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In partial fulfilment for the award of the degree Of




2010 11

This is to certify that M!" ARNAB MIDYA of Mechanical Engineering Department, Jodhpur Institute of Engineering & Technology having roll no. 0#EJIME00# has completed his industrial training during the academic year 20 0!20 as partial fulfilment of "achelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering affiliated from #a$asthan Technical %niversity, &ota.



+#,-. M.#. "*ID .,D 0 ME1.*)I1*2 E)(I)EE#I)( JIET, J,D.+%#

+#,-. #*&E'. )*#*/*T

Internal E3aminer 444444444444444444444

E3ternal E3aminer 444444444444444444444

*fter a very short period of time 5hen I $oined J.I.E.T for engineering course, recession started sho5ing its effects. Even 6efore a month of my training program scheduled time very fe5 companies 5ere visiting in the campus and those too 5ith, not good opportunities. /hen Ingersoll!#and offered internship to the college, I found myself fortunate to get selected for the company 5hich has a huge 6rand name and great reputation in the 5orld of 6usiness. I7ve al5ays 6een a mediocre student during my college days and don7t have any industrial e3perience, so for me this one month 5as the only opportunity to e3pand my maturity level and to mould my intellect according to the industry. /hen I arrived Ingersoll!#and, )aroda. I 5as as8ed to go through each department, 6y my Mentor. This is the time 5hen I have to loo8 for the opportunities to 5or8 5ith such a reputed multinational company. During my training I came to 8no5 a6out the 5or8ing of the company and also during discussions, it appeared that they are facing lot of pro6lems related to delivery & 9uality of products from the suppliers. This 5as rather the first issue discussed 5ith me. The time I reached my place, I received a 5arm 5elcome 6y department mem6ers. During the meeting 5ith the production manager of each department I could feel the amount of e3pectation from me to carry the 5ave of improvement, 6rought 6y the employees, to ne3t level.

*part from my effort, the success of this training depended on the encouragement and guidelines of many others. I ta8e this opportunity to e3press my gratitude to the people 5ho have helped tremendously in the successful completion of my practical training. -irst of all I am e3tremely grateful to Mr. #ahul /adh5a, .ead ..# for allo5ing me to understand the infrastructure governing the vast aspects of compressed air solution at Ingersoll!#and, )aroda. I am than8ful to Mr. &alpesh Joshi, .ead!Tactical 'ourcing for his phenomenal support and help. /ithout his guidance and encouragement to5ards the training, the training 5ould not have accomplished. I 5ould also li8e to than8 Mr. :ishal &umar, ;uality *ssurance & Mr. :i$ay. :. :agh, 'upply 1hain for their support. 2ast 6ut not the least< I e3tend my gratitude to5ards my institute, our director, and the faculty mem6ers for providing me 5ith this opportunity to accomplish my undergraduate engineering training.

'r.)o. 0 02 0? 0= 0> 0C 0@ 0B 0D 0 1.*+TE#' +#E-*1E *1&),/2ED(EME)T I)T#,D%1TI,) 1,M+*)A ,:E#:IE/ M*)%-*1T%#I)( ,- 1E)T#I-%(*21,M+#E'',# DE+T. M*)%-*1T%#I)( ,- #,T*#A 1,M+#E'',# DE+T. M*)%-*1T%#I)( ,- 'M*22 #E1I+. 1,+M#E'',# DE+T. M*)%-*1T%#I)( ,- 2*#(E #E1I+ 1,M+#E'',# DE+T. M*)%-*1T%#I)( ,- "%' *E1 DE+T. M*)%-*1T%#I)( ,- "2,/E# DE+T. M*)%-*1T%#I)( ,- 1,,2E# DE+T. 2 ? = > C @ B D 'T,#E' DE+*#TME)T .%M*) #E',%#'E DE+*#TME)T I)'+E1TI,) & TE'TI)( DE+*#TME)T ;%*2ITA 1,)T#,2 DE+*#TME)T M*I)TE)*)1E M*)*(EME)T DE+*#TME)T +2*))I)( DE+*#TME)T '%((E'TI,)' #E-E#E)1E' +*(E 0= 0> 0@ 0B @ 2B ?? =? =@ > C2 C= @@ B= B@ D> DC D@ DD

In this report, description of the practical training completed in Ingersoll!#and, *hmada6ad is included. +ractical training consists study of operations of various departments of Ingersoll #and, )aroda such asF

Manufacturing of 1entrifugal 1ompressors Department. Manufacturing of 'mall #eciprocating 1ompressors Department. Manufacturing of #otary 1ompressor Department Manufacturing of 2arge #eciprocating 1ompressors Department. Manufacturing of "us *ir 1onditioner Department. Manufacturing of "lo5ers Department. Manufacturing of 1oolers Department. 'tores Department. .uman #esource Department. Inspection & Testing Department. ;uality 1ontrol Department. +lanning Department. Maintenance Management Department.

Company profile:

Ingersoll!#and is a leading innovation and solutions provider for over 2C years that have helped develop the industrial 6ase and infrastructure of countries all over the 5orld. The company focuses on the ma$or glo6al mar8ets of 1limate 1ontrol, Industrial Technology, Infrastructure Development and 'ecurity and 'afety. Ingersoll!#and is a G @ 6illion glo6al diversified industrial company founded in B@ . The Ingersoll!#and name came into use in D0> through the com6ination of Ingersoll!'argeant Drill 1ompany and #and Drill 1ompany. Ingersoll!#and is part of the '&+ >00< one of the incorporated outside the %.'. Ingersoll!#and is a glo6al provider of products, services, and integrated solutions to industries as diverse as transportation, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture. E3amples include refrigeration, 6iometric security systems, medium to large scale air compressors, and compact vehicles for construction and movement of people and goods. Mining and construction support e9uipment such as mo6ile diesel generators and compressors is the primary field identified 5ith the Ingersoll!#and 6rand, 6ut they also manufacture many products under other 6rand names, includingF 1lu6 golf cars .ussmann refrigeration units &ryptonite loc8s 'chlage loc8s Trane .:*1 e9uipment -alcon loc8s 21) door closers :on Duprin e3it devices Thermo &ing transport refrigeration units ? companies in that inde3 that is








manufacturer of hard5are and soft5are for security solutions and time management planning. )orm6au 1isa ,fficine Meccaniche Industrialisrl H,MII, a leading European provider of compressed!air treatment e9uipment.

Company facts:

-ounder. 1.E.,. .ead9uarters.

'imon Ingersoll. .er6ert 2. .en8e IncorporationF .amilton, "ermuda. ,perational and e3ecutiveF Montvale, )J, %'*. G ?.2 "illion. JI#K listed on the )e5 Aor8 'toc8 E3change since D0C. *ppro3imately C0,000. Ingersoll #and provides products and services directly or through distri6utors to customers in more than 200 countries. +iscata5ay, )e5 Jersey, and Davidson, )orth 1arolina. .amilton, "ermuda. The Ingersoll!'ergeant Drill 1ompany and the #and Drill 1ompany merged in D0> to form Ingersoll #and. *s of Decem6er ? , 200B, Ingersoll #and conducts manufacturing and assem6ly operations in =@ plants in %.'< 2B plants in Europe< B plants in *sia< 0 plants in 2atin *merica and plant in 1anada. Ingersoll #and also maintains offices, 5arehouses and repair centres throughout the 5orld.

200D )et #evenues. 'toc8 'ym6ol. Employees. 1ountries.

%.'. E3ecutive .ead9uarters. +lace of Incorporation. Date of -ormation.


Company vision:
Ingersoll!#and is a glo6al industrial enterprise 5ith mar8et leading 6rands. Ingersoll!#and is dedicated to driving shareholder value 6y achievingF

Dramatic Growth! "y focusing on innovative solutions for Ingersoll! #and customers. Operational Excellence! "y pursuing continuous improvement in all of Ingersoll!#and operations. Dual Citizenship! "y 6ringing together the talents, energy and enthusiasm of all Ingersoll!#and people. Ingersoll!#and HIndiaI 2imited is a part of the Ingersoll!#and 1ompany, a glo6al innovation and solutions provider 5ith po5erful 6rands and leading positions 5ithin its mar8ets. Ingersoll!#and HIndiaI 2imited has its presence in India since D2 . The company esta6lished its first manufacturing plant in India in DC> and 6ecame a pu6lic limited company in D@@. Today, Ingersoll!#and HIndiaI 2imited has manufacturing facility in *hmada6ad that is I', 0 D00 and I', 0 =00 certified. Ingersoll #and products are 5idely appreciated in the mar8et for their superior 9uality and relia6ility. /ith a strong sales presence in over > locations across the country and a strong national distri6utor net5or8, Ingersoll!#and HIndiaI 2imited is a dominant player in its 6usiness of providing solutions for the Infrastructure development, Industrial 'olutions and 1limate 1ontrol mar8ets. It is amongst the countryLs largest e3porters of engineered goods. L1omplete 'olutionsL *pproach 5orld5ide, Ingersoll!#and 1orporation is 5itnessing a ma$or shift in perspective. 'imply put, it is a move from a product centric approach to5ards a solutions centric approach. Ingersoll!#and is no longer an Engineering 1ompany offering 5orld class products, 6ut a 1ompany that provides the customer 5ith solutions 6ased on these products, solutions 5hich go 5ell 6eyond them. Ingersoll!#and HIndiaI 2imited is among the 1ountryLs largest e3porters of engineered goods.

Business segments:
Ingersoll!#and provides products, services and solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of industrial, commercial operations, homes & to


improve the security, safety, health and comfort of people around the 5orld through four glo6al segments.

Air conditioning systems and services:

Ingersoll!#and provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning H.:*1I systems that enhance the 9uality and comfort of the air in homes and 6uildings around the 5orld. %nder Ingersoll!#and7s Trane and *merican 'tandard .eating & *ir 1onditioning 6rands, company offers energy efficient systems, services, parts, advanced 6uilding controls and financing solutions.

Climate control technologies:

+roviding e9uipment and services to manage controlled temperature environments for food and other perisha6les, Ingersoll!#and7s 1limate 1ontrol Technologies sector encompasses 6oth transport and stationary refrigeration solutions. Ingersoll!#and7s product 6rands include Thermo &ing, a 5orld leader in transport temperature control systems & .ussmann, a manufacturer of refrigeration and food merchandising e9uipment.


Industrial technologies:

Ingersoll!#and Industrial Technologies provides products, services and solutions that enhance customer7s energy efficiency, productivity and operations. Ingersoll!#and7s diverse and innovative products range from complete compressed air systems, tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and environmentally friendly micro tur6ines. The company also enhance productivity through solutions created 6y 1lu6 1ar, the glo6al leader in golf and utility vehicles for 6usinesses and individuals.

Security technologies:

Ingersoll!#and7s 'ecurity Technologies 'ector is a leading glo6al provider of products and services that ma8e environments safe, secure and productive. The sector7s mar8et leading products include electronic and 6iometric access control systems, loc8s and loc8sets, door closers, floor closers, e3it devices, steel doors and frames, porta6le security devices, decorative hard5are, ca6inet hard5are and time, attendance and personnel scheduling systems from 5ell!8no5n 6rands li8e 'chlage.




The company features a portfolio of 5orld5ide 6usinesses comprising an envia6le roster of leading industrial and commercial 6rands, such as "o6cat compact e9uipment< 1lu6 1ar, (olf cars< .ussmann stationary refrigeration e9uipment< Ingersoll!#and industrial and construction e9uipment< &ryptonite loc8s< +o5er /or8s micro tur6ines< 'chlage loc8s and Thermo &ing transport temperature!control e9uipment. These, and many other Ingersoll!#and 6rands, are positioned as num6er one or t5o in the mar8ets. The 6readth of the company7s products ena6les participation in virtually every industrial activity that society engages. This diversity increases opportunities to serve customers more 6roadly in select mar8ets, such as automotive, construction and general industries, and from a financial perspective, helps minimiMe the effect of do5nturns in any given mar8et. The rapid industrialiMation of the country after


independence and the increasing demand for its engineering products promoted the Indian 1ompany to commence local manufacturing plant. In January DC>, Ingersoll!#and India7s first manufacturing plant!started production at )aroda, *hmeda6ad. Manufacturing activities ushered in a ne5 phase in the organiMation7s history< it has e3hi6ited sustained gro5th in its operation and earnings ever since. The company further e3panded its manufacturing 6ase 5ith a second plant "angalore in March D@B. -rom the outset, it has encouraged and assisted the gro5th ancillary industries, giving a 6oost to employment generation.



Ingersoll!#and is a 5orld5ide leader in centrifugal technology. 'ince D , Ingersoll!#and has designed and manufactured centrifugal compressors to meet industry re9uirements. These design capa6ilities led to the creation of the 1E)T*1 product line in DCB. In DB0s centrifugal technology e3panded to several different applications. In DCB first pac8aged centrifugal compressor 5as introduced. In 200> Ingersoll!#and offered the first centrifugal compressor for standard industry. In 200@ Ingersoll!#and 5as first to 6e I', B>@?! F200 1lass! 0 certified for centrifugal technology tested 6y TN: #heinlandO, a glo6al leader in independent testing and assessment services.

The 1E)T*1 air compressor is a relia6le and efficient, integrally geared, multistage centrifugal compressor that is designed to provide oil!free compressed air or nitrogen, for indoor or outdoor applications. 1E)T*1 air compressors are designed as fully pac8aged units including an air end, a driver, an air cooling system, a self!contained lu6rication system, and an Ingersoll #and developed state!of!the!art control panel 5ith +21.


*n Ingersoll #and centrifugal compressor comes 5ith a capacity advantage of as much as >P a6ove competitive t5o!stage, oil!free compressors. This advantage increases to as much as ?0P as our capacity remains consistent, 5hile other technologies degrade 6y up to >P.

!rinciple of operation:
. *ir enters the compressor through the machine!mounted inlet control valve and flo5s to the first stage 5here the impeller imparts velocity energy to the air. 2. The air proceeds through the diffuser section, 5hich converts velocity energy into pressure energy. ?. The 6uilt!in intercooler removes the heat of compression, 5hich improves efficiency.


=. *ir passes through a stainless steel moisture separator in a lo5 velocity Mone to remove condensate. >. Moisture carryover is eliminated 5hen the air is forced to change direction B0Q to enter the ne3t stage.

. ess is !ore" -e5er moving parts mean more relia6le, safer compressor 5ith less do5ntime and less maintenance. /ith multi!stage compressors, one can hit re9uired performance easily and 5ith less 5ear & tear than 5ith any other compressor on the mar8et. (reater efficiency, relia6ility and uni9ue features and controls provide an un6eata6le com6ination of energy savings and trou6le free life. 2. #alanced and Sta$le %otor Assem$lies" Impellers feature a vane geometry that allo5s ma3imum pressure control over the 5idest operating range. Each rotor assem6ly is dynamically 6alanced 6et5een t5o hydrodynamic 6earings to ensure lo5 vi6ration and pea8 operating efficiency. ?. Superior #earings and Car$on %ing Seals" "ecause rotors are so sta6le, simple 6earings can 6e used 5ith no moving parts. The rotors never contact the 6earings, 6ut rather spin on a film of oil. This permits long intervals 6et5een scheduled maintenance chec8s. The compressors also feature full!floating, non!contact car6on ring seals to minimiMe air lea8age and prevent oil from migrating up the rotor shaft. =. &ertically Split Casing" The e3clusive vertically split casing permits easy opening for servicing the compressor components as 5ell as for setting running clearances e3ternally, 5ithout opening the unit.


. Iron & steel industry. 2. *ir 'eparation. ?. +ET "lo5 Moulding. =. Te3tile industry. >. 1hemical industry.

epartment structure:

Module Manager

11"% Manager

11"% Engineer



Achievements $%%&'(%:
.ighest num6er of machine H2 I shipped in the month of Decem6er 200D. +ac8age test implemented for '1 frame machine shipped in -e6 20 0.

1onducted )aroda designed prototype cooler test successfully. #ecord num6er of B machine pac8age testing done in duration 5ithin C months. (lo6al productivity sustained for 11@00 & 1D>0. #educed re5or8 activity 6y pre! 6alancing of 11@00 & 1D>0 rotor sets. Ma3imum num6er of finished lines 6ores produced in )ov,0D in portal machining centre.


!roduct range:
Model ? 'tages of 1ompression *ir -lo5 #ange! Ma3imum M?E.r 2*1II 1D>0 ?1II 1@00 1?000 >1II ?1 =1 'tart D00> D> = 0 D= 20>C >2D 2 2?B D?=> >2D End 0== 0== >2D @?=> 2>=B> >0D@0 CDD0 2>=B> 'tart >?00 >C00 C000 @=00 D000 2>00 >>00 D000 1-M End C>00 C>00 D000 0000 >000 ?0000 0000 >000 'tart @.0 @.0 @.0 @.0 @.0 @.0 0.> 0.> ,peration pressure! Ma3imum "*# End 0.> 0.> 0.> 0.> 0.> 0.> =2.@ =2.@ 'tart 00 00 00 00 00 00 >0 >0 +'I End >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 >0 C 0 C 0

)a*or customers with model no+:

Maruti %dyog 2td. (u$arat +olymer 2.'.Mills +ragati (lass )eutral (lass #a$eshree (lass 2*1 1@00 1@00 1@00 1@00 1D>0

!roductivity of the company:


120 100 80 60

s e n i h c a M f . o N

40 20 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 (Plan)

Special type of machines: Coordinate"measuring machine

* coordinate measuring machine H1MMI is a device for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of an o6$ect. This machine may 6e manually controlled 6y an operator or it may 6e computer controlled. Measurements are defined 6y a pro6e attached to the third moving a3is of this machine. +ro6es may 6e mechanical, optical, laser, or 5hite light, among others.


Dimensional measurement. +rofile measurement. *ngularity or orientation measurement. Depth mapping. DigitiMing or imaging.


'haft measurement.

Manufacturer 0 1*#2 REI'', (ermany. Model 0 +rismo. 'erial no. 0 0=>=0. 1ali6ration date 0 0?E0DE200D. Dimension capacity ! S T 200 mm, A T B00 mm, R T 000 mm.


/eight of $o6 that it can measure 0 2000 8g ma3imum. #esolution ! 0.000> mm. *ccuracy ! % ! 2.@U H2E?00I Vm.

)ortal !achining Centre *)!C+:

* +M1 featuring a fi3ed cross!rail is a portal type > face machining centre for increased productivity 5ith total automatic operation & to reduce machining lead time & cost. It sta6iliMe high accuracy & heavy duty machining capa6ility 5ith a one piece totally enclosed ram & rigid constructed saddle & a 6o3 type ri6 structured 6ed, column & cross rail for minimiMing heat.



Manufacturer 0 .industan Machine Tools. #apid traverse 0 > meterEmin. +ositioning accuracy ! W 2 microns. #epeata6ility ! WB microns. 'pindle #M+ 0 =>00. 'pindle taper 0 M*' =0? DB2. Ta6le siMe 0 B00X?000 mm. #otary ta6le 0 >=0 mm diameter. Ta6le capacity 0 >000 8g. 'pindle po5er 0 ?0 .+ H continuous I & >0 .+ H intermittent I.



The rotary scre5 air compressor has 6ecome the most popular source of compressed air for industrial applications. * ma$or reason is its simple compression concept. *ir enters a sealed cham6er 5here it is trapped 6et5een t5o contra!rotating rotors. *s the rotors intermesh, they reduce the volume of trapped air and deliver it compressed to the proper pressure level. This simple compression concept, 5ith continuous contact cooling, allo5s the rotary scre5 air compressor to operate 5ith temperatures appro3imately one half that generated 6y a reciprocating compressor. This lo5er temperature ena6les the rotary scre5 air compressor to operate in a Yfully loadedY continuous duty cycle 2= hours per day, ?C> days per year, if necessary. Its a6ility to operate for e3tended periods of time ma8es the rotary compressor ideal for demanding industrial applications.

!rinciple of operation:
#otary scre5 compressors use t5o scre5s to compress the gas. The scre5s are driven through a set of synchroniMation gears. (as enters at the suction side and moves through the threads as the scre5s rotate. 1learances 6et5een the threads decrease and compress the gas. The gas e3its at the end of the scre5s. The effectiveness of this mechanism is dependent on precisely fitting clearances 6et5een the helical rotors and the cham6er for sealing of the compression cavities. In an oil!flooded rotary scre5 compressor, lu6ricating oil 6ridges these gaps, providing a hydraulic seal.


In an oil!free compressor, the air is compressed entirely through the action of the scre5s, 5ithout the assistance of an oil seal. They usually have lo5er ma3imum discharge pressure capa6ility as a result. .o5ever, multi!stage oil! free compressors, 5here the air is compressed 6y several sets of scre5s, can achieve pressures of over >0 psig, and output volume of over 2000 cu6ic feet H>C.C?= cu6ic metersI per minute Hmeasured at C0 Z1 and atmospheric pressureI. In an oil!flooded rotary scre5 compressor, oil is in$ected into the compression cavities to aid sealing and provide cooling sin8 for the gas charge. The oil is separated from the discharge stream, then cooled, filtered and recycled. The oil captures non polar particulates from the incoming air, effectively reducing the particle loading of compressed air particulate filtration. It is usual for some entrained compressor oil to carry over into the compressed gas stream do5nstream of the compressor.


#educed Maintenance. .igh 1ompression #atios. *ccommodates /ide ,perating #anges. 'maller +ac8age 'iMes. 2o5er :i6ration.

*utomotive industries. Te3tile industries. -i6re industries.


1hemical industries. #efinery industries.

+o5er (eneration. (lass manufacturing. Metal industries. (eneral industries.

epartment structure:

+ro$ect .ead

+roduction Manager

*pprentice Engineer


!roduct range:
I,-I,I./ 0 @.+, 0.+, & >.+. S!A ') 0 =&/, >&/, @&/, &/.

)EGAS'S 0 >&/, B&/, 22&/. )A,.0E% 0 =0.+, >0.+. )EG1 0 ?0&/, ?@&/. CO'GE% 0 =>&/, C>&/, @>&/. CO#%A 0 D0&/, EIGE% 0 D0&/, 0&/, ?2&/, C0&/. 0&/, ?2&/, C0&/.

!r2ED 0 200&/, 2>0&/.

*mong these the 'M*22 %+ series is highly demanded 6ecause of these reasons F! 2ess noise, 2ess connections, 2ess motor #M+, 2ess space, 2ess time to maintain, 2ess overall e3penses.

!roductivity of the company:


120 100 80 60

s e n i h c a M f . o N

40 20 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 (Plan)


* reciprocating compressor or piston compressor is a positive!displacement compressor that uses pistons driven 6y a cran8shaft to deliver air at high pressure. The inta8e air enters the suction manifold, then flo5s into the compression cylinder 5here it gets compressed 6y a piston driven in a reciprocating motion via a cran8shaft, and is then discharged.


In this unit assem6ly, testing, painting & pac8aging of small reciprocating compressor ta8es place. The 5hole assem6ly unit is divided into t5o parts, one is ) line assem6ly & other one is T line assem6ly. This division has 6een done depending upon the siMe of the compressor. Each line is divided into > stations on 5hich assem6ly of different parts ta8es place. The testing of 6oth the lines is done separately. The testing is usually ta8es place in t5o phases, in first phase lea8age testing ta8es place & in second phase the proper 5or8ing of the compressor is tested. If any defects found on any model then that particular model 5ill 6e mar8ed as a re$ected piece. "efore assem6ly all the 6are parts that are imported from different other shop directly goes to the paint 6ooth for painting. *fter all testing is over the model transferred to pac8aging shop 5here


the final pac8aging is done for the shipment to different customer according to their order for the particular model. Ingersoll!#and, )aroda annual 6usiness is a6out 22 million %'D from small reciprocating compressor and annual production rate is a6out B0,000 compressors per annum. The production of small reciprocating facility commissioned in DC>. There are around C assem6ly & test line classified on the 6asis of valve configuration. The production range is from The ma$or .+ to ?0 .+. customers of Ingersoll!#and, )aroda are *ir 'olutions

1am6ellsville, %.&, 1hina, and 'ingapore. Domestic sales direct to ,EM li8e /artsila & 1romton, all the domestic sales are done through channel partners.

.wo"stage DesignF Delivers pressures upto @> psig. %adial -ins (or !aximum Cooling: Even ?C0Z cooling of 6arrel cylinders eliminates hot spots. One"piece Connecting %od% -e5er 5earing parts. ow Oil evel Switch: +rovides constant protection

Centri(ugal 'n loader: Ensures load less starts, for ma3imum starter protection. Integral -an #lade3-inned Copper Intercooler% #uns cooler, even in the most demanding conditions. Overhung Cran4sha(t: +recision 6alanced to run smoothly and 9uietly< simplifies maintenance and 5ear!sleeve replacement.


Splash u$rication: 'imple and relia6le. 5667 Cast Iron% Designed for a lifetime.

,eatures of single'stage air compressor:

Industry!leading >,000!B,000 hour design life Industrial!9uality cast iron construction -ully!6alanced cran8shaft that reduces vi6ration ?> psi ma3. discharge pressure

.onda engine!driven 5heel 6arro5 compressor

,eatures of two'stage gas powered air compressor:

Ingersoll #and7s t5o stage gasoline engine driven air compressors are designed to provide compressed air 5here electric po5er is not readily availa6le. They7re used in fleet and field service applications, remote pneumatic applications and emergency production lines. *vaila6le 5ith easy!starting .onda, or &ohler engines -uel!efficient idle control *dvanced safety features including lo5 oil level shutdo5n for gas engines.

,eatures of electric driven duple- air compressors:

Ingersoll #and duple3 reciprocating air compressors offer t5o individual compressor pumps and t5o motors mounted on a single tan8, providing 00P


6uilt in 6ac8up or additional air po5er for those larger capacity $o6s. Includes the legendary T?0 pump 5ith value added features in a space saving design ideally suited for tight spaces Dura6le cast iron design for 00P continuous duty application. *utomatic duple3ing or alternating of compressors. Individually cast cylinders, overhung cran8shaft and one piece connecting road for ease of maintenance. @> psig ma3imum operating pressure.

*utomotive 'hops. 2ight Manufacturing. 1onstruction. 1ommercial *pplications. -a6rication. +neumatic E9uipment. +rocessing 2ines.

epartment structure:


Module Manager

+roduction Manager

*ssistant Manager *ssociates & *pprentice Engineer

!roduct range:
- ine series2 Model [ 2?=0 2=@>


"ore siMe Hinch.I 'tro8e Hinch.I Min. r.p.m Ma3. r.p.m ".+ +'I )o. of cylinders

? & .@> 2.@> @00 >@> .@!> @>!2>0 2

= & 2.> 2.@> >@> C00 =.>!B.2 @>!2>0 2

, ine series2 Model [ "ore siMe Hinch.I 'tro8e 2.@> ?.> ?.> 2.@> 2.@> ?.> 2? .+ ? & .2> 2>=> > & 2.@> 2>=>1# > & 2.@> :2?> ?&? :2== =&= :2>> > &>


Hinch.I Min. r.p.m Ma3. r.p.m ".+ +'I )o. of cylinders .D!2.? ?00!>00 2 >! @>!2>0 2 2 @0 ! ! 2 ! ! 2 ! ! 2 CC0 0>0 0>0 B00 B00 @>0 =00 =00 =00 ?>0 ?00 ?00

. ine series2 Model[ @T2.+ @T=.+ >T2. + "ore siMe Hinch.I 'tro8e = = = = = = = >&2 ?& >.> & ? & .C? >&> & ?.> >.> & ? >.> & ? >.> & >.> & >.> >.> & >.> = >T @ 00 @ 001# @: >:


Hinch.I Min. r.p.m Ma3. r.p.m ".+ D! 0.2 =.?!> 0.2! C.= +'I ?00! >00 )o. of cylinders 2 C00! 000 2 ?00! 000 ? C! 22.> 2>! 2>0 ? B.>! C.? @>! 2>0 2 2 2 ? ?.>! C.? @>! @> ! ! ! ! B00 B00 D00 0B0 00 00 D00 B00 >>0 >>0 >>0 >>0 @>0 @>0 ?00 ?00

Elite 166 series2 Model [ "ore siMe Hinch.I 'tro8e Hinch.I Min. r.p.m Ma3. r.p.m ".+ +'I 20002%"E >.> & >.> & = =.@> >>0 000 B!2@.> 2>!2>C 2000 >.> & >.> & = =.@> >>0 000 B!2C @2!D?


)o. of cylinders

SS ine2 Model [ "ore siMe Hinch.I 'tro8e Hinch.I Min. r.p.m Ma3. r.p.m ".+ +'I )o. of cylinders ''? 2.@C & 2.@> 2 >B0 2>0 .=!?.2 D0! ?> 2

!roductivity of the company:


90000 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000

e n i h c a M f . o N
30000 20000 10000 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 Year 2007 2008 2009 2010(Plan)


Ingersoll!#and reciprocating product line offers greatest degree of parts interchange a6ility 6et5een various compressor frames. "ecause of inherent design advantages, such as rugged construction, slo5 operating speed, high efficiency, and simple maintenance, Ingersoll!#and reciprocating compressors have served 5orld5ide industries since B@2. The design of Ingersoll!#and reciprocating compressors has incorporated all modern technological advances such as state of the art materials, microprocessor control, and finite element analysis of complete compressors and individual parts.


The follo5ing types of machines of different models that Ingersoll!#and manufacturesF Indigenious .oriMontal Engine HMulti stage air compressorsI 0 I.E. Eston 'tationary .oriMontal H'ingle stage air compressorsI 0 E'.. Eston 'tationary :ertical H'ingle stage air compressorsI 0 E':.

Indigenious .ori/ontal 0ngine: Speci(ication:

Model 'peed Hr.p.mI +iston displacement 1fm Hm?EminI CB H D.2DI D?0 H2C.?=I Ma3imum /or8ing +ressure +ressure psig H"argI 2> HB.C2I ?> HD.? I /eight H&gI

2&@3@ I.E!> =&B3@ I.E!@

@>0 @>0

2 >0 2?00


C& 03@ I.E! 0 @&@3@ I.E!'= 0& 03@ I.E!'@ 2& 23@ I.E!' 0 =& =3@ I.E!' >

@>0 @>0 @>0 @>0 @>0

2 C H?=.==I =>@ H 2.D=I D=? H2C.@ I ?C? H?B.C0I B00 H>0.DBI

2> HB.C2I @> H>. @I C0 H=. =I => H?. 0I =0 H2.@CI

2C00 >00 20>0 2 >0 2C00

0ston Stationary .ori/ontal: Speci(ication:

Model 'peed HrpmI +iston Displacement cfm Hm?EminI >=C H C.@=I @== H2 .0@I D@? H2@.>>I Ma3imum /or8ing +ressure +ressure => H?. 0I ?> H2.= I 20 H .?BI /eight H8gI

23@ =3@ C3@

C00 C00 C00

?DC C?? @>0

0ston Stationary 1ertical: Speci(ication:



'peed HrpmI

@3> B3> D.> 3 > B3@ D3@ 3@

@>0 @>0 C@> C>0 C>0 C>0

+iston Displacement cfm Hm?EminI C= H=.C>I 2 > HC. 0I 2@= H@.@BI 2C0 H@.?CI ??0 HD.??I =DB H =. 0I

Ma3imum /or8ing +ressure +ressure 2> HB.C?I 00 HC.D0I C0 H=. =I ?> HD.? I 0 H@.>DI 00 HC.D0I

/eight H&gI

C20 CB @ B B=0 B=0 ?>=

)a*or customers with model no+:

Model B 3 @ E': @ 3 > E': C 3 @ E'. D.> 3 > E': D.> 3 > E': 2 3 @ I.E @ 3 > E': B 3 @ E':

1ustomer 2i9uors India 2td. *ircon Engineers E9uipments & 'pares "husan 'teel 2td. M#- 2td. *urone3t +harma +vt. 2td. -irdos & '.1am6atta 1o. I#1T


epartment structure:

+ro$ect 2eader

+roduction Manager




Reason for e-penditure:
The current India 6us .:*1 6usiness model is 6ased on importing &#' units from 'henMhen, 1hina. This model has resulted in limited mar8et penetration H?00Eannum, 5ith @0 for ,EM & 2?0 for private operatorsI due to inflated sales price. The sales price is a result for high transfer price from 'henMhen & import duty E :*T. Through local manufacturing Ingersoll!#and can eliminate significant import cost Hin6ound freight, customs charges, etcI, reduce manufacturing cost & improve mar8et penetration Hne5 6ase volume ==>Eannum 5ith >P year over year gro5thI. The net results of these actions are a positive ,I 6usiness 5ith a 9uic8 return on investment.


Ingersoll!#and plan to use 200m2 of free space in the e3isting Industrial Technologies sector facility to esta6lishing a manufacturing. +resent investments in assem6ly & testing e9uipment are limited to %'D D>.C& & onetime e3pense of %'D .C&.

The )aroda facility has availa6le space for 6uilding e3pansion as Ingersoll!#and7s 6usiness gro5s in 6oth retail & transport mar8ets. *s E'* are launching a ne5 lo5er cost modular .:*1 unit is called S! D00, I# 5ant to introduce this to the Indian mar8et under name of S#T.

!ro*ect phases:
I Import complete unit from &olin in order to introduce into Indian mar8et. 2I Import full 8it from &olin & assem6le in )aroda. &olin ship unit 5ithout mounting fans, 6lo5ers, controls & harnesses in order to reduce la6our. )aroda ma8e final assem6ly & test. ),TEF -ull 8it change customs code from J"us .:*1 unitK H.'T B= >.20. 0 5ith duty of 0PI to J"us .:*1 partsK H.'T B= >.D0.00 5ith duty of 0PI.


'o unfortunately no change in duty. ?I Import main component from &olin or direct from glo6al suppliers. 2ocaliMe hoses, harnesses, s8inning etc. In India. )aroda ma8e assem6ly & test of .:*1 unit. 1rate & s8ip to ,EME dealer. =I -ull local manufacturing using local & glo6al sourced material. )aroda ma8e assem6ly & test of .:*1 unit. 1rate & ship to ,EME dealer. &olin get 6enefit of lo5 country cost sourcing.

Shipment #rac2ing:
S#T unit +lan for shipment *ctual shipment Jan, 0 => ?= -e6, 0 => ?> March, 0 >? ? *pril, 0 =@ =@ May, 0 => 2?

!lant layout:

-rame preparation 8 Evaporator assem$ly F!

In this section assem6ly of frames & insulation of frame, sealing of all the $oints ta8es place using 'i8afle3 22 .

#razing 8 0elium lea4 testing :"

In this station 6raMing of various pipe $oints using o3ygen & acetylene & lea8 testing of all the pipe $oints using .elium 2ea8 Detector ta8es place. -or 6raMing Electronic gas saver is used.

0arnessing 8 Electrical .esting :"

In this station harnessing & electrical connection to fans & 6lo5ers ta8es place. 1onduction of electrical testing is done 6y simulating compressor load at different fan & 6lo5er speeds & it is done according to Thermo8ing standards HT&' D00?I. .arnessing is also done 5ith care according to Thermo8ing standards HT&' D00?I.

S4inning 8 )ac4aging :"

In this station su6assem6ly of s8inning parts & pac8aging ta8es place for final shipment.

Special type of machines used in this unit: 0eavy duty (umes extraction machine2
It is used to e3haust all the fumes produced in the shop due to 6raMing 6y filtering & transforming it into fresh air to the atmosphere.


Ma8e 0 Techflo5 Enterprises, (u$arat. +o5er 0 = > volts at >0 .M. Motor 0 ? phase, .+ at >0 .M.

*ir displacement 0 000 1M. . Inlet diameter 0 00 mm . D"* 0 B0 d6 . #ating 0 1ontinuous . -ilter 0 DD.D P efficient. /eight 0 @> 8g . 'erial num6er 0 ?0B0D 00 .

0elium ea4 Detector2

It is used to detect the lea8age in the pipe of the 5hole product. Ma8e 0 Inficon. Model 0 +?000S2 . +rice 0 2.> 2a8hs .

)a*or Customers: :olvo, T*T*, Mercedes, *sho8 2eyland, +rivate



"lo5ers are used 5here re9uire relatively constant air flo5 rate at varying discharge pressures.

!rinciple of operation:

It consist of a pair of involutes profiled Hshaped of BI lo6es rotating inside an oval shaped casing, closed at ends 6y side plates. ,ne lo6e is driving lo6e 5hich is driven 6y e3ternal po5er 5hile the driven lo6e is driven 6y a pair of e9ual ratios gear. "oth the lo6es thus, rotate in same speed 6ut in opposite direction. *s the lo6es rotate, air is dra5n into inlet side of the cylinder & forced out the outlet side against the system pressure. /ith each revolution four such volumes are displaced. The air 5hich is forced out is not allo5ed to come 6ac8 due to the small internal clearances 5ithin the internals of the machine e3cept a very small amount called slip. There is no change in the volume of air 5ithin the machine 6ut it merely displaces the air from the suction end to the discharge end against the discharge system resistance. 'ince the lo6es run 5ithin the casing 5ithy finite clearance, no lu6rication is re9uired. The air thus delivered is 00P oil free. These 6lo5ers deliver practically constant flo5 rate independent of discharge pressure conditions. The flo5 rate is dependent largely on the operating speed.

#he main fields of use of blowers:

/ater purification Ho3ygenation of 6asins I +neumatic transportation H under pressure & under vacuum I -iltration +aper mills & sugar 5or8s 1hemical industries Hgas loops, 6lo5ers, etc.I )umerous special applications Hmethane carries, mechanical compression of steam, evaporators, etc.I


Specification: S10119S10:1 series:

-lo5s from ?> m?Eh H20 cfmI to ! +ressures to 6ar g.X H =.> psigI ! :acuum to >00 m6ar a6s H > J.gI T5o lo6e construction.

>0 m?Eh HC@> cfmI

-our 6earings standard 5ith drive shaft suita6le for :!6elt and direct drive. "earing lifeF >0 000 hours. *vaila6le in >0 mm H2JI, @> mm H?JI, 00 mm H=JI and 2> mm H>JI gear siMes.

.ruc4star #lowers:


The Truc8star range has 6een developed specifically for dry 6ul8 transfer applications on truc8s for the cement, fly ash, lime, flour, po5der, sugar, plastic pellets, sand grain industries. ! -lo5s of 00! @00 m?Eh HC=@! 000 cfmI ! +ressure to .2 6ar H @.= psigI gauge ! :acuum to >00 m6ar a6s H > J.gI \ Tri!lo6e construction 5ith pulsation control ports for smoother operation. \ 1loc85ise and anti!cloc85ise rotation. \ ,il splash lu6ricated 6earings and large capacity sumps. \ Dou6le ring feder and gear retainers for more input tor9ue capa6ility. \ .eavy duty casting ri66ed for rigidity and noise attenuation. \ "uilt in melting plugs for temperature protection.

)odels of Blowers:





/eight H8gI

)ominal 1-M @00 000 C0 ?0 20 @> ?00 ?>0 =B> 2C> >?0

T'0@ T' 0 '2.22 '2.2? '2.? '2.?2 '2.?? '2.=2 '2.=? '2.> '2.>2

>D> C@2 2C0 ? ? = ??C =02 =?@ >02 =@D >?0

=0> =0> 2B0 2B0 ??> ??> ??> ?@0 ?@0 =C> =C>

? 0 ? 0 222 222 2B? 2B? 2B? ? ? ? ? ?B@ ?B@

>? C2 D 2 ?= ?B =B C0 @? D> 02

!rocess of Blower Assembly3 #est 4 Shipment:

1ritical parts are to 6e chec8ed on 1MM 5ith tracea6ility. *ll parts are to 6e cleaned 6efore assem6ly. Documented & approved assem6ly procedure. 1ali6ration of assem6ly tools. *ssem6ly clearance sheet acceptance criteria posted. Test standard acceptance criteria posted. *ssem6ly chec8 list & process document filled up 6efore & after test. -inal assem6ly chec8 list updated &filled up.

+erform .,T & '2I+ test. "lo5er serial no. +unched. -ree rotation of shaft chec8ed 6efore painting. ,utgoing chec8 list filled up after painting. *ll documents attached 6efore shipment. *uthoriMed release for shipment.

Slip test procedure:

Mount the machine on slip test rig. 1onnect the drive attachment to the machine shaft. 1onnect the unit 5ith the motor shaft. Insert coupling at discharge connection. 'tart the panel & ta8e #+M reading at CD m6ar in pressure gauge & the #M+ should 6e 5ithin specific range.

escription sheet for S$. series:

Impeller siMe 1learance 'pecified I) 2K Inlet tip 0.00? Minimum mm 0.00@ #+M range at CD m6ar '2.22! = 0 to >>=


0.00@ ,utlet tip 2K -ront interlo6e "ac8 interlo6e 2ocating end -ree end ?K Inlet tip ,utlet tip ?K -ront interlo6e "ac8 interlo6e 2ocating end -ree end 0.00? 0.00C 0.00C 0.00 0.00? 0.00? 0.00? 0.00@ 0.00@ 0.00 0.00? 0. >? 0. >? 0.02C 0.0@@ 0.0@C 0.0@C 0. @B 0. @B 0.02C 0.0@@ '2.? ! 2BB to ?BD '2.?2! 2>D to ?> '2.2?! ?=2 to =C2


Inlet tip ,utlet tip

0.00= 0.00= 0.00@ 0.00@ 0.002 0.00= 0.00=

0. 02 0. 02 0. @B 0. @B 0.0> 0. 02 0. 02

'2.= ! C0 to 2?0 '2.=2! =0 to D0


-ront interlo6e "ac8 interlo6e 2ocating end -ree end


Inlet tip

'2.> ! ? to @@


,utlet tip >K -ront interlo6e "ac8 interlo6e 2ocating end -ree end

0.00= 0.00B 0.00B 0.002 0.00>

0. 02 0.20= 0.20= 0.0> 0. 2@


0 to >0

.ot #est !rocedure:

2et the 6lo5er is mounted on the hot test 6ed 6et5een the suction. Insert & fi3 the 6olts 5ith 5asher on the machining surface of the discharge side first. Insert & fi3 the 6olts 5ith 5asher on the machining surface of the suction side. 1onnect the motor shaft & the 6lo5er shaft 5ith the coupling & universal $oint. Insert the coupling on the shaft & connect the universal $oint & coupling 5ith the 6olts & fi3 the 6olts properly. #emove one of the oil plugs on 6oth the gear & the shaft end to pour oil. 1hec8 the oil level from the sight glass. -i3 the oil plugs. 'tart the 6lo5er at no load condition.


(radually increase the speed till the 6lo5er reaches the speed of 2 >0 r.p.m. 2et the 6lo5er run at this condition 5ithout load for > mins. 1lose the gate valve gradually till the differential pressure across the 6lo5er sho5s 200 m6ar. 2et the 6lo5er run at this pressure for 0 mins. )ote the reading. 'lo5ly close the gate valve & increase the differential pressure to >00 m6ar. )ote the reading after 0 mins. 'lo5ly close the gate valve & increase the differential pressure to m6ar. )ote the reading after 20 mins. )ote the reading. 'lo5ly open the gate valve & decrease the differential pressure. /hen the pressure is released fully, gradually decrease the speed. Turn off the 6lo5er. Dismantle the universal $oint & coupling. #emove the 6olts from the suction side first. Then remove the 6olts from the discharge side. 00


Ta8e the 6lo5er out from the t5o flanges.

.ot #est Rig:

Model '2.22 #.+.M ?000 +ressure Hm6arI 200 >00 @00 '2.2? >00 >0 ?00 =00 '2.? ?000 ?>0 >>0 @>0 '2.?2 ?000 ?>0 >00 C>0 '2.?? ?000 >0 2>0 ?>0 '2.= ?C00 ?>0 @>0 000 '2.=2 ?C00 2>0


>00 C00 '2.=? ?C00 >0 200 ?00 '2.> 2>00 ?00 C00 000



200 =00 C00



200 ?>0 >00

Blower pac2age 5#argets6:

+roduct! "lo5er +D. I# model! '2.? of @.> .+. &*A model! >?*1 of @.> .+.


,6$ective! To achieve targeted cost & apply learning to the other 6lo5ers of same family. 'cope! 1overs the complete pac8age from design to manufacturing. 1urrent cost of manufacturing! B >>0 I)#. Target cost! >==00 I)#. 'aving due to teardo5n proposal! ???0B I)#. P cost reduction! =0.B. #evised price as per 1'# 0.B! C0?00 I)#. &*A selling price! CB000 I)#. +roposed selling price! C>000 I)#. #evised proposed 1'#! 0.@ . -orecasting for 20 0! 2>0 Hcurrent forecast for entire '2. 6lo5er familyI. Total potential annual saving! D?@ B2D.> I)#. *verage P saving! ?D. @.


In the last 9uarter of 200D the )aroda team launched Ingersoll #and India7s first ever I+*1 cooler & 1E)T*1 11!@00 heat e3changer set, another testimony to the changing product landscape in the plant. .eat e3changers are vital constituents of compressor pac8age & until the recent in house development I#

5ere heavily dependent on a couple of e3clusive vendors. In fact for the large reciprocating machines 6eing e3ported, the heat e3changers 5ere largely 6eing imported due to lac8 of an *'ME certification to Ingersoll!#and7s facility. )ot satisfied 5ith the progress Ingersoll!#and7s pro$ect team had gone ahead & released the design of the BX@ & DX@ coolers & are no5 5or8ing assiduously to procure the critical *'ME certification 6y June 20 0 to cater to Ingersoll! #and7s e3port strategy. The 6roader o6$ective of this initiative is to 6e self reliant & enhance customer satisfaction 6y reducing lead time & improving product performance. The products that Ingersoll!#and manufactured are @X>E': I+*1 cooler & 11@00 heat e3changer 6ut 5ith the ne5 development BX@ & DX@ coolers material received & under localiMation. ?12 under development of designing process. 'o ultimately the saving per cooler can 6e calculated as follo5sF @X> E': 0 2D>G 11@00 0 22DG

C0N#AC .eat e-changer delivery plan for year $%(%:

July 11@00 1D>0 = = > > *ug. 'ept. ,ct. )ov. Dec.



This shop is also divided in to various su6!stations, 5here different type of activity ta8es place such as Tu6e 6undle assem6ly, Tu6e 6undle & shell assem6ly, E3pansion & Tu6e to tu6e sheet e3pansion. E3pansion of pipe is done so that the coolant H5aterI that 5ill flo5 through heat e3changer 5ill not come out from the circumferential spacing of the tu6e. The machine that are used for the e3pansion is called E3pander & the specification of the e3pander are given 6elo5F! /attage 0 =00. Trip time 0 > seconds. #everse time 0 seconds.

+ause time 0 ?.D seconds. Mode 0 trigger, auto, fast.

In this department the supplier are the outside vendors, machine shop & assem6ly. The goods received may 6e finished & semi finished. It may 6e inspected or may not 6e inspected. If inspected goods are there then it directly shifted to rac8 5here all inspected goods are 8ept. Even store have to supply


goods to the assem6ly & machine shop 5henever re9uired. -or this the planning department gives a pic8 list to store department in 5hich each & every item description, their location i.e. rac8 no. & 6in no. *re printed & even num6er of 9uantity re9uired is printed. 'tores department have to supply those items to the respective department. )o5 if any item is missing i.e. if there is any scarcity of any item then the store department have to consult 5ith the planning department. In short store department is attached to machine shop, assem6ly, inspection & testing, purchase & planning department. Different $o6 is assigned to different employers 5or8ing in the store department & that is called description. This is sho5n as under.

Organisation chart:
M*)*(E# 'T,#E' & '.I++I)(

I)1.*#(E 'T,#E'

'EMI 12E#&

'E)I,# 12E#&


7OB 0SCRI!#ION: In charge stores:

,verall supervision of stores activities. Maintaining all records. *llotment of 5or8. +lanning of proper storage facilities. 1o!coordination 5ith other departments li8e planning, production, maintenance, shipping & development. #aising re9uirement for stores re9uired items. +lanning to proper stores activities for receipt, issues & 6inning. +lanning & arranging for annual inventory for store items.

1o!coordinating of stores 5or8 6et5een cler8s & helpers. To coordinate management decision on stores staff & implementation of ne5 procedures. 1o!coordinating 5ith management to improve facilities for smoother 5or8ing stores 5or8men. To sign documents generated 6y stores & arrange for realiMing to concern department. 2eave approval of stores personnel.

Senior cler28cler28semi'cler2:
To allot 5or8 to stores 5or8men. To ac8no5ledge the receipt to material to suppliers & other departments. To prepare documents related to receipt, issues & sending material to vendor. To supervise 5or8men7s activities. 1o!ordination 5ith other departments for issue, delivering material receipts. Daily $o6 allotment on the 6asis of priority & presence. 1o!ordination 5ith stores 5or8men, solve their discrepancies, help in searching items for smoother & efficient 5or8ing. To follo5 store procedure & instructions given 6y supervisors.


To operate computer. To file documents re9uired to file & maintain proper filling system. To enter re9uired data in register for incoming & outgoing receipt of out station. 1o!ordination 5ith other departments & supervisors in the a6sence of stores in charge. *dditional supervisionE coordination.

To loadEunload material from a vehicle of supplierE transporter. To count 9uantity, verify part no., preservation of material report discrepancies to concern supervisor. To ta8e out 6o3es received, count 9uality of receipt, report 9uantity discrepanciesE damages & 6rea8ages of received items. To ta8e out material from respective location & move to the re9uiredE specified area as per instructions given. To count & issue consuma6le items as & 5hen re9uired. If re9uired to move material to respective locations as per re9uirements 5ith help of for8lift or hand pallet truc8. To pac8 material in 6o3, to do mar8ing, 5eighing of the 6o3. To operate for8lift & move material from one place to another as per re9uirements.


To apply preservative on machined components, pac8 5ith plastic 6agE sheet as per re9uirement, tie up identification tag of 9uantity & reservation. To arrange material on palletE cageE 6in as per re9uirement. To ta8e out items from stores locations as per pic8 list & issueE move material the area 5here re9uired. To 6in heavy & 6ig items on vertical storing rac8 5ith necessary preservative. To 5or8 clerical as & 5hen re9uired. .elp in 6inning & verifying material received from other department.

9ey process for the receipt of material:

:erification as per -' re9uirement. Entering of 2# in in5ard register. ,pening of cases, verifying 9uantity as per challan, raising discrepancies. Ma8ing inspection tags. Moving the material to respective locations. 'igning on challan.

Inputs *inwards+:
. 'upplier challan in.


2. Duplicate 5ith gate entry. ?. 2# copy HtransporterI. =. E3cise gate pass Hsupplier or transporterI.

Controls *inwards+:
. :erification on physical part. 2. +art no. & vendors identification. ?. +ac8ing in small 9uantity 5here re9uired. =. +reservation. >. 2# mar8ing. C. Inspection report.

!echanisms *inward+:
. /or8menE supervisor. 2. Material handling e9uipments. ?. 1ase opening e9uipments. =. Inspection tags. >. #eservation stic8ers. C. In5ard register. @. -' system, computer.


Output *outwards+:
. +reparation of stores. 2. #eceipt ;1E stores. ?. Material movement to respective area of storesE ;1 or as per pic8.

:or2 instruction process in case of re*ected material to be sent bac2 to supplier:

:erifying documentsE material. #eplacement Hif as8edI. +reparing necessary pac8ing notes. )ecessary pac8ing preservative & movement of parts as E+# re9uirement. Transport co!ordination.

Inputs *inwards+:
. #e$ected '#' H;1I. 2. IMT# H;1Eassem6lyI. ?. #e$ection memo Hassem6lyE machine shopsE shippingI. =. Material H;1E assem6lyE machine shopE supplierE storesE shippingI.


Controls *inwards+:
. )ecessary mar8ing on physical parts. 2. )ecessary documents.

!echanism *inwards+:
. /or8menE supervisor -' system. 2. +rinter. ?. +ac8ing material. =. +reservative. >. .andling e9uipments. C. Transportation.

Outputs *outwards+:
. #eplacement Hassem6lyEshippingI. 2. #eleasing documents He3cise transporterEsupplierI. ?. 2oading parts to send to supplier.

9ey process for issue of reserved parts of bare compressor:

Ta8ing out reserved parts & verification 6y stores cler8.


Inputs *inwards+:
. +ic8 list 5ith reserved parts from planning department.

Controls *inwards+:
. +ic8 list reserved parts.

!echanism *inwards+:
. /or8menE supervisor. 2. 1omputer. ?. +rinter. =. Material handling e9uipment.

Outputs *outwards+:
. 1orrect issue of assem6ly. The a6ove process is follo5ed 5hen the pic8 list is received from planning department to the store department. In this pic8 list each information of every part is given & also the location of that part is given i.e. the rac8 no. & so on. *ccording to the pic8 list the parts are issued to the assem6ly department. *lso the data is entered in the computer & as such the no. ,f parts 6ecomes lesser & lesser. If any of the part is not there then the planning department is to 6e concerned & according to the planning department the procedure follo5s.

+lanning department here follo5s the *"1 analysis. In the follo5ing pages the process flo5 chart of #eceipt of material. Issue of material.

!rocess flow chart 5Receipt of material6:


epartmental ob*ectives' stores

'.# stores to ;1 average life time to reduce. To improve correct reserved parts issue. +rocess improvement to reduce non valve added activities. Direct storing to end user for cycle time reduction. #e use of 5ooden & pac8ing material received.


!rocess flow chart 5issue of material6:

:ertical storage machine is used to store various components in a single machine unit & 5hich can 6e retrieve automatically 5hen needed. .ere in Ingersoll!#and, )aroda there are t5o such machines 5hose details are given 6elo5F Aear of manufacture I)# *sset card no. Machine DDD #s. =. B la8h. 2 >B Machine 2 2000 #s. >.=C la8h. 2 B?

Specification of 1ertical storage system:

Ma8e Intech


Model ,verall floor space re9uired. -loor space re9uired 5ith drive unit & /or8 ta6le Machine height 'helf dimensions )ecessary room height Type of shelf )o of shelf 1apacity of each shelf Total capacity of machine *llo5a6le un6alance /or8 ta6le height /or8 ta6le depth 2ED identification no. 1olour 1hain 1ontrol Drive motor

00! B0!== 2CC0X ?C0 MM. 2CC0X @C0 MM. >0C0 MM. 2 C0X=20X B0 MM. > C0 MM. +lain type shelves 5ithout any slots or 6ins. == 00 8g. ==00 8g. >00 8g. 000 MM. =00 MM. 2= 1orner anglesF ,3ford 6lue. #est of the partsF Munshell gray. K 'imple3. M1 200* control. +o5erF 2 .+. #+MF =0> r.p.m. Ma8eF 1rompton #atio! =0F . TypeF *??@ TypeF -D" > Ma8eF Emco

(ear 6o3 "ra8e


In this department all the functions related to human 5elfare i.e. related to employees are carried out. The different functions of this department in Ingersoll!#and, )aroda plant are given as under. . 1ompliance of statutory re9uirements. 2. #ecruitments. ?. *ttendance. =. +ro6ation & confirmation. >. *nnual increment.


C. Miscellaneous items. @. 2eave encashment. B. ,utdoor duty. D. 'cholarship claim. 0.1ompensatory ,--. .Dispatch of mailE documents. 2.2eave travel concession. ?.1ommunication. =.Termination. This department has to loo8 out a6out the employees that 5hether the rules & regulations of the company are follo5ed 6y them or not. The government in favour of 6oth employees & also the company also ma8es various la5s, these have to 6e follo5ed 6y the employees. This is the function given under compliance of statutory. The other is the recruitments of any ne5 employee is also done 6y this department. +ersonnel intervie5 & test are 6een ta8en. /henever the company is in need of any employee 5hether it may 6e in the administrative level or at the 5or8er level then the company may either give advertisement in the ne5spaper or any other media & may also consult 5ith the consulting agents. *ccording to the re9uirement of the company the recruitment is done. 'ay for e3ample if any technical staffs are re9uired then it is 6eing intervie5ed 6y the technical staff & also 6y the .# department. In the second round the .,D7s of other department is intervie5ing him. If the employee is as per the re9uirement of the company then & then recruitment is done. In some cases campus intervie5 is 6eing carried out if any apprentice is re9uired. .ere the .# department is most responsi6le. (D may 6e done if necessary. .# department is also responsi6le for the attendance of all the employees 5or8ing in the company. /hether the employee is coming regularly or not is 6eing chec8ed. .ere in Ingersoll!#and, )aroda plant punch card system is there. Every employee punches


hisE her 5hen heE she enter into the company. The time & date is automatically entered into the company7s data. The company also does sometimes annual increment in the salary of the employees in order to motivate employees. This depends on the type of employee. .# department is also responsi6le to chec8 out the stoc8 of various miscellaneous items li8e medicines for first aid, stoc8 of papers needed for fa3, printers, etc & also the general stationary is to 6e loo8 out 6y the .# department. If any employee 5ants to have a leave for any specific period of time then .# department is responsi6le for this $o6. Dispatch of important mail & other documents to other departments, suppliers, outside vendors, etc is also the function of .# department. 'ometimes employees at the administrative level have to out of station for any official 5or8. -or this also .# department is responsi6le. 1ommunication 6et5een the various departments is to 6e loo8ed out 6y .# department. .ere in Ingersoll!#and, )aroda plant various communications channels li8e inter!com, telephone, tele3!lines, photocopier, etc are used. .# department is responsi6le for this communication net5or8. If any employee is to 6e terminated then it is the function of .# department to ta8e all the items 5hich have 6een given 6y the company li8e ID card, credit card if any given to employee, car, house etc. *lso .# department is responsi6le to note do5n the reason 5hy the employee is 6een terminated & also 8eep hisE her personnel information if re9uired in the future. The organiMational structure of .# department in Ingersoll!#and, )aroda plant is given as under.

Organisational chart of .R:

Manager .# 1hief assistance .# & *dministration & #eceptionist *dministration cum telephone operator



7ob description 5)anager .R 4 administration6:

Management of .# & administrative services at Ingersoll!#and, )aroda plant. To maintain industrial relations & activities under the guidance of managing director. 1ompliance of statutory re9uirement. .ealth, safety & 5elfare of employees. +u6lic relations. To control on security responsi6ilities.

7ob description 5Chief assistance .R 4 administration6:

To maintain employee personal files. To 5or8E e3ercise on increment, promotion, grade changes of employees.


*dministration of 5or8 relating to recruitment, termination & other related 5or8. To 5or8 for the administration of company7s various schemes. 1o!ordination of 5or8 6et5een administration department & other department. To maintain stoc8 & consumption of general stationary, cleaning material & medicines. To maintain confidentially of recordsE events. To assist in mail service 5or8 if re9uired in emergency. To do all time 8eeping activities li8e leave, attendance, etc. +rocurement & maintenance of office e9uipment li8e copier, fa3 machine, etc. To carry out any other 5or8 assigned 6y the supervisors.

7ob description 5Receptionist cum telephone operator6:

To receive visitor 5ith courtesy & contact the officersE employees concerned telephonically or other5ise direct the visitor as necessary. #eceive message & transmit them promptly as necessary. -urnish general information sought 6y visitors. To operate the telephone 6oard. Maintain register for all calls made.


1hec8 contractor7s 6ill. :erify telephone 6ills for payment & register complaints in respect of defects & ensure prompt rectification. Ensure efficient 5or8ing & communication system. To supervise house8eeping activities. To prepare the 5elcome 6oard as per the instructions. *rranging facilities for seminars, conference, foreign visitors, etc. To carry out other 5or8 assigned 6y the supervisor.

7ob description 5Cler26:

To supervise mail services. Maintain confidentially of .# records. Ma8e entries of general e3pensesE purchaseE 6ills passed through .# department. To fill employees papers in their personnel files. To scrutiniMe candidates application & trac8 the papers till selection. To ma8e arrangement in conference rooms if any meetingE seminar is organised. To carry out general instruction given 6y officers.


7ob description 5Semi'Cler26:

To clean office e9uipment. To carry files, register, documents, mail, pac8ages articles, 6ag, etc. To collect the mailE fa3es from all department & to sort it & to deliver all collectedE received mailsE fa3es to concerned employers &E or to 8eep at specified location. To serve 5ater to officers, visitors are re9uired. To handle outdoor 5or8 such as localE out of station delivery of letterE parcelE tic8etsE materialsE articles etc. To carry out general instruction given 6y officers. Maintain smart appearance & alertness at all times.

.# is also responsi6le for the safety & security of employees & also the property of the company. :arious safety instruments li8e fire safety, goggles, shoes, helmet, etc is made compulsory as the 5or8ing environment of the employee. If the 5or8er is 5or8ing at some height then he is as8ed to 5ear helmet. Each & every employee is given training a6out using various safety instruments. .ere in Ingersoll!#and, )aroda plant fire may 6e caused due to


cotton, clothes, etc. -or each every type of fire the fire e3tinguishing material is different. 'o training is given to each & every employee in the company. In case of emergency there are some areas, 5hich are decided 6y .# department at 5hich every6ody has to meet in order to save their lives. Even posters are attached on the 5alls of each & every department of ho5 to use fire e3tinguisher. Even in the manual also it is 6een mentioned a6out safe use of each & every instrument. Even they are made a5are if the instrument is not used properly. The .# department is having a great responsi6ility.


In this department various $o6 after coming from outside vendor, machine shop & assem6ly is 6een inspected & tested. 'ometimes the part is inspected & tested 6y the outside vendors & so not necessary to 6e inspected, such parts are directly moved to store department. The parts if any defect or fault is o6served then are re$ected & again send 6ac8 to respective department. .ere in Ingersoll! #and, )aroda plant non destructive testing is 6een carried out li8eF .ydro testing.


Dye testing. %ltrasonic testing. Magnetic testing.

.ydro testing:
This testing is done in order to chec8 5hether there is any lea8age in the part or not. In this test the part under consideration is filled 5ith 5ater. *ctually the various parts used in compressor li8e cylinder is having a 5ater $ac8et, this is 6ecause the temperature 5hile 5or8ing goes so much high that it has to 6e cooled & so 5ater is 6eing circulated inside the 5ater $ac8et & thus it 6ecomes cool. In this hydro test 5ater is filled inside this $ac8et at some pressure & then is 8ept for some time, if the pressure decreases then it is said that there is any lea8age or some5here else. If the defect is seen 6y na8ed eyes then it is o8 6ut if not seen 6y na8ed eyes then it is again tested under dye testing 5hich is another non destructive testing.

ye testing:
This type of testing is done in order to find out is there any discontinuity in $o6 or not. 'uch testing is done on cran8shaft, connecting rod, etc. In this testing as special type of chemical is applied on the surface of $o6 & is allo5ed to ma8e dry. There after it is removed & again another chemical is used. If there are any discontinuities then the first chemical applied is a6sor6ed inside the $o6 & the defect can 6e seen 5ith na8ed eyes. Dye testing can 6e used only to find defects


on the upper surface of the $o6, 6ut if there is any inter defect then ultrasonic testing is used.

;ltrasonic testing:
It is done in order to find out if there are any discontinuities on the inner surface of the $o6. 'ay for e3ample a cylinder is having a 6ore if there is any defect on inner surface then 5e can7t apply dye on the inner surface, even 5e can7t apply dye inside the 5ater $ac8et. 'o this type of testing is done. In this testing ultrasonic 5ave is passed from the surface of the $o6 & according to fre9uency of the reflected 5aves the discontinuities can 6e find out. * special instrument li8e 1#, is used. The same techni9ue used in radar for finding out the height of aeroplane in aviation is used here.

)agnetic testing:
This is done in order to find out internal discontinuities of any $o6. .ere magnetic iron po5der of very small grade i.e. having very minute granules is spread on the surface of the $o6 and a magnetic field is set on the $o6. If there are any discontinuities then this iron po5der form circles at the area 5here there are discontinuities. This is 6ecause of difference in EM-. "ut this type of testing is has a limitation that it can 6e applied only on ferrous material. Material made of aluminium, copper, etc cannot 6e tested.



This department is responsi6le to chec8 out the 9uality of the $o6 manufactured. Ingersoll!#and, )aroda is an I', D00 , I', =00 certified company & so this department is very important & fruitful to the company. This department is attached to all the other departments. In Ingersoll!#and, )aroda 9uality of final $o6 is chec8ed & also the 9uality of the 5or8 & the $o6 is 6eing chec8ed 5hen the manufacturing is going on. This is done 6ecause if there is any change


re9uired in the $o6 5hile it is 6een in process then it can 6e done at that instance. Thus re$ection level can 6e decreased to minimum level. This department is also responsi6le to chec8 out that every employer is 5or8ing properly or not. )o6ody should forget hisE her duties & also should follo5 the rules & regulation of the company. In the 6elo5 diagram 5e can see the attachment of this department 5ith the other departments.

;uality control department

Machine shop department

*ssem6ly department

'tores department

Inspection & testing department

+lanning department

<uality control:
The Ingersoll!#and facility in )aroda, *hmeda6ad shall design, manufacture & pac8age process compressor 5ith associate accessories for industrial application develop & provide technical solutions & support the clients utiliMing a 9uality system that satisfies the re9uirements of I', D00 & I', =000 as a minimum. The implementation of 9uality system re9uires a total commitment from employee at all organiMational level. It re9uires that only materials & services, 5hich fully meet the specified re9uirements, are processed to the ne3t stage of


manufacture or shipped to the customer. Every employee is encouraged to give creative ideas to improve processes. Every employee has the responsi6ility & the right to re9uest or revie5 any process at any point of time if there is a 9uestion related to 9uality or safety. This 9uality manual outlines the system & procedures necessary to achieve the )aroda plant re9uirements. Deviation or alteration from these systems & procedure are not permitted 5ithout 5ritten authority of the general manger operationE head 9uality assurance. This department is responsi6le for purchasing the various parts necessary in manufacturing the compressors. "asically the parts of compressors are divided into t5o categories.

. *ccessories. +ressure vessel. .eat e3changers. Motors Hprime moverI. +anels Helectrical e9uipmentsI. Instruments. +iping HvalvesI. ,ther miscellaneous items.

2. "are compressor parts. 1ylinder. +iston. Distance piece. 1onnecting rod.


1ran8shaft. +iston rings. ,ther miscellaneous items.

These items are 6een designed 6y pro$ect & engineering department & the indent, 5hich includes dra5ing, & specification is passed to purchase department for 6uying these items. There after the purchase department function starts. This department rises in9uires that ho5 many vendors are availa6le & 5hat are various price rate & specification given 6y them. Then the sorting of the vendor is done i.e. 5hich vendor is to 6e selected. This type of procedure is done for all the items measured a6ove. This in9uiry raise is done through the previous data or through site, magaMines, etc. This department also does negotiation 5ith the vendor. *lso other factor li8e 5hat are delivery schedule of the vendor, 5hat are the re9uirements used 6y the vendor, etc are ta8en into consideration. The 9uality control department after the manufactured of the product visits at the vendor place in order to chec8 5hether the $o6 assigned to vendor is at the specified dimensions. Inspection & testing is done at that time. This is called vendor assessment & performance ration of vendor. The purchase department has to 6e in co!ordination 5ith various departments li8e.

1o!ordination 5ith stores for clearing the re$ection & also placing ne5 orders for re$ected items. 1o!ordination 5ith 9uality control for deviation as8ed 6y suppliers. 1o!ordination 5ith engineering for clearing from inspection. 1o!ordination 5ith pro$ect engineering for dra5ingE data sheet. 1o!ordination 5ith industrial engineering department for sending toolsE instrumentsE gauges re9uired. 1o!ordination 5ith transporters for material receipt. 1o!ordination 5ith planning department.


1o!ordination 5ith import for division for customs clearanceE payment.

The ma$or functions of purchase or procurement department is sho5n 6elo5F . +urchasing of items as per re9uirement. 2. :endor developmentE assessmentE audit. ?. 1o!ordination 5ith site & shop contracts & purchase order placement for the same. =. 1o!ordination 5ith accountE pro$ectsE 9uality controlE planningE industrial engineering. >. Monitoring vendor performance.

Scrutiny of re=uirement:

Controls *inwards+:
'pecificationF Technical specificationE standardsE specific re9uirement 5ith 9uality & delivery re9uirement. TrainingF ,n $o6 training. ,6$ectivesF To have clear re9uirements to for5ard to supplier for 9uotation.

Inputs *inwards+:
InformationF IndentE purchase re9uisition in any form technical specification, customer re9uest for 9uotation, approved vendor list, 9uality re9uirements, and all related standard data.


!echanism *inwards+:
E9uipmentF 1omputer, -*S, copier. +eopleF Engineer, purchasing cler8, customers, suppliers.

Output *outwards+:
1lear re9uirements to for5ard to supplier.

!urchase orders releasing 4 maintaining:

Control *inwards+:
'pecificationF Technical specification & dra5ingE specific re9uirements. TrainingF ,n the $o6 training. ,6$ectivesF To release & maintain purchase orders.

Inputs *inwards+:
InformationF IndentE purchase re9uisition in any form. InformationF ;*+E dra5ingE specification. InformationF *pproved vendors list. InformationF 1ustomerE consultant approved vendor list. InformationF Techno!commercially clear offer. InformationF )egotiated price.


InformationF Delivery commitment, 9uality & documentation.

!echanism *inwards+:
E9uipmentF 1omputer, phone. +eopleF +urchase personals.

Outputs *outwards+:
#eleasing of techno! 1ommercially clear order.

Supplier selection3 evaluation 4 re'evaluation:

Controls *Inwards+:
'pecificationF "asic guidelines a6out items to 6e develop 5ith the supplier. TrainingF ,n the $o6 training. ,6$ectivesF To provide guidelines for the supplier selection, addition, approval & evaluation.

Input *Inwards+:
InformationF D!# re9uirements. InformationF 'upplier7s performance.

InformationF *pproved vendors list. InformationF 'upplier information from various means li8e media, advertisement, e3hi6ition, magaMine, direct introduction, information from other.

!echanism *Inwards+:
E9uipmentF 1omputer, internet, phone, fa3. +eopleF 'uppliers, purchase representative, 9uality representative, purchasing cler8.

Output *Outwards+:
'upplier rating. *pproved vendor list up!gradation.

Sub' contract item:

Controls *Inwards+:
'peciationF Dra5ing, article of stores. TrainingF ,n the $o6 training. ,6$ectivesF To define the procedures & responsi6ilities associated 5ith su6! contract purchase orders.


Input *Inwards+:
MaterialF Tools & measuring instruments. InformationF *pproved vendor list, suppliers, dra5ings.

!echanism *Inwards+:
E9uipmentsF 1omputer +eopleF +urchase engineer.

Staff category 5!rocurement or !urchase6:

. Manager 0 +rocurement. 2. E3ecutive 0 -oundry purchase. ?. E3ecutive 0 +rocurement.



This department is responsi6le for the entire 6rea8do5n if there is any in the company. (enerally the 6rea8do5n occurs in the machine shop department. 'o this department is a part of machine shop department. It is also situated in machine shop. This department is connected 5ith the stored department. If there is any 6rea8 do5n in the machine shop then the faulty part is replaced 5hich is stored in the stores. 'o maintenance department has to 6e in continuous coordinated 5ith stored department. The various processes to 6e carried out 6y maintenance department are as follo5F

)aintenance management processes:

+revention maintenance 1ondition monitoring Maintenance planning and scheduling #oot cause analysis Material management #elia6ility and Maintenance *udit +revention maintenance is a process in 5hich maintenance of the machine is done every 5ee8ly or everyday as per the re9uirement. This type of maintenance does not start 5hen the 6rea8do5n of machine occurs. This helps in serious 6rea8 do5n and helps in the process of production. *ctually in Ingersoll!#and, )aroda India 2td. The machine shop is so much 5ell handled that maintenance is very lo5 and has minimum 5or8.


The department is responsi6le for planning all the activities of the machine shop and all the release of order for the stores and assem6ly. In this department the factory order receipt from outside vendor then it is 6een entered into the planning department computer. 'oft5are named RM#2 is used. .ere the goods are classified and is entered into various categories li8e semi finished, finished, casting and forged. *ccording to the type of good the data is 6een entered. Then if any goods are to 6e inspected then it is shifted to inspection and testing department and if not re9uired then shifted to store< assem6ly or machine shop. These decisions are to 6e ta8en 6y planning department. The planning department also decide the inventory levels in the stores. The techni9ue used is *"1 analysis. .ere the goods are classified according to cost. (oods li8e cylinder< piston< connecting rod< cran8shaft and distance pieces are not stored in 6ul8 9uantities and goods li8e piping< values< nut 6olts< and other miscellaneous are stored in 6ul8 9uantities.

*fter receiving the factory order receipt from pro$ect department the planning department produces a pic8 list and gives to the stored department. The list consists of all items re9uired for manufacturing the compressor. Then the stores department issues all the items mentioned in the pic8 list to assem6ly 5here the final compressor is manufactured. +lanning department also receives the 6ill of material from 1E and ;*+ H;%*2ITA *''%#*)1E +2*)I receipt from pro$ect department. The planning department is to 5or8 in coordination 5ith other department also li8e machine shop, assem6ly, purchase, engineering, etc.


. It is o6served that lot of time is lost due to material shortage, so need to focus on internal planning of +roduction Department more to avoid such time losses. 2. 1onsidering ]Tor9ue7 issue in the assem6ly, application of correct tor9ue in assem6ly is important 6ut more important is to maintain that cali6rated Tor9ue value on tools.

*s 1T;, Dynamic Tor9ue analyMer is suggested, and associate must 6e motivated to analyMe the respective tor9ue values in morning. It is also o6served that pneumatic guns used in the assem6ly also have its o5n tor9ue. 'o these (uns should also 6e analyMed after regular intervals of time.

?. 1urrently for planning is done for a single day only. *s assem6ly line has 6een esta6lished for light industrial services so 5e should focus on constant feeding of the respective line. 1urrently 5e are only focusing on one day production and feed the line H2I'I acc. to one day plan only, as a result assem6ly line is stopped 5hen one days target is achieved resulting in fresh 6eginning on the line. "ut assem6ly line should 6e fed constantly so 2 days plan is must.


/henever there is man po5er shortage for the line, 5e start assem6ling machine on a single station only, result of 5hich line concept is 6ro8en and thus affects the output 5hen sufficient man! po5er is availa6le. Therefore, I strongly suggest that in place of assem6ling the machine on a single station 5e should focus on assem6ling the machine on line, at different stations. This 5ill help the continuous feeding and also 5hen our 5or8 force 5ill 6e sufficient, on ne3t day, 5e need not to start from the scratch to run the line. 1ontinuous flo5 of the line 5ould help in maintaining the fre9uency of the line. =. #esistance to change is found among associates in #otary, so .# department is re9uested to arrange some employee a5areness program so that they can understand ho5 6eneficial and important it is.


REFERENCES 555.ingersollrand! 555.ingersollrand!india.comEairsolutionsEinde3.asp Ingersoll!#and7s each department si3 sigma 6oard. Machine user manual from various departments. Ingersoll!#and online data6ase.