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Questions/Main Ideas/ Vocabulary The Atlantic Revolutions

Notes/Answers/Definitions A. Seven Years' War (1756-1763) 7 y.r.war a. It also called French and Indian War B. American Revolution (1776-1783) A.R. a. Causes the independence of the U.S, b. Even it changes the monarchy to democracy it still called conservative revolution because: 1. Still minorities (women, poor and Africans) could not vote 2. Social order was not change 3. Relation to French revolution which is consider as conservative C. French Revolution (1789-99) F.R. it was bloody Napoleon Bonaparte was dictator because he was ruled over France as and then conquer all the Europe EU France involvement in 7 y.r.war and then the A.R. causes: 1. the high death rate 2. poor economic which made 3. France lost control of many American states D. Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) H.R. It was an insurrection fight against slavery to get their civil rights which expose the inequality. It also led by a local ex-slave Toussaint LOuvertureto It results in the independence of Haiti of Americas

Why does the A.R. consider as conservative revolution? What is the main cause of the F.R. ? Why does the H.R. have more enlightenment ideals than the A.R.?

E. Spanish American Revolutions (early-1800s) - Simon Bolivar was a military and politically leader who led the independence of Latin America from Spain * all of these revolutions caused by nationalism The Industrial Revolution I.R. Definition It is a technological innovation that transforms manual work to manufacturing work by using machines to increase productivity. The meaning of working in EU transforms from framing to manufacture

The causes of the I.R.

It happened first in EU and partially began in England because of: - The labor shortage after a large size of population immigrates or sends as solders to America # China and India have a lot of population, so there is a need to have work for all of these citizens and no need to machines the need of capital to spend where these machines will help to produce more sugar and gold the demand for new goods to trade with other part of the world *because EU do not have products instead they import goods >> that motive them to generate new ideas to invent devices e.g. spinning machine >> increased production of clothes Steam engines >> increased transportations

Why does it happen in EU not in other part of the world? Example of important inventions in the I.R

Pros: Cons: -

The effects of the I.R. Was the Industrial Revolution good for Europeans or not?

cheap food and clothes urban moving to cites growth of population less of mortality >> relying on hospitals more productivity reduce slavery rate by relying on machines speed travailing >> more communication women get rights to work trade rate increasing

children working instead of get their education women works in bad conditions e.g. coal mine air and water pollution less nutritional diet by drinking beers and eating sugary food urban diseases spared fast by train traveling

The I.R and imperialism

This revolution contributed to>> enrich the commerce >> raise capitalism>> raise the economy >> strengthen military >> empower western nations >> imperialize other countries >> westernization

Summary: - the I.R. is a technological revolution that brought societal, political and economic changes