultation with the &'# and Board of (irectors, provide approval.

Requirement of Human Resources

)n view of the fact that the company does not have any e commerce activity at the present and no current staff has any online customer service skills, it will need to develop as well as maintain this tool. *ence the plan for the recruitment of the human resources who will be needed for this has to be made keeping this in mind. "ollowing will be the points which need to be decided for this purpose+ ,umber of employees re uired and their roles+ The number of employees who will be re uired for the implementation of e commerce website will be around -.. These will comprise of a group of / technology consultants who will help in developing the e commerce application of the website. *owever these employees will be contractual and they will be on boarded only for a time period of 0 months during the time when this website will be developed. The e commerce website will take 12 days to develop and the remaining 32 days will be used for carrying out user acceptance test for the website and fi4ing any major or minor glitch which may be there in the website. !part from these consultants, the other re uirements are+ 5 online sales and customer service people for managing increased online customers. #ut of these 5 people, 3 online people will be drawn out from e4isting employees at the two stores which are overstaffed 3 additional warehouse workers will be needed 6 additional drivers will be needed


!s already mentioned the technology consultants will be recruited on a contractual basis and they will be on boarded only for a time period of 0 months. *owever, all the other employees will be recruited on permanent basis. The timings will be usual for all of these employees which is -2 am to 6 pm. 7kills or ualifications+ )n view of the fact that BBQfun has a website which lacks the functionality of e commerce and it needs to be modified e4tensively for incorporating this functionality in line with relevant technical specifications, the technology consultants are needed to be well proficient with their works. These people should be having ade uate relevant work e4perience along with a degree in relevant field of technology and engineering. *owever, the most important re uirement will be their prior e4perience in handling such projects. -89age

"or the sales and customer service people for managing increased online customers, the new recruitments need to have a masters: degree in business administration preferably in the field of marketing and sales. The other people will not have any set criteria. 9ay+ The remuneration for the marketing and technology people will be ;0,222 each as has been mentoned in the policy of the company. These people will be reporting to the e4isting members of the higher %anagement Team of the company. The technology people will be reporting to <im &hen who is the general manager for the #perations department. The e4isting marketing people will keep on reporting to 7am =ee, %arketing %anager. The other will report to team leaders in warehouses.

Requirement of Physical Resources

We will first identify the physical resources which will be re uired for the implementation of the e commerce website+ -. ,o technological
> > >

6 delivery trucks needed to enable distribution 0 forklifts are needed ?econfiguration of the office space.

/. Technological ! server with higher capacity and following specification o @eon 16/2 (ual Quad &ore &9A o /3$B ?am o 3@-1< ?9% ?aidB-2 (isk !rray o -22 %bps 9ort o &loud =inu4 #7 o =ite7peed Webserver

Plan for Physical and Human resourcing

"or the resourcing of human, the internal human resource management team which is lead by =es $oodale will be carrying out the recruitment and on boarding activities. With the help of various third party consultants this can be done as well. "or the warehouse and drivers, reference and contacts can be used by the team managers and the person who is in charge of implementation of the e commerce website. "or the procurement of the physical re uirements, the )T team will be entrusted with the task.


Performance Measures and Targets

The associated performance measures and targets will vary according to the roles of the personnel. "or the technology consultants the associated performance measures and targets will be to launch the website on or before the given timeline and making any re uired change within the 12 days timeframe after the initial culling period of 12 days. "or the people in sales and marketing there will be number driven targets of sales. This number will be /2C of the physical sale for the store during year - of operation. This ration will increase to 12C and .1C in ne4t / years. "or the other backend drivers and warehouse managers, their timing of work etc can be used as the associated performance measures and targets.

Resourcing and associated operational changes

The resourcing specifications have been given in details in the previous part of this report. The senior management needs to review and approve it in view of the organizational policies. The operational changes which will be entailed by the use of e commerce will include a higher budget for the website development and technology initiatives. This will also call for senior management approval.

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