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Curriculum Vitae Last changed: 20.07.2009 Personal details

Curriculum Vitae

Last changed: 20.07.2009

Personal details
Personal details

nadia sayeed

Email address:

alsaeed house,kehkashan street,afzal abad,old bara road

Tel (work) direct line:


25000 peshawar, Pakistan

Tel (private):


Nationality: Pakistan Marital status: Married No. of children: 0 Date of birth : 19.08.1980

Tel (mobile):

Awards / international exposure
Awards / international exposure

• ADB Water Prize, awarded by president of ADB, during ADB water week (Dec 9 - Dec13,2002)held at Manilla, Phillipine

• 3rd World Water Forum Participant, Represented Success stories of PRWSS-Project (March 16th –March 23rd,2003) , Koyoto,


• SWAFF –III Participant (July 27th –July 30th,2004),presented PAWP and it’s role in achieving MDGs, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

• Main Speaker, Represented PCWSS-Project, ADB Journalist work shop on Water Issues(March 18-March

21st,2005),Islamabad ,Pakistan.

• Media spokes person for PRCS



- 12.2005

MPA-executive, islamabad , pakistan


(Average grade: 3.7)


- 09.2005

STEP short term educational programe i/c:- public health and nutrition food and nutrition family health care needs of special children


- 10.2003

PGDIT, Attock Degree Collage , Punjab , Pakistan (Average grade: b)


- 08.2003

BSc natural sciences, Punjab Univeristy,Pakistan Major subjects i/c:-





(Average grade: b)


- 10.1998

HSC, Frontier Degree Collage , Peshawar , Pakistan

FSc (pre-medical) major subject i/c:- Biology ,chemistry,physics (Average grade: a)



- --->

Master Traininer (PHAST), International Madical Corps


At present position i am responsible for the monitoring and coordination with the Health ,GBV and WATSAN depts/projects for social , health and hyginene , gender asessments related to basic needs of internally displaced vunerable community. In doing so i have to maintain close contact with community to develop true spirirt of particiupation.Thus identifying the basic issues at grass root level.i.e.rape and torture victims,mother and child health,transformation of HIV AIDS,Basic health and hygiene issue and environmental risk behaviour. Keenly invovlve din the formation of vulnerable community female formal groups and male commetties at IDP camp level. Inorder to sort out the best leaders and training them in PHAST and GBV.Assigining them duties accodring to their capacity to develop a sustainable system within the camp by their own.


- --->

Training Consultant, Education & Environment Consultant (Since 2005 Private consultancy)


My professional experience have two pronged.In additional to my regular profession i had been conducting on job trainings for Governament and Non governament Organization at national and provincial level. Since 2005 i joined a consultancy as part time profession.And activelky invovved in this sector.I condcuted staff trainigns for IFRC,WHO,YRC and IMC.


- 06.2009

Program Manager (water ,sanitation and hygiene promotion), International Medical Corps -Pakistan

I am wokring as Program Manager and held responsible for four IDP camps specifically organized for conflict displaced

persons. these camps are organized at Dir , Peshawar , Mardan and Charsadda areas. Specific Responsibilities include :

Being very active in the sector of WASH I have been very keen in planning , implementing the monitoring and evaluating project implementation, identify problems and propose remedial action. AS I have worked in two different types of emergency scenarios i.e. earth quake and now conflict IDPs I feel confidant and highly motivated to contribute at international level for the people with different cultural backgrounds.

I am very active and keen to work as liaison to WASH clusters ,UN, Local Government and other partners in the development of

strategies, methodologies and identification of specially new approaches for improving programme delivery with emphasis on advocacy, community participation and social mobilization.

I have been Planning , organizing and conducting training and orientation activities for local government personnel and

beneficiaries for the purpose of capacity building at regional, district and community levels and expansion of coverage services. At the moment I am the focal person for various capacity building, technical and non technical trainings at WES cluster regional level. Here I would like to inform that I have volunteered in order to contribute at my utmost level.

Being active NWFP WES Cluster Operational partner I used to evaluate the technical institutional and constraints of WASH programmes/projects in coordination and collaboration with local Government and other implementing partners. Thus ensuring the preparation of the Situation Analysis and its periodic update.

Preparation of WASH programme reports required by higher management, board, donors, budget reviews, programme analysis, annual reports, case studies are part of my foremost responsibilities at present.

Have been participating in the development and review of programme goals, strategies and approaches for the UN programme of cooperation. Plan, implement and monitor assigned activities as operational partner.

Coordinate with logistics section on supply assistance activities. Approve disbursement of funds related to WASH ensuring proper liquidation and accountability, and that activities are within established plans of action and the programme budget allotments.

Coordinate activities and exchange information/ideas with other programme sectors to contribute to achievement of overall country programme objectives. Participate in establishing effective monitoring, information and reporting systems, and in the development of communication materials and strategies to support advocacy and community participation.


- 03.2008

WES-Officer, UNICEF (1) Construction of water supply schemes for Community WES School WES (2)Implementation of Health and hygiene promotion programes in





- 03.2007

Manager Hygiene Promtion and community promotion, IFRC/PRCS



was responsible for managing three teams during earth quack relief and reconstruction programe.

From the plate form of IFRC my team was the first team during EQ operation ,who under my supervision implemented PHAST with 100% community participation.


- 01.2006

Program Manager, Human Resource Development Society (unicef Implementor)


Responsible for Managing water supply sanitation facilities and hygiene promotion activities in 3 Nos of Camps for the earth Quack affecties during south Asian earth quack relief and reconstruction program.


- 11.2005

Community development officer (PHED-Punjab) -Pakistan, Punjab rural Water supply and sanitation project(ADB-Funded)


Asian Development bank with the joint collaboration with Public Heath engineering department punjab has implemented community based water supply and sanitation schemes and health and hygine promotion programes.


comprised of two phases named i.e Phase I calles PRWSSP and Phase II called PCWSSP.i had been awarded ADB's water


prize at Manila (philipine)for providing best social services in phase I and was nominated for this prize among 69 countries.


- 08.2005

Deputy General Manager, Saleece International (Sector:Construction, Specialization:Construction, Role:Senior executive) being DGM i was held responsible to supervise three group of companies i.e. buildcon,Mr.steam and saleeces international. all theses companies are working under saleece international whihc is asecurity provider and construction and rehabilitation company.



- 08.06.2009

Training workshop, • Prevention of Parents to child transformation of HIV AIDs and VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Test Prevention of Parents to child transformation of HIV AIDs and VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) Organized by UNICEF in collaboration with National AIDs Controlled program


- 26.07.2007

Responding to emergency situations, UNICEF-Pakistan Security Training on “Responding to emergency situations .i.e. Hostage, kidnapping, Natural & Nuclear Disaster”.Organized by UN-Department of Safety & Security Pakistan (FSCO-Pakistan) at UNICEF Filed Office Bagh.


- 20.07.2007

Strategic Communication for Behaviour Development and Social Change (Behavioural Change Communicati, Unicef Pakistan Organized by UNICEF at Holiday Inn , Lahore.


- 08.12.2006

PHAST and GCP Certification, IFRC and Nairobi Red Cross PHAST(Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation)


Gender and Community Participation

Jointly organized by IFRC and Nairobi Red Cross at Besham PTDC Hotel From Nov 28th-Dec 8th 06.


- 15.07.2006

National Disaster Response Training, International federation for red cross and red crescent societies



am active Memeber of National Disaster responce team for Paksitan red Crescent socity


- 15.07.2006

Training course, National Disaster Response Training This training was organized in order to prepare a national disaster Responce team in order to respond to natural disasters within no time. Organized By International Federation for Red Cross &red Crescent Societies based at Mansehra.


- 09.05.2006

Disaster Management , Assessment Reporting & Evaluation, International Federation for Red Cross and red Crescent




- 09.05.2006

Trainign course step 1, Disaster Management , Assessment Reporting & Evaluation


Disaster Management , Assessment Reporting & Evaluation Organized By International Federation for Red Cross &red Crescent Societies based at Mansehra From May 2nd to May 9th




- 30.09.2005

Training, Environmental Impact Assessment for Developmental projects


Environmental Impact Assessment for Developmental projects. Organized by Environmental Protection Agency Govt of NWFP, Peshawar.


- 30.07.2005

Short term community courses (3 months), Public Health and Nutrition,Family Health Care,Awareness about Special needs of children,Community Community Education Programme (3 months course) 2005 , Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan,


§ Public Health and Nutrition

§ Family Health Care

§ Awareness about Special needs of children

§ Community Food and Nutrition


- 06.08.2003

on job training, Community Health and Nitrition School Sanitation Hygiene Education) Programme Community Health and Nitrition School Sanitation Hygiene Education) Programme. organized by UNICEF PUNJAB

06.05.2003 - 08.05.2003

training, Integrated Environmental Considerations into Economic Policy Making Processes” Integrated Environmental Considerations into Economic Policy Making Processes” jointly organized by ,UNESCAP, Environmental section, Planning & Development Division and Sub-Program -Policy Coordination & Environmental Governance



Oral: Excellent. Written: Excellent


Oral: Good. Written: Some


Oral: Excellent. Written: Excellent

Keywords / additional info
Keywords / additional info

professional Skills:

• Post Graduate Diploma In Information Technology

• Proficient in Word Processing, Database Softwar, MS Access and Spreadsheets Ms Excel etc

• Developing sources of data, Proforma Designing.

• Data Collection , Report writing.

• Monitoring and Evaluation of developmental projects.

• Budgeting proposal writing.

• Resource management , financial monitoring

• Quick thinker, quick decision maker.

• HR Management.

• Planning and Implementation of Development Projects.

• Running campaigns with special emphasis on Gender perspectives, Fund raising, Behavioural change etc.

Presentation at national and international forums.

Developing training modules, conducting training workshop



personal Skills:

Quick thinker, quick decision maker. Flexible to diverse cultures Pencil sketching to produce Community based awareness material. Development of booklets, brochures and community calendars. target aoriented can work in stressfull environment. well aware of organizational cultural diversities and flexibles to diverse situations.


Mustaffa Ujjan

Executive Engineer, SIDA-Pakistan. Contact info: 092-3332960886,


lEnvironmental Engineer , Contact : 03339191645 . Worl Health Organization , Peshawar -NWFP


WES-Officer (NO-B) , Contact : 03005869965 .UNICEF Pakistan

Worl Health Organization , Peshawar -NWFP Rehman-u-llah WES-Officer (NO-B) , Contact : 03005869965 .UNICEF Pakistan