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1. India is famous for it's culture, it' heritage. Foreigner are come for studying in NALANDA, TAKSHASHILA.

Their unity amongst various religion, their culture are pointed out again and again. Peoples of India respects the elders. But modernisation make it a history. Today's festive ceremony, people behavior, people's dress pattern shows that our. Culture vanished soon and remains only in the dictionary.

2. Culture is our way of living and style. Now a days especially youth is feeling that it is not
prestigious if we not follow modern western culture it is obviously wrong because from our ancient times we are adapted to our Indian system which is more beneficial to our mindset and health.

3. Yes, I also agree with this statement that our culture decaying because of western culture.
Actually our country is known for emotional bondings with our family. The indians are very hearty people. Our main strength of culture is, we have a joint family till date, But now a days the youngster want privacy and want their space, yes it is ok but only for the privacy we can't ignore our relation with our parents because they need to all of us be together. Yes it is must to be a part of first our culture and respect it and then others.

4. India's tangible and intangible cultural heritage is extremely diverse, rich and ancient. The
value of the tangible heritage of monuments, temples and other works of art such as paintings, sculptures and handicrafts has been acknowledged and efforts are being made to restore, maintain and conserve these cultural expressions. However, the less visible forms of cultural heritage, pertaining to oral traditions, aesthetic and religious beliefs, rituals and festivals, arts, music, folk traditions, dances, theater forms, performing arts and narrative styles of storytelling have not, until recently, received much attention. The paper makes a critical assessment of the necessity, importance and significance of protecting this cultural heritage. It then addresses several issues related to the preservation and conservation of India's intangible cultural heritage. Lastly, it suggests ways and means to preserve, safeguard, maintain and strengthen India's rich and diverse, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic cultural heritage so that it remains a vibrant, dynamic and living part of community life.

5. Changing culture is a boon in some ways and a bane in some ways. All that people have to
know is that every culture says the same thing love all the people and help them. Culture is nothing but leading our life in a more systematic manner, which you adopt from our ancestors and Indian culture is proved to be more better than others. As told our culture is the oldest culture and showed the world how to lead a life. For example lord rama showed how to rule a country, how to lead a life in a perfect way.

6. We are Indians then why we are forgetting our precious wealth that is, our cultural
heritage. Why we are accepting those modern culture which are spoiling our Indian future. As we are farmers and earth is our motherland then why instead of taking chapati we are having burgar, instead of milk we are having tea, instead of having hukka we are having cigarette. What is the reason behind it? If You think that these are all because of films, so your mentality is incorrect because it depends on you how and what you think, see and accept as it is a world full of different types of incident happens but I expect you to accept good things.

7. I think that modernity has made us forget our cultural heritage because we as Indians are
not being respectful towards our culture. Film industry is not responsible for decaying it as it is their duty as they earn lot of money in it, it is up to you that whether you want to accept it in your life or not. I know that it is easy to accept wrong things but good things are difficult to accept. So try to engage in good things as it will protect our culture, which is very precious.

8. ndia's traditional culture is one of the most famous culture in the world. But now India's
culture is decaying. Country's food and dress habit depends on its climatic change. The western countries weather made them to follow such food and dress habits. As India is a tropical country, our habits are like to bound sarees and salwars. But nowadays people misunderstood this and misuse their privacy. So its our duty to preserve India's culture.

9. India is a diverse country, where we can find many religions, culture as it has all kind of
people. So it is a secular country. No matter we respect other country's culture but at the same time we should not let our culture down. In order to make Indians to exist, we have to save our culture first. If you save your culture, culture will save you. I don't say that everyone has to follow his own culture, if you find that there are some pros in another culture, then use them and enhance your own culture. Thus a good culture is not only following things but also adopting good points from other culture. So with this both individual as well as country's culture can develop in more prosperous way.