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Unlimited Real Time Online Banking

Access your account from over 1300 online branches in over more than 400 cities all across Pakistan for unlimited online transactions. With UBL Business Partner, your account moves with you. Wherever you go, we will follow. Enjoy total convenience at any online branch with:

Instant Cash Deposits & Withdrawals Country Wide Instant Funds Transfer Issuance of Pay Order, Demand Draft & Telegraphic Transfer Instant Cheque Clearance for all UBL Cheques Speedy clearing and collection of any non UBL cheque in any Online UBL branch Statement of Account Issuance / Balance Inquiry / Stop Payment of Cheques

Convenience of 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Non-Stop Full Service Banking

Convenience of 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m Non Stop Banking from Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. & 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday (selected branches only)

Rupee Deposits & Withdrawals (both cheque & cash) Issuance of Pay Order, Demand Draft & Telegraphic Transfer Locker Access Utility Bills Payment Consumer Loans / Credit Card Payment Statement of Account Issuance & Balance Inquiry Issuance of Rupee Traveler's Cheques

The Current Account that offers FREEdom

UBL Business Partner comes with unmatched free* offers. We truly value your partnership and believe in offering you the preference you deserve. Now individuals,sole proprietorships, partnerships and Government accounts can become our preferred Business Partner by maintaining Rs. 250,000/- or above in their current account and get the following services absolutely free!

Issuance of MT Issuance of CC/CBC Cancellation of PO/CC/CBC/DD or MT Duplicate CC/CBC Debit ATM card annual fee Cleans bill for for collection/intercity clearing Issuance of cheque books Cheque returned unpaid from payee account Online IBTS transaction countrywide Locker rent

Issuance of Rupee Travellers Cheque 1 Locker Free (any size for first year , subject to availibility in the branch where account resides)

*Number of Free Transactions as per UBL Schedule of Charges

UBL Business Partner Plus Account

The UBL Business Partner Plus is a unique product with multiple benefits. It is a specialized current account, which aims at providing the necessary tool for individuals, traders, businessmen and commercial customers to transact their bank related business activities nationwide through a single platform. On maintaining a monthly average balance of Rs. 25,000 or more, avail a host of free services including:

Unlimited number of cash withdrawal & deposit transactions through any UBL branch Unlimited number of UBL cheque deposit transactions through any UBL branch Unlimited number of online funds transfers transaction country wide Mega Wallet ATM Debit Card Issuance Unlimited number of Cashier's Cheque Issuance of cheque book Cancellation of Cashier's Cheque Cheque returned unpaid from payee's account in outward clearing Clean Bill for collection Duplicate Cashier's Cheque Duplicate account statement Issuance of Rupee Travelers Cheque (RTC) UBL Go-Green SMS Alert

Note: Minimum balance charges of Rs. 50/- will be charged monthly if monthly average balance falls below Rs.25,000/-. For further information please feel free to call 111-825-888

UBL Basic Banking Account

To accommodate the banking needs of low income groups, United Bank Limited is pleased to launch the UBL Basic Banking Account Scheme (UBL BBA) from February 25, 2006 across its branch network all over Pakistan. This is primarily aimed toward helping the low income group to benefit from the banking services without having the pressure to maintain specific balance amount with the banks. Find below basic product features of the Product:

Special features are:

The minimum initial deposit at the time of account opening is to be Rs. 1,000/Basic Banking Account will be a current account There is no minimum balance penalty on UBL BBA accounts, however all accounts having nil balance for a continuous six month period shall be closed All Business Partner waivers allowed if minimum balance requirement condition as per SOC is met by the account holder

Maximum of two deposit and two withdrawals (cash or clearing) per month are allowed free of charge. However, any transaction (cash or clearing) after those mentioned above will be charged a flat fee of Rs. 50/-, in addition to the regular charges of services as per SOC. This charge will be system generated end of day, once the customer exhausts his free transaction limits BBA customers will be allowed unlimited free ATM withdrawals from UBL's own ATMs. However, withdrawals from other banks' ATMs will be charged as per the existing SOC (currently Rs. 15/- per transaction). Annual fees including issuance and renewal of ATM card will be charged as per existing SOC All other banking services provided will be charged as per the prevailing SOC The statement of account will be issued once a year for UBL BBA customers in June. Issuance of duplicate statement will entail a charge of Rs. 50/- as per SOC Like the regular Current accounts, UBL BBA will also be Zakat Exempt accounts Any existing customer wanting to convert his/her checking account into Basic Banking Account can do so by giving a written application to the Branch Manager upon which existing account will be closed and a new UBL BBA account will be opened and a new account number will be provided to the customer after due account opening procedures, including submission of CNIC, if not provided earlier. The deposit in the previous account will be transferred to the newly opened UBL BBA. Charges for closing any existing account shall be recovered as per SOCs

Contact your nearest UBL branch today for further details or call now: 111-825-888 (UAN).


UBL UniSaver Account is an innovative way of serving your banking needs. Be it trade, business or personal finance, the UBL UniSaver allows you maximum flexibility, yet gives you optimum returns.

Special Features are:

Innovative and flexible checking account Profit is calculated on monthly average balance Profit payment is on six monthly basis Backed by the bank awarded AAA Credit Rating

Contact your nearest UBL branch today for further details or call now: 111-825-888 (UAN). All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice. The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan. Zakat & WHT will be applicable as per Government rules.

UBL UniFlex
UBL has introduced a checking account ideal for rate conscious individuals, traders, organizations, monthly savers and customers who want transactional flexibility. You can now afford an amazing rate of return, plus value added benefits only available from the UBL UniFlex PLS Savings Account.

Remarkable rate of return Convenience of a cheque book Power of Wallet VISA ATM / Debit Card Online Banking Facility

UniFlex Rates & Tenors:

Four rate tiers are offered to UniFlex customers:

Average balance of the month (Rs.)

Projected rates Feb 2014

Rs. 0 - Rs. 10,000


Rs. 10,001 - Rs. 100,000


Rs. 100,001 Rs. 500,000


Rs. 500,001 Rs. 1,000,000


Rs.1,000,001 Rs. 10,000,000


Above Rs. 10,000,000


* Projected Rates will be announced monthly through UBL Deposits Projected Rate sheet

Terms & Conditions

Only one UBL UniFlex account per Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) will be allowed to be opened in UBL, regardless of the branch; no doubling shall be allowed even as joint account or a sole proprietor.

The Bank shall determine from time to time the rate of interest/return/profit payable on the account/deposit in accordance with the prevailing profit and loss sharing rules and regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan as well as the policies of the Bank which are subject to change from time to time. The account holder/depositor must agree to accept such rate of interests/return/profit at the time the change is made. Profit will be calculated on monthly average balance and credited to account the following month on a monthly basis. The UBL UniFlex account cannot be overdrawn. Wallet VISA card is optional; charges as per Schedule of Bank Charges (SOC). (Please apply on the regular Account Opening Form) Regular checkbooks will be provided as per Schedule of Bank Charges (SOC). Customers can conduct a maximum of three -free of cost - withdrawal transactions in a calendar month (inclusive of all instruments). These withdrawals include but are not limited to Net banking, cash withdrawal by an ATM, cash withdrawal over the counter, Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT), clearing, collection, Online banking, Tez Raftaar, Tez Ibex, MT/DD/TT/PO/Online (UniRemote), RTC, etc. The bank will charge a sum of Rs. 100/- per transaction for any withdrawal above the threshold of three debit transactions in one calendar month. There is no limit for credit transactions in a month. All single debit incidents to an account will be considered as separate transactions except deductions by the bank for charging service fee, Withholding Tax and Zakat deductions. All transactions, including the three withdrawals allowed will be charged as per the Schedule of Bank Charges (SOC).

UBL Rupee Transaction Account

If you choose to keep a deposit in a secured savings account which also gives an attractive rate of return, then UBL's PLS Savings Account will serve all your financial needs. By keeping your deposits in UBL's PLS Savings Account you can also avail the following services:

Special features are

No limitation on withdrawals Share of profit is credited on half-yearly basis Profit is calculated on monthly average balance

1300 branches 400 cities. Your Account in every one of them

Access your account from more than 1300 online branches in 400 cities and towns across Pakistan. Our network is growing at an amazing pace and now you can avail services like:

Issuance of Pay Order, Demand Draft, Money Transfer & Telegraphic Transfer Country Wide Instant Funds Transfer Country Wide Instant Deposit / Withdrawal (both Cash & Cheque) Issuance of Statement of Account/ Balance Inquiry Stop Payment of Cheque Speedy OBC process for cheques of other banks within & inter city Now customers can deposit all UBL and non UBL cheques in any online UBL branch for clearing / collection

9:00 am - 5:30 pm Non-Stop Banking

Banking at your own convenience has been made possible. UBL now offers 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Non-Stop Full-Service Banking at all of branches (above 1300) across Pakistan.

Cheque / Cash Deposit and Withdrawal PO/DD/CC/ RTC issuance (all local currency remittance transaction) issuance against cash Utility bill payment Statement of Account issuance Locker operation


Monday through Thursday: 9 am to 5:30 pm Friday: 9 am to 1 pm & 2:30 pm to 6 pm Saturday: 9 am to 1:30 pm (selected branches only)

Countrywide Instant Cheque Clearance

Submit a cheque in Karachi and get it cleared in Peshawar within minutes. With online banking services, you can get your cheque cleared instantly, without any hassle.

Instant funds transfer

Funds transfer was never this easy. Make payments or receive payments within minutes using our online facility. With the introduction of Internet Banking now funds transfer is even made easier and is just a click away. Contact your nearest UBL branch today for further details or call now: 111-825-888 (UAN). All rates are indicative and subject to change without any prior notice. The method of calculating return/profit under the profit/loss sharing scheme is governed by the Bank Rules under prevailing regulations/directives of the State Bank of Pakistan. Zakat & WHT will be applicable as per Government rules

UBL First Minor Saving Account

UBL First is a savings account opened on behalf of a child in the name of the father or mother or a courtappointed guardian and the minor. UBL First is designed especially for children and aims at becoming every child's first bank account, helping inculcate a savings habit. It is tailored to meet a child's future financial needs in a planned and convenient manner.

Special features:

Every account holder is entitled to a welcome pack Two VISA ATM Debit Cards are provided; one is a specially designed UBL First Pocket-Money Card (complimentary) for the withdrawal of profit from the linked account. The other is a standard UBL Wallet VISA Debit Card (optional) this allows you to withdraw money from the principal account Account opening, birthday and account anniversary surprises Free E-statements The account holder is entitled to value added services that include Internet Banking facilities No minimum balance penalty levied on the account

Rules of the Account

UBL First Account can be opened for any child aged between one day and 18 years UBL First Account can be opened with a minimum amount of PKR 100/-. There is no limit on the maximum amount of investment The cheque book (for the principal account) and the Pocket-Money Card will be issued jointly in the name of the minor and the father/mother/ guardian The UBL First Pocket-Money Card can be used to access the monthly profit in cash from any ATM machine or be used for shopping at retail outlets The facility of online use of Debit Cards will be available once registration procedures have been duly completed Profit is calculated on monthly average balance Detailed Terms & Conditions can be viewed in the account opening form