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Name: Evan Stuart Roth Student ID #: Home Phone: N/a Cell Phone: Email Address: Are you currently

enrolled as a student of the University of Oregon: Yes.

Describe the situation and present the facts in the order in which they occurred. Include names, titles, and describe any affiliation to the 2014 ASUO Elections. Please attach evidence to substantiate your claims. On Monday, April 14th, University of Oregon freshman Hanna Cook was street teaming in a Mighty Oregon campaign shirt and giving away free hugs, when she was told she was a racist for supporting Mighty Oregon. Another University of Oregon student, Charlie Truxal, was walking on campus when a Ducks Like You volunteer approached him and asked if he had voted yet. Truxal responded that he had not voted, but was voting for Mighty Oregon. The volunteer responded with, verbatim, go fuck yourself. University of Oregon students Evan Roth, Charisse Gluck, and Josh Losner were holding a conversation by the Mighty Oregon booth when a volunteer wearing a Ducks Like You shirt walked up to them called them racist assholes and proceeded to walk away. Mack Smith was street teaming when she approached a student and asked if he had heard about Mighty Oregon. The student responded Yeah, the campaign with blatant racism and bigotry. Said student proceeded to go over to the Ducks Like You table, put on a t-shirt and begin street teaming. On Tuesday, April 15th, Mighty Oregon member Samantha Smith was street teaming when a Ducks Like You supporter called her a racist. Several other members of our campaign, who wish to remain anonymous, have encountered similar issues over the last two days. After these sorts of activities, some volunteers no longer feel comfortable street teaming.

Describe any steps that you have taken to resolve the conflict. Include any official procedures that have been followed. These concerns were presented to multiple officials and supporters of Ducks Like You, including Helena Schlegel, Ducks Like You campaign manager, and Lamar Wise. We requested that they ask their volunteers to cease their aggressive and harassing behavior towards Mighty Oregon volunteers and supporters. When approached, the

aforementioned representatives of Ducks Like You claimed they were unable to control the actions of individual volunteers.

Are you aware of any laws, rules, etc. that you believe have been violated? If so, please list them. Please refer to University and State laws, if applicable.

Elections Rule 9.8 Severe campaign violations, but are not limited to: submitting votes for other students; tampering with the electronic system; harassment, intimidation, bribery or fraud with the intent of affecting the outcome of the election; libelous or slanderous statements or conduct; tampering with another campaigns materials with malicious intent, intentional actions to mislead or obstruct the duties of the Elections Board. Elections Rule 9.8.1 Consequences may include, but are not limited to, loss of all campaigning privileges including presence on the ballot, and, should sanctions be applied after election, removal from any office other than the ASUO Presidency 6.1 Campaigns shall be held responsible for all election-related activities undertaken by their affiliated, including but not limited to volunteers, employees, and representatives. Campaigns have a positive duty to ensure that all such persons do not violate these Rules; this duty increases with the degree of affiliation between an individual and the campaign

What is your desired outcome of the grievance/complaint? We believe that the University of Oregon and the ASUO must remain a free, open, and safe place for all students, whether they are working for campaigns or whether they simply seek to participate in the democratic process. Because Ducks Like You has been unable to control the behavior of their individual volunteers, actions must be taken to ensure the safety of all volunteers and the integrity of the elections process. Ducks Like You has repeatedly utilized their position to threaten, intimidate, and harass students. Due to the severity of these offenses and the actions taken to resolve the conflict, we believe severe consequences need to be implemented, therefore we request that Ducks Like You be prohibited from campaigning for a period necessary to dissuade further offenses.