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Advanced Google Search Codes This How-To will teach you how to use google to find mp3s.

This How-To will be highly pragmatic and will focus on the hows and not the wherefores of the various search strings. Index ---------------------------------------------------------------------0) Key 1) Directories 2) Xitami Servers 3) Directory Listing 4) Andromeda Servers 5) Zina Artists 6) Apache mp3 Servers 7) Individual Songs ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 0 - KEY ---------------------------------------------------------------------You this are just some definitions I will use below. [Directory String] can be any of the following : 1) "index of" 2) "last modified" 3) "parent of" [file type] can be any of the following : 1) "mp3" 2) "shn" 3) "wma" [mp3 name] can be any of the following : 1) the name of the album in quotes 2) the name of the artist in quotes 3) be daring and leave it blank and have lots of links 4) be creative! [limitors] 1) -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls (inurl:) is optional and may be omitted and in fact most be omitted if not using a search tool other than google. (intitle:) can be used in place of (inurl:) and has a similar effect again you must be useing google. (-filetype:txt) adding this to the end of your search string can filter some false positives. (-playlist) adding this to the end of your search string can filter some false positives. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 1 - Directories ---------------------------------------------------------------------These are the most common way that mp3s are stored on the www, you should try these strings first.

String Format : Type 1 : [Directory String] + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name] Type 2 : [Directory String] + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name] Type 3 : [Directory String] + [file type] + [mp3 name] + [limitors] Example Strings : - intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp -txt -pls - "index of" + "mp3" + "radiohead" -html -htm -php - "index of" + mp3 + "grandaddy" - "index of" + inurl:mp3 + "beatles" -txt -pls - "index of" + intitle:mp3 + beatles - "last modified" + "shn" + "dylan" - "last modified" + inurl:shn + "bob dylan" - "parent of" + inurl:wma + "grandaddy" Suggestions : - Try (intitle:index.of + "mp3" + "band name" -htm -html -php -asp) first it is usually the most effective. Another Little Trick: - If you have been getting alot of results on google but the pages don't seem to be there try adding dates and the "apache" string to your search i.e. - intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp apache feb-2005 - intitle:index.of + mp3 + "grandaddy" -html -htm -php -asp apache 2005 or if you just want a big list of mp3' doing a search like this everymonth - intitle:index.of + mp3 + -html -htm -php -asp apache mar ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 2 - Xitami Servers ---------------------------------------------------------------------String Format : Type 1 : "xitami web server" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name] Type 2 : "xitami web server" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name] Example Strings : - "xitami web server" + "mp3" + "radiohead" - "xitami web server" + intitle:shn + "beatles" - "xitami web server" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields" ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 3 - Directory Listing ---------------------------------------------------------------------String Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Format : : "directory : "directory : "directory : "directory listings" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name] listings" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name] listings of" + (inurl:)[file type] + [mp3 name] listings of" + (intitle:)[file type] + [mp3 name]

Example Strings - "directory listings" + "mp3" + "radiohead" - "directory listings" + intitle:shn + "beatles" - "directory listings" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields" - "directory listings of" + "mp3" + "radiohead"

- "directory listings of" + intitle:shn + "beatles" - "directory listings of" + inurl:mp3 + "magnetic fields" ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 4 - Andromeda Servers ---------------------------------------------------------------------String Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 Type 7 Type 8 Type 9 Format : : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [mp3 name] : "scott matthews" + andromeda + [file type] + [mp3 name] : "powered by andromeda" + [mp3 name] : "powered by andromeda" + [file type] + [mp3 name] : inurl:andromeda.php + [mp3 name] : inurl:anromeda.php + [file type] + [mp3 name] : "scott matthews" : "powered by andromeda" : inurl:andromeda.php

Examples : - "scott matthews" + andromeda + "radiohead" - "scott matthews" + andromeda + "mp3" + "fitter" - "powered by andromeda" + "gradaddy" - "powered by andromeda" + "mp3" + "just like women" - inurl:andromeda.php + "shn" - inurl:anromeda.php + "wma" + "dylan" - "scott matthews" - "powered by andromeda" - inurl:andromeda.php ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 5 - Zina Artists ---------------------------------------------------------------------String Format : Type 1 : "zina artists" Examples : - "zina artists" ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 6 - Apache mp3 Servers ---------------------------------------------------------------------String Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Format : : "stream all" + apache + [mp3 name] : "stream all" + apache : "shuffle all" + apache + [mp3 name] : "shuffle all" + apache

Examples : - "stream all" + apache - "stream all" "shuffle all" mp3 - "stream all" + apache + radiohead - "shuffle all" + beatles ---------------------------------------------------------------------Section 7 - Individual Songs ---------------------------------------------------------------------Format : [mp3 name].mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt

Examples : - "ok_computer_live.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt - "*ok_computer*.mp3" -playlist -filetype:txt - kid*a.mp3 -playlist -filetype:txt ########################################## 2nd Method: Here is a second example of maximizing search results on Google: 1. At Google Search, type in one of the following two phrases (try the first one ; if you're not happy with the results, try the second one on your second search ): * "index of/mp3" -playlist -html -lyrics * "index of/" mp3 -playlist -html -lyrics 2. If you'd like, add an artist's name or song name to the end of the phrase, th en click the Search Button. 3. Here are a few examples: * "index of/mp3" -playlist -html -lyrics beatles * "index of/mp3" -playlist -html -lyrics punk This tip helps you find directories filled with mp3 files by finding Apache's In dex page: 1. At Google Search type in the following code: 2. +("index of") +("/mp3"|"/mp3s"|"/music") +(mp3|zip|rar) +apache 3. By editing this code, you can search for any type of media; oog, wav, pdf, et c. 4. Be sure to edit both the directory names as well as the file extensions if ed ited. Finding mp3 and compressed files searching by title: 1. At Google Search type in the following code: 2. allinurl: +(mp3|rar|zip|tgz) TheTitle 3. Replace TheTitle with either a song title, artist name, or album. 4. Here are a few examples: * allinurl: +(mp3|rar|zip|tgz) beatles * allinurl: +(mp3|rar|zip|tgz) revolver * allinurl: +(mp3|rar|zip|tgz) greatest hits -------------------& to find cell phone programs: just type the following line in your google search box and see experience a new world of finding games for games "parent directory" nokia games -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sum s for tones "parent directory " nokia polyphonic -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 md5sums for symbian games

"parent directory " symbian games -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5 sums for Wallpapers "parent directory " nokia wallpapers -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 md5sums for general Midi "parent directory " midi -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums also try using "Index of" instead of "parent directory" -------------------and other tips: You've probably seen some sites that allow you to Google their site for a certai n term. This is accomplished via the "site" advanced operator. The following syn tax is used for the site operator: site:site_to_search For example, if we wanted to search for the term "CoolIndianGuy", we would use the following: CoolIndianGuy or example: ---------------------------------------------------------The "inurl" advanced operator is used to search for a term within URL's. For example, searching for "inurl:binaryuniverse" searched for all sites that have the term "binaryuniverse" in their URL. The "intitle" is used to search for a term in the title. Thus, "intitle:binaryuniverse" finds all pages with "binaryuniverse" in their title. -----------------------------------------------------------Google keeps caches of pages. When the Google spider indexes a page, it stores a copy of it. Thus, the cache is a copy of what the page was like at an earlier date. To view the cache for a page, you can simply search for the page, and then click the "cache" link underneath. However, there is a quicker way, that involves only typing in search terms, and not clicking. Simply type "" to view the cache of a page (in this case -----------------------------------------------------------Google also allows you to search for pages of a certain filetype, using the syntax "filetype:TYPE". Replace 'TYPE' with the file type you want to search for. So, if you wanted to search for tutorials on SQL that are in PDF format, you would search for the following: SQL Tutorial filetype:PDF -------------------------------------------------------------Not only is Google the world's best search engine, it also happens to be a mighty fine dictionary. To use it as a dictionary, just type "define:TERM", and replace TERM with the word you wish to look up. For example, if you want to look up "roflmao", type "define:roflmao", without the quotes. This will give you several different resources

for definitions or roflmao. Fyi, roflmao means "rolling on the floor laughing my **** off". ---------------------------------------------------------------And now, it's time for some fun -- Google whacking. Actually, after a couple minutes, I have found Google whacking to become extremely boring, not to mention frustrating. A google whack is a two-word query that returns one result. You may not use quotes, and both words in the query must be real words. And yes, it is very hard. For more info, I suggest you check out CODE At this point, the basics of Google have been covered, and you should be a moderately good Googler. -------------------how to search for STUFF at google method 1 put this string in google search: "parent directory " /appz/ -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums "parent directory " DVDRip -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums "parent directory "Xvid -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums "parent directory " Gamez -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums "parent directory " MP3 -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums "parent directory " Name of Singer or album -*b -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums Notice that i am only changing the word after the parent directory, change it to what you want and you will get a lot of stuff. method 2 put this string in google search: ?intitle:index.of? mp3 You only need add the name of the song/artist/singer. Example: ?intitle:index.of? mp3 jackson method 3 put this string in google search: inurl:microsoft filetype:??? method 4 put this string in google search: intitle:index.of.??? method 5 put this string in google search: "name of object"download "name of object download"

free "name of object"download free "name of object download" Or just look for the filename(s). and instead of using the inurl: tag, use site: that works too. For Rapidshare: CODE or movies: CODE or music: CODE Just play with the extensions. --------------------------------------------E-Books inurl:ebook.DDU | inurl:ebook.EEN | inurl:ebook.JGT | inurl:ebook.LiB | inurl:eb ook.EAT There's a few ways to differentiate from that to change the outcome in your favo r as well. For example, you can take away the "inurl:" to get many hits on thing s like forum posts or BitTorrent links. (Helpful if you're looking for something rare.) You can also add the file type you like (such as PDF, CHM, LIT, etc) to get a sp ecialized search. Finally, don't forget to put () or else Google may get confuse d. When defining a OR statement, Google expects the () to surround it. For examp le, you could search for: - (ebook.DDU | ebook.EEN | ebook.JGT | ebook.LiB | ebook.EAT ) or - PDF (ebook.DDU | ebook.EEN | ebook.JGT | ebook.LiB | ebook.EAT ) or get fancy with - (PDF | CHM | LIT | ZIP | RAR | ISO) (ebook.DDU | ebook.EEN | ebook.JGT | ebook .LiB | ebook.EAT) You can also use "Parent Directory"+ in front of it but don't limit the search t o Google, try several engines. A nice site for Rabbits & webbits: CODE added 6/6/05 Music Filetypes: MP3 WMV WAV

AIF AIFF Movie Filetypes: MPG MPEG AVI WMV RM MOV Picture Filetypes: JPG JPEG GIF TIFF TIF PNG BMP Compressed Filetypes (Used to search for programs): ZIP RAR ISO BIN EXE <- Be extremely careful when searching for EXE files, make sure you run a co mplete virus scan on any of the compressed filetypes. Document Filetypes: DOC RTF TXT PDF SWX These are just a few of the things that you can search for using Google. It is a n extremely powerful tool that can be used to find just about anything you could ever want on the internet. While I am not condoning pirating and filesharing, I feel that the sharing of information is absolutely essential to the survival of the internet. After all, the internet was founded on the idea of sharing inform ation, Google just allows us to index all of that information into an easily sea rched archive