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Laptop Battery Charging Techniques | eHow

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eHow Computers Computer Hardware Laptops Laptop Battery Charging Techniques

By James Stevens, eHow Contributor

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Most laptop batteries now use lithium ion (Li-Ion) technology;formerly, nickel-based batteries were used. Li-Ion batteries pro ide e!ceptional power and capacity and weigh about "# percent less than nickel batteries. $ou can also e!pect to recharge a lithium battery about %## times before a replacement is necessary, pro ided you follow a few simple techni&ues to maintain your laptop battery in good condition. 'a e a &uestion( )et an answer from online tech support now*

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When you first get your laptop, put the attery on charge, ut don!t turn on the laptop" This ensures all the energy goes into getting your attery charged, rather than splitting the po#er et#een the attery and your laptop" Lea$e the attery to charge for an hour or t#o% you can!t o$ercharge it as it has an automatic cut&off feature" Turn on your laptop and you can see the charge indicator #hich is li'ely to sho# ()) percent" If not, turn off your laptop and continue charging until the charge reaches ()) percent"

*uring the first t#o or three times you use your laptop, ensure you operate it only on attery po#er" Ma'e certain the attery charger ca le is disconnected from the laptop efore turning it on" This impro$es the atteries a ility to ta'e and, importantly, retain a charge" +se your laptop on attery mode until it gets to a out ,- percent, then plug in your charger to your laptop and turn off the laptop #hile it charges the attery" It usually ta'es no more than .) to /- minutes to charge as this stage" Turn on your laptop and use as normal"
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2o# to 5econdition a *ying Laptop Battery

4nce you ha$e completed t#o or three charges, #ith the laptop turned off, you can charge your laptop as often as you li'e" It doesn!t matter if you put it on charge #hen the attery

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4/13/2014 2:19 PM

Laptop Battery Charging Techniques | eHow

indicator suggests it still =) percent full, it #on!t damage your attery"

2o# to Change Battery Charging ;ettings on a Laptop in Windo#s ? Is It 4K to Continuously Charge a Laptop?

:$ery si> months or so, depending on ho# much you use your laptop, let the attery discharge to a out () percent, then recharge it" It helps 'eep it in good condition and a le to retain more energy" Lithium atteries are set so that you cannot completely discharge them" 8our laptop #ill turn itself off efore the attery!s charge drops to a out - percent" To a$oid losing data, it is ad$isa le to a$oid this scenario"

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4/13/2014 2:19 PM

Laptop Battery Charging Techniques | eHow

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Laptop Battery Charging Techniques | eHow

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