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7th Dimension initiation




Master El Morya 7th Dimension initiation




7th Dimension initiation




7th Dimension Initiation




7th Dimension Initiation




7th Dimension Initiation


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Thank you for choosing to purchase my e-book. You have made a choice that will make positive and long lasting changes in your life.

This is the second book in the series of 7D Initiations, there are still many to come! The fact that you have downloaded this e-book means you are ready to experience what will unfold as a result of the words on the pages to follow. Each journey into yourself will reveal more of your true self to YOU.

These initiations are VERY powerful to say the least. I have been through every single one of them and watched a number of people’s lives change as a result of attending the live channelling sessions. The processes are deep, intense and mind and life altering. It is for this reason that the information is being presented in parts.

I suggest you begin at the beginning and work through each initiation one at a time.

You’ll find that your body will respond in a variety of ways to the processes. For some you might feel emotional and start crying in the middle of a visualisation or generally feel tearful and sensitive. This is your body’s way of releasing pent up emotions that have been unlocked by the process. Other emotional reactions are feelings of anger, even rage, irritation and perhaps grief, sadness or sorrow.

Some people have physical reactions like headaches, yawning excessively, upset tummy, nausea, joint pain, sore throat, coughing, hay fever, stiff muscles and sometimes shivering with cold or breaking out in a sweat. All of these reactions are your body’s way of letting go. DO NOT try and stop the process, because then you are repressing again and going back to square one. Surrender to it and let your body do what it needs to in order to attain the healing required.

The lower ego will resist and try it’s best to put you off and distract you. If this happens it’s a good sign indicating your ego is being challenged to let go, so persevere and take the upper hand. Some people have no physical or emotional reactions worth paying any attention to. Please note this does not mean you are not benefiting from the energy. It’s just your body’s way of dealing with it. You may find that you become mentally fuzzy, tired, or your mind might become very busy, filled with random thoughts and memories that distract you.

The effects of the energy activated by the visualisations can sometimes take between 7 – 21 days before you feel or notice any change/shift as a result, and can continue for up 90 days after you began working with the energies. During this time you will undergo a number of transformations either physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. It is important to bear in mind that we are all different therefore we react differently to energy. I urge you though to be aware that the changes can often be very subtle, so pay attention. I suggest keeping a journal of your experiences for the duration of working through these initiations.

You will be amazed at what comes up in your journaling and how many insights lurk within your words. Don’t discount how important journal writing is! Take note that the 72 day period applies to each initiation individually, not the process as a whole.

I trust that your journey through these 7D Initiations into the Quantum World of Magic, Miracles and Manifestation will entice the Light within you to shine even brighter and stretch further a field, shedding light on the extended aspects of your life. May your adventure be filled with exciting discoveries of the treasures and wisdom that ARE inside of you, just waiting to be found!

My deepest gratitude goes to Master Kuthumi, and all the Divine Lords of the Light who trust me to be a channel for this extraordinary information. Thank you Mother/Father God for the gifts you have bestowed upon me and for placing me in the position to share your Divine Wisdom with the rest of humanity! May Your abundant blessing reach every soul ready to embrace themselves and see You looking back at them through their own eyes.

My wish for all of you reading this is that your life will never be the same again, and that all that you experience as a result enriches your life beyond your wildest expectations.

Much love to all of you,

Michelle Eloff

President/Founder – The Lightweaver Worldwide


7th Dimension initiation

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 06 April 2005

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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee the blessings of acknowledgement, of self-respect of self worth and support. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day to hold each of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we welcome you into the presence of the Christ light, into the presence of your Christed self and into the presence of the Christ of all that is, we bring you the opportunity to settle into the presence of divine love and in so doing, indulging in the healing and the revitalisation your Healing Angel brings to you today.

Our journey with you into 7D consciousness is one of the most important cycles of awakening your planet has faced to date. The reason for this is because it is the first time in the earth’s spiritual history that such a vast number of souls in human form have chosen to move into a higher state of awareness. The vibrations created as a result of this choice is manifesting countless opportunities of inner growth, of inner awakening, self awareness as well as the manifestation of what many consider to be miracles. One of the most important parts of the process currently unfolding is for humanity to realise that the spiritual way of living is in fact the science of God.

God is the greatest scientist to ever exist and everything you experience within his/her creation is a science. Understanding creative science brings all of you into a deeper understanding therefore, deeper awareness of the mechanisms that continue to create and make up the world you occupy. This awareness expands your consciousness into even greater realms of possibility. This is where mind and matter unite and the polarities you have come to see as enemies, become allies. No longer is it a matter of mind over matter, it is the process of the mind within matter. Therefore, your thoughts create your world - the matter, which is the physicality you experience as your human life.

Over the past weeks, much has been said about the base chakra and its function. The reason being it is at this time vital to address this area of your body, this area of the collective consciousness, for the base chakra is the home of the collective unconsciousness. The base chakra of the planet is Johannesburg, South Africa, however there are also many changes occurring within the root system of the entire planet, which requires close interaction with the self, as well as the scrutiny of those areas within the self, which reflect in the external reality.

In order to teach, you must be clear within yourself regarding the lessons you represent. The representation of an experience manifests in many different ways depending on the magnetic frequency within the energy itself. Collectively you are experiencing similar experiences of growth. It may be manifesting as different experiences but the underlying issue is very similar for humanity. Let us for a moment look at the base chakra in the sense of its ability to create. First of all, one must acknowledge it is the foundation, the basis for everything. It is upon the belief systems of your base chakra, that you create the structures that become your life. The structures that house what you attract to yourself. It is the foundation upon which your belief systems continue to create realities, internal as well as external. If the foundation is wounded or diseased the structure will become infected by the dis-ease. The wound will create a sense of weakness. The structure in itself too is weak.

The foundation upon which worldwide belief systems have been created are also on unstable ground and in

foundation upon which you have built your life. In general, the majority of the world does not know this because the majority of your world is simply operating in a style of automated response. Every person within the consciousness of unconsciousness, is living a robot-like existence, not even beginning to understand where the root of their problems lie. Because the majority at this current time is made up of such people, the collective unconscious perpetuates the old paradigm you have stepped out of. This is the paradigm, you as lightworkers are continuously releasing from your energy field. This is the paradigm that you have chosen to step away from and shield your consciousness from. This has been the purpose for the 5D chakra activations as well as these 7D initiations, for each new level of energy you integrate, the stronger you become, as a being of consciousness inhabiting a world of great density.

The darkness within the world is its ignorance. You now stand at a different level viewing the world you have left behind. You observe people living their robotic existence. You are a light within a dark tunnel of their existence. This is what makes you teachers. This is what makers you leaders. The difference within you is what will make a difference in the world around you. The fact that you no longer are of the 3D limited consciousness creation means you have the skills necessary to continue bringing light into the presence of density and darkness, bearing in mind that the darkness that we refer to is the darkness of ignorance; a place all of you once stood in. Because of humanities ignorance regarding the value of knowing the chakric system, they are unaware of how important maintaining balance within the chakras are. They do not recognise how past trauma, abuse and shock, impact on their life as a result of the memories and belief systems coded within the chakric systems.

When a person is raised in an environment of lack and limitation, of deprivation, or abuse, they believe it to be the only reality. They may perceive it as unbearable at times, but very few actually know and/or find a way to get out of that environment. One of the reasons why poverty has reached the level it has, is because on a planetary scale, mother earth’s base chakra is still severely traumatised. The wounds have not been addressed on all levels. The base chakra is your right to be on earth, as well as your right to have all needs met. A child raised within an environment of scarcity and deprivation will not believe it to be their right to have their needs met. Anybody raised within an environment of great opulence and wealth is programmed to expect such abundance, even extravagance

Beloved ones, this is valuable information for you to integrate for your personal integration of life, for you to address how you have created your life, what you are lacking, where you feel limited and it is very important for you to address the belief systems upon which you have created your life. In order to live a life of integrity, one needs to be true to the self. One needs to be loyal to the self; therefore one needs to be able to acknowledge the needs of the self. When the base chakra is damaged to the degree it has been, one does not know how to do that. Because one does not know how to do that, one remains in a state of survival consciousness. This means the only thing one is truly in touch with is the need to preserve the self. Nothing else. That means all it is concerned with is feeding and sheltering the self. This often ends up in lifestyles that do not permit the individual time and space to nurture themselves, or it manifests in a sense of guilt and belief that one does not deserve such extravagant indulgence in as much as pampering the self, because you are then depriving yourself of other vital requirements to preserve the self. This is very important to change.

Survival is a reality. But your right to have all your needs met, your right to be on earth is just as important. If one does not believe they have a right to be on earth they will constantly find ways to disconnect from their body and this is how ones health is then influenced. Your base chakra determines your state of health. It is the beginning of all health problems. Yes, other chakras do certainly impact on your health, but it begins in the base chakra. Usually people who do not feel they have the right to be on earth or who feel they have earned the right to be on earth or who do not feel safe enough to be in their body or on earth, will manifest health issues because a part of them does not believe they should be on earth. Therefore if you have a constant issue with your health, go back to your roots. Go all the way back to the time you were conceived.

Your base chakra begins its development of consciousness in the second trimester, straight through to the first year of your life. That is when its consciousness is most influenced by the external world. From the point of conception, all the chakras begin their creation. The base chakra roots itself for the first time in a physical space when the fertilised egg buries itself in the lining of the mother’s womb to continue its process of gestation until it is a fully mature human infant. If at conception you had difficulty rooting yourself you will find it difficult for the rest of your life, to keep yourself grounded, and/or to believe it is safe to be in your body. It is also vital at this stage to bear in mind, that everyone is different. Therefore some people may have good health but still not feel that they deserve to be on earth. Therefore they manifest constant difficulties with their finance, or they feel isolated from society and their family because they do not feel that they fit in. Perhaps

they have constant problems with their relationships with siblings, parents, or find it difficult to find a social group to fit into.

A person may in fact be very wealthy but still not feel that they have the ability to fulfil certain needs. In other

words they may continue to make heaps of money, they may continue to acquire endless amounts of material wealth but the emptiness within is never fulfilled because they cannot find their place in the world. Then you can have someone also who has very good relationships with their children, with their partner, and their business might be doing well but then again their health may be their problem, or they may constantly find that they have difficulty associating with the material world or difficulty socialising with people. Therefore people who feel the need to become of a hermit nature or consciousness is having difficulty to relate to the groundedness of the earthly life.

Beloved ones, I give you this lesson for many reasons. Reasons you will come to recognise over the next

few weeks. It is a vital part of the initiation we are taking you through at this time. It is meant to motivate you

to address your personal issues around what we have discussed, but also for you to see how the

macrocosm is being influenced as a result of poverty consciousness, consciousness that perpetuates itself as a result of ignorance and as a result of the consciousness of humanity being grounded in a state of survival rather than the acceptance of their divine right to be on earth and have their needs met.

I am sure many of you have heard on more than one occasion that there is sufficient for every human on the planet. This is a fact. And this is where quantum energy plays a role again. 7D, for those of you who do not know this yet, 7D is the dimension of magic, miracles and manifestation. It is now better known as the dimension of quantum consciousness. This is where you step into quantum reality. By recognising the science of spirit a whole new world opens. Then one can begin to understand another level of the teachings that Spirit and the Masters have presented to you all the years you have been studying this material. When you recognise that you have the ability to manifest absolutely everything and anything you will yourself to, you begin to realise the Power of Spirit, because it is a science in itself. You will then realise why Spirit tells you, you have the power to heal. You have the power to change. You see, up until now humanity has been trapped in the 3D density of limited consciousness within the collective unconsciousness stored within the base chakra. Now I have just explained to you the state of the base chakra, yours and the collective consciousness. Bearing this in mind you will better understand why it has been difficult for the majority of society to integrate the fact that what has been termed as supernatural, metaphysical, occult, and esoteric is all science.

Einstein was one of the great Masters of the Light who tried to show the world these facts. We must then acknowledge and thank Mr Newton and Mr Darwin for presenting an opportunity to see the power of limitation, so that now you can begin to explore the power of an expanded world. You have seen what limited experiences can do. As Newtonian Consciousness science begins to disintegrate, the science upon which it has been built upon, by the way, everything begins to change. Scientists do not work to prove theories right, they work to disprove old theories that were proved as right. And what has happened is many physicists are now disproving Newtonian theories. That in itself is cause for a very big party! (laughter) Because now one can experience Spirit, one can experience God, as a tangible reality. A reality that many people have not been able to accept and integrate because of its lack of solidity. It did not appear to have a foundation they could trust or rely upon – also a reflection on the state of their base chakra.

So now the Science of Mother-Father God is before you, you have walked into this world. Now every

possibility available to you is there. Like a child in a candy store who can choose anything for nothing; where

to begin, what to choose? Our suggestion to you is to begin with yourself. I will always suggest this, as will

many of the other great teachers. You as a teacher will find this one of the most vital aspects of self- reflection in order to be able to teach others. What ever occurs in your reality, see it as being a direct manifestation of your projection. See it as the world reflecting back to you in answer to something you have asked, and sometimes the world showing you something you have been in denial about. At times it may be difficult because the harshness of the reality of what you are seeing may cause a sense of uneasiness or it may arise as a feeling of failure.

This is where the next lesson of quantum consciousness comes in; and one of the most important lessons of becoming a teacher and that is to see the lesson for what it is. The opportunities you attract to yourself, you attract for the purpose of changing what ever causes you discomfort or stress. The true teacher acknowledges the lesson as an opportunity to make a change. Instead of being manipulated and controlled (sneeze) Bless you. Sneezing on the truth, take note! (laughter) instead of giving into the lower ego who is trying to manipulate you and control you, through its fear-full emotional reactions that is, you own the experience.

Let us for the sake of demonstration create a fictitious figure. A gentleman finds himself in a situation where he feels perhaps unsupported, or disregarded by his life partner. This may manifest in conflict within the relationship. He may blame his life partner for making no effort to acknowledge him or spend time with him. That is the lower ego, or it can also be perceived as the inner child’s need for love in fact crying out. That is what we will call now, for the sake of this particular demonstration an immature reaction, yet a valid one. The teacher striving to attain self mastery would see the situation and say to himself; I have manifested this situation in my relationship where my life partner does not acknowledge my effort I put into our family, so much so that she does not create enough time to spend with me. How have I created this? How have I not acknowledged my effort, how have I not created time to spend with myself so that I feel fulfilled? This inner reflection brings the solution. The more he blames his life partner the more he will perpetuate that particular experience because that is the focus he is projecting toward that situation and that is what he will continue to create.

The moment you blame, you give power to the problem. The more you blame everything and everyone outside of you, the worse the problem gets because you feed it. When you stop and look at the source of the creation, you solve the problem in a quarter of the time because you are able to then begin understanding what the root of the problem is, or the core cause, and you can begin to acknowledge a belief system which is part of the fabric of your foundation upon which you have created a structure you call your relationship with your life partner. That is why you must look at yourself first. That is how a teacher understands his or her lesson. Having experienced the power of solving such a situation, you will teach others to do the same.

Therefore the moment you find yourself in a situation and either your life partner or a work colleague or a friend or a relative or whomever it may be projects something onto you, you can ask yourself, “how have I created this?” Have a look within yourself to see if there is truly something within you being reflected in the words the person has said. You can also then help the person to do the same. You can say to the person, “I acknowledge your feelings and the fact that you feel that I don’t give you enough time. I respect the fact that you feel that I don’t acknowledge your efforts and I will look at that. However I feel it would benefit our situation if we have deeper clarity as to why this is being created and perhaps it would be of great support for us to acknowledge how much effort we are putting into ourselves. It may also be very good for us to take some time to do the things we enjoy alone, rather than expecting one another to be there to enjoy everything. Perhaps by taking some timeout to enjoy time with ourselves we will have a lot more fun together.” So you are not disregarding the individuals need, you are acknowledging the problem but you are helping them to self reflect, as well as owning the opportunity for self-reflection too and together you solve the issue.

This is also vital in business. Business is part of the base chakra energy. It is the external manifestation of the base chakra; it is about money, survival. A weakened base chakra as you know, being in a state of survival, will do anything and everything it has to, to preserve itself, therefore the first thing that goes out the window is integrity. Understanding that integrity is the first thing that goes out the window in order to survive, changes the way one perceives business, because no longer is it a bunch of dogs fighting with dogs or sharks chasing sharks, one sees them as wounded manifestations of the collective base chakra energy. Yes there are many other levels, based on the other chakra influences, but remember we are looking at the foundation.

One of the reasons why your entire planet will experience massive change in the economy, in business and have already experienced great shifts within family relationships leading to divorce, are a clear indication of this. It is because the family structure (tribe), which is part of the base chakra, which is built on foundations of fear, survival, greed, and/or the abuse of power, will certainly crumble. There is absolutely no doubt about this. Those that have been created from the ethics of integrity, truth and trust will thrive. Another reason why Spirit has been preparing many of you, and also the reason why a number of people have battled through relationship issues and finance issues. These have been the 2 major issues of challenge over the past 5 or 6 years.

The next level you are being prepared for is the clearing of the sacral chakra. It is your water element, the base chakra being the earth element. The base chakra you could see as the male in energy, the sacral chakra you could see as the feminine energy. This is where your intuition lies, whereas your instinct is in your base chakra. Receptivity, creativity, your ability to feel and to sense is in your sacral chakra. How you emotionally feel about yourself and how external projections impact on the way you feel about yourself all occur within the sacral chakra. It is also connected to your sexuality as well as your ability to create and manifest. These are the 2 chakras that embody masculine and feminine energy, and a required to work together to create and manifest. The male creative organ, in other words the male reproductive organ is situated in the base chakra. The reproductive organ of the female is in the sacral chakra. A human cannot be

created with out the seed of the male energy and the egg of the female energy. This is why in order to create life you need to have your masculine and female energy perfectly balanced.

You need to be able to ground (base) and you need to be able to feel (sacral). You need to be able to go with the flow (sacral) in order to take the action (base) necessary in order to manifest what you need (base). You are being prepared to bring into manifestation the creative energy of the feminine goddess so that the male aspect of self can be firmly grounded, and the root system can be nurtured by the water and flourish. See your base chakra as a field. You are going to seed this field. Your sacral chakra is the irrigation system to ensure sufficient water for your crop to bear an abundant and fruitful harvest. If your sacral chakra is frozen, you will experience a drought in your base chakra.

For the purpose of taking your 7D initiations through to completion, you need to step into a place of feeling and of sensing. Therefore the question you are to ask yourself is what on earth would you love to create? Take a moment to think about this. What prevents you from creating what you love?

For the purpose of the integration of this initiation please share with us what it is on earth you would love to create and what it is on earth that is preventing you from doing this.

If money or resources are the problem, then this is very important to bear in mind. And I may have to reiterate it on a number of occasions. Resources lie within the base chakra. The base chakra is reflected through the crown chakra, so it means pulling in and grounding resources from heaven and resources from earth. Energy in whichever form you require it. The only thing preventing you from manifesting this is your belief system and attitude toward it. That is all. Now before you throw something at us, let us carry on. To explain, (laughter), you need to forget everything you have believed as being a limitation. You need to coach yourself out of using phrases such as “I can’t,” “I don’t know”, “I forgot”, “I don’t remember”, and step into the moment. Therefore everything you do from this moment forward is for the purpose of manifesting what you have just said you would love to create. Because it is a possibility. Remember 7D is quantum consciousness, in which absolutely everything is possible. I will repeat: the only thing preventing you from manifesting the resources, the place and the space is your belief system. Your belief in limitation, your belief in the lack of resources. Again, plain and simple as that. As plain and simple as it is, we are fully aware of the difficulty in moving beyond it, this is why we say to you coach yourself daily. Become conscious, aware, get into your body and be conscious of what you are saying and what you are doing. Make every action in your day an action that contributes to the creation of what you love. Therefore, begin to believe that you are in the process of manifesting what you would love to do on earth.

This in itself will take you through many other processes of unravelling your past belief systems and the conditioning you were exposed to. This is part of your 7D initiation; the unravelling of everything that has resulted in a limited consciousness.

You may also be asking “How do I ground myself in order to manifest my needs as met?”. There are many different ways of grounding yourself. Walking, yoga, dancing, eating root vegetables and protein, and martial arts are all grounding exercises. Doing this on a daily basis, twice a day, if required will bring the feeling back to your body. It will get the electrical currents in your body flowing properly gain. Then you need to physically get in touch with your body. Therefore touch your body, feel it, acknowledge it, thank it for everything that it has done, up until this point. The moment you start loving your body, it will begin to feel safe enough to create life. The love for your body will move you into a state of awe, in fact, when you realise how powerful it is, how resilient and strong it is to have put up with so many years of abuse you will begin to see it with different eyes. All of your bodies put up with this, especially with what you put into your body; chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars, etc etc etc. You abuse your bodies with critical thoughts, rejecting your body, denying its needs, and depriving it of rest and sleep. All of these affirm to the body that it is not worth your attention, so the energy withdraws.

Having grounded yourself and gotten in touch with your body, you need to perform a ceremony in which ever way you feel inspired to, to reclaim your divine right to be on earth and to have your needs met. Doing this on your own may take a few tries, but remind yourself constantly, that you have a right to be on earth. There is space that has been created uniquely for you and you need to occupy that space, because you are a Divine Link in the Chain of Life, without you something will be missing. Having done this, you will begin to feel dramatically different, maybe even more solid, fuller, and energised. Then you can begin to tackle your fears of poverty by accepting your ability to co-create with Spirit. Therefore abundance is naturally the end result. That is the irony - the more one fights the fear, the more one limits the experience! The moment one surrenders and acknowledges ones power to co-create with Spirit, one manifests the abundance.

In order to change the state of poverty on the planet, you must begin with yourself; this I have said already and through what you will heal within yourself, you will be able to teach others to do the same. Even if you only change the lives of 5 people with what you have learnt, and those 5 people change the belief systems of 5 people each, you will have created a radical change regarding poverty on your earth.

As we have said, the irony in the process of surrender is the fact that when you believe you have a right to be on earth and to have all your needs as met, they are automatically met. This is the dichotomy for many in overcoming the past belief systems of the past paradigm as one’s consciousness becomes more rooted within the new paradigm. This transition stage is in fact the most difficult of the entire phase because you are stepping out of one world and stepping into another world. You are for the first time beginning to experience the conscious aspect of multi dimensional living. You are physically manifested in the third dimension, but your consciousness is tapping into other dimensions. Therefore aspects of you are perceiving your world from more that one reality. The new reality is showing you why the old way was an illusion. However, the mechanisms within the self that have entertained the illusion for most of your life need to be reprogrammed. Therefore be patient with the process of change you are going through.

Fear is purely based upon a belief system. How much you deserve is based on your belief systems of what you have been conditioned to believe is enough. Also look at the belief systems that society has projected regarding wealth. Many people have bought into the belief system that money is dirty. That money is the root of all evil or the love of money is the root of all evil. There is the belief that people who have a lot of money obviously did not have to work very hard to get it. Scrap all of that and focus on your ability to co-create, in other words, your power as a co-creator. There is no need to be ashamed of your power. Do you know how many wealthy people are ashamed of their wealth/ simply because they are influenced and affected by the judgement that people in poverty consciousness project onto them, obviously reflecting an aspect of themselves that does not feel they deserve the wealth they have and they feel guilty about it. But you have the right to manifest as much wealth as you choose. You have the right to enjoy what you have created and to share that with whomever you choose and in so doing to help educate others to do exactly the same. It is through people such as yourselves, practically applying the principals we give you and manifesting a different reality that will certainly change the way the world is. So be the stone cast upon the water that will create the ripple effect.

The best way to reprogramme yourself if there are no other resources available, such as healing techniques or no time for meditation is to keep on bringing yourself into the moment. Keep on monitoring your reactions, your behaviour in situations, and your thoughts. If you catch yourself reacting rear-fully take a deep breath in and say to yourself, “I consciously choose to replace the fear programme with a programme of trusting in my ability and my power to co-create with Spirit”. So it comes back to acknowledging your ability to change the movie that you watched over and over, day in and day out for most of your life.

Remember, you are coming from the world of conditioning. A world of belief systems that created the difficulties that most of you face at this time. The first lesson in spirituality is to accept your human beingness and that you are a Being busy being human. Yes? And the human reality currently has certain laws. Some of those laws have been abused, some have been broken completely, some have been totally disregarded and a few have been honoured. Go with the ones that you have honoured. The ones that you wish to change, well, change them as you can, but don’t become complacent or procrastinate. It all comes back to being present, acknowledging what has happened in the moment. If one of your children pushes you to the brink of wanting to hang them upside down and rattle them till their brains fall out their ears (laughter) it is human because you have an emotional reaction, but you would not do it, we hope! (laughter)

This does not mean that you are behaving in an unspiritual manner. You are simply being a human being. Children need boundaries. Children will test your boundaries. They will reflect back to you what your inner child is testing within you. You children need to feel safe in your space, as does your inner child and if you have a child who is creating a war-like environment see it as a reflection of what is going on in their space and in your space. Get them to stop and draw what they are feeling. Use the creative tool of the sacral chakra to bring them back to earth. If you find the child/ren are getting out of hand and your own rage is building up, ground it. Shout to all of them “Stop!” And then get all of them, including you, to stomp your feet like elephants. Jump up and down. Let the electrical currents flow and get the energy out. Throw a tantrum together. This means the children feel a connection with you and this is a spiritual union taking place because the Spirit energy inside of them and the Spirit energy inside of you is the force of energy that keeps you in relationship with everyone around you. You will find that the children will begin to relate to you in a completely different way, as will you to them, including your inner child. There are many creative ways to bring children back to earth, including yourself, and you know, just like anybody else does, if you are feeling

irritated the slightest little thing will push your buttons and the thermostat wild go to the top, not so? And what do you do when you feel the thermostat is about to blow?

It is vital that children are taught how to deal with anger and fear in a healthy manner. Therefore we suggest that you create a space in your home for this if possible. Each of must choose a cushion that will stay in this particular space. Begin to create the idea that whomever feels irritated or angry has the right to vent it. The only rule is nobody vents their anger at one another, they go to the pillow, put their face in it and scream as loud as they want to, or kick it or punch it as hard as they want to. Perhaps if you are feeling irritated at that point you can say to your children, “I am feeling very irritated right now, is there anyone else feeling the same way? Let’s go and scream!” All of you bury your faces in your pillows and scream as hard as you want to (laughter). This teaches the children that it is safe to externalise their anger in a safe space. One of the greatest causes of disease and depression is the internalisation of such emotion because it gets pushed to the base chakra. Even though you may have worked it out in your head, it has not been vented. Remember that fear is the underlying emotion resulting in feelings of anger and angry behaviour.

Let us add that at this point one of the greatest reasons why society sits in such dysfunction is because as children the tools to constructively deal with anger and fear were never taught.

Some of you often have difficulty with issues regarding selfishness and empowerment. Selfishness is a belief system created by people’s projections as a result of their lack of understanding in the belief of the deservability to use their full extent of power. This is one of the consequences of the dark ages. It was rooted within it. This goes back to the times when people were unable to think, feel or act for the self, resulting in situations where others needed to do it for them. This has resulted in present day generations of self- deprivation and poverty because of guilt related to feelings of being selfish.

The fear of ones power is also a belief system. You have been taught that being unselfish and humble is to go without, not to be assertive, and entails continual sacrifice. Therefore in a nutshell, the conditioning about unselfishness and humility is to have no boundaries. Everything that prevents you from creating what you would love to is simply your belief system around it. Look at what selfishness in actual fact is. Define it for yourself. The moment you define it you will be able to acknowledge that the definition of selfishness is what you were conditioned to believe it is, and then ask yourself if your are truly being selfish in the full sense of the word.

Society is developing and changing at a rapid rate. Everything you change within yourself eventually becomes an external change in your life and within your world. The only way to show people a different way is by creating the way. You can take a horse to the water but you can’t make it to drink. And unless the soul is ready to integrate a new level of energy you might as well go and stand now and bang your forehead to a pulp against the wall because that is probably the greatest thing that you will manifest – a soft head. (Laughter) Don’t try so hard to change the system. Change the system within yourself. That will magnetically alter the magnetics within the system, which will automatically attract to you individuals of like mind and heart, of like consciousness, which will create a team, a community of equally empowered souls and that is how the change occurs. How do you think the Romans took power of humanities consciousness When the Piscean age came into power? They stood together as a force of like-minded people. It was a group of individuals who were so afraid of losing their power that they did everything in their power to ensure that it was never taken away. And because they stood together as a collective consciousness they succeeded. That is all the light needs to do – is to attract other lights and as the lights come together, the more darkness is exposed to light and everything then comes to light. Rome was not built in one day. However, the world within you is the one that is most important and I guarantee you, those of like consciousness will come to you, and some are already in your space. You need to work together as a light team and the light will spread. Don’t worry too much about trying to “convert” those who are not ready to “convert”. When they are, they will find you. They will see the way you have lived and they will come to find out what the formula is.

I want you to remind yourself that everything is a projection, a conditioning, a creation of an illusion that was never based upon your truth. Your identities are not true. You are made up of a system of conditioned belief systems, opinions and perspectives of a hundred different people because not only were you influenced by your family and friends, all of you were influenced by the media as well. You were told what to wear, what to drive, how much to earn, where to work, how your body should look, what colour your hair should be, what the trendy makeup for the season is, what the trendy colours are, how high your heels should be, how smooth or hairy your legs or armpit should be (laughter). Do you see how everything is a conditioning?

Can you imagine chimpanzees being brought into society and female chimps beginning to shave their legs and their armpits? (laughter) According to Darwin, you come from monkeys. So this is exactly what you have done. Instead of worrying about those kinds of things, monkey around. Have some fun. Your self-doubt is there only because you have been lead to believe you cannot trust yourself. Trust is a base chakra challenge. So prove to yourself you can depend on yourself, you can trust that Mother-Father God will provide the resources to make it possible. Choose one day or one morning to simply go and have fun. Allow your child/ren, if you have any, the opportunity to be able to trust you to take that one morning to go and have fun. Therefore you are proving to yourself that you can rely on yourself to take the time out to have a little fun and the world will not fall apart. This is an exercise of surrender in itself. Playing releases tension and anxiety. It also a healthy way to release anger and other toxic emotions that sabotage ones efforts to implement long lasting positive change. To become and remain free, prosperous, healthy and wealthy in all areas of life you must PLAY.

Playing enables you to see Spirit as well as The Spirit within everything - animals, nature, in everything around you. Every person needs to see their connection to nature, their connection to animals, and their connection to other human beings. Another way to also describe the spirit within everything and how everything is connected is to remember that the body is made up largely of water. Mother earth as a body is also made up primarily of water. You need the water from mother earth’s body to keep alive; therefore her spirit nurtures your spirit, the spirit that keeps your physical body alive. Nature is connected to you because the trees that mother earth’s body nurtures, which bear fruit, which you need to nurture your physical body creates a connection. Do you see where I am going with this? This is what will reconnect the children with the earth. This will bring them back into their body. The moment that they can realise and remember the connection to earth, they will be able to earth themselves.

True spirituality cannot ever be manifested if one is separate from the physical body and separate from earth. So you have to bring them back to earth, you have to re-educate them about their connection to mother earth, how to respect the earth, how to nurture the earth, and how in so doing they learn to respect themselves and nurture themselves, and so a whole new world develops enabling them to truly integrate the meaning of spirituality because respecting the earth is a spiritual practice, as much as respecting the self is a spiritual practice. Nurturing the body is a spiritual practice because you are acknowledging the spirit within your body that animates the physical body, and through that acknowledgement you are feeding the physical body so it can continue to be animated by that spirit.

The key lies in understanding quantum consciousness, quantum psychology, and quantum energy because that is what you need to teach the children. When children are given the opportunity to utilise such an energy they will thrive on it because it is natural to their system. They have not been conditioned to the point that you all have, so they have a jump start ahead of all of you. Quantum consciousness or quantum energy is something that is very real. It is something that all you know. You just need to remember how to use it. So by remembering and relearning how to use this energy you will automatically tap into the information because you will know exactly how to do it. When you are in quantum consciousness, there is no forcing it because you are already hooked up to the collective quantum consciousness of creativity and you will easily extract the information from the Universal Mind that you require. And of course, you will be far more open to receiving transmissions from the Guides of other dimensions, who will be working directly through you. Let me add at this point when one becomes more interwoven in quantum consciousness one will have a far more tangible relationship with ones Guides. There will be far more sightings of such beings because ones vision will have changed as a result of ones belief systems. Is that clear?

So beloved ones, in conclusion of this initiation, let us tell you that everything that we have discussed with you in answer to inner questions, in suggestion to contributing to how you will work with what you have presented, will help you trust in your ability to bring it into being. The lesson of the initiation is exactly about what we have discussed. The opportunity as a result of participating in this energy is to bring into manifestation what you have presented to us this today. You have presented one of your deepest inner desires to Spirit today, the Spirit that is within you, that is within everything that responds to every intention you set, to every emotion that you project, and to every energy that you emit. It simply brings back to you what you have asked for, the Science of Creation.

Beloved ones, may the structures that you create upon your new foundation be abundant, full of light, joy, wisdom, love, peace and any other life giving experience you choose to create. It is through these experiences that you will teach and educate the world, that you will bring the practice of integrity into business, as you go about your business every day. You are the conduits of quantum energy being utilised to magnetically emit the vibrations of a new world order, in other words, an order of energy that shall recreate a world that you shall perceive as totally different and unique.

May you all be filled with the power of Spirit, your Spirit, the Spirit that animates all that feeds and nurtures you. May you come to embrace your ability to co-create with Mother-Father God, to bring into physical manifestation all your heart and soul desires. Command this and believe it to be the truth.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of love and wisdom and I greet and bless you in laughter. Adonai.


Master El Morya 7th Dimension initiation

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 12 April 2005

To find out more about Michelle and The Lightweaver please visit

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and bring unto you the blessings of awakening, the blessings of integration, introspection and integrity, greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you all firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones the presence of the force of the Christ light is one that motivates you on a Soul level, to move into new states of awareness for the purpose of evolving as a soul and moving through various time lines, levels of consciousness, solar systems, galaxies, and even universes. This is for the purpose of exploring every aspect of life, and every aspect of an experience available to every force of consciousness with a desire to grow and reunite with the God essence, the Presence, the fiber or the core Being of Mother-Father God. This is one of many experiences you have encountered and will come to encounter again on the journey of returning to the unified Presence of Mother-Father God. Your journey at this time has paved the way for many to follow in your footsteps as you follow in the footsteps of the Masters of the Light.

Therefore let me now take my place along side my brother of the Light, El Morya, as he comes to deliver his message and brings forth the energy required for each of you to experience an initiation into yet another level of 7th dimensional consciousness. Let me at this point make it clear to all of you that lessons such as the teachings of light the Masters bring forth are what activate the initiation through your consciousness in order to further integrate higher levels of awareness and wisdom for the purpose of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical growth in the world you occupy. Beloved ones I shall greet you now and hold you in the Presence of Lord El Morya. Blessings and Adonai.


I am El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray of Divine Will and Power, welcome into the Ashram of Power. Greetings.

The combination of our energy today serves a much greater purpose. This purpose is activating a number of levels of wisdom for the collective consciousness of your planet. Each of you is a planet. You are made up of many aspects of life and consciousness. These aspects of life and consciousness are meant to support the greater whole of the good in order to rise into yet another level of understanding of how the mechanisms of life are integrated in all aspects of consciousness. The aspects of consciousness are greatly varied.

Those of you present right now will find yourself moving through hundreds of levels of consciousness and awareness through the duration of your incarnation in the current body you occupy. All of you will be taken through the process, in other words the initiation, to truly experience the Divine Will of your Power and how the power of Divine Will is to be used. The controlling forces you have been governed by until this point have separated you from your Divine Will and Power to such a degree that you have forgotten many of the reasons you came to earth. It is vital that you remember why you came, for it is with every coding of consciousness you entered in with. Each of those codings serve a Divine Purpose in bringing the combination of Will and Power back to life so that your world can reach the higher levels of consciousness required to bring into full manifestation sufficient energy to take the collective unconscious into a state of higher awareness.

As most of you know, the base chakra is home to the collective unconscious. You as a group have responded to the need to be here today, because it is the collective unconscious within you that shall

become more active through the messages we bring for you today, and it is vital you remember what we have said to you now. It is vital that you remind yourself every day of these words for it is these words that will support your motivation, it is these words that will support your integration of what we have already started your initiation with today.

The activation of energy is already moving through every cell of your physical body and this vibration will continue to permeate your mental body for the mind has been greatly misunderstood and misused. The abuse of the mental body has resulted in a world of ignorant and disempowered people. The races making up the collective consciousness of your world is not even operating on 10% of its capacity to use Divine Will and Power. This gives you an idea of to what extent humanity’s Will has been abused through the utilization of the mind and the abuse of the mental body of your planet specifically.

First of all you need to acknowledge that in order to lead your life, in order to manage all the systems of energy that bombard you on a daily basis, and in order to live with integrity you must accept that no one really knows the truth. In the physical world you occupy there are many who claim to know the truth. Many stand, punting their teachings, insisting that the world follow the truth from their perspective. This is one of the reasons why your consciousness fell into the slumber it did. You were manipulated into following a singular “truth” which claimed to be the only route to spiritual liberation. Instead you all paid with your ability to use Divine Will and Power. That was the sacrifice you had to make.

This initiation will take you even deeper into the world of confusion. This confusion is one of your greatest allies in fact, because whatever you find yourself confused about and whatever you find yourself in conflict about is for a higher purpose. It is showing you that there is something else to be discovered, that there is something more to what you have to date accepted as a truth. The First Ray of Will and Power is known as the destroyer ray and I Lord El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray step forth to destroy everything that you have come to accept as a truth. I come to destroy your world of complacency, however I do not come to take you out of the essential truth in which you were created. I will only ever shake the cage you have fallen prey to. I will huff and I will puff and I will blow your house down! (Laughter) Think about it, how many people claim to have the truth, how many teachers judge, reject and criticize the teachings of other teachers.

Any teacher regardless of their level of consciousness, regardless of whom they claim to be representing who criticizes the workings of any other fellow worker, is projecting their fear, their doubt, and their ignorance onto others in the world. The fact is that there is no one-road home, there is no one-way to reunite with Mother-Father God because every soul has chosen a unique path. That path results in an experience of exploration and the exploration itself takes the soul in a number of directions, which result in discovering new terrain. The undiscovered worlds influence you as much as the discovered ones do. You are being called to discover everything there is to be discovered. Quantumly speaking that will never end.

Therefore to claim your Divine role and to reclaim the power within you, you need to define what you truly are all about. This process requires that you embrace everything about you, your shadow, and your light side, your perceived strengths and weaknesses, your insecurities and vulnerabilities. Your guilt(s) your anger and every single one of them need to be put into perspective. You need to study every aspect of your being. This purpose helps you to understand what motivates you. When you know what motivates every aspect of your emotional and mental life, then you know what drives you to do what you do. Then you understand your reactions, your responses, and that is when your subconscious ceases to be a mechanism of self-sabotage and becomes another conscious ally. truth is. You need to go so deep within yourself that everything else disappears and that is where you will find what

You have to find the way that best supports you. You need to find the modalities that bring out the best in you. This may initially start out as bringing out the worst in you, but that again is a perception, a judgment, based on your belief systems and the conditionings you have adopted as truth, based on society’s projections. Because your world is made up of so many different levels of consciousness, and every single soul a unique vibration, it is impossible for there to ever be only one way or one truth. I repeat, find your way, find your truth, and in so doing, you will reclaim your sacrificed Divine power and will.

I assure you that as you journey deeper into your consciousness, you will recognize the truths that you have come in touch with throughout your life time that reflect the essential inner core of your truth. Those truths you can reintegrate on another level. But the ones that you recognize as being separate from your truth are the ones that you can safely let go of for all time. And that brings you into a complete state of integrity for only then can you truly live with integrity because at that point you have realized what your unique truth is and what you need to do in order to be true to yourself. Integrity begins with being faithful and true to the self.

One can never behave in integrity to others and not the self because sooner or later you will find that integrity being betrayed because you have betrayed yourself all along. So if you truly want to live your life displaying integrity, making every decision and taking every action based on the power of divine will you will begin acknowledging the true truth.

You as a group will find your challenges coming through judgments. Every time you find yourself in judgment

of another or witnessing the judgment of another, be it another person, or a way of life, acknowledge the

reflection within the judgment and search within yourself to find the message and the teaching, so that you can experience another sense of liberation.

I began this message with you as individuals so that you can understand how important it is to work with yourself in every aspect of life, in every area of life you are required to search your inner world, to be able to stand before your inner self and be confident and be at peace. All of you make up the vibrations that permeate into the ethers of your world. You influence the world of business. As a consumer you influence the world of business, as an entrepreneur or self employed business person you influence the world of business. Being a part of a large corporation, even a small one, means you influence the world of business. Every thing in life is made up of bodies of energy. If you run a business and you are a sole member, your business is a direct reflection of you. Larger corporations are bodies made up of many systems of energy. Every person in the corporation determines the well being of the body. If the mental body within that body is motivated primarily by fear or lust, you have a very good idea of how the body behaves in the business world.

You can now begin to influence the world of business in an amplified manner by being consciously aware of how these bodies behave in the world. As a consumer you have rights. You need to use the Divine Will and

Power within you to exercise your rights as a consumer. This is just the beginning, the very tip of the iceberg

in bringing this whole process into balance. In order to bring order one needs to move through the chaos and

find the center of the eye of the storm, and that is where one needs to find ones center and become still. Your world has become so accustomed to getting away with behaviour that lacks integrity. Your world has become so accustomed to lying, manipulating, controlling, defying, judging, and rejecting that you have accepted it as a normal way of life. Besides your rights as a consumer you have rights as human beings. You have the right to discern what you put into your body, what you put on your body, what you subject your body to, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Therefore the time for a new movement of change has dawned and today we take your consciousness into the healing of the sacral chakra.

I am Chohan of the First Ray of Will and Power associated with the base chakra but I am also the Master Creator of the God Force through the sacral chakra. All of your chakras are interlinked. Movement and change are some of the key areas of the sacral chakra. The movement for change I wish to present to you today as a group is the one of truly reclaiming your divine rights. Your sacral chakra is coded with the divine right to feel, but through the abuse of the mental body of your planet, you have literally become frozen in space and time regarding your belief systems and the paradigm of consciousness you have been exposed to. Many of you have broken through the ice. There are still a number of souls however trapped in the old world. Therefore we ask you to take your awareness and consciousness to another level. Bring it into your physical world; embrace your divine right to feel, because when you feel what truth feels like, you will grasp what it means to be at One with the Divine Power of All that Is and therefore being able to use your divine will, at will.

A disempowered soul is not able to and does not use their will at will. What is perceived as using ones will is

often simply a subconscious motivated response or reaction to a conditioning that has been coded into the psyche that plays itself out over and over and over again like a stuck record, it develops patterns, usually destructive ones in a person’s life. Your world has been governed by destructive patterns for thousands of years already. One of the greatest destructive patterns that your world has been exposed to is war. Did you know that WAR is an acronym for WE ARE RIGHT, and everybody thinks that they are right. The reason why war has come to the point it has is because everybody is searching for their divine rights, their will, their power, the full aspects of awareness and realization, most people don’t know where to even begin, and as a result of the arrested development of most of humanities consciousness, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, they end up bickering over land, religion etc.

Have you ever seen two children fight over a toy, the one believes it belongs to them, the other believes the same thing, and they both believe they are right and eventually the toy is torn in half or the other child gets the toy, and the one who is left standing empty handed is left with a heart full of anger and resentment. Those emotions become frozen in time, because that is a moment of pain that will motivate that person for the rest of their life and that person may one day become a politician who will push the button for war to

begin based on that experience of not getting his or her own way. The only way you can have your own way is by finding what your way is and that is your responsibility.

Divine will and power equips you with the ability to respond to everything that comes your way as a result of your belief systems and thought patterns. The more you use your ability to respond the more empowered you become, the more aware you become. Make people aware of the intricacies of war, bearing in mind that war is simply the enactment of a whole lot of people believing they are right, not one person willing to hear the other persons perspective. If Divine will and Divine power are not being used then they are being abused - another motivation behind war. Wars are not limited to worlds or countries or nations, they permeate the very core of families, and the very core of your being. You could be at war with yourself. The war and conflict between your inner child and adult self, the war waging inside of you with unresolved angers, unresolved fears, incomplete processes of release and forgiveness, so war starts on the inside and is amplified on the outside. Many of the masters have taught, and I will reiterate what they said, that what is manifested in your outer world is a reflection of what is going on, on the inside.

Now let us go back to your right as a consumer, we asked you to be more aware, to be more conscious as a consumer and your Divine right regarding what you put into your body, and what you expose your body to. The next time you go shopping for food, read the label. Do you understand everything that is written on the labels of food, do you?


Thank you. Do you see how complacent society has become? Can you see how far the manipulation has gone, the control, it is as if you walk into a supermarket, the moment you cross the entry, a subliminal program is activated, and you become a robot. You might read the label, you don’t understand it, but some thing still makes you put it in your basket. You buy things you probably won’t even use. Sometimes you buy things that you think you will eat; it ends up in the bin. Become conscious, become aware, you have a right to know what you are putting into your body. Get together with other people and put together a consumer forum, insisting to know what the preservatives and chemicals are that are put into food. Insist on knowing every aspect of the combination of the chemicals and preservatives and what it does to the physical body, because I can tell you something now, much of what is put into your food, the effects it has on your body, ensures that a level of density is maintained so that you cannot achieve, let alone maintain higher levels of awareness. This may sound like a conspiracy, well it is.

I said I have come to destroy your world of complacency. Complacency is not limited to sitting in front of a television instead of picking up a book and absorbing some wise information. Your complacency threatens the very core of society’s well being, the very core of the well being of your body, your mind, your spirit, and the body, mind and spirit of every child on your planet. You work very hard to improve on yourself, to heal yourself, to release every thing that has resulted in the pain and suffering you have experienced to this point. Many of you work to improve the life your children have. What about the food that goes into your body and their body every single day? I do hope this will move you to initiate a change. The request to know what is in these substances has to be supplied. There have already been people who have gone ahead and done things like this which have resulted in papers being released regarding the World Health Organization’s complacency and scientists in laboratories that manufacture food stuffs that receive health warnings but they simply push the paper under the rug. You have a right to know about this. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of doing things like that in order to be able to truly reclaim your will and power. You see by doing things like this, in a way you enforce the movement of change. You push the system of business to a point where they either have to surrender and give up their old way and dismantle the process completely, or they have to move in an alternative direction where everything they do is done with integrity.

Each of you play a vital role in destroying the world of complacency and I, El Morya will support you every step of the way as will Master Kuthumi, as will Lord Maitreya, as will Master Jesus. I, El Morya am twin brother and aspect of Lord Kuthumi. Master Jesus is twin brother and twin aspect of Lord Kuthumi. We are the sons of Lord Maitreya, seeded from his heart chakra, manifested in three aspects of three levels of awareness and consciousness to bring your world into its true balance.

How would you like to destroy the world of complacency? How would you like to shatter illusions? What illusions and what worlds of complacency would you like to see falling into the ashes of nothingness so that the world of Divine Will and Power, of truth and light can come into being. Think about this. The choices you make today regarding this is what I El Morya will work with you through and in bringing into being.

Take some time to write down what you would like to do, and how you would like to do it. While you do this I will begin with the reconstruction of your electromagnetic field through the first Ray of Divine Will and Power, which will be supported through the higher element of the Ruby Ray. When you have finished writing this all down, please read it out loud and it will be encoded into your new electromagnetic field.


Questions and answers : (I have left this section in because of the important information contained within the answers to the questions)

Q. Just recently I have been doing a lot of research on food and purification of water. Putting together

courses for retrenched people on retired people. Health in retirement. Research shows people stay healthy

for seven years after retirement then develop disease. Diet and deactivating disease, taking responsibility for


E.M. Wonderful. At this point may I also make a suggestion in including in your program, awareness around the life force present within the substance of food. The life force present within the substance of mother earth’s flesh, in other words the earth, her soil, and nutrients and minerals inside of her being and how it further contributes to the well being of the human body. Fruit is the highest vibration food on your planet. It is the purest energy one can consume provided the fruit falls from the tree when it is ripe. When a fruit falls from the tree when it is ripe there is absolutely no trace of trauma in the makeup of that substance. Premature harvesting causes trauma. So perhaps you can bring that in at another level. Perhaps you can find a way to do that?

Q Is there anything written in the ancient text that has been translated about those processes

E.M You can try researching the life style of the Essenes. They ate food that was in balance with every season and Fruit was one of the most highly consumed in their diet. See how you can integrate it.

Q. And the Ayurveda?

E.M Yes you can, the different body types will be of great value as well. Because everyone is so different it is important to have all the information required so as to be able to see the person as a whole rather than a generalization as has been the case to date. When a person’s physical body is supported through diet, their mental health is improved. When they feel lighter, it is easier to maintain a light mind and that is when you will be able to decode disease in a different way and then destroy it completely.

Q. Can you comment perhaps on water, the vibrations and memory that water carries? Boiling water for 20

minutes, will it get rid of vibrations and memories or will it only get rid of physical things like zinc.

E.M. One of the ways is using tuning forks and sound. There are various sounds that hold the vibration that dismantle negative vibrations. You can also use intension and the projection of energy. Sacred water is such because it is filled with the vibration of love. You can clear water simply by projecting the intention toward it.

Q. El Morya I would like to work with children. I find I am not getting enough respect…


E.M Accepting your humanness is very important. Placing yourself in an unrealistic state of mind will manifest self-sabotage. This is a process of awakening. A process of relearning and remembering everything that has been forgotten and because the mental body has been abused to the extent that it has, there are many layers of subconscious programming you are still trying to bypass. This is another reason why the masters insist that one practice awareness in the present moment. Being conscious of the motivational behaviour gives you the power to tap into your Divine Will and choose another way.

Patience and perseverance, faith and trust are vital ingredients in completely resurrecting the true self. Believing you are giving the best example to your children and grand children in every moment of every day

is already an act of integrity. Devoting yourself to embracing who you are in every given moment and being

true to that self in that moment. This means acknowledging right action as well as acknowledging the aspects of self that choose denial as a defence mechanism. This applies to everyone, not just you. Don’t undo the wonderful work you have done by being harsh on yourself and expecting yourself to change the world in such a short space of time. What the children have learnt from you already is more than you learnt in

the environment you and most people were raised in. Therefore acknowledge your personal growth and healing. Acknowledge the gifts you have already brought to your children and grand children, be grateful and move forward from that point

Q. I have been very drawn to animals, have not gotten involved yet …

E.M. I mentioned earlier on the sacral chakra is about movement and change, your sense of becoming actively involved is confirmation that your sacral chakra wants to move into the space of making change. Sadly, animals are considered human beings’ private property. Did you all know this? And because it is considered a human beings private property, they have very little rights. A human being can do whatever he or she chooses to his or her personal property. This obviously must change, as I am sure you are all well aware. So sister this will truly be a great move in bringing about change and bringing to light the divine right of animals. Their plight is being heard at last by a number of humans and ones such as your self, who have felt their plight. By becoming actively involved you are responding to the animal consciousnesses plight for help, for even though you are human beings, you too have an animal nature. You were always meant to live in harmony with the earth and her inhabitants – animals in all its varied kingdoms. Because the current state of being is about bringing everything into balance, it is essential that this aspect of consciousness be addressed and supported. You will receive the support you need sister to bring this into being.

Q. I have a little boy and I am in two minds about doing vaccinations, and one part is saying no because it

brings down the emotional and spiritual body and the other part is saying that its needs to be done because of the physical world we live in with disease and everything will be wonderful. The other thing is the schooling of children, the foods that they are being fed on a day to day basis they have opted more for what is

affordable than what is good for the child, they would focus on pastas and heavy dense foods as opposed to the fruits and veggies, and stuff that takes more time to be prepared.

E.M What work do you do now?

A. Currently I am in marketing and promotions but it’s not something I want to stay in forever.

E.M. Perhaps you should start marketing and promoting something different. I wonder what it is? (laughter). Sister the journey before you is certainly very clear but let us begin with your first question. Humanity’s belief systems have created the world you live in. Energy will grow in the area it is focused upon. Fear will give birth to fear. Pain will give birth to pain, so whatever you fear, you will bring into being because that is where you focus the energy on. If you believe that your child is susceptible to disease or vulnerable then yes, it probably will happen, but if not….

A. I don’t, it’s my parents and everyone around me.

E.M Stop. What are you here to do today? To reclaim your Divine will and power, not so? Then reclaim it. Your family members are simply reflecting your inner fears, and your concerns. So create a boundary. Begin with you. Your family is motivated by the old way, the old time, the old age, you don’t have to fight it, all you have to do is honor your truth. They will then mirror that, you don’t have to fight the system, you just have to be your truth. Have you heard me?

A. Loud and clear.

E.M Now regarding the food subject, this is something that can change your future completely including your financial future, and all the fears around stability and security for you and you child. You can pioneer a new way with regards to child nutrition within systems such as schools where meals are provided and I tell you now, parents will support you. There are many inexpensive ways of making whole foods available. An activity within schools, which can be incorporated are vegetable gardens where children can take the responsibility of nurturing the vegetable garden, they can have free roaming chickens for eggs. There are many, many ways. You have the skills as a marketer to bring this into being; you just have to believe you can. Perhaps those who want to know what the labels mean can come to you. Is this loud and clear enough?

A. Thank you.

E.M. It has been my pleasure.

Q. Master El Morya for the last ten years I have made changes in my eating habits. My body does not want

the denser foods but the ego won’t let go. I have been attracted more to fruit and would like to make that change. Working with outreach children and they are living on Simba chips and Coke, wanting to make changes. Wanting to make changes to the system by educating on changes to healthier foods.

E.M. Perhaps you and the lady beside you need to get together and work through the school system together! As you say changes are important. They need to understand what the changes are all about. A person who does not understand what the changes are about will certainly not stick to the program. It has always been a very difficult process to get human beings to understand the preciousness, and the sacredness of the physical body. This is because there has been so much separation from the self, separation from the earth, separation from Spirit, separation from what one feels, and if a person is living in a state of self preservation, what one needs for self preservation, will simply be done, but ignorance has been one of the greatest threats to humanity’s survival for eons of time, so education is one of the key areas in bringing awareness to communities of such ignorance. This is where you can also initiate a body of like- minded souls to volunteer time and energy to give back to the community, to give back to life by sharing the wisdom and knowledge.

As far as your own body is concerned, it has told you loud and clear what it wants. You need to face the lower ego and ask yourself what are you in actual fact afraid of sacrificing, of giving up. Feeding your body with healthy food, be it fruit, vegetables, or any other substance does not mean that you will deny your body or yourself pleasure, it does not mean you have to sacrifice pleasure or occasional indulgence. Maybe that is why your lower ego holds on. You see, the sacral chakra also looks at the sweetness in life. Pleasure, and passion, and if the psyche or the lower ego for instance determines or interprets your potential actions as being the denial of pleasure it will hang on for dear life. So, you need to reassure your lower ego that there are many pleasures that you can indulge in that continue to maintain higher vibrations and levels of energy in your body. Honey is a high vibrational food. Honey is a much better choice than syrup or refined sugars. Fruit can also be extremely delectable. Use your imagination.

Q. Lord El Morya, now I am feeling amazed because these are things happening in my life that I feel are a

culmination of thoughts and desires I have put out to the universe …. I don’t think claiming my divine will has ever been a problem for me, some people claim I am too close to it, ….

E.M Are you wondering about the fact that everything going right, is wrong?

A. I am serene about it wondering …

E.M God help us all! Beloved sister this is a classic example of humanity’s belief system, from a subconscious level that is, that one does not deserve to experience the goodness of life on an ongoing basis. Perceived challenges are in fact opportunities to integrate higher levels of awareness, wisdom, life style, whatever it may be. But humanity’s belief system has lead to the conditioned belief that challenges are there to punish you and somehow show you that you are doing something wrong, that you don’t deserve an easy flow. Now as I have said the sacral chakra has to do with pleasure. The fact that you have been able to use your divine will and your power has been a great tool. Keeping in touch with those aspects is vital, particularly within the environments you will have to go into in your life time in order to effect change, and in order to destroy the world of complacency. The belief systems of depravation and that one is not worthy of stability, balance, and pleasure, is also a world of complacency because the world has become complacent in that belief system. The world simply accepts it as their lot, the world accepts that you can only have a

peaceful time for a certain period of time and then the fruit will hit the fan. That is a conditioned belief system. So perhaps there is an area of focus you can look at and break down the world of complacency in your own


Q. Lord El Morya, I work with black women to empower them, to reconnect them with their spiritual and

emotional bodies to reconnect them with their own power…. Using techniques like visualization to ground

them …

remainder of question inaudible

E.M One can experience discomfort on a number of levels but if there is an aspect of the self that is not being supported it cannot be brought into balance. Because yours is related more to food, in other words nurturance, we suggest that you address those particular areas in your psychology and in your life, and determine for yourself what food actually means. Digesting life in itself can be difficult at times. The sacral chakra holds a key for you and because you are educating these women about their chakras, the sacral chakra is obviously an area requiring a little more attention and focus right now. The sacral chakra is about

awakening the goddess. The base chakra is the god force, and the sacral chakra is the goddess force. The base chakra is about the right to be on earth and to have ones needs met and the sacral chakra is about embracing the divine right to feel and to express those feelings. The base chakra influences the crown chakra, the sacral chakra influences the 3rd eye chakra, so one has to bear in mind that it impacts on other levels. This means that the need to understand your nurturing patterns from a child is very important and the sacral chakra begins its process of development from as young as six months old, so go back as far as you can. If you cannot pinpoint anything specifically during that time, go back through your life until you reach a point where you do understand or do remember perhaps feeling rejected, feeling denied, un-nurtured, emotionally, mentally or physically. That will help you recognize what you are holding onto in the form of the food you are afraid of letting go of and will help your body feel safe enough to surrender. Your body needs to trust that it is safe to surrender and let go of the old ways, which is a combination of base chakra and sacral chakra healing. You will find everything that you work with sister is simply a reflection of what the women you are working with need to look at as well.

Food is about nurturing the self. Instead of food try taking time out to indulge in pleasurable activities. Usually women associate pleasure to food because it is a comfort. Women generally have a lot of guilt about indulging themselves in comforts and pleasures especially regarding the responsibilities society have placed on them in the form of conditioned belief systems. Women are not seen as equal to men. Women are required to perform duties that many of them are not happy with doing. Many women in the particular culture that you are dealing with have experienced sexual invasion and molestation from very young ages. Maybe you should also look at issues around your sexuality, how your sexuality has been impacted upon through your parents belief systems, through societies belief systems, how you indulge yourself as a sexual being, and how you acknowledge yourself as a sensual goddess. Do you hear me?

A. Yes. Thank you

E.M It has been my pleasure.

Q. Orange flame in sacral chakra - frozen

E.M The sacral chakra is the water element. It represents feelings as I have explained already. It is the ability to flow, to grow, to move, to be flexible. The sacral chakra is also the home for creativity. Every chakra has a flame, that flame represents the life force present within that chakras vibration. The solar plexus holds the flame of passion, the flame of life, which keeps the force and movement of life flowing through all the other chakras. There may very well be a problem in your solar plexus where the flame for life has maybe diminished to the extent that there is insufficient energy, heat or warmth to support your sacral chakra, so as to support the flow of feelings moving. The ice represents frozen feelings, unexpressed emotions, and undigested emotions due to an experience in your life at some or other stage that caused shock. That shock manifested in a frozen experience often referred to as “freeze frame”. When something is frozen in time and space, ones consciousness remains locked in that particular experience until there is sufficient heat or warmth in the form of love, understanding or awareness to empower the individual to the degree required to safely move out of the sate of isolation, and move into a state of movement and flow again. The flame of creativity, which would be considered the flame of the sacral chakra is what needs to be released, therefore we suggest you indulge yourself in creative activities with the intention of melting the ice, of releasing yourself from the time gate of that old space and time so that you can feel again. Start with what you have. What you have is sufficient to help the people who are ready to receive guidance from you. You may even find you attract people into your space who reflect issues you are coming to grips with within yourself, and you will find in your ability to help them understand their personal process you answer your own questions. Everybody is equipped with all the tools they need in any given moment to do what needs to be done in that particular moment. Which is why one needs to be in the moment and trust that everything will be provided.

So divine ones you have seen very clearly how the world of complacency has become an interwoven blanket of unconsciousness in your life. Complacency and denial dance quite well together, so intercept the dance and embrace your power and the divine will to make the changes you feel you are ready to make. Discern your fears, and recognize if your fear is truly a warning to heed from your intuition or if it is simply a reaction of procrastination as a result of a fear that you are in denial about or a judgment you are afraid of. Your world has reached the point of having to know the truth and the destroyer ray is about revealing the truth.

You are the truth and reconciliation committee for your world. You have committed to reconciling all its aspects of truth. You have committed to finding the truth for yourself and in so doing you have created a wave of magnetism that will attract more and more people such as yourself. Your initiation into this field of

energy will continue for a couple of weeks to come, but the initiation energy itself is there as a net of support so that you can become familiar with the energy we have brought you today, so that you can feel safe in the net of spiritual energy and integrate the reality of your individual truth. Integrating your individual truth will equip you with everything you need to extract from every aspect of life, all the truths that serve your path and that will act as mirrors or lights in the dark for others trying to find the same for themselves. I, El Morya trust that each and every single one of you has within you everything you need to fulfill your desire to be a whole and complete expression of Mother-Father God. I, El Morya am ever present. I have given you my word of service and support. Trust that you will receive it. I am El Morya Chohan of the first ray of Will and Power, the Lord of Ruby light, go forth and destroy illusion. Farewell.


I am Kuthumi and I return at this point to embrace you in the Ruby ray of energy that Master El Morya has left for you to integrate. Beloved ones we most certainly have complete faith in you as leaders of the light to bring to light absolutely everything you need to be able to feel safe in the world of light you are creating. The activation of the sacral chakra energy has resulted in many dam walls shifting their boundaries. There have been floods at the tip of Southern Africa, in the Western Cape. This is already showing you how the base chakra is ready and willing to embrace the goddess power and force, which will bring about movement and change and each of you are being blessed with the same opportunity to merge heaven and earth and to bring light into every aspect of darkness.

We rejoice in the message that Master El Morya delivered to you today and I Kuthumi offer my assistance, support, love and guidance to each of you so as to move into the avenues required to take you on a journey to bring the light to the world, to help shift humanity out of its state of ignorance and into the world of deeper understanding. May the love and wisdom of all that you have moved through and mastered, guide your actions and your words, motivate your feelings and support your intentions. I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and bless you in love, Adonai.


7th Dimension initiation

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 14 April 2005

To find out more about Michelle and The Lightweaver please visit

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time to bring unto each of you the blessings of new reality, the blessings of wisdom, of love, trust and empathy. Greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we prepare the energy for Lord Hilarion to step forward and deliver his initiation message to you today we wish for each of you to imagine yourself standing in the centre of a great big pyramid. Imagine yourself standing in the centre of this great big pyramid and in the centre of a giant quartz crystal. The combination of the quartz crystal and the pyramid facilitate the activation on a cellular and mental level of your master manifester encodings. This also initiates another level of bringing into alignment and into conscious understanding the spirit of science and the science within spirit.

Your journey into the spiritual realms has presented you with unlimited opportunities to grow, to expand and to explore universes of consciousness within the world you recognise as your existence. Now your existence is taken to a higher level of experience and so you come to realise that the experience of life is in fact an integrated journey of many worlds and therefore there are many worlds still to be explored, and in each of those worlds additional levels of consciousness, which shall contribute to your deeper awakening. This means that there is still so much to discover about yourself, still so much to discover about life. And this life is not limited to earthly life. It is the life within all worlds and kingdoms that you are being prepared to move into and acknowledge as part of your existence. Your energy will be held within the quartz crystal and temple throughout the duration of your initiation. If it is your wish and your will to remain with in that energy vortex for a period longer than we have presently stated, you need to ask that this be so. Therefore let me take my leave now so that Lord Hilarion may deliver his message. Adonai.


I am Hilarion. Welcome. I am Chohan of the 5th ray of concrete knowledge and science. Therefore our discussion and meeting with you today purposefully manifests a gathering of light that shall serve as a flame to remind those who search for the inner spirit and the laws of science that guide and navigate the journey into a new existence. I am Master of Manifestation. I have mastered the world of manifesting right relations, the relations between the worlds of existence that tantalise your consciousness and tempts you to move out of the world of limitation, that tempts you to move from your comfort zone and explore what lies beyond.

This often requires that you explore what lies beneath in order to move beyond. Therefore your lesson as a group, and individuals within the group, is to discover, and explore what lies beneath. You choose where exactly you would like to focus your energy. This will determine your expedition, where exactly you will go to see beneath the world you created. Do you want to explore what lies beneath you heart, what lies beneath all the mental programmes that determine your current identity, or do you wish to explore what lies beneath the ground of spiritual wisdom? Do you wish to discover what lies beneath the programmes of your earlier years or the programmes of past incarnations? You must choose this now.

This choice will now determine the direction of your life as it unfolds in divine alignment with other intentions you have set on your journey, other intentions you have projected into the world which determine the pathway unfolding, the one you are exploring, in your search for completion. You will only ever complete cycles, even when you merge with Mother/Father God you will continue to explore and expand therefore the cycle of perpetual motion will continue ad infinitum. Every initiate has a purpose in being initiated. Your purpose as a group is to release 15 levels of genetically encoded limitation consciousness. This weaves

through both parents’ genetic lineage. Upon the completion of this release, not ever again will those programmes or conditioned behaviours be carried to another generation.

Your master manifestor coding has been limited as a result of your DNA. Your divine nature has however awoken to the point of activating the completed manifested crystalline body of 5D. This means you have integrated every level of a 5D body. Now, your integration consists primarily of 7D consciousness integration. Releasing these 15 generations of traumatic, abusive and shocking experiences will liberate your mind sufficiently for you to understand the science of life. The planetary body of crystalline energy has been prepared for the activation Commander Ashtar will bring to the planet in the next couple of hours. This particular activation and initiation of energy begins to separate the men from the boys and the ladies from the girls (laughter) I trust you appreciate my humour (laughter) in case you thought I didn’t have one! (laughter) What’s so funny? (laughter).

This distinction of energy is not a separation as you interpret or define it in human terms. This distinction is vital to ensure that the rest of humanity can withstand the higher quotients currently making their way through advanced universes of existence, consciousness and light. You are responsible for holding the light with mother earth. You are responsible for ensuring her safety and well-being, this was an agreement you made a long time ago in exchange for her promise to sustain your life and provide everything you needed to survive on planet earth. This contract has been breached, just in case you didn’t notice, and now action is to be taken to bring the contract back into its true print and all of you here and others like you have taken it upon yourselves to ensure this comes into being under the auspices of some of the Masters, the Lords, the Archangelic and Goddess beings of the hierarchy of Love and Wisdom.

Every word that resonates through the energy field here today will begin a sense of inner consciousness stirring. This stirring is another level of awakening, an awakening you have called out for. We heed these calls and now your turn has come to work alongside the Lords of the Light. Not for them, beneath them or above them but beside. This information will be resulting in you feeling beside yourself with concern as to how you will maintain this energy. Do not concern yourself, for the intentions you have already set in motion have taken care of many levels and imprints of energy required to ensure the centred alignment of your energy fields with the Hierarchies of Light.

To begin with, you must be clear as to where you shall begin your search - the discovery of what lies beneath. This I must clearly ascertain before we are permitted to proceed. Therefore I request that you verbalise this to us so we can move on to the next phase. Please begin with telling us where you shall begin your search. Take as much time you need.

Based on your intentions, we shall activate 3 grids for you as a group. These grids will be connected to your energy fields for a minimum of 6 months. Each grid will be a gateway to a realm of consciousness, which you can tap into in order to gain the wisdom and answers you seek. Thus, we activate a time travel grid for those of you seeking answers in past lives. We activate a heart chakra grid for those of you seeking healing and nurturing within that realm of your consciousness and the final grid is a quantum grid. This grid serves the purpose of holding you in a quantum level of consciousness so that you may understand what you have created, why you have created it, what you are continuing to create, why you feel limited, and why you feel the need to discover a purpose.

The time travel grid will work through your throat and third eye chakras. This means inner vision, clairvoyance, that is, and clairsentience will be two aspects of your senses, which will become more heightened. These senses will continue to assist you as an individual soul searching for truth. It will also serve as a psychic mechanism to bring greater understanding from the past to you current time line for the purpose of raising not only your own consciousness but that of humanity in the current time line that you occupy. Your dream state will be a world of active communication. Be aware of the communications taking place in your nocturnal slumbering activity. Become sensitive to what you sense in your environment in any given time. What you will find, at times, as if the time lines no longer exist.

It may at times feel as if you are simultaneously experiencing more than one lifetime at once. This kind of regression is in a sense a level of exploration and will serve you tremendously, especially in the area of understanding the science of space and time, as well as the comprehension of the statement that time is a line that does exist. This in itself will strip you of certain belief systems, not only belief systems, but abilities to interpret experiences. It will warp your realities, quantumly speaking and present you with a whole new world of theory. One cannot truly advance to a higher level of understanding the consciousness you were created by and the consciousness you tap into in order to continue creating, and if you do not understand this

creative force, it will be difficult for you to understand the manifestation process. Therefore the time grid will reveal to you how you have carried patterns of debilitation and patterns of power through a number of experiences. You will realise the reason why this pattern continues to play itself out in whatever existence you find yourself in, is largely due to the force of energy, the consciousness by which you create, from which you were created.

You will see the consciousness is far from what you imagined it to be and it will dawn upon you that everything that you perceive as empty space is in fact another world, which shares a dimension with you. You occupy a space simultaneously. The difference is that because of your level of consciousness, you are unable to attain a higher frequency, a frequency equivalent to that which is unseen. Your desire, your wish to see, to feel, to hear, to know will be granted when you surrender, when you give yourself permission to experience another aspect of the reality you are a part of. Realistically speaking though, that reality is an illusion, but that’s what makes it funny, from my perspective.

Your collective consciousness, which taps into the consciousness of others such as yourself, is in fact what

is taking the spiritual movement into a higher octave. All of you once upon a timeline ago (laugher) served

alongside me. We were catalysts in the other spiritual movements. Time has come again to actively aspire to the higher worlds of science and spirit. The aspirant attracts the inspiration. Your desire to aspire will inspire you. You are a wave of consciousness. You are the next wave of ascended beings. There will be more waves after you but the climax for this wave is coming fast. Therefore whoever wishes to ride the wave must learn to surf now. (laughter)

The 5th ray, which dominates through the throat chakra, will serve through the expressed word. Expression of truth, of feelings, of wisdom, knowledge and consciousness is vital to support this wave. Therefore the visions, the consciousness, the inspirations must be shared and expressed. You will be prompted when to do this and when to be still. The grid of the heart chakra will draw a great deal of your concentration towards humanitarian needs. For humanitarianism is the catalyst in removing the obstacles to the realm of unconditional love within the collective heart centre of your world.

Those of you who have requested to know what lies beneath your heart, you may find a greater need to serve in a humanitarian way. You will see beyond many illusions. Seeing the truth will equip you with information, which will accelerate the release of that which is been bound within the recesses of a wounded

heart for many timelines. This level of awakening is an essential part of this ascension wave for it will add to the determination and the discernment that all of you have been faced with, and you will be faced with regarding, honouring the truth which lies within your heart. Every action resembling denial of your truth will rock the foundations of your personal world. This means you will not get away with trying to bury your head

in a hole – a fellow ostrich will visit and boot you (laughter) out of your hole. Do you know why ostriches have

such long necks? It is as a result of lifetimes of burying their head in the sand and fellow ostriches trying to pull them from the old world. Seeing that it hasn’t worked, they have resorted to boot therapy (laughter). We agree this could be quite effective and have decided to follow suite. (laughter) so, are you an ostrich boot therapist or an ostrich with your head in the sand?

The time of making excuses for not moving out of old ways came to an end a while ago already. It is for this reason that it is become such a crucial process and this process is that of introducing scientific aspects of spirituality.

Concrete knowledge and science is in fact the same thing. Concrete knowledge is basic knowledge that has

a level of tangibility to it. The science which comes to greet you, is the science that will reveal to you how it has been possible for you to create every moment of what you have and will come to experience. This will caterpult you out of your world of doubt regarding how much say you have in what happens to you. The only reason why you have been led to believe that an aspect of your life is not governed by you, is because you were not fully aware of your power, how great it is and how much of it is at your disposal in every moment of every day. Therefore the quantum grid will be of immense value to all of you. This grid will remain with you for the rest of your physical days on planet earth. It will continue to expand and increase in amplification.

This quantum grid serves the purpose of showing you and teaching you how to consciously tap into the force field of energy around you. This force field of energy is in fact within you as well. It is at one with everything you can see and imagine, and that which is unseen and unimaginable. This is what connects you to everything. This is the field of energy that transports every current of energy you project as a result of what you focus energy on. Imagine your thoughts and belief systems being a plug. Extending from the plug is a cord attached to a light. When the plug is inserted into an electiral socket and turned on, energy is

instantaneously transported to the lamp and it becomes illuminated. This is what happens with energy within you and around you. The minute you focus energy on any one specific thing, it is like plugging yourself into an electrical socket. The current of that energy will determine the quality of light and energy emanated.

Every mystical skill that any person has ever mastered has simply been science. The science of your mind is

a good place to research in order to understand the quality of energy feeding your light. The science of mind, or psychology of it, can strengthen you or weaken you. It can heal a physical body or destroy a physical body. Every moment of your existence you are making use of the force field of invisible energy around you. I said earlier on you would be faced with discernment. Your challenge is to be discerning of everything that passes through your mind. Remember it is the energy current that feeds your light. If the energy is too much the light could fuse and blow out. This new experience adds confusion. To keep the light burning you must be responsible and you must conserve your energy and utilise it for the process of creating more light.

These 3 grids are what will complete the phase of the energy we have activated here today. It will complete the phase of new consciousness being initiated for each of you here today and as you continue to move on your spiritual path, so you will continue to contribute to the spiritual movement of your world through the development of your consciousness and the newfound awareness and understanding of psychic energy which is in fact quantum energy. You will take your world into another level of consciousness. I will monitor you on a regular basis and will be at your disposal for all support and assistance.

I require that each of you assist your fellow traveller, and through your personal journey of discovering what lies beneath, you will assist another to do the same. Illuminate the path before you, bring new light into your world, this will show you the power of manifestation.

You are an intricate mechanism made up of billions of sophisticated fibres of energy; each fibre is a consciousness. Those fibres constitute the majority of what your truth is meant to be however a degree of that energy holds layers of consciousness which contribute to the projected image you call an incarnation or life experience, because in truth your higher aspect, in other words, your fully conscious self has projected an aspect of itself into a world in order to experience something. Therefore you could consider yourself a holographic projection, scientifically speaking. This means that you are free to request the projection being altered, this you have already successfully tapped into, which is why you have reached the level you are currently at. There is still a lot more you have to experience - A very exciting world of science in fact.

Knowledge is empty without science. Knowledge accepted without question is lifeless. The true desire to know all truth in all of its aspects is what creates new worlds of consciousness. Therefore you bring into a certain level of being every potential possible. The demons and goblins and ghosts and evil entities, dark worlds exist because you created them. The seed was planted that was a possibility. Sufficient bought the bag of seeds and it became a reality for many. Because every possibility can in fact exist and currently does exist, means that much more can be created because you are aware of the fact that your consciousness is still very much in its early infant stage.

The quantum leaps into the spirit of science will result in you emerging as the proof that spirit is a force to be reckoned with. It is a force present within absolutely anything. You will emerge as proof that spirituality is a science, and that Mother/Father God are the greatest scientist to have ever come into existence.

The 7D body you came here to have activated has indeed manifested as such as I expressed earlier. You have drawn up to this point, 37% of your consciousness into the 3 grids that have been created. This has been rather rapid, which means you are far more willing participants that we gave you credit for.

A new chakra has begun its awakening. This chakra sits above your throat chakra in direct alignment with

the roof of your mouth beneath your chin. Your thumb is the activation and grounding mechanism through

this chakra. It is through this particular vortex of light that you can access the quantum records of the origin

of everything that has ever been in existence that is in existence and that has been disabled or simply played

itself out in another reality.

Begin to programme yourself, to activate this chakra on a daily basis, in the morning and at night. You will spontaneously use whichever thumb is best suited for the activation on a daily basis, based on the quality of energy that you require and level of energy you are tapping into you. I will demonstrate. Watch closely. (Lord Hilarion pushes his thumb into the soft part between the chin and Adam’s Apple) Some days you may be able to hold it longer than others, depending on the levels of energy you are working with. When you find yourself spinning out of focus, or moving into confusion as a result of energy over ride, bring yourself back

into alignment by activating this vortex of light. Every time you are taken back into quantum consciousness the scientific and spiritual aspects of your being collide. This collision is not detrimental it is rather seen as a system of fusion where you are brought back together.

The end of my transmission has arrived. I shall however leave you in the capable hands of Lord Kuthumi. Thank you and Goodbye for now.


I am Kuthumi and I return to continue with the process that Lord Hilarion has activated with all of you at this particular time. It is important for me to explain to each of you that much of what is being activated and created through the presence of light brought by Lord Hilarion and the presence of light emanated by each of you, is adding further strength and power to the activation of the planetary sacral chakra. We shall be working through every chakra that each of you embody and your planet embodies, as each level of energy is integrated into your energy fields, we will be able to assist you in bringing into light those energy centres that were transported into a dormant stage as a result of whatever your personal choices and experiences amounted to.

Beloved ones, at this time, it is important for all of you to acknowledge how far it is that you have come on your journey. It is very important for you to acknowledge what a vital aspect of life you are, and how everything that you think, everything that you do and everything that you say influences the world within you are around you. Therefore the need for discernment is one of the most important tools for you to utilise as the earth goes through her many changes and with every new level of energy you are presented with, the need for discernment will increase. I will tell you why, but it is vital, beloved ones, absolutely vital that you take the words we share with you now and see them as simply an explanation as to why you need to do this, rather than seeing it as something you need to fear.

As your light increases in frequency, you become “louder”. Your vibration increases in sound. The light you emanate creates a sound. Every cell vibrating from a higher level of consciousness, a higher level of integrated awareness and wisdom emanates a very pure sound. That sound is recognised by others of similar and higher frequency. However there are times where those who have not embraced the full qualities of light and love are able to tune into those frequencies and will challenge that truth, or will step into your path and tempt you to join their force. This is sometimes done unconsciously; this is what we refer to as twilight workers.

These are ones who believe they are working for the light, but have in fact formed an allegiance with the dark brotherhood. The way that one can recognise these ones is through the amount of lower ego present in their activity. This ego aspect may present itself in the form of jealousy, judgement, or gossiping, it may come in the form of excessive glamour, criticism of others who are on the same path or others who have not achieved their perceived level of consciousness but who still seeks light and truth. Be extremely wary of such people. This is where your discernment is so important. Bless them in love and simply release them. When you know what your truth is, when you feel beyond a shadow of a doubt what your truth is, you will know instinctively when you are being tempted or taunted by such a force of energy.

You see, discernment is also very important because a number of you, in fact all of you are not limited to serving simply on the physical path of awakening, you are very active in your light bodies. There have been times where we have had to do rescue work on you, where your energy has been caught up in a kind of vortex or worm hole which sucks your energy in and can leave you physically disorientated, ungrounded and disconnected form your life, from spirit, form the world aground you. This usually happens when you have not protected yourself or you have not used discernment in some area of your life and physical people can trigger such a process, which continues in the light body.

So beloved ones, as we hold each of you in the emerald green mantle of Lord Hilarion, we support each of you to bring into full manifestation the power and the light of what your heart and your higher self desire for you. Your master manifestor self has been fully activated. The imprints of unlimited consciousness have been resuscitated. Your quantum self is reawakening. You are a part of the life support system, therefore if you wish to bring that aspect of yourself into full life you need to ensure that there is sufficient life force to feed it. That life force is a pure quality of energy - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Spirituality has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Spirituality is honouring the spirit within you that animates you, the spirit within everything that animates everything, the force, the presence, the life that is

within everything, seen and unseen. So living a spiritual life is about being aware, being conscious and connected to every other aspect of spirit. The divine presence of spirit. The one that motivates you and inspires you, the one that moves through you when your heart surges with empathy and compassion and in that moment your entire being opens unconditionally to assist another. That is one of the moments that you experience the power of spirit. Your spirit, which is a reflection of the spirit of all that is.

Therefore we acknowledge the spirit within you and we bless you with absolutely everything you require to bring yourself into full manifestation’s the divine quality represented by or representative of the Divine Essence of Mother/Father God. May this be the sheath of power that merges with your emerging themes and may this be the methods of quantum energy communication you learn to communicate through, to utilise in order to experience what it is to be a master manifestor of truth rather that illusion. Your journey into the world of what lies beneath, beloved ones, will reveal the limitations. It will reveal the fears that paralyse you, the belief systems that manifest as self-sabotage. Keep your mind open, keep your heart open and hold the intent that through the love and facilitation of Mother/Father God you will successfully remove every trapping that inhibits your progress. You must trust it will be so, for I do.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of love and wisdom and I greet, bless and love you. Adonai


7th Dimension Initiation

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 15 April 2005

To find out more about Michelle and The Lightweaver please visit

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring unto each of you the blessings of healing, of integration, the blessings of realization and expanded awareness, greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each one of you upon this day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ, and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones as we prepare the energy for Commander Ashtar to step forward and deliver his message to you today, we ask you to close your eyes and focus your attention on your third eye chakra. Imagine this chakra to be an eye, which sees within and without, its vision extending beyond any mental limitation. Imagine the vision of your inner eye penetrating all levels of density, and in so doing revealing to you all truth you require. Today Commander Ashtar will facilitate the remainder of the activation of the third eye chakra. And it is through this particular chakra, that you will begin to develop your quantum consciousness the most intensely. By this we mean you will draw the energy in at an accelerated rate through this chakra.

Become conscious of how you breathe and be sure to fill your lungs and to exhale deeply, releasing, surrendering and relaxing. Fill your body with oxygen every time you breathe in and set the intention with every exhalation to release what you no longer need within your consciousness. Set the intention that your mental body is brought into perfect alignment with the God Mind. Now begin imagining your body filling up with a powerful golden light. With each in breath your body becomes fuller, more relaxed, more centered, and more alive as a result of the integration of the golden energy. As you do this, I shall take my leave for now, and Commander Ashtar shall come forward to continue. Please continue with your deep breathing, keeping your eyes closed for now. Adonai.


I am Ashtar, Commander of the fleet of Sananda. Greetings and welcome.

We have allocated this time to be with you today to show you how the world you have inhabited for a number of cycles absolutely can now move into the 7th dimension of quantum consciousness. You are catalysts in the movement of this information, bringing it to the layman and into the lay world of consciousness. The scientists of the world of quantum physics are not responsible for awakening the Spirit within Science. This is your responsibility. It is part of the contract you brought into activation at the time you chose to move into a physical body and experience a time in the current time line that you involve your energy with.

This particular cycle has activated many layers of consciousness and memories of the past that people consider to be of a past time line. This means activity beyond your ability to imagine will take place in a more conscious aspect of experience, far more sightings will be documented, far more interaction with consciousnesses of another world will become documented in many, many places. People will not be able to deny the existence of other worlds any longer.

The emergence of quantum energy in this manner is ensuring that the connection between these worlds does not become a disconnection resulting in a lot of consciousness of the planet earth's world moving away, not ever to be re connected again. The fleet I am Commander of is also commanded by Lord Sananda and It is under his auspices and guidance that all of you have come together today. It is here and now, in this current moment that you stand awakening your 7th dimensional vision, bringing it into the 3rd dimensional world, and now you must take up your role as a quantum channel of a new velocity of energy.

Your personal awakening process will now increase by a minimum of 67%, this means over the next 5 years you will experience 15 years worth of awakening and integration of these higher levels of energy. I have been monitoring your energy levels for the past 9 months, and I am quite satisfied to observe that your energy can certainly withstand these higher frequencies. However it is imperative that you apply the laws of quantum mechanics to ensure that your bodies can maintain these higher levels, not only your physical body, but your mind as well. Your mind will challenge the new belief systems you have chosen to integrate as a result of your choice to be here today, however you have been through sufficient training, you have been through enough challenge and initiation to prepare you at this time to responsibly embrace what we the Universal Federation of Galactic Re-organization present to you.

All of you have spent time within my command, you have a taken place on the ship that houses the Ashtar Command. Over the past 9 months you would have spent time with us in order to receive your training in preparation for what you are bringing forth into the world. Quantum knowledge is the core of moving into the Golden Age. Reactivating the quantum code in every chakra of your body is imperative for your survival as a conscious being. You can easily continue to exist as a relatively unconscious being, playing the same game one incarnation after the next, but this is not the game you have chosen to play. I do not often make my presence available in this manner, therefore, listen very carefully and ensure that you take the time required to accommodate your personal process of accelerated growth and awakening.

The next time I will make my energy as felt as this will be toward the end of your current year 2005 where I shall manifest my light ship into 5th dimension over Egypt and with the assistance of approximately 250 000 Archangelic Beings, who have worked in collaboration with the Ashtar Command for thousands of cycles, the dome that has kept consciousness at lower vibrations will be shattered. It is through that particular vortex of energy that you will feel the surge of quantum electrical consciousness move you into a new state of being. This state of being is certainly not something to be taken lightly for it will insist that you be conscious and aware of every moment and what you invest your energy in, what you invest your thoughts and your activity in.

The time of turning away from your personal journey and what ever has caused limitation, no longer exists in your reality, and I suggest you heed this. If there is any part of you that feels to you that is not up to this particular responsibility to take complete responsibility for your life then I suggest that you stop reading right now. I say this not with arrogance but rather with sincerity, for if you choose not to be an active participant in what you have created, the quantum forces of energy forces moving through your body will make your existence extremely difficult, for everything that your lower ego chooses to indulge in will be amplified in your life and you will live out the existence your ego has created. Therefore imagine the existence of limitation and illusion that you have been a part of for the past however many years you have been on earth, being amplified 67% in intensity to what you experience now, that will be your reality. Therefore every fear and negative energy that you choose to be a part of will consume you. Therefore I trust you understand why I say this. It is ensuring that you focus your energy on the positive NOT the negative. Please decide now what you would like to do and then continue.

This role that you have taken on to step into the world of quantum energy is the catalyst for bringing this current wave of ascension into its full centered rooted-ness. The entire foundation of consciousness that your world has been motivated by up till now is being shattered. Government and business are already being infiltrated by Lightworkers, shifting the boundaries that have been created by the ones of corrupt mind and spirit to ensure that every new world of golden consciousness have its roots seeded within the systems that influence society the most. This includes the medical fraternity, politics, finance, military, and education. For many cycles you have been controlled and brain washed by these systems. Your body has been deactivated by chemicals and synthetic fibers and implants placed within certain medications, which have been projected into your society under the disguise of being something that will bring wellness to your body. Not all medicines fall within this category. The most commonly available medications are the ones that hold this, that create the downward spiral of your consciousness and energy, the same has happened in the food stuffs that you take into your body. I do believe Lord El Morya has discussed this in detail. However, for those of you who were not present, it is vital that you know that this is what is being done, this is how internal government has collaborated with other systems of consciousness that focus specifically on the creation of limitation and fear, that thrive on your negativity and your fear, to ensure that you remain “dense”.

Therefore if you continue to remain in your complacency, to without question accept what is projected towards you, your body will not be able to hold frequencies of 7th dimension. Because you are catalysts in this area it is essential that you take responsibility for every area of your life. Exercise is vital to keep the flow of this energy moving through your body and those of you who are not really orientated to such physical activity will find that a degree of physical activity will become necessary in order to process this high current

through all your chakras and through all your bodies. Your 7th dimensional third eye chakra that we activate today, is not only that of your inner vision, it is also the 3rd chakra of your 7th dimensional body that lifts you directly to the central command station of the Ashtar Command and Lord Sananda. These chakras run from your 3rd eye. There is one between your 3rd eye and your crown chakra and the 7th dimensional crown chakra also begins its stirrings to draw in more and more of that energy.

Some of you are required to take this to other parts of the globe, to plant these seeds. Simply by placing your body on the earth the energy will be filtered through you and the current will be activated. The animal kingdom and nature kingdoms will respond to this seeding and will create energy webs to support your journey. The physical body may take strain as a result of this highly condensed and what we at this stage can call sophisticated frequency of energy you have chosen to integrate. It will also manifest in intense desires to experience more of Spirit and to understand the intricacies of Spirit that move through you, that work through you, and that have created the world that you have come to accept.

Each of you will be projected into a chamber of light. This chamber is maintained with crystal energy, one of the purest vibrations currently penetrating the third dimensional world and having a physical form simultaneously. The mineral world will be a very powerful facilitator of this integration of energy for the duration of this initiation, which shall only come into a level of completion within 6 months of the onset of this initiation. This is when you will have received your full training from a number of the members of the Ashtar Command mainly Commander Monka, I Commander Ashtar, Commander Andromeda Rex, Commander Hathor, not the one of Egyptian origin.

These Commanders form the grid that will hold your consciousness together as a group of Planetary Lightworkers, for not only do you work as individuals, you are a collective cell of consciousness which we are feeding new quantum energy into. You have been prepared for a level of quantum energy already, which a number of the Lords have spoken to you about over the past few weeks. Now you step into the 7th level of 7th dimensional quantum consciousness and you are seeded with the mechanism that will keep those areas within your consciousness and physical brain open to receive transmission.

You need to now take your mind beyond the constructed limitations of your conditioning. Project your imagination into the future and imagine yourself serving, teaching, and illuminating and in so doing moving into much higher realms of conscious activity. This will show you what you are now preparing for. Connecting with even just an aspect of this is very important for the Commanders I have introduced to you will code the grid with all this information, and will ensure that your training programs include everything you need to ensure you attain the highest level of what you tap into today.

You as individuals will become more and more conscious of our activity. You are also helping us deactivate two particular portholes that have been kept active in the greater Johannesburg area. These portholes have very recently been reactivated and before they can do any serious damage, we will shut them down. However there needed to be sufficient conscious physically incarnated people connected to the conscious realm Light to ensure permanent disabling of these gateways. This disabling process will extend outward to all similar portals currently active within all major cities worldwide. These portals are being used by a force coming from the constellation of DRACO, which we shall now shut down once and for all. It does not matter if you do not understand what I speak about, you will begin to get the gist of what is going on beyond your perceived world as you tap into the deeper levels of that quantum reality. You have until now imagined it to be supernatural, a Sci-Fi movie.

Let us continue with the initiation and activation process. Therefore, where do you wish to focus your energy? In what direction do you at this current moment feel inspired to move in? Be very clear in your intention, as I said even if it is just a fiber of what the greater picture is, be clear that it is what you would like to integrate, for this is the point you will build from. I need you to willingly and consciously express this truth to the Commanders present here with all of us. Take your time, and when you are ready begin to tell us what you have chosen.

In order for you to bring this into being and to raise your awareness more fully into quantum consciousness you are required to be aware of the self, to actively and consciously strive to find your authentic identity. This means dropping everything that you have adopted and accepted as your current identity. This means the conditioning, the programming, the brain washing, the expectations, the demands, social demands, and economic demands and finding the central still point that reveals everything that you are not, and everything that you are in the process of becoming. In the quantum world you are never finished becoming, you are always becoming more of you, for it is the world of possibilities, of everything able to become something. You

must decide what you wish to become, what you wish to be rid of, and do it. I remind you - What do you want to focus your energy on, what must the Commanders focus on with you? To manifest clarity with your focus, focus on the here and now. The quantum energy you have drawn into your space will certainly accelerate whatever you are trying to attract and bring into focus. Approximately six weeks is all you need and you will feel the direction you are magnetically being drawn in.

Some of you might feel you want to connect with us on a daily basis. This is easily done simply by visualizing yourself stepping into a golden chamber. Imagine the doors of the chamber closing and at that moment you travel along a system of light, which draws you sideways into the quantum world of our fleet. We will meet with you in this chamber the moment your energy enters our world.

If you find your being exposed to environments, like a work place for instance that contains a vast amount of “dark”, negative and dense energy, and you are struggling to hold onto your light within these systems, remind yourself that you are being used as a vessel to bring quantum energy into that structure. Darkness needs to be dismantled from the very core of the atoms that keep its vibration together. There are already many levels, sub-atomically speaking, that have been dismantled. That is why the structures on certain levels are being separated, and pushed in certain directions. You need not concern yourself about how the structures will be recreated, for this will be automatically be supported, just focus on the vessel you are and leave the rests up to us. Go into this space with an intention every day, one that empowers you, focusing on this intention will protect you.

Beloved Lightworkers, I must now take my leave. Master Kuthumi will continue. I will continue to feed your energy from 7th dimension for the duration of this particular frequency initiation. Namaste.


I am Kuthumi and I return at this point to help you gather yourself back together again. (laughter). We are aware of Commander Ashtar’s whirlwind energy (laughter) he blew your skirts up, yes? (more laughter), perhaps then your hair back.

Beloved ones, the message that Commander Ashtar has brought to each of you today may seem a little surreal at this time, however, it is important to surrender to the inner teacher that resides within you. This inner tutor, the teacher of all truth within you is your intuition. Forming an alliance with this messenger of immense light will be of great value to you. Trust is a very important skill to master in the ascension program.

Commander Ashtar mentioned that the foundation upon which all life has been built upon from the illusionary world, has been shattered and will continue to shatter for those who have moved out of it, because you are now recreating the true world of light that you come from, within a physical experience. This is not to say that your other experiences are not of a physical nature, however they are not the nature that you have associated with right now. The movement to awakening is truly speeding up beloved ones, to the degree that the religious communities are noticing how their flock is diminishing. People have responded to their inner sense, the sense is motivating them into a new direction. A direction to discover what truly is truth. I have said many times before that your truth will always change. You are growing therefore it is inevitable. Truth only stays the same in an experience of stagnation.

Over the past few weeks your truth has begun to change as a result of your exposure to the quantum world. You have been introduced to a world that a few years ago most of you would not even have considered a possibility. Quantum physics, quantum energy, quantum psychology and quantum mechanics may have been words many of you had only heard of a few months ago. The fact that you are where you are should be sufficient proof for you that you can trust in yourself, and that you can trust you inner teacher to guide you in the direction of your true path. Each and every single one of you has chosen the perfect way to reach this particular destination. You acknowledged the signs along the way that have brought you to where you are today, therefore you can trust that you will recognize every sign on the journey before you, that will take you to yet another level of liberation, integration, and expanded awareness. This is a built in mechanism within you.

Trust is what will help you to confidently recreate the foundation upon which your new life is being created. This will give you a whole new level of power. This will help you to see how much free will you have not had access to. For many free will has been limited to a simple choice of you will or you wont, you can or you can’t, yes or no, black or white. In the new world you have created and manifested for yourself, you begin to see that now your free will goes further, now you choose the quality of energy that you wish to quantum-ly

draw into your space, into your mind, and into your body, as well as the energy that will maintain the balance within your chakras and the energy of your body, as well as your psychology. You will begin to see that with your wisdom and the consciousness you have access to how limited free will has been up until this point. And you beloved ones will be the ones that will introduce to every one else the next level of free will. Society is not truly free. Therefore every level of consciousness can only use free will according to the amount of free consciousness, or liberated consciousness there is in that realm of experience.

You are currently experiencing a number of dimensions simultaneously, which is to your advantage and benefit. Experiencing life in this manner will present you with unlimited answers and more questions. You will find the answers to those questions and the questions that other people ask, you will have the answer to too, because you have walked that road. Therefore you draw upon your field experience, you lead by example, walking your talk, practicing what you are preaching.

The last time humanity had access to this level of energy collectively was in Atlantis. You all know what happened in Atlantis. The doors to those worlds where reactivated in Egypt, sadly, the lesson had not been learned and there were ones who tapped into the other worlds beyond the physical experience that was perceived at that time and began to tip the scales again. That was when Moses closed down those energy portholes. They had been sealed until very recently. As these vortices become alive again, and as each of you tap into the truth of your inner consciousness, you will find that all along you have understood the Laws of Life but you did not know how to apply it. The Ten Commandments will be put into perspective and you will understand that the Earthly Laws and the Universal Laws are in fact very similar. They may vary in intensity and vibration but they are applicable to the dimensions of their consciousness and related experience.

We are aware that some of you have been struggling with some discomfort within and around the area of your third eye chakra for a few days now. Perhaps it makes sense to why you have been experiencing this. It is also important that you keep yourself out of environments or spaces that have a very dense or intense energy. It is important for you to contain your energy during this period so that you can integrate the process and complete it. This will be a very rapid integration. Integration does not take months or years anymore. But your body needs to be held and supported during the process.

In closing beloved ones we suggest that you take some time and invest it in studying quantum material. By reading the information you will understand that for a very long time you have sensed what quantum physicists’ are now proving as truth. This will add a level of authentication to what you are doing. It will in a manner of speaking ground your healing and spiritual work in the earthly realms. This will help you to manifest a lot easier. It has been extremely challenging for many light workers over the last few years to manifest finance, balanced relationships, and to manifest their needs as met. But you have over come many of those challenges. You have been through the intense aspects of those initiations and your reward is the quantum knowledge and the quantum teachings. This will reveal to you the debilitating aspects of yourself that attract denser vibrations, which keep you locked in limited experiences, regardless of its nature.

I am full of joy at the thought of where you are all heading, how you will come to discover more of yourself, and what you will do with more of you. God help me! (laughter). You are truly honorable candidates of the Light and it is vital that you acknowledge the effort you have put into your life, into your work, into your ascension process and the levels of ascension you have already achieved.

And so it is then beloved ones that we continue to support you, to serve and walk with you, and assist you in manifesting every level of energy in every aspect of your life in order to bring into full being your full being, and in so doing supporting the manifestation of the full Being of Light that your collective consciousness is capable of manifesting. This initiation is one that will reveal to you the value of being true to yourself, it will reveal to you the importance of trust. It is through practicing trust that you will be able to be true to yourself. These actions will manifest very different experiences in your life. You will see how rapidly destructive patterns simply fall away. You will also begin to notice that with your commitment to release yourself from the conditioning of the past world, how easily you adapt to the new energy and how easily you move into change. For some of you this may already be happening. You may notice that suddenly you are not reacting the way you did in the past. You may notice that your perceptions are of a higher vibration, that your need to judge, criticize and to reject is no longer there, or perhaps it is not in the intensity it used to be. The subtlety of the changes are as important as the big changes, for it is all the little things that you change that make the big difference.

Reflect on where you have been and how far you have come. This will show you all the subtle changes that have made the big change. It is very easy to focus on ones failures and to focus on shortcomings, weaknesses, and betrayals. Now it is time to focus on the other side of the coin, the coin that reveals the quantum world to you in a whole new way. I have said before you are masters of illusion, you have mastered that world, you have learned and experienced negativity, limitation, and destruction and you have seen very clearly what it can do. You have felt what it is like. It is now your time, and your Divine Right to experience the other world. You have the freedom to choose this now.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.


7th Dimension Initiation

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 22 April 2005

To find out more about Michelle and The Lightweaver please visit

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom, to greet you at this time and to bring

blessings of laughter, of renewed energy, balance and silence. Greetings beloved ones. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you all firmly within the heart of Christ, and securely upon the hands of God.

As we prepare this energy for Lord Merlin to deliver his message, we ask that each of you take a moment to step into the silence of your inner being, and in so doing aligning your consciousness with the higher aspects of your fully mastered self as well as the full and total light of Lord Merlin. Align yourself with all the kingdoms of light, through your Chakra system. We support each of you in keeping yourself grounded upon the earth plane as Lord Merlin takes your energy on a journey through the quantum realms of consciousness, activating your crown chakra within the quantum realms of consciousness, and further supporting the opening of deeper levels of integrated consciousness relating to the new world of light.

I shall now take my leave and make way for Lord Merlin to step forward. Blessings and Adonai.


I am Merlin, …Master Magician, …And Wise Wizard.


Our collaboration this morning is in itself cause for great celebration, for your choice to be here in this manner serves a much greater purpose. A purpose that takes your consciousness beyond the realms of what you have come to accept as a reality.

Long, long ago in a land that you have forgotten, the world of Wizards and Witches, Magic, Miracles and Manifestation existed. This existence was a true experience of life in all its forms, every form of life sharing its energy. The ability to share such energy was possible because each kingdom was conscious of the extent of its power, and how far it could in fact reach. Reaching beyond the barriers of limitation is an initiation in itself, one that all of you absolutely must complete. The completion of such an activation and integration of knowledge and consciousness is vitally essential for your personal ascension program, and for the collective consciousness to make its journey into the world of unlimited consciousness.

The world about you is teeming with life, life that you pay little or no attention to. This denial and ignorance is what has lead to the sad state your planet is currently in. It is up to us, the Grant Masters of Universal Order, of realignment and reintegration of consciousness to assist ones like you, to ensure that all comes into the state of balance again.

The very first step in understanding magic is to realise that it is a part of you. It is an ingrained skill in each and every single one of you. You have mastered this skill on many occasions. To remember it, is entirely your responsibility.

The ability to respond to the many forms of life are what will take you on this deep journey into the world within you, and the world within the worlds that you are a part of.

Being a Master Magician is not about knowing when and how to say “abracadabra”. It is knowing when and how to tap into the sub-atomic particles of the world around you. The macrocosm and the microcosm have a united force of energy, it is of course vital to be able to utilise similar influxes and refluxes of energy within

the other kingdoms, and along with the other kingdoms that share your living space with you. Therefore you need to acquaint yourself with the nature kingdom.

One of your greatest allies is Lord of the nature kingdom, Pan. He is an important part of you. He understands exactly what you need to do in order to understand the very aspects of your personal nature. That nature is what stimulates the alchemist within you. This means that you develop a whole new respect for the world that you share life with. Respect is something sorely lacking within your world as well.

There was a time where human beings honoured one another’s word. It was very easy to create life, because you understood the implications of every gram of energy you created through your thoughts and through your words.

There was no such thing as disrespecting someone whom you had made an agreement with. Disrespect in the form of not being clear in your communications. Disrespect in not honouring the times you agreed to join together in celebration of ceremony and arriving late or not at all. Disrespect of not honouring the space you share with the other kingdoms. This disrespect is evident in everything that you do on a daily basis, and I have already said that this is what has lead to your earth being in the sorry state it is in.

By building a relationship with nature, you will see that everything enfolds in perfect and divine time. Every season comes precisely at the time it must. Every flower blossoms in accordance with the Divine Plan of everything that has been created around it.

Now the way nature works is in fact in accordance with the quantum energy that you have forgotten about. Bringing nature into your system, in every way that you can imagine, will certainly begin to turn the tide for you.

The tide has already begun to shift for mother earth. The poles are shifting, and at this stage there is no reversing what humanity has already done. The impact of such changes are being worked with, and with the amount of dedication and focus currently being created by ones such as yourself, the impact of these changes will certainly be less dramatic. However, there are consequences to the actions of humanity and you are the ones left holding the ‘baby’ so to speak.

The practice of Witchcraft or Wizardry, Magic or Miracles, whichever way you wish to associate with it, is important in a sense that it be seen, not as a glamorous affair, but rather as a vital part in developing as a human soul, as well as a vital part in developing as a Spiritual Being.

You have heard countless times how important it is to learn more about yourself. But, how much can you know about yourself, if you don’t know sufficient about the world you inhabit - every single microcosm within you as the macrocosm. You will not get very far, choosing to remain ignorant to the other worlds that share life with you.

Some of the races inhabiting the earth before you were very much aware of the importance of honouring the other forms of life. The Native American Indian people were very good at this, and you should take heed of their messages, for they have much to teach you. Absolutely everything they took from the earth, they gave thanks for, and they always gave something in return. Sometimes it was something as simple as a prayer of gratitude. This is where the Catholic practice of saying grace, originated from. God help the Catholics, for they know not that their ceremony stems from very many of the cultures they reject so vehemently! (laughter) And, I do hope all of you are beginning to recognize that much of what you reject, not particularly out of deliberate rejection, but out of your conditioning can come to be a part of you, and that these ceremonies have become a celebrated part of your life.

Ceremony is the ritual of giving thanks - the ritual of honouring and acknowledging. You still practice many rituals today, but a great number of them have been forgotten. When a couple choose to come together in union, you have a ceremony and ritual of marriage. When a child is born, you have a ceremony which is often called, christening, but in fact is a naming ceremony, welcoming the new soul onto the earth plane. When a person decides to leave their body and to move on to the other side, you have another ceremony, a ritual, which wishes them well on their way, you it call a funeral, even though most of the time is spent on mourning, rather than celebrating the life that was left behind. But, in time that too will change. Your memories simply need to be jogged a little, to remind you of what you have forgotten.

I tell you of this, because it is a vital part of what you need to bring back into your consciousness, in order to take this energy to its next level – in order for you to fully activate your crown chakra. This chakra is one of the most important systems of energy, within the systems of energy that make up who you are as a human. Your crown chakra is like the earth element of your base chakra. It “earths” you to the heavens.

Balance, is the key to everything. And, if you are only earthed in the material world, and disconnected spiritually, you cannot manifest balance in your life. If you are focussed only on the material and the physical world, you are missing out on a whole other world, a whole other experience of life, and that is primarily the experience that humanity has manifested for it self to date. I do not deliver this message in judgement or criticism. It is simply facts I state. You are also to a degree responsible for bringing into balance that which was thrown out of balance, when the balanced systems came into denial.

Now, let me tell all of you here that you were certainly a part of the original times of the Pagan practice of ceremony - Wicca, Wizardry and many other forms of alchemy. During the dark ages, all of you experienced traumatic abuse as a result of what you believed and how you practiced it. Over the past 24 days, you have all been through the process of releasing many levels of those memory imprints. This will continue for a few more days, and this is part of the preparation and the completion of your initiation today. Knowing what you are supposed to remember will be immensely supportive to your process. This is actually a project aimed at reminding the inner child of his or her power. Your inner child is in fact the most powerful aspect you have within you right now. It is so powerful because it can either inhibit you progress from this day forward, or it can completely open the doors to the future and show you the world I, Merlin am presenting to you today.

Your conditioning, the abuses, the traumas, and the tragedies you have experienced, lurk deep within the wounds of your inner child. Those wounds are not necessary limited to your current incarnation, but come from many past incarnations, and of course you have the genetic imprint of your ancestors who have been through similar experiences. Not to mention you being your own ancestors, therefore carrying forth your own genetics! So there are many layers and levels of work to be done. It has already been initiated and some of you may be very aware of your body going through the changes. Some of you will notice physically your body begins to release many layers and levels of that past trauma. Others of you may find yourselves on an emotional roller coaster at the moment, and others may find your mind sorely tortured right now. It will all end, this I can guarantee you. Either it will end in another level of ignorance or it will end in you choosing to take up another level of power and move beyond the ignorance you’re leaving behind. It’s all your choice. We could call it "Program Free Will-y"! (laughter)

To be an alchemist means being able to laugh at all aspects of life, not because it is simply funny, but because it brings an awareness regarding the densities of past ignorance. You are all very clear about what density and ignorance can do. Now it is your turn to show the world what conscious activation of knowledge and power can do to the world.

The very first thing I, Merlin will complete with all of you before I take you to the next level of your initiation, is to deactivate the fear cell in your crown chakra that often pushes the pause button for a number of you when it comes to having a taste of power - your own power. Because you have witnessed such abuse of power in the past, and you have seen the tragedies of abusive power, you have numbed yourself off as a defence. There is no need to defend your self anymore. Now is the time to ascend. The ascension program requires full power; all turbo’s on please!

Power is Sacred Energy and it exists within everything - the power of nature, the power of love, and the power of hatred. You have witnessed all of these in full force. You are made up of the same elements of your world; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound, Light and Ether. You are exactly the same; in fact your entire chakra system resonates to those elements. To be disconnected from nature means you are disconnected from the entire chakra system of your body, which means that as long as you have seven odd orifices in your body you will not be able to create the magic you desire. As long as you choose to deny the other worlds of life you will never know the extent of your power.

You are ambassadors. Part of your incarnations’ responsibility is to bring all of this into a state of balance, beginning with your personal life. Practising absolutely everything that you preach. Being a Master Magician or Wise Wizard has certainly been no easy ride. To reach the level I have attained, there are many initiations to be completed and I am not here today to blow my own horn. I am here today to ensure that every single one of you walk away from here with the realisation that if you do not put certain steps into practice, you will continue to ride the wave of Karma. Which means you will continue to incarnate over and over and over again. Not as a Boghidishatva, but as a soul trying to master himself or herself.

Over the next 12 days, I am holding you within quantum nature consciousness. During this period I will work in deactivating your fear cell related to the utilization of your power. During this time I require that you to spend time in nature, or at least bring nature into your world - your home, where you work, every place that you occupy, but you have to do it with deliberate consciousness, with intention, and with ceremony. Buying a bunch of flowers on the street corner will not be enough.

You need to formulate a connection with every aspect of nature you choose to bring into your space, or every aspect of nature you choose to be a part of in her space. Part of the nature kingdom, is the animal kingdom. They too are a vital part in the ascension program. In your journey of waking up to what the truth is - how many of you know the truth about the animal kingdom? - How many of you understand the levels of consciousness within the animal kingdom? – How they think, how they feel, how they communicate with one another? – How they communicate with human beings? Have you taken the time to get to know how these creatures function? Well, they certainly outsmarted the human beings when they got to safety and the humans didn’t when the floods came (referring to Indonesian Tsunami) Do you see how much you have to learn from nature, from the animal kingdom? The mineral kingdom is utilized in your modern technology. In fact, human beings - you will not get very far without the nature kingdom – without the animal, or the mineral kingdom, or the many other kingdoms you do not even know exist, which are microscopic in size, that play a role in your life.

You see, human nature has become so caught up in the dramatics of human life – like surviving, which is quite understandable, based on what your conditioning has been. However, there is no excuse for continuing such behaviour, especially when an alternative has been presented.

You can ask anyone of my students; the lessons I deliver are certainly not a recipe with an incantation, that you will use and dance around a log fire at the full moon and expect bags of gold to manifest, or expect that all you woes and troubles will disappear into thin air. That is very far from what magic is about. In fact, that kind of magic is disrespectful of what magic truly is all about. So, let me tell you now, I am debunking all the other forms of magic that you have come to believe are in fact magic – all it is, is simply playing with and creating varieties of illusions. It has got nothing to do with the true essence of magic.

The true magic is in the union of energy, of light, of sound, and of souls from all the worlds that exist and create a true miracle. Magic is what moves people to do something in a whole new way. Miracles and magic are one and the same thing.

If it is your desire to have me as your teacher and your guide, I will step into your energy field for a period of 27 months. During this time I will teach you everything you need to know in order to bring you into your level as a Master Magician. Before you say, "yes please, me!" – these are the terms and conditions: hehehe!

· I do not under any circumstances tolerate excuses for not applying your inherent power.

· I will not tolerate any excuses for you not utilizing your ability to choose what is right for you.

· To step into such a training program requires that you be willing to invest time and energy in learning about the other kingdoms - how they benefit you and what your impact on their world is. Therefore in your home you will have to look at absolutely everything that could be detrimental to nature.

· You have to look at your belief systems.

· You have to look at what goes through you mind on a regular basis, and how that energy is not only depleting your own energy systems, but also how it depletes the energy in nature, because you are surrounded by a field of energy, invisible to your eyes, and everything that touches those fibres of energy is transported along the greater network. If the majority of the energy being projected along the network is of a negative or low vibration, it brings down everything in its surroundings. This has being proven on many occasions with various experiments.

· This also means that there will be no excuse for not doing as you say, (meaning what you say).

· Creating a space that reflects what you are working toward is required. If you are working toward becoming

a fully enlightened sacred co-creator, then your space; your home space, and your workspace needs

to reflect that. I will get to why very shortly. Honour it. All the kingdoms you are a part of are also vital.

· Part of this program requires that you get to know the calendar of the various sacred days, and acknowledge those days. You are also to create personal sacred days, where you devote some time

– (we are not asking for the full 24 hours) – but some time to give thanks, to celebrate, to integrate, and to co-create, in order to bring your life into balance.

Turning your power onto turbo does not mean living life at top speed. It means tapping into the fullness of that power within you, but living your life in a balanced manner.

Those of you who choose to have me as your teacher – I will teach you the power of balance. I will show you through guidance and instruction how to create a perfect and harmonious dynamic with all the worlds around you.

For your energy to thrive, you need the nature in animal and mineral kingdom to be a part of it. You need to be able to connect with the earth, and with water. You need to be able to tap into the energy of fire and of air. Without air, you wont live for very long. Neither will you without water.

I am trying to stir up in each of you the important recognition of respecting all life that you are a part of. Every person has been at the receiving end of some atrocious experience. There is not one of you who have not been through some trauma or shock or abuse. But what the hell, there is still so much life to live! What about the magic? What about manifesting miracles?

Why must you waste your vital life force on what happened in the past? You have been conditioned to wallow in the quagmire of your past. You can make your life the magical place your inner child dreams of. That fantasy world does exist. But, the cynical aspect of you needs to give you room to create it. The only reason why animals in nature (wild animals) become distressed, or diseased, or depressed is because the impact of the energy on their environment is what draws their energy down. Domestic animals are affected even more than what wild animals are, because they interact more frequently with the two-legged species. Now the four-legged and the feathery two legged types can teach the smooth two-legged types (some a little more hairy than others), how to rekindle the magic. (laughter)

Have you ever thought about how shamans shape-shift? Have you ever thought about how witches and wizards can make themselves invisible, or teleport them selves? Have you ever truly given it any thought, or has it just been a fantasy or part of the magic parcel? Shamans have a unique relationship with nature, especially the animal kingdom. A Shape-shifter can take on the form of an animal, because with that animals permission they have collectively been able to tap into the quantum energy that exists within and around all you, raising their energy to a vibration that allows the density of one of the forms to change and become one with the other. Remember, everything in the world you see as your world, is an illusion. A Master Magician and Shaman, knows how to manipulate these energies, combine them and manifest them in any shape or form they desire.

When a Master, or an Angel, or a Fairy creates a form, it is utilizing the frequency that exists within that particular dimension, and they are able to manifest a form. The higher you vibrate the easier it becomes to change your form (thought forms included). Therefore to be a fully mastered, high being, at one with the light you need to be in alignment with everything within the light.

Initiations are Sacred Blessings. Being given a teaching such as today is a very sacred time. You are all taking the opportunity to gather together, to share space, to interact in an energy field, and to grow from what that energy field presents. So what would you like to benefit your world with, and what would you like to benefit from in your world? If you would like to still be a part of my training program, I will give you the opportunity to put into words exactly how you intend supporting all the aspects of life that you share life with, and how you would like to benefit from it. Now, think carefully about what you are going to say, because it is taken literally, - so that when whatever you have intended comes your way, you do not stand, fluttering around in a circle wondering what on earth has hit you, and saying "where did that come from?!"

You are now using the power of magic. You are using your power to choose. You are using that will that exists within you, that is a part of your power to will a way into your future.

You are to choose a day, where you will devote some time in ceremony to bid your past farewell. Yes, Trauma! Shock! Abuse! – Is stored within the body, but the mind feeds on what is stored within the body, and your thoughts can either perpetuate a negative process or it can get it the hell out of there.

Use your power to choose. By choosing power-fully you can decide, in fact determine the direction of your future. Since 23 March 2005, your energies have begun to weave into the seventh dimension. You are now drawing your consciousness through that point of energy. Those of you that were in fifth dimension have moved into 7D. Your chakras are still coming into 7D, but you are tapping into that quantum energy field more consciously, therefore you need to think quantumly. You need to feel quantumly. You need to understand the mechanics of the quantum world you are a part of.

I would like to suggest to all of you here who have not as yet seen a film called "The Matrix", to do yourself a favour and to spend some time watching it the first one specifically. This will give you a very clear indication as to what you have been exposed to, and where you are going. It is done very colourfully, (obviously Hollywood style), but you will get the gist of what I am trying to tell you today. Very often moving out of the old world (moving out of the program so to speak) can be far more disconcerting than the thought of being free, and being able to create whatever you choose, even though you are doing it already based on your program.

But now, hoping not to confuse you anymore, let us get back to the task at hand. When you are ready, you are to first of all state your wish of whether you would like to be a part of the program for the next 27 months or not. If you don’t, just say so. Share with us what it is you wish to contribute to your environment, and what it is you require from your environment, in order to support the program. Take your time and prepare properly and then proceed when you are ready.

Patience is a very important part of any process of remembering. The amnesia that all of you have been exposed to (to one degree or another) will take time to disappear totally. You have had some severe conditioning regarding your personal capabilities. Saying goodbye to the past will be a great feather in your cap. I suggest that in your ceremony; you end your ceremony by calling back all the powerful aspects of yourself that became fragmented as a result of every single affirmation you were exposed to or that you created inside of yourself, that affirmed your weakness or inability, or lack of in any way or form. Be creative. You can create the ceremony in whichever way you choose. Perhaps accumulating some memorabilia that reminds you of your past. Writing about past experiences. Perhaps pictures of people that represent your past that you no longer what to be committed, or connected to, you could use the fire element and burn them. You could use the water element and the fire element together. So perhaps immerse you body in water and have candles burning and you can ask that the fire element to dissolve everything as the water washes the past away. The earth element can be utilized as well. You can bury the past, and you can use the air element (that is of course if it is a windy day), and ask that the winds of change take the past and bring the new with it. Have fun with the process!

Power is very different to the lower ego. The lower ego comes from the point of false desire, not the desire to do good for the whole. It is a more selfish orientated power. Power is an inner motivation that inspires one to do something from the point of purity, and that purity is in itself a driving force that no one can stop. The lower or negative ego bloats everything. This is when one begins to experience delusions of grandeur. This more often than not has one ending up on their bottom rather than on their feet. Bottoms up! (laughter) You will see the true power within you. Being overly cautious of the lower ego can also limit ones progress, for one then begins to distort the lower ego and power. This when one finds oneself in a position where one is so afraid of the lower ego that one denies oneself the journey into power. I am however assisting you all in taking care of that. Feel where your power comes from. It usually comes from a different place than the solar plexus. Power is deep within the core of ones heart. Feel in your body where it sits and that will be a much clearer indication for you.

My fellow travellers welcome to the program, welcome to Merlin’s world of magic, miracles and manifestation! Welcome to the quantum world of conscious creation. Your journey will not be a smooth one all the time, I’m sure you are aware of this. The joy of this journey however, is that you have the tools you need to make every change you choose to implement. Your training over the past years, and more so the past months have prepared you for what you are about to embark upon. Instead of wasting time worrying about your past, or worrying about the future, look at what is presenting itself to you know. Take that time and research what you can do to change the situation, to change what your world has been exposed to. Learn, as much as you can, stretch your mind beyond the walls and constraints that society determines are acceptable for you. This is Merlin’s rebellion! Have fun, enjoy the ride, put your party hats on, wear your sacred mantles of initiation and live your life fully.

Choosing to re incarnate is a sacred act, life is a sacred journey, one that you are meant to have fun in, one that you meant grow from. All of this is possible, you just need to have faith, you need to embrace what life brings you, and if you have been dealt a nasty hand of cards, throw in the pack and pick up a new one and deal yourself a winning hand!

I am Merlin Master Magician and Wise Wizard; you will be seeing a lot more of me, farewell for now.


The changes that lie before you will not only touch your life, it will touch the life of your children, of your friends of and your family members in ways that you cannot begin to imagine. Quantum energy is within everything it is around everything there is absolutely no escaping it. So every positive act that you act upon for yourself is a positive act for your planet. Honour the life you have chosen beloved ones, celebrate and give thanks and know that you deserve to experience peace and happiness, that you deserve to experience joy and balance and that you deserve to be whole and complete in your feminine and masculine selves. May all that you require to bring your journey to completion, to fulfillment and to divine order, manifest under grace in perfect and miraculous ways.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of love and wisdom I greet and bless you in love. Adonai


7th Dimension Initiation

Channelled through Michelle Eloff©

Channelled in Johannesburg, South Africa on 04 May 2005

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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and to bring

unto each of you the blessings of harmony, tranquillity, rejuvenation and introspection. Greetings beloved ones, and it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you today as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones as we prepare the energy for Lord Buddha to deliver his teaching to you today, we ask that each of you hold in your mind the thought of peace and harmony. Take your attention to the feeling of centeredness, and relax your body, relax your mind, set the intention that you integrate every word of wisdom, truth, light and love that resonates harmoniously with your truth. Ask that all this energy serve your higher good and manifest an opportunity to move into a higher state of awareness and in so doing, serving the higher good of humanity.

As you inhale, fill your body with light. On every exhalation, release any tension, stress, anxiety or shock in your body. In your mind call upon the power and light of Lord Buddha to merge completely with the light of all that you are. Call forth your healing angels, and if it is your wish and your will, open your energy now to receive healing to receive re-energising, and blessings from the presence of Lord Buddha.

I Kuthumi shall now take my leave making way for Lord Buddha to present his message to you.

I am Kuthumi, Adonai

I am Buddha,

It is honour to be here today, it is honour to meet you today, welcome.

What is your purpose in life? What do you believe you come here for? What do you think you come here for? What is the purpose of life? Being born is painful, dying is bliss, yet the human state of death is painful, the human state of consciousness birth is painful, yet dying to the old way, emerging in the new way is bliss. There is only one way to know your own heart. That way is through discovering where your heart lies. It is painful and it will be blissful.

The world you live in suffers greatly with the pain of death. The pain of ignorance - ignorance is life stupidity - deprives you of life. The foolish man will choose eternal pain. The wise man will choose temporary pain for his wisdom shows him the consequence of dying is the blissful blessing of a new life. You have died and have been born again, many, many times. You have suffered greatly. Your suffering has been with purpose as will your bliss be with purpose.

The world you live in is full of ignorant men, choosing a life of pain. The ignorant way will not end tomorrow. We trust you will help make that day come where the road of pain in your life finds an end. You must live your life. You are master, you are manager, you are owner, you are everything in this life, your life. And now you stand in the centre of the greater purpose. You stand as warrior to help grasp the new wave, to awaken the ignorant ones.

You come into the world, one person, you walk every day with one physical body. Much of what you see, of what you believe was put there before you. You helped to put it there before you, now you help make it right. We have selected twenty four groups in major cities around your world in preparation for tomorrow. All of you

are seeds searching for fertile ground in which to plant yourself for your wisdom to sprout. Fertile land does not come easy it must be tended very carefully. You must see your life as a fertile ground that must be tended very carefully, nurtured in truth. It takes courage to be truthful. It takes strength to use will, to use power. You are ready and have been for some while already. You have doubted your power and you have feared the road ahead. Now you must make quick with your decision to act and be the greatest leader to ever live your life, to ever lead your life.

LEAD stands for: Light (of) Education (and) Awareness (in) Demonstration. This is what you practice when you lead. You become the light to educate your world. Bringing the awareness to be demonstrated for others to see light, to further educate, to bring additional awareness to demonstrate. All Masters say, “lead by example”. This is why what you believe, is your purpose. How you believe you lead life, not just your life, but how do you lead life? Think carefully. Do you give another man the key to your world without thinking first? Perhaps you give ignorant man the key to your world - what would that do? Perhaps you give ignorant man your power - what will that do? What has it done? You are grounding mechanisms for the energy coming tomorrow. This means in your personal life, you will ground much new energy. In all areas of life, I give you opportunity now, to use your awareness, to use your power, and your courage to be truthful with yourself and choose how you want to lead your life, how you would like to lead life and what illusion, what lie no longer serves you in your world.

You are grounding mechanism to wipe clear many old paradigm layers of illusion and lies, which have made your world sick with much disease. The disease must now be taken away and you help make the world strong. You must make you strong. Health in the mind, health in the body, health in the spirit and health in the heart, brings you to completion. You must make an effort to choose something in life at a regular time, to let go from your life.

We bring very powerful ascension wave to your world now. We bring great opportunity for many such as you, to take great leaps forward at very fast pace and leave the old behind you because you lead your new life, you find new purpose and direction. The direction you choose to move in will determine the quality of your experiences. The quality of your experiences are coloured by the truth you believe in. Your world as it is, is a changing world made up of many levels of consciousness, belief and awareness. I deliver this message to you today so that you can initiate a new world for yourself and for many who will come after you. You lead a new way, one many are afraid of but they will see their fear holds no power in the light of truth. Do you know what your truth is, do you know who you are, do you understand why it is so important to master yourself and lead your life?

For many ages people have lead other people’s lives, the result of that action is the separation you see. To heal separation man must turn to look to self to see every aspect in self and outside of self, trying to communicate very, very important messages. Messages that hold the key to your future, to the future of your planet to the future of the children that come after you. What world do you wish to create for future generations? What experiences do you wish for the children that come after you to be a part of and to recreate?

To change the law, new ones must be written. The new written laws are about the ancient teachings that have fueled the fire of passion for many wise men for many ages. Darkness took its grip for some cycles because man feared truth and chose pain and ignorance. Now there are sufficient to stand tall in light and make the change to write the new laws.

In grounding energies, you become the mechanism from which the new laws shall emanate forth. You hold the energy vibrations needed to feed the new wave that shall keep the network of the eastern world and western world merged as one union of strength and courage. The wisdom of the east must unite with the power and technology of the west. These two powers and forces create one very powerful force. The technology of the west is unlimited in its potential as is the power of the ancient teachings of eastern masters. These ancient truths come to be re-written as the new laws, adapted to suit your modern world. It is very important to make sure that all can understand how east and west represent the masculine and feminine energy that must merge for the balance you seek to be a part of you.

The eastern practices have much power in them. The accelerated pace of the western world can spread the power of the eastern world very quickly. This is important and you are grounding this in your life, you must work fast, you must act fast. The fast is the quick mind, the quick wit, the wisdom that knows exactly what to do, no matter what you stand before, and no matter what you stand for. You drive the nails into the boxes that represent your old world. The labels of your past are being destroyed. Where do you fit in, how do you

fit in? Do you wish to fit in? Buddha energy is great big energy, not one alone. It is many energies standing as one. Buddha energy comes and goes many times. Buddha energy has many faces. You have Buddha face, wear it.

The movement of energy from now to 2010, will be very quick. Maybe sometime you cannot keep up with how quick it is, but you must adapt, exercise is very important for the mind and for the body. Exercise the spirit using wisdom. Exercise the body to build energy to support the Chi within you. Exercise the mind by gaining knowledge, which shall become part of your wisdom.

The ignorant man is like the stupid man for he will not exercise all those parts, maybe one, maybe two, but much time exercising only body and exercising only ego or exercising only mind. To have holistic life one must exercise all of one self, the one self, living this life.

Leading automatically becomes education. The more knowledge you gain, the more educated you become, the greater the awareness, the greater your awareness, the more powerful your ability to demonstrate. You stand as demonstrators in the world you are occupying. You may not make a difference in thousands of people’s lives, but make difference in one man’s life you make difference to the whole world. Make difference in one child’s life, you make difference for all future generations to come after you. Never under estimate the power of healing yourself. Never underestimate the importance of gathering your Chi, saving your energy and leading your life. Never underestimate the power of truth. You came here today for what purpose? I want to know what your purpose is for being here today. What you believe your purpose is? For what purpose?

What is the purpose of experiencing life?

What is the purpose of growth?

What is the purpose of evolution?

Now you return to Spirit. What is your purpose in Spirit or have you forgotten?

Now you must remember. That is part of purpose now, to remember what you forgot and to remember never to forget again.

So I remind you, your purpose is to return to Spirit. Your purpose is to remember your purpose in returning to Spirit, so you can continue your purpose when you return to Spirit.

Everything you gain in your earth life, you take with you to Spirit. Every action is an investment in your soul. Every healing you experience is an investment in your soul. It is skills mastered, one less to master. The skill you master moves you up in the ranks as teacher. Great masters have achieved their rank because they have learnt. Masters are who they are because they have forsaken excuses, they have forsaken the desire to experience continued pain and suffering. Masters are great teachers because they choose short term suffering for long-term bliss. Your short term suffering now, to break the old pattern, will bring you long-term bliss. What pattern do you want to relieve yourself of for long-term bliss? Even in midst of bliss you will come to find many little aspects still holding pain. Your bliss will be far greater than the pain and so it will become an additional energy to feed your bliss for you transmute the pain to bliss.

Bliss is a great ocean of positive energy. You must now create your bliss pool. This as grounding mechanism is something you are responsible for, creating the bliss pool for the collective consciousness. Your initiation here today is to create a pool of energy for humanity to tap into, to find the courage, the strength and the power to remember the blessing of bliss. It is not an internal process of discovery. What you discover must change. If you evolve it will.

Any questions?

1. Inaudible

2. Yes, I say Buddha is not one force it is many forces. Your world is coming together with many forces. It is a changing world, many, many new forces recognizing each other, each other having a similar purpose, a similar desire. All of these are now coming together, merging in one great force. This brings the energy that comes tomorrow. The ascension day of tomorrow is awakening another spark of light in the heart of every human being living in your world. From the person who lives on the street in the slums to the person who lives in the palace. All must be touched by the light for the world to evolve as a collective consciousness, for all to become the Buddha, to experience the

power of all the collective forces of energy all must experience the power of light. To be rid of darkness you simply bring light. No matter how small the light, it changes the structure of the darkness. The tiniest light is seen in the greatest darkness. You all are lights in this time of darkness. The darkness varies in intensity this is why we say, now to 2010 very important to move quickly to shine light, to stand strong in truth, that makes big difference, very, very big difference, big impact, big change.

When east and west meet, Christian man and Buddhist man see the same God in everything. Hindu man and Muslim man see same God in everything. Catholic man and Protestant man see same God in everything. It is the rejection of each faith’s God that brings the war and separation, that continues to create the suffering and pain of ignorant men, and ignorant men must not be like stupid man, must now stand up strong and take the power to lead life and all answers will come.

Not giving power to stupid man, not giving power to ignorant man, but bringing power into self, reclaiming Chi and being strong, preserving energy to make strong. Everything becomes strong when Chi is brought back to self and power is contained in self. That power is then utilized with great discernment, with focus, with wisdom, and then invested. As grounding mechanisms it is something you must do with great consciousness, with awareness, with alertness.

Q. The way I see, there has always been messengers on earth such as yourself and Jesus and Moses. Even

after doing so much service on earth, you are still serving from the other side. How much does it take to achieve union with God?

B. Service from Spirit is personal choice. Everything is choice of the soul. Many masters come to the Spirit

world but move on to other dimensions, other planes, other worlds, and experience them. Some choose to carry on serving the sacred planet. The purpose to merge with Spirit is one small step in a much greater activity in becoming one with God. That journey in fact can be seen as an eternal one. God is a force in constant energy, moving, creating and because of this, everything is being recreated. What has gone will come again in a different way and what comes again will go and come again in a different way. And every time what has been created, goes and comes again, many new souls will come and go, every time the purpose being to return to Spirit with a soul that is more full of wisdom, has greater skill, greater mastery. This is taken to other worlds, new worlds that have been created. New ways that need to be created come from the soul, discovering new ways.

Animal kingdom is life force, animals have very, very powerful Chi. Their Chi stabilizes the imbalance of human chi. The dysfunction of the human mind and the ignorant man has brought great damage to the planet. Animal kingdom make sure that mother nature can keep her body healthy, maybe not everywhere but in many places. Animal kingdom represents animal nature of human being, survival instinct, the instinct to know truth. Animal Kingdom represents the raw connection with Spirit, untainted connection with Spirit, the connection of an intelligent nature that has not been disturbed by other levels of conscious conditioning.

Animal kingdom teaches human kingdom. Animal kingdom reminds human kingdom of the importance of being in balance with nature. Animal kingdom holds tremendous wisdom. Every kingdom of life in the greater collective consciousness of the animal kingdom holds vibrations, which are more precious than any gem in your world. That information is what will release men into the power and light of their true selves. Humans need to remember how to work, interact, and collaborate with animal kingdom. Doing this will switch on many, many areas of the brain that were switched off because of pain and suffering, because of abuse, because of different traumas and death.

The animal kingdom is vital for the planet’s survival. The animals now leaving, endangered ones make their transition because they make way for new species of animals being discovered. Now also big problem with this, because scientists can be very naughty and they create drama. Did you know dinosaur tissue DNA has been found that they can now use. Big danger if in the hands of the wrong ones. This brings the species that was removed all at once into a different world. It brings much chaos if you think about it.

Think about what each species of animals represents for you, how you relate to animals. What is your favourite animal brother?

Dog – Labrador.


Because it is kind, it has a kind nature.

It reflects your kind nature. Everything man is attracted to in animal is a reflection of his own animal nature, his own animal instinct. So you are a kind man, and everyone who likes Labradors will like you. (Laughter) Any other animal you like very much?


Why do you like elephant?

Because they seem to be a mystical creature, prehistoric, that means preservation. It needs to be nurtured.

You need nurturing yes? Elephant is also strong matriarch energy. Power of Goddess inside God inside man too. Do you understand the Goddess is inside the man too? So she will help you find the nurturing mystical side of your nature to feed you as a kind person. Dogs are generally related to the God energy, the masculine energy. Observe these animals closely and learn more about their nature, it will reveal much about you. Begin to learn about other people’s attractions in the nature kingdom and you will learn much about their nature. Even the animals they dislike, the way a human treats an animal will tell you much about their nature. You see?

You understand quantum energy?

The more you learn, the more knowledge you have of quantum energy, the better you will understand how you can move between realities. Perceptions of others not necessarily that you will dematerialize in one and rematerialize in another, in fact the worlds that you see and that you don’t see are because of your conditioning and your programming. The mind is very closed. The brain is not in its full activity. The brain is still very, very small in utilization. There is still much that needs to be picked in the brain and made open to make it see and as more of the brain is made open and more can see, the more you will see you have been grounding mechanisms. Pick your own brains, open your brain so you see more, for the more you see the more you will be able to show others who come after you.

You will notice many teachers are speaking now of the great changes leading up to 2012 and how rapidly everything is changing. This accelerated rate is for the purpose of taking as many souls in one place of

ascension as possible, into the world of Spirit, for it is time for new world to be born. A whole new experience

is being created one that right now is not in existence anywhere else except where you are right now. The

new world is the end result of the great experiment that you have been part of, to prove that an ignorant man can evolve into full consciousness awakening and create a whole new world.

Many masters have spoken of the new world order, of a whole new world coming, of a new way of being. This is what you are being prepared for, this is what you are working towards creating, for you are the creators of the new world whom we have worked with and will continue to work with. Everybody that the

Buddha has taken, everybody that any other great teacher has taken, has served the purpose of co-creating

a new world, and now the time has come for this new world to move away from the drawing board and to

become a reality. You are the reality of the changes taking place. You are the reality of the old world changing to become a new world, another reason why it is so important to lead your life, to master yourself, to see what you are afraid of, to see what brings you peace, to see what makes your heart happy and light, to see what makes your heart heavy and sad, to acknowledge the heaviness and sadness which does not have to hold onto you for all of the days in this life. You have the power to leave the heaviness and the sadness behind and to choose lightness and happiness, bliss. You see?

Q. What would happen after 2012?

Life will continue after 2012. It will be very different in the sense that majority rule now will then be minority (rule), certain worlds will separate the majority rule of consciousness, and we do not say rule in the sense of controlling, but rather leading - will lead the new way, the new world. The minority will break off and experience a different life. The interactions between those worlds will become less conflicting because there will be more living and more conscious way of life. The conscious way of life is already filtering into many areas.

Q. The new world order, that has been created by man, which has negative influences on the world, how will

that impact on the work of achieving an enlightened spirit and where will that end, how will that end, because

it is a negative force?

Negative force only has force and power if energy is fed to that one. More and more people, ones like you, are actively choosing to feed the power of light energy, light force. The more light there is, the less darkness there is. Only reason why dark force, negative force is so powerful is because they have so much faith in their power. Their focus and investment of energy is very precise, very focused and there is very strong intension behind it. They believe very strongly in their ability and in their power. Time now for man to use same focus, same intensity and same force, same belief and trust in positive energy.

There have been many Light Infiltrators entering into your world over the past 18 months, these infiltrators are moving into business, more of the light workers who are awakening are seeing niches and are stepping into those roles bringing more and more light. The order you speak of will not have an order for very many,

many years. It is already on its way to losing its ground. The darkness is grabbing at straws, it is trying to find

a grip anyway it can, which is why it seems now, great battle between light and dark, great battle between east and west. As long as religion is at war, dark force has power.

When men can see One God created everything, One God feeds the source of everything then the power of light comes into much greater power. The dark ages are coming to the end of their cycle. They are losing their power, because more and more like you are becoming confident in your ability to stand amongst men and speak the truth, challenge the belief systems of everyone. Now many stand and want to know what does this mean in the Bible, what does this mean in the Koran, what does this mean in the Tora? Explain the truth - many are seeing the conflicting teachings in many of the Holy books, and want to know why and no more can people say “don’t worry, just follow” because now man is worried and does not want to follow a lie, s/he wants to follow a truth.

Forty years have past and much has changed in the world and as you know it. It will continue to change the light will continue to grow in strength as it has over the past forty years. You are seeing great negativity now, you are hearing of great negativity now, because the light is coming into the dark, it is showing where the negativity is, what the negativity is, and now people can fix what the negativity broke, you see?

You must have faith and you must trust and you must do what you know you are strong at doing. Kindness is far more powerful than a wicked heart. Remember this.

More questions.

(Q inaudible)

Q. Yes Buddha

Short-term effects will be felt especially emotionally and physiologically. For some time now, people have been experiencing physiological changes, and release of toxins in the throat and in the head. The ears have also had to release many toxins of infected words, of lies and negativity that permeates your world - The lies that politicians speak, the lies that many other people speak and the illusion that is fed all the time. Now the body is purging this, it does not want to hear it any more. The heart has undergone many, many changes, much release, releasing the weight off the chest. As the Ascension Wave comes tomorrow, it will move the energy between base and crown.

People will begin to feel the desire to have bliss rather than suffering. Many will have great deep wish to reconnect with Spirit to find out more about Spirit. This will happen very quickly, already it is happening. The long-term effects will be seen in vast areas of society, especially in the structure of government and the economy. The long-term effects of this change tomorrow will impact greatly on the economy of your country and many other countries within the next 9 months. This could extend for approximately fourteen to fifteen moths after this. Great changes coming in the near months where many solid structures will begin to crumble like a castle built on the shore and high tide comes. This is because those structures have been nurtured with greed, and ignorance. The results of tomorrow will see new life in the area of understanding the need for balance, the re-emergence of masculine and feminine, and business will be impacted the most by it. As the business world is impacted on by the shift in economy they will have to change strategy, they will have to change attitude. This will bring about the creation of new ways. This results in ascension within the collective consciousness. This is why it is one that accelerates humanities ascension process. It accelerates the

awakening process for humanity because now, humans who have been sleeping very deeply come to stir and move into a lighter sleep and with each new cycle so they will come into a much lighter and lighter sleep until full consciousness is there and they see the light from the dark.

The information you have today comes with a great purpose because with this initiation you are ready to take on new purpose. Choosing to be part of the grounding mechanisms for the new wave of energy coming strengthens your ascension process it adds another dimension to your personal ascension program. This additional purpose Lord Kuthumi will support you with, for it is I must now take my leave.

I will continue to remain in Presence, I shall come to each of you individually as you relate with Kuthumi. In the second and third cervical of your spine I will insert two energy crystals. This will support the release of your voice of truth, it will support the activation of the higher worlds you have stepped into so you can fine tune and pick your brain to the next level of awareness, one you deserve and earn as a result of this initiation.

Creating your bliss pool is important and part of your initiation. For the next twelve days the creation of your bliss pool will be very clear in your mind. You will feel a sense of conscious awareness regarding what you invest your thoughts in, what you invest your energy in. Are you choosing pain and suffering or are you choosing bliss? Are you looking at the limited potential of limited choices or are you prepared to step into the quantum world and see unlimited potential and the ocean of possibilities you have the power to tap into and create as your future? This future you support humanity in manifesting and aligning with, so that the future of bliss becomes a more tangible reality. Even those who choose pain and suffering will find the intensity diminished in the Presence of bliss, in your presence. You bring the higher vibration to any environment you occupy. Being a grounder for this mechanism means you ground joy, you ground bliss wherever you go. Lord Maitreya, an aspect of the Buddha energy - the laughing Buddha, will also support this process of activating your bliss, of being aware of yourself, of being aware of leading.

I am Buddha and I must take may leave of you now, and may you always experience bliss, Namaste.


Greetings beloved ones, as I return at this time we wish to support each one of you by helping you to understand how it is exactly that you will create the bliss pool for yourself as Lord Buddha has called it. How do you interpret bliss, or what is your definition rather, of bliss beloved ones? To understand this, it would be easier for you to feel a sense of confidence in your ability to create this, to work toward supporting the manifestation of this blanket of energy, which shall feed every aspect of the human nature seeking bliss, peace, joy and happiness.

So if each of you wouldn’t mind please sharing your definition of bliss, this shall contribute to the creation of this pool. As you deliver your definition of bliss, Lord Buddha shall activate the energy crystals in your second and third cervical. Let me also add at this time that as this energy is integrated into your spinal column some of you may experience a little discomfort in the next two or three days. It may manifest as an itch in the back of your throat, it may manifest as coughing, it may also manifest as a sense of tightness in your neck, or a stiffness making it difficult to turn your neck with ease in any direction. Simply be patient, it will not last longer than two or three days. The integration of this energy is vital because the cerebral spinal fluid of your spine holds your blue print, it must integrate the new energy mechanisms that you have given permission to integrate.

Because you have also chosen to be a grounding mechanism for the energy that comes, your energy must also be prepared to be able to hold it. It means that people whom you come across who are ready to integrate more consciously the bliss pool, you will be a facilitator in their grounding process in bringing in more and more of the Buddhic force of light, into their being. Now the Buddha energy that has delivered itself to you today, does in any way follow any tradition of any specific faith or religion. It is very important that you all bear this in mind, for an eastern student may not feel comfortable with some of the teachings that were delivered by Buddha today, however, this is not the issue at hand, what is important is that each person understands the definition of bliss in order to work as a collective force to manifest and create this.

As the structure of the vibration of your blue print changes as a result of these energy crystals you will also find it a lot easier to feel more motivated and focused in creating a new purpose for yourself. Your purpose may simply expand from what it is now, it may move in a slightly different direction still drawing on what you are currently focusing on. The bottom line is, beloved ones, that you are ready for this change. The change

that comes to you is one that will bring the opportunity for other areas of life to experience bliss even if it means you standing in the midst of people sharing a message and your life and your joy your vibrancy and energy brings bliss to their hearts for 30 minutes, you have delivered a blessing of bliss.

So when you are ready you may begin telling us your definition of bliss, and when you are ready, Lord Buddha will begin with the activation in your cervicals to create a collective energy of activation.

Now beloved one you are also currently being transported into a crystalline field of energy. This field of energy is for the purpose of maintaining the higher frequencies of energies that Lord Buddha was able to raise your energy to as he was delivering his message to each of you. These higher vibrations will need to be maintained throughout the duration of tomorrow because you are a grounding mechanism. It is important because from the time of midnight on your current time line, the activation begins and so you will be able to activate many dormant aspects of yourself, those parts of you that have been asleep, that have been part of old paradigms that are now ready to take the opportunity and to be a part of the ascension process, the ascension programs that continue to develop themselves and bring you into a greater state of being, into a deeper state of Bliss.

Each of you are a great lights, you are beacons, you are leaders therefore, go forth and lead your life. Remember to lead a life does not mean that you have to control others. Leading your life means that you ensure that your actions, your words and your thoughts are impeccable, that everything you look at, you see through the eyes of God, that everything you embrace you embrace through the arms of God, that your love be unconditional, that your observations be unconditional and that all that you come to be with, you come to be with, with sincerity. If you find yourself in the presence of conflict, in the presence of someone whom you feel uncomfortable with, that even in that moment of experiencing negativity or discomfort, you can still be impeccable in your action and with grace, with devotion, with light and sincerity, you can step into the power of your light, turn from the darkness and walk away, leaving a seed of light within the world of darkness you have turned away from.

Beloved Ones it has truly been an honour to gather with you in this manner today. It has been an honour to share this energy with you and all the aspects of yourself to share this energy and space with Lord Buddha. We ask all of you that in order to maintain this high energy that you please refrain from ingesting alcohol for the next 48 hours. If any of you here, smoke, we do understand that it will be a tall order to ask you to refrain from smoking a cigarette for 48 hours however we do ask that you try to minimize the amount of smoking over the next 48 hours. It is also vital that if you are taking any medication, that you ask your healing angels and your guides to hold your energy in the higher vibration and to support that medication in that vibration to do what it must do with your body. Your energy is at a very, very sensitive level right now, because of how high it is vibrating. You need to affirm yourself being held within this crystalline energy for it will maintain the precise vibrations to support you being in a 3rd dimensional world, being vulnerable to a degree, to the negativity of the collective consciousness, especially tomorrow when the new wave comes in, and starts churning the old negative energy to wash it out as this new wave comes forward.

And so it is beloved ones that as we embrace you in the full power and light that you are, that we bless you with freedom, we bless you with liberated minds, we hold you in the light of all that you are. We remind you to trust in the many invisible arms that hold you, that comfort you and that carry you. Trust in the many invisible hearts that adore you and may all that you desire and require on a soul level, which will serve you in your life, on all other levels, manifest for you under grace in perfect and miraculous ways, through the variety of abundant sources through which Mother/Father God manifests. May all always be well and harmonious in your world.

I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.

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