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Twentieth Century American Literature Dr.

Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru, Associate Professor 3rd year English Minor Spring !"# $sdalexu%&


'his course offers a sur(ey of ')entieth-*entury A$erican literature that )ill co$bine a historical and contextual approach )ith an e$phasis on for$ and literary techni+ue, as )ell as possible critical readings of and close approaches to representati(e literary )or%s by $ainstrea$ A$erican authors or authors co$ing fro$ $arginal,i-ed. bac%grounds )ho ha(e beco$e part of the $ainstrea$. 'he starting point )ill be $odernist fiction ,ta%ing o(er fro$ the first se$ester, )hen the students )ere introduced to the general aesthetics of $odernis$ and poetry.. 'his )ill be follo)ed by the transition fro$ $odernis$ to post$odernis$ and (arious )ays of negotiating realist techni+ues and $arginality in fiction, to conclude )ith the $a/or trends in t)entieth century A$erican poetry and dra$a.

Students )ill be expected to read all re+uired ,unstarred. readings listed belo). Starred texts are optional. 'hey )ill be graded on the basis of se$inar acti(ity and a final )ritten exa$ as follo)s0 se$inar paper 3!12 se$inar attendance and participation !12 final )ritten exa$ 3!1. 'he exa$ )ill allo) students a choice of +uestions, but reference )ill ha(e to be $ade to texts ,)hether co$pulsory or optional. on the course reading list.

LECTURES: ". Modernis$ in 4iction "0 'he 5ost 6eneration. E. 7e$ing)ay and 4. Scott-4it-gerald . Modernis$ in 4iction 0 8. 4aul%ner and the A$erican South. 4ro$ Modernis$ to Post$odernis$0 9ladi$ir :abo%o( 3. Modernis$ in Poetry0 E-ra Pound, 8allace Ste(ens, 8illia$ *arlos 8illia$s #-3.Post$odernity and Post$odernis$. Post$odernist Self-;eflexi(e 4iction0 <. 9onnegut, '. Pynchon. Mass *ulture on a 6lobal 5e(el0 D. De5illo =->. ;epresentations of difference in fiction ,S. ?ello), ;. Ellison, '. Morrison, Alice 8al%er, 6. 9i-enor, S. Alexie, M. 7. <ingston. @. Main Directions in A$erican Dra$a ,E. AB:eill, '. 8illia$s, A. Miller.

C-"!. *onfessional Poetry and 4or$al experi$ent0 ;obert 5o)ell and Syl(ia Plath2 D. Ashbery, 6. ?roo%s, A. ;ich. Poetry and Protest0 'he ?eat 6eneration ,Allen 6insberg.

Reading List

,'itles $ar%ed :3 can be found in (ol. of the Norton Anthology of American Literature, 4ifth edition, see ;oo$ # library. 'itles $ar%ed : can be found in the Second edition of the :orton anthology, see ?*E do)nstairs library in Pitar Mos. Most titles can also be found in other editions.. :o(els are a(ailable in the A$erican Studies *enter 5ibrary ,)hich holds $ultiple copies of so$e of the$. and in the do)nstairs library in Pitar Mos. 7andouts to be used in the course and author specific critical $aterial to be referred to )ill often be e$ailed to students in ad(ance of each lecture, so please chec% your e$ail regularly. Ficti n:

Ernest 7e$ing)ay, F'he Sno)s of <ili$an/aroG ,: , :3., The Sun Also Rises.H 4rancis Scott-4it-gerald, The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the NightH. 8illia$ 4aul%ner, The Sound and the Fury2 Absalom, Absalom* 9ladi$ir :abo%o(, Lolita <urt 9onnegut, Slaughterhouse Fi!e 'ho$as Pynchon, The "rying of Lot #$,H FEntropyG ,:3., %ason and &i'on,H Against the &ay* Don De5illo, (hite Noise, %ao IIH, Falling %anH Saul ?ello), F5oo%ing for Mr 6reenG, Sei)e the &ay*, *umboldt+s Gift* ;alph Ellison, The In!isible %an ,FPrologueG, F*hapter "G, : and :3. 'oni Morrison, ,elo!ed2 F;ecitatifG ,:3.2 Lo!eH Alice 8al%er, The "olor -ur.leH 6erald 9i-enor, FAl$ost ?ro)neG ,:3. Maxine 7ong <ingston, The (oman (arrior ,F:o :a$e 8o$anG, FA Song for a ?arbarian ;ed PipeG.

P etry ,see :orton anthologies or online sources such as http0II))).poetryfoundation.orgI.:

E-ra Pound, FPortrait dBune fe$$eG2 FA PactG2 FJn a Station of the MetroG2 F7ugh Sel)yn Mauberley ,5ife and *ontacts.G 8allace Ste(ens, FA 7igh-'oned Ald *hristian 8o$anG2 FAnecdote of the DarG2 F'hirteen 8ays of 5oo%ing at a ?lac%birdG2 FAf Modern PoetryG 8illia$ *arlos 8illia$s, FPortrait of a 5adyG2 F'he ;ed 8heelbarro)G2 F5andscape )ith the 4all of JcarusG ;obert 5o)ell, FS%un% 7ourG2 F4or the Enion DeadG2 F;obert 4rostG Syl(ia Plath, F'he ApplicantG2 F5ady 5a-arusG2 FArielG2 FDaddyG Dohn Ashbery, FSelf-Portrait in a *on(ex MirrorG2 FParadoxes and Axy$oronsG2 FJntroductionG 6)endolyn ?roo%s, FA Song in the 4ront KardG2 F<itchenette ?uildingG2 F'he 5eadersG Adrienne ;ich, FSnapshots of a Daughter-in 5a)G2 F'he ;oof)al%erG2 FDi(ing into the 8rec%G Allen 6insberg, F7o)l ,J.G2 FA Super$ar%et in *aliforniaG Sher$an Alexie, F7o) to 8rite the 6reat A$erican Jndian :o(elG, ,http0II))).poe$$Ipoe$Iho)-to-)rite-the-great-a$erican-indian-no(elI.

Drama0 Eugene AB:eill, Long &ay+s /ourney into Night ,: and :3.H 'ennessee 8illia$s, A Streetcar Named &esire ,:3. Arthur Miller, &eath of a Salesman ,: , :3.H

Se!ected Critica! "i#!i gra$hy: Ashton, Dennifer. From %odernism to -ostmodernism0 American -oetry and Theory in the T1entieth "entury. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !!3. ?erco(itch, Sac(an, gen.ed. "ambridge *istory of American Literature, (ols >, @. *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, "CC=. *onn, Peter. Literature in America. An Illustrated *istory . *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, "C@C. ,See also the ;o$anian translation.. *onnor, Ste(en, ed. The "ambridge "om.anion to -ostmodernism. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !!#. *onnoly, Dulian 8., ed. The "ambridge "om.anion to Nabo2o!. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !!3.

Dalsgaard, Jnger 7., 5uc 7er$an and ?rian Mc7ale, eds. The "ambridge "om.anion to Thomas -ynchon. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !" . Draga, Maria-Sabina. "onditia .ostmoderna0 o estetica a identitatilor culturale . ?ucuresti0 Editura Eni(ersitatii din ?ucuresti, !!3. Draga Alexandru, Maria-Sabina. Identity -erformance in "ontem.orary Non (ASAmerican Fiction, ?ucuresti0 Editura Eni(ersitatii din ?ucuresti, !!@. ---. %5o(e as ;ecla$ation in 'oni MorrisonBs African A$erican ;hetoricB, 3uro.ean /ournal of American "ulture >.3, !!@, pp. "C"- !3. ---. "ultura rom4neasca in .ers.ecti!a transatlantica. *o-edited )ith 'eodora SerbanAprescu. ?ucuresti0 Editura Eni(ersitatii din ?ucuresti, !!C. Du(all, Dohn :. The "ambridge "om.anion to &on &eLillo. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !!@. Elliot, E$ory, gen. ed. "olumbia Literary *istory of the 5nited States. :e) Kor%0 *olu$bia Eni(ersity Press, "C@@. ---. "olumbia *istory of the American No!el . :e) Kor%0 *olu$bia Eni(ersity Press, "CC". 6ill, Do. The "ambridge "om.anion to Syl!ia -lath. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !!=. <alaid/ian, 8alter, ed. The "ambridge "om.anion to American %odernism. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !!>. <rasner, Da(id, ed. A "om.anion to T1entieth "entury American &rama. Axford0 ?lac%)ell, !!3. 5e(enson, Michael, ed. The "ambridge "om.anion to %odernism. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, "CCC. Mac6o)an, *hristopher. T1entieth "entury American -oetry. Axford and :e)Kor%0 8iley?lac%)ell !!#. Marcus, 6reil and 8erner Sollors. A Ne1 Literary *istory of America. *a$bridge, MS and 5ondon0 7ar(ard Eni(ersity Press, !!C. Mihaila, ;odica. S.atii ale realului in .ro)a americana. Intre autobiografie si e!anghelia .ostmoderna. ?raso(0 *oncordia, !!!. ---. Turning the (heel. The "onstruction of -o1er Relations in "ontem.orary American (omen+s -oetry. ?ucuresti0 Editura Eni(ersitatii din ?ucuresti, "CC3. ---. The American "hallenge. An Introduction to the Study of American "i!ili)ation . ?ucuresti0 Editura Eni(ersitatii din ?ucuresti, "CC#. :atoli, Doseph and 5inda 7utcheon, eds. A -ostmodern Reader. State Eni(ersity of :e) Kor% Press, "CC3.

Parini, Day, ed. "olumbia *istory of American -oetry. :e) Kor%0 *olu$bia Eni(ersity Press, "CC3. Pi-er, Donald. The "ambridge "om.anion to American Realism and Naturalism. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, "CC3. 'ally, Dustine, ed. The "ambridge "om.anion to Toni %orrison. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, !!>. 8einstein, Phillip M. The "ambridge "om.anion to (illiam Faul2ner. *a$bridge0 *a$bridge Eni(ersity Press, "CC3.