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Childrens food plays an important part in their
development but is also key to their general
wellbeing in later years. For many children, it is
especially important that food is pure from
specific allergens and safe enough to share with
their friends.
Orgran is a world leader and trusted name in
natural gluten free nutrition and foods for
The Orgran Companys ongoing concern for
Childrens wellbeing has lead our product
development team to establish a range of Kids
products manufactured in our dedicated facility
that is free from most major food allergens.
The exciting range of treats and lunch box
snacks is designed to taste great and reassure
parents that the products also offer nutritional
Added fibre, non dairy calcium and complex
carbohydrates are just some of the features in
products in the range.
Orgran Kids products are Nut Free, Gluten Free,
Dairy Free, Soy Free & GMO Free.
We hope that you enjoy this short story for Kids.
Please visit our website and discover the
extensive range and benefits of Orgran
nutritional gluten free foods.
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Published by
Illustrations by Fulvio Sussan
By Celeste Iuliano
On the day of her birthday, Kim was at home
spring cleaning her tree house, feeling sad
that none of her friends had called yet to say
Happy Birthday!
While Kim was dusting an old book shelf she
heard lots of giggling beneath her tree. When
she went to investigate, she found Krissy
Kangaroo, Willy Wombat and Crikey Crocodile
all wearing bright party hats.
Kim was so excited to see that all of her friends
had remembered her birthday! Im sorry, said
Kim, I didnt know that you were coming. I
havent prepared anything for a party. Thats
OK, said Willy Wombat, we have a surprise for
you. Follow us!
The animals prepared special party food for
the birthday picnic.
Krissy Kangaroo made her famous
chocolate biscuits, Crikey Crocodile baked
a fresh batch of muffins, and Willy Wombat
brought a delicious birthday cake to share.
The Outback Animals led Kim Koala to Uluru. They
had set up a picnic blanket covered with all the
delicious food the animals had made for the party.
Why dont we play some party games? suggested
Crikey Crocodile. Great idea! said Krissy Kangaroo.
Lets start with Pass the Parcel.
The Outback Animals played
party games until they started
to feel really hungry. Lets have
something to eat. Im starving!
said Kim Koala as her stomach
Here, have a biscuit. I made these especially for
you! offered Krissy Kangaroo. Kim Koala was hungry,
but she didnt want to eat the biscuits, because she
was allergic to nuts and did not know if they had
nuts in them. In fact Kim turned down all of the
food she was offered because she didnt want to
have an allergic reaction.
Kims friends were really upset; they couldnt
understand why Kim was turning down all of the
delicious food they had worked so hard to prepare
for her. Finally Willy asked: Kim, why dont you
want any of the food? I thought you were hungry.
I am, said Kim, but I cant eat any of the
food in case it has nuts in it, because it will
make me sick! Kims friends all started
laughing when they heard this.
Kim, all the food we made you is nut free! said Crikey
Crocodile. We havent forgotten that you are allergic.
Kim was so pleased with this news! She ate all the
food her friends had made her (starting with Krissys
delicious biscuits) and they all had fun for the rest of
the party eating together. I have such lovely friends!
said Kim.
The End The End The End
Colour me in
Delicious and nutritious with dietary
fibre and wholegrain goodness.
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free & Soy Free.
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Kids will love them
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