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11 March 2007 Mr. Inayet Hadi University of Colorado Denver, Colorado Dear Mr Hadi, Center

11 March 2007

Mr. Inayet Hadi University of Colorado Denver, Colorado

Dear Mr Hadi,

Center to Bridge the Digital Divide

Subject: Strengthening Public Policy and Administration

The Kabul University (KU) Afghan eQuality Alliances is delighted that you have agreed to be a fellow for the Post Graduate Diploma and Masters in Public Policy and Administration offered by the recently launched Institute of Public Policy and Administration. The dates of your fellowship are on or about 15 May through 7 August 2007.

The Institute will foster a common commitment to public service aimed at improving the lives of all Afghans. To achieve this will require a critical mass of Afghan leaders, managers and civil servants who have the knowledge and the skills to define and measure policy problems; to develop, evaluate, and implement public policy; and, to achieve public good with public infrastructure. At the same time, there is a need to prepare civil society to engage in policy advocacy and monitor government performance.

The mission of the Institute is: to prepare Afghans for leadership positions in public service and the private and nonprofit sectors, to research and promote effective public policy, administration and management, to provide continuing education and training for civil service professionals, and to engage the broader community through discussion and debate on issues of public concern.

The Post Graduate Diploma leading to a Master of Public Administration (MPA) is designed to provide working professionals the knowledge and skills needed for leadership positions. The degree is available at Kabul University. Students in the program will develop a global understanding of the theory and practice of public administration while exploring topics such as public policy, human resources management, public finance and budgeting, research methods, development theories, and administrative law, policy and regulation. Individual learning objectives can be customized through electives based on sectors (for example, higher education administration) and cross-cutting themes (for example, policy and regulation of public utilities).

The Afghan eQuality Alliances will contribute to the overall goal of laying the foundations for the formation of sustainable human capital needed in the 21 st century Afghan economy. Achievement of the goal will require improved capacity of higher education institutions. To this end, Afghan eQuality Alliances seeks to assist Afghan higher education

institutions reach their potential as 21 st century universities. For more information please refer to

Funding for your economy round trip ticket and hotels and meals per diem is provided by the ABC Higher Education Component: Afghan eQuality Alliances under the USAID Cooperative Agreement No. 306-00-06-00524-00 with Washington State University (Contact:

Maria Beebe) <>.

We are excited about the opportunity to work with you in the delivery of a new curriculum on Public Policy and Administration at Kabul University.

You may use this letter to request for a visa to Afghanistan.

Kind regards,

letter to request for a visa to Afghanistan. Kind regards, Dr. Maria Beebe Chief of

Dr. Maria Beebe Chief of Party, Afghan eQuality Alliances WSU Extension Center to Bridge the Digital Divide Chancellor’s Wing Kabul University