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Field measurement tools

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Presentation / Author / Date

Terminals used in trials

Samsung (B3710) The most used terminal in trials and FiVe. Drive test tool interface provides one sample per second (no averaging) for each parameter 2.6GHz band LG (LD100/G7) Provides more RF data (more frequent samples and parameters) than Samsung 2.6GHz band Nokia (RD-3) Support for 850MHz band Qualcomm chipset based terminals (QC, Huawei,) Still not widely used in NSN FiVe and trials (except in US) Likely to be the most used chip set in short time Aeroflex TM500 R&D test terminal, sw based Provides TTI level data Used for new frequencies and technologies when no other terminals are yet available. Currently in use for 1800MHz band and for TDD.

Soc Classification level 2 Nokia Siemens Networks

Drive test tools

XCAL Support for Samsung terminal Support for LG terminal Support for PCTel and Rohde&Schwarz scanners Nemo Outdoor Support for LG terminals Support for Qualcomm chipset Support for Nokia terminals (RD-3) Support for PCTel and Rohde&Schwarz scanners JDSU E6474A (NixT) Support for LG terminals Difficult post processing format (in Excel export). Post processing with drive test tool is difficult (not sync of different views). Support for Qualcomm chipset (not tested yet) Support for Samsung terminals coming early 2011 (?)
Samsung + XCAL, the most used drive test combination at the moment in trials and FiVe.

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XCAL + Samsung reported parameters

MIMO Type Rx Freq[MHz] Tx Freq[MHz] Downlink TP(Kbps) Uplink TP(Kbps) DL BLER UL BLER SFN CINR0 CINR1 CQI Metric0 CQI Metric1 RI Cell ID(Search) CP type RSRP(Ant0) RSRQ(Ant0) RSSI(Ant0) RSRP(Ant1) RSRQ(Ant1) RSSI(Ant1) Transmission_mode CQI_feedback_type(aperiodic) CQI_feedback_type(periodic) Codebook_Subset_Restriction DL_BW CP_Type_DL eNB_ANT_Num UE_Ant_Num Cell_ID UL_BW CP_Type_UL PHICH_Group_Num PHICH_duration Serving_Cell_ID Serving_CINR Serving_RSSI Serving_RSRP Best_N1_Cell_ID Best_N1_RSRP Best_N1_RSSI Best_N2_Cell_ID Best_N2_RSRP Best_N2_RSSI RSSI Ant0(LL1) RSSI Ant1(LL1) TX Power(LL1) Cell ID(Sync) SFN PDSCH BLER RB Num(DL) MCS Level0(DL) MCS Level1(DL) PUSCH BLER RB Num(UL) MCS Level(UL) PDCP info num(UL) PDCP info num(DL) RRC state EMM functional state EMM state Phy DL TP(Mbps) Phy UL TP(Mbps) Pa_Index Pb_Index

Parameters are reported at one second interval.

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Scanner measurement information

PCTel Measuring both RS SINR and SCH SINR Wide band RSSI measurements and spectrum scanning supported R&S Measuring only SCH SINR No support for wide band RSSI measurements and spectrum scanning Measuring only from Sync channel bandwidth (1.4MHz). Also RSRP and RSRQ measured only from that bw. JDSU E6474A Measuring only RS SINR Difficult post processing format (in Excel export) Wide band RSSI measurements and spectrum scanning supported
Best neighbor cell decoding sensitivity in NPO scanner comparison tests

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Commercial post-processing tools available for LTE

Actix Analyzer/Spotlight

In theory many LTE drive test tools supported:

Accuver XCAL, Nemo, TEMS, JDSU and R&S Romes In practice LTE file format change so quickly that the very latest DT file format is not properly supported (frequent issues with XCAL and with Nemo)

Simple failed/dropped LTE analysis in Spotlight only (not customizable) No LTE report with RF KPIs (only a common data session analysis)
Customized analysis (for e.g. acceptance reports) possible to do in Analyzer Classic if needed (integration with map plots not handy)

Possible problems with large data sets (days or weeks, depends on DT tool for e.g. TEMS is worst in that sense). Automation not possible Can be leased on monthly basis (1980/month) Supports at the moment (March-2011) only Nemo Outdoor LTE. R&S Romes support coming 1H/2011(?). Suitable for large data volumes (automation possible) Built in default report for LTE (customizable MS Excel with map plots) Customized analysis and KPIs (for e.g. acceptance reports) possible once needed. Can be leased on monthly basis (1200/month) Support only for XCAL drive test data (LTE)(?) No experience in TM Global (not a preferred tool) Support for TEMS and QVoice LTE (later Nemo too) Not tested for LTE in TM Global (yet) Suitable for large data volumes (automation possible) Customized analysis and KPIs possible in theory (but in practice more complicated than with Actix or Nemo Analyze) Frame pricing should be available soon (with leasing option)

Nemo Analyze

Accuver XCAP

TEMS Discovery LTE

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