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Drilling and Evaluation

Hughes Christensen


Hughes Christensen
Total Value Package or !"" #ears$ Hughes Christensen$ a Baker Hughes Product Center$ has %een on the leading edge o& drilling technolog# and innovation' And although it(s true )e deliver the %est %it in the industr#$ that(s onl# *art o& the total solution )e *rovide' +e constantl# search &or ne) )a#s to *rovide our custo,ers value that )ill enhance their %usiness' -ni.ue *rogra,s like our Drilling$ A**lication Revie) Tea,s /DART0 %ring a ,ulti&unctional *ers*ective to our custo,ers( s*eci&ic challenges' 1tate2o&2the2art &acilities like our &ull2scale research rig and do)nhole si,ulator ensure ne) ideas like Vanguard and 3uantec %its are o*ti,i4ed &or our custo,ers( a**lications' 5ou get a total value *ackage &ro, Hughes Christensen' Ever# *roduct co,es )ith the co,*rehensive kno)ledge and in&or,ed reco,,endations o& our e6*erts$ delivering ,a6i,u, advantage and value'
A Centur# o& Innovation
A&ter a centur# o& innovation and engineering e6cellence$ )e(re %arel# getting started' 5ou )on(t %elieve )hat the ne6t centur# has in store'
irst T)o2Cone Bit Ho)ard Ro%ard Hughes$ 1r'$ invents the &irst t)o2cone drill %it$ allo)ing drillers to ta* vast reservoirs o& oil dee* %elo) the sur&ace' The -1 Patent O&&ice issues a *atent$ dated August !"$ !8"8' The Hughes Tool Co,*an# is incor*orated in !8!;'
Hughes T)o2Cone Drill Bit designated a Historic 7echanical Engineering Land,ark %# The A,erican 1ociet# o& 7echanical Engineers'

irst Three2Cone Bit Hughes Tool Co,*an# introduces the &irst three2cone drill %it )ith inter&itting teeth' The %it is %randed Tricone:$ )hich$ )ith nu,erous i,*rove,ents$ re,ains the industr# standard'

irst Dia,ond in Oil ield Christensen Dia,ond Products introduces the &irst sur&ace2set natural dia,ond core %it in the Rangel# &ield$ Rangel#$ Colorado' The s,ooth a%rasive cutting action ca*tures a greater a,ount o& so&ter rock'

irst Tungsten Car%ide Insert Bit Hughes Tool Co,*an# introduces the Hugheset %it &or hard$ a%rasive &or,ations$ the )orld(s &irst tungsten car%ide insert %it' The R2! drills these tough &or,ations &aster than conventional Tricone %its )ith 9 to !" ti,es the &ootage'

irst ?atural Dia,ond Drill Bit Christensen Dia,ond Products introduces the &irst noncoring sur&ace2 set natural dia,ond %it &or the oil&ield' A *ro*rietar# erosion2 resistant ,atri6 )ith a uni.ue in&iltration2 *o)der ,etallurg# *rocess ena%les this ste* change in drill %it technolog#$ including enhanced h#draulics'

irst Tricone Bit )ith O2ring 1ealed @ournal Bearings Hughes Tool Co,*an# introduces the &irst three2cone %it )ith an O2ring2sealed Aournal %earing$ dra,aticall# i,*roving %it li&e' The longer2lasting %earing )ith s*ecial allo# inla#s no) ,atches the ,ore dura%le cutting structure &or greater )ear resistance'

Contents > A**lication Engineering > A**lication Engineering > Oasis Certi&ication > Drill Bit O*ti,i4ation 9 Drilla%ilit# Anal#ses 9 Bno)ledge 7anage,ent Innovation and Technolog# < 1olid 7odeling Design < EA inite Ele,ent Anal#sis < 7aterials Research ; Drilling Technolog# La%orator# ; BETA Baker Hughes E6*eri,ental Test Area ; Product Evaluation La%orator# Dia,ond Products = Product Line 2 ?o,enclature D Platinu, Bits !" Classic Bits !> 1tandard Bits !9 1*ecialt# Products !D 1*eci&ications !8 Dia,ond O*tional eatures


The right %it &or the right a**lication'

Hughes Christensen has al)a#s *rided itsel& in o&&ering the greatest value to our custo,er through a co,%ination o& *roduct *er&or,ance and service' To %etter deliver the right drilling solution &or our custo,ers( s*eci&ic a**lications )e o&&er three levels o& *roduct line$ each tailored to a co,%ination o& a )ell(s co,*le6it#$ cost and custo,er e6*ectations' Our goal is to *rovide a )ide range o& drill %it technologies and services that deliver the %est value across the &ull ,arket s*ectru, o& custo,er needs' Platinu, Line 1u*erior *er&or,ance in di&&icult a**lications Classic Line ield *roven$ co,*etitive technolog# 1tandard Line Econo,ic *er&or,ance in less challenging conditions

Platinu, Line A**lication Di&&icult# Drilling Cost Custo,er E6*ectations 1ervice Level Di&&icult High 1u*erior Per&' Highest

Classic Line ?or,al Average Co,*etitive High

1tandard Line Lo) Lo) Ade.uate 7ini,u,

>" Tricone Products >! Product Line >> Platinu, Bits >< Classic Bits >C 1tandard Bits >= 1*ecial A**lication Bits >D Technical Data 2 ?o,enclature >8 1i4e and +eight 9" IADC Bit Classi&ication 9> Technical Data 99 Tricone O*tional eatures 9< 1ales and Ter,s 9< 1ales O&&ices 9C Ter,s and Conditions

irst Co,,erciall# 1uccess&ul PDC Bit Christensen introduces the &irst *ol#cr#stalline dia,ond co,*act /PDC0 drill %it )ith a success&ul cutter ,ounting s#ste,'

irst 7etal2 1ealed2Bearing Hughes Tool Co,*an# introduces AT7$ the &irst ,etal2seal roller cone %it &or highs*eed$ high2te,*erature a**lications' All sliding )ear occurs %et)een the lo)&riction sur&aces o& the seal ring$ enhancing %it li&e in tough drilling conditions'

irst Rea, +hile Drilling Tool irst device allo)ing o*erators to drill out ce,ent$ then continue to drill and rea, the &or,ation interval in one run'

De*th2o&2Cut Control Technolog# &or PDC Bits Hughes Christensen introduces EE1teer )hich i,*roves tool&ace control in directional drilling a**lications$ te,*ering aggressiveness )hen steering and *reserving ROP )hile rotating'

irst 1teel Casing Bit 1#ste, Hughes Christensen introduces a ne) casing %it s#ste, that gets casingFliners to %otto, %# rea,ing through tight s*ots and e6tending o*en hole intervals &aster'

A**lication Engineering
or !"" #ears Hughes Christensen has %een in the &ore&ront *roviding custo,ers engineering services )hich i,*rove drilling *er&or,ance and lo)er drilling costs' +ith the introduction o& OA1I1 *re,ier engineering and consulting services ten #ears ago$ Hughes Christensen again set the industr# standard &or a**l#ing detailed anal#sis o& the entire drilling s#ste,$ o&&set data and do)n hole conditions to hel* identi&# o**ortunities to &urther i,*rove drilling *er&or,ance' Toda#$ our A**lication Engineering 1ervices continue a tradition o& continuous i,*rove,ent' +e are co,,itted to deliver consistent results through the *recise a**lication o& e6*ertise and technolog# at a level none o& our co,*etitors can ,atch'

OA1I1 Certi&ication
+ith considera%le invest,ents o& ti,e$ resources$ and ca*ital at stake$ our custo,ers rightl# insist on a level o& service that ins*ires con&idence' The# de,and engineers )ho can s*eak intelligentl# a%out the drilling *rocess &ro, end to end$ contri%ute valid and valua%le kno)ledge on de,and$ and co,,unicate co,&orta%l# )ith the on2site tea,' Co,*rehensive co,*etenc# and skill ,a**ing co,%ined )ith ,entored training ensures that OA1I1 certi&ied engineers *rovide the ,ost consistent$ relia%le engineering service to our custo,ers around the )orld'

Drill Bit O*ti,i4ation

-lti,atel#$ this *rocess co,es do)n to ,atching the right drill %it to the environ,ent and drilling s#ste,' O*ti,u, %it *er&or,ance de,ands a co,*lete understanding o& the drilling environ,ent and the *rinci*les at )ork' Engineers s*eciali4ing in Drill Bit O*ti,i4ation *ossess the anal#tical skill to evaluate drilling *ro%le,s in a ,ethodical &ashion$ care&ull# considering the larger conte6t o& the drilling *rocess' Engineers e6a,ine the drilling o*eration &ro, ever# angle to identi&# &actors that ,ight in&luence %it *er&or,ance' B# understanding the s#,*to,s and accuratel# diagnosing the root causes$ drilling *ro%le,s are corrected at the source' Ar,ed )ith a co,*lete *icture o& the drilling environ,ent$ the drill %it o*ti,i4ation engineer can ,atch ideal drilling and %it technologies to custo,er s*eci&ic a**lications and o%Aectives'


Drilla%ilit# Anal#ses
As drilling tools and ,ethods gro) ,ore varied and co,*le6$ engineers re.uire %etter and ,ore so*histicated tools to hel* the, distill all o& the varia%les into a ,ore accessi%le$ ,ore easil# understanda%le range o& o*tions' +e%itsG An accu,ulated data %ase o& %it *er&or,ance records' It ca*tures a )ealth o& %asic )ell in&or,ation use&ul in *roAect *lanning' Rock#G This rock ,echanics so&t)are *ackage evaluates the litholog# o& a drilling environ,ent$ calculates &or,ation strengths and esti,ates drilling e&&icienc#' Esti,ate ROP /EROP0G This *ro*rietar# anal#tical tool *redicts rates o& *enetration %ased on litholog#$ &or,ation strength and drilling *ara,eters that can %e used to ,ake drilling *er&or,ance decisions' Drill Bit Advisor /DBA0G The industr#(s leading rule2%ased e6*ert s#ste, uses co,*le6 decision trees that anal#4e ra) drilling and )ell log data to reco,,end the ideal %it design' BHA151 ProG This BHA ,odeling so&t)are *er&or,s co,*le6 static and d#na,ic calculations to construct an ideal %otto,2hole asse,%l# &or an# given drilling environ,ent' DataBitG An e6clusive drilling d#s&unction identi&ication ,odule$ is an in2%it recording device &or detecting *er&or,ance2killing vi%ration' It delivers decision su**ort &or o*ti,i4ed *er&or,ance$ s#ste, relia%ilit# and i,*roved econo,ics'
DataBit in2%it recording device

Bno)ledge 7anage,ent
A kno)ledge %ase o& *ractical &ield e6*erience$ lessons learned$ and %est *ractices hel*s our a**lication engineers %ring *roven solutions and glo%al *ers*ective to our custo,ers( s*eci&ic a**lications' A**lication Bno)ledge 1tore /AB10G This *ro*rietar# resource ca*tures and retains case2s*eci&ic *roduct *er&or,ance data$ *ractical lessons learned and detailed in&or,ation on a**lied technolog# that is accessi%le )orld)ide &or o*ti,i4ing *er&or,ance solutions' Drilling Per&or,ance Guidelines /DPG0G A d#na,ic$ highl# structured kno)ledge %ase o& universal %est *ractices is used dail# %# our drilling *ersonnel in the *rovision o& %est drilling *er&or,ance'

+orld Oil ,aga4ine Data 7anage,ent a)ard

Innovation and Technolog#

1ince )e introduced the &irst rotar# rock %it$ our research and develo*,ent *rogra,s have %een res*onsi%le &or the s#ste,atic advance,ent o& drill %it technolog#' Over !>"" *atents a)arded the co,*an# over the last !"" #ears accounts &or our *roducts %eing recogni4ed around the )orld as the industr# standard' Toda#$ our culture is %ased on a *hiloso*h# o& continuous i,*rove,ent' +e are constantl# searching &or ,ore e&&ective )a#s to *rovide our custo,ers the highest .ualit# *roducts and value added service'
1olid ,odeling design
Our PDC and Tricone %its %egin li&e on our engineering tea,s( deskto*s' Custo,i4ed 9D solid2,odeling CAD s#ste,s ena%le us to re&ine each design iteration through visual ins*ection' +e sea,lessl# trans&er the *roduct ,odel to custo,i4ed anal#sis tools that &urther enhance develo*,ent' The CAD s#ste, then generates dra)ings &or *roduction &ro, the &inal *roduct ,odel' -sing CA7 technolog#$ nu,ericall# controlled *rogra,s are generated &ro, the solid ,odel to drive the ,achine tools' Co,*uteri4ed si,ulations continuousl# check the *rogra,s to ensure error2&ree in&or,ation reaches the sho* &loor'

inite Ele,ent Anal#sis / EA0

Our engineers use EA to ,odel stress and strain in hard ,etals$ elasto,ers$ and rock2like ,aterials &or greater %it dura%ilit#' +e can *redict cutting structure &ailures so #ou receive a continuousl# i,*roved *roduct' In Tricone %its$ EA ena%les understanding o& %earing contact stress &or ne) %earing geo,etries$ car%ide tooth stress &or ,ore dura%le tungsten car%ide inserts$ and car%ide grade di&&erences &or %etter ,aterials' In PDC %its$ EA ena%les us to ,ove har,&ul residual stress a)a# &ro, the PDC cutters( edge$ signi&icantl# increasing cutter li&e'

7aterials research
+e continuousl# ,onitor the strength and &racture toughness o& our Tricone and PDC drill %it ,aterials to lo)er #our cost2 *er2&oot drilled )hile i,*roving dura%ilit# and longevit#' This )ork has ena%led us to introduce i,*roved grease$ %earings$ and seals &or Tricone %its and i,*roved ,atri6 %od# ,aterials and PDC cutters &or dia,ond %its' Anal#tical tools$ including acoustic$ electron$ and o*tical ,icrosco*es are *art o& our *hase and &racture2sur&ace studies'


Drilling Technolog# La%orator#

7an# o& Hughes Christensen(s advances in i,*roving *enetration rate and &ine2tuning *er&or,ance &eatures o& drill %its are tested and evaluated at our high2*ressure drilling test &acilit#' +ith our &ull2scale drilling si,ulator$ )here )e %ring the &ield to the la%orator#$ the research and develo*,ent c#cle that once took ,onths in the &ield has %een reduced to da#s' The drilling si,ulator$ )hich is ca*a%le o& testing %its u* to !> !F<2in' dia,eter$ re*roduces the harsh do)nhole environ,ent to ena%le our researchers to accuratel# assess and co,*are the *er&or,ance o& ne) designs$ as )ell as standard *roducts'

Baker Hughes E6*eri,ental Test Area /BETA0

Located in an oil &ield near Tulsa$ Oklaho,a$ BETA %rings &ield2 *roven technolog# to #our o*erations &aster )hile reducing the risk o& using un*roven tools in #our )ell' This is a uni.ue resource &or testing in a range o& geological &or,ations a variet# o& drilling$ co,*letion$ and *roduction tools on a &ull2 scale rig' All o& the real2ti,e data and in&or,ation$ including a rig &loor video$ are availa%le on the Baker Hughes intranet &or i,,ediate anal#sis'

Product Evaluation La%orator#

In this la%orator#$ )e diagnose *roduct )ear and &ailure ,odes to deter,ine the causes &or the various dull %it conditions and to identi&# o**ortunities &or *er&or,ance2enhancing &eatures and design i,*rove,ents' Our engineers literall# Hauto*s#I %its$ conducting to* to %otto, &orensic e6a,inations o& cutting structures$ %earings$ seals$ and other %it ele,ents' The la%orator# closes the loo* o& our total co,,it,ent to #our drilling success'

PDaCDnia,Pon d Drill Bits

Hughes sChristensen line advanced technolog# technolog# and and a a revolutionar# revolutionar# sign Christensen lineo& o& PDC PDC %its %its )ith )ith advanced design deocess to acheive ,a6i,u, *er&or,ance in a de&ined a**lication' *rocess achieves ,a6i,u, *er&or,ance in a de&ined a**lication'

Product Lines
Platinu, Drill Bits
3uantecT7 PDC /30 Our ,ost advanced %its utili4e dia,ond volu,e ,anage,ent /DV70$ su*erior cutters$ o*ti,i4ed h#draulics and a uni.ue sta%ilit# technolog#' 3uantec orceT7 PDC /3 0 A ne) generation o& cutter and sta%ili4ation technolog# delivers su*re,e *er&or,ance in a )ide range o& environ,ents'

Classic Drill Bits

Genesis EJT7 /HC2EJ0 The EJ *roduct line adds Eenith2series cutters and secondar# cutting ele,ents to the Genesis *roduct to hel* #ou drill &urther$ &aster' Genesis JTT7 /HC2E0 PDC %its )ith advanced a%rasion2resistant Eenith2series cutters advance PDC %its into inter%edded &or,ations' GenesisT7 /HC0 A *re,iu, line o& PDC %its that utili4e advanced technolog# and a revolutionar# design *rocess to achieve ,a6i,u, *er&or,ance in a de&ined a**lication'

1tandard Drill Bits

TritonT7 PDC / C0 Our ,odestl# *riced %it delivers relia%le *er&or,ance and a .ualit# %ore hole'

Blank 2 Per&or,ance Drilling D 2 D Technolog#

A**lication 1*eci&ic 1 2 1teel Bod# Blank 2 Per&or,ance Drilling H 2 Hard Rock

Product Line Pre&i6

3 3uantec HC Genesis Technolog# C Triton

3 D ; "C H J
Product line Blade Count Backu* Cutter O*tions J 2 1ingle ro) o& %acku* cutters JJ 2 Dou%le ro) o& %acku* cutters

Product Line 1u&&i6

orce 1eries o& 3uantec E Eenith 1eries Cutters
Cutter 1i4e > K !F< in' K D ,, 9 K 9FD in' K !! ,, < K !F> in' K !9 ,, ; K ;FD in' K !C ,, C K 9F< in' K !8 ,,

1*ecialt# Products
GaugeProT7 /JPR0 A e6*anda%le$ concentric hole2o*ening s#ste, that drills and rea,s si,ultaneousl# )ith ,ini,al vi%ration and su*erior hole .ualit#' EECaseT7 /EEC0 A line o& PDC %its designed to rea, and drill ne) &or,ations on liner or casing' EERea,T7 /EER0 The industr#(s onl# steel rea,ing shoe that is PDC drilla%le' R+D>T7 /R+D>0 The line o& rea,2)hile2drilling tools is designed &or s*eci&ic hole2o*ening a**lications at a &raction o& the cost and )ithout the risks associated )ith %icenter %its and conventional underrea,ers' HedgeHog /HH0 A &ull line o& i,*regnated dia,ond %its designed to drill the hardest and ,ost a%rasive drilling &or,ations' ?atural Dia,ond /D$ T0 1ur&ace set )ith natural dia,onds o& various grades and concentrations to drill a variet# o& harder$ ,ore a%rasive &or,ations' Balla1et /10 -tili4es ther,all# sta%le *ol#cr#stalline dia,ond cutters to drill ,ediu,2to2hard &or,ations' 1ideTrack /1T0 Line o& PDC and natural dia,ond %its designed &or sidetracking in so&t &or,ations' Per&or,s )ell in rotar# and do)nhole ,otor a**lications' 1*eed 7ill /D170 ?atural dia,ond %its designed &or drilling casing )indo)s' O*tions G9 1te* Gauge G; In2Gauge PDC Tri,,ers GC 1*iral Gauge G= T1P Dia,ond Gauge

GD Longer Gauge Than 1tandard G8 E6tended 1leeve G!> Active Gauge Cutters B9 TCI +ear Bnots

7! Chi*7aster H#draulics ?11 ?onstandard 1hank -! ?atural Dia,ond -*drill -9 PDC -*drill /9FD2in'0 -< PDC -*drill /!F>2in'0

J Backu* Cutters JJ Dou%le Ro) o& Backu* Cutters JDO EECase Drillout 5 Bo62-* Connection

Platinu, PDC Drill Bits

Our %est PDC %its are designed to drill &urther and &aster through the toughest and ,ost a%rasive &or,ations' These ne) generation PDC %its are no) drilling hard and a%rasive hole sections historicall# saved &or TCI %its' As a result$ o*erators are drilling these intervals &aster$ )ith less %its and at a lo)er cost2*er2&oot'

Dia,ond Volu,e 7anage,ent

DV7 *laces the right a,ount o& dia,ond at the right location on the %it' DV7 *rovides higher ROP$ greater sta%ilit# and longer runs )ith signi&icantl# reduced cutter or BHA da,age'

3uantec cutters
A**lication2s*eci&ic cutters o&&er a ste* change in a%rasion resistance )ith less *otential &or chi**ing or &rag,enting' Bits drill )ith Hlike ne) cuttersI longer' Custo,ers enAo# longer and &aster runs'

Enhanced gauge *rotection

Ther,all# sta%le *ol#cr#stalline inserts ensure ,a6i,u, gauge2holding a%ilit# in the ,ost a%rasive drilling environ,ents'

Drilling A**lication Revie) Process /DART0

Each ne) PDC design *roAect receives the *ersonal attention o& an integrated$ ,ulti&unctional tea, co,*rising design$ research and a**lications engineers and a &ield sales re*resentative' The tea, conducts an in2de*th anal#sis &ro, each s*eciali4ed *ers*ective' This DART *rocess i,*roves co,,unication )ith the custo,erL reduces costl#$ ti,e consu,ing iterationsL and ,a6i,i4es #our ulti,ate solution'

3uantec D PDC %its

These *re,iu, PDC %its utili4e directional technologies that *lace the )ell )here reservoir *roduction is o*ti,i4ed' Our *atented de*th2o&2cut control technolog# delivers e6ce*tional tool &ace control on rotar# and ,otor steera%le s#ste,s' These *recise %its are e6*osing ,ore reservoir than ever %e&ore in da#s instead o& )eeks' That sa,e technolog# reduces %it vi%ration$ resulting in a s,oother )ell %ore and less do)nhole tool da,age' A s,ooth )ell %ore i,*roves logging .ualit#$ allo)ing %etter ,easure,ent in the hori4ontal sections and *a# 4ones' A s,ooth )ell %ore *revents ledges$ kinks and casing *ro%le,s )hich can a&&ect co,*letion and *roduction &or the li&e o& the )ell'

1,oothCutT7 de*th2o&2cut control technolog#

Patented technolog# *rovides a lo)2vi%ration$ sta%le drill %it that reduces *re,ature cutter )ear' Bit sta%ilit# increases &ootage drilled and i,*roves ROP %# eli,inating i,*act da,age' Cutters retain their initial$ shar*2edge geo,etr#'

3uantec orce PDC Bit

Our ne)est generation PDC %it *ushes the envelo*e o& %it sta%ilit# and drilling e&&icienc#' -n*recedented %uilt2in vi%ration control ena%les our designers to utili4e ,ore aggressive and e&&icient cutting structures' 32 orce %its are drilling intervals )ith Hlike ne)I cutters longer and &aster' In addition to i,*roved e&&icienc#$ 32 orce %its utili4e a ne) series o& PDC cutters )ith i,*roved )ear resistance and ther,al sta%ilit# &or &aster$ longer runs'


)ith C D

O*ti,i4ed h#draulics
Co,*utational &luid d#na,ics *rovide an o*ti,i4ed %alance o& &luid &lo)$ cutter cooling and erosion resistance'

Classic PDC Drill Bits

E6tre,el# relia%le %its that co,%ine advanced technolog# and a revolutionar# design *rocess to achieve e6cellent *er&or,ance and consistenc# in de&ined a**lications'

Genesis Cutters
Continuous research in dia,ond inter&ace design$ dia,ond ta%le thickness and dia,ond2edge geo,etr# has *rovided cutters )ith greater i,*act and a%rasion resistance' +ith a vast arra# o& cutters to choose &ro,$ our engineers can custo, design each %it(s cutting structure )ith the ideal co,%ination o& aggressiveness and dura%ilit# &or the a**lication'

Drilling A**lication Revie) Process /DART0

Each ne) PDC design *roAect receives the *ersonal attention o& an integrated$ ,ulti&unctional tea, co,*rising design$ research and a**lications engineers and a &ield sales re*resentative' The tea, conducts an in2de*th anal#sis &ro, each s*eciali4ed *ers*ective' This DART *rocess i,*roves co,,unication )ith the custo,erL reduces costl#$ ti,e consu,ing iterationsL and ,a6i,i4es #our ulti,ate solution'


Genesis JT PDC %it

JT %its drill at a lo)er cost2*er2&oot )ith tough a%rasion2resistant E cutters' These tough %its have advanced PDC drilling into inter%edded &or,ations t#*icall#

1,oothCut Technolog#
Patented$ de*th2o&2cut control technolog#$ ensures cutter da,aging *eak loads are ,ini,i4ed %# %alancing the )orkload over ,ore cutters' 1,oothCut technolog# li,its %it reactive tor.ue res*onse )ithout li,iting %it aggressiveness and ROP'

drilled %# roller cone %its'

Eenith21eries Cutters
Innovative dia,ond2cutter technolog# ena%les E series cutters to ,aintain a shar*$ e&&icient cutting edge )hen drilling through a )ide variet# o& &or,ations in e6tre,e do)nhole conditions'

1tandard Genesis

Lateral 7ove,ent 7itigatorT7 /L770

Patented L77 reduces vi%ration severit# and *rotects shoulder cutters &ro, i,*act loads'

Genesis D PDC %it

Designed &or %oth ,otor and rotar# steera%le a**lications$ the Genesis D %its enhance a s#ste,(s a%ilit# to deliver a .ualit# hole *recisel# on target'


Chordal Dro*
Innovative design conce*ts allo) greater %orehole coverage' Co,%ined )ith L77$ chordal dro* delivers enhanced %it sta%ilit#'

Its *atented de*th2o&2cut control technolog# uses engineered %earing sur&aces to lo)er the %it(s tor.ue res*onse to additional )eight' The results 2 i,*roved tool&ace control )ithout sacri&icing ROP'


1tandard PDC Drill Bits

Designed &or si,*le$ highl# drilla%le &or,ations$ these &ield *roven$ cost2e&&ective %its deliver the *er&or,ance #ou need' Engineered cutter *lace,ent o&&ers the re.uired aggressiveness and dura%ilit# to reach the target at good ROP'
H! cutters
Tough$ shar* cutters )ith residual stress ,anage,ent o&&er consistent *er&or,ance in PDC2drilla%le &or,ations'

Cutter la#out
Ti,e tested designs deliver a sta%le drilling *lat&or, and a .ualit# %orehole'

1tandard gauge *rotection

lush set tungsten car%ide inserts )orking in tande, )ith PDC gauge cutters o&&er e6tra *rotection and ,a6i,u, gauge holding'

H#draulic e&&icienc#
Co,*utational &luid d#na,ics ,a6i,i4es cuttings re,oval &or reduced %alling'


1*ecialt# Products
GaugePro JPR F JP1
On a drilling asse,%l#$ our GaugePro JPR e6*anda%le rea,er drills and rea,s si,ultaneousl# )ith ,ini,al vi%ration and su*erior hole .ualit#' The rea,er re,ains closed until triggered$ o*ens on co,,and$ rea,s an in2gauge hole$ closes and co,es out o& the hole *ro%le, &ree' +ith the *ilot %it design s#nchroni4ed to the e6*anda%le rea,er in a &it2&or2*ur*ose drilling asse,%l#$ o*erators are achieving an e6ce*tional do)nhole o*erating environ,ent' The GaugePro JP1 e6*anda%le sta%ili4er increases drilling e&&icienc# %# *roviding BHA sta%ili4ation in the enlarged )ell%ore' The sta%ili4er$ )hen run in co,%ination )ith the e6*anda%le rea,er$ signi&icantl# reduces u**er BHA )hirl$ thus reducing BHA da,age and &urther enhancing the do)nhole o*erating environ,ent and drilling *er&or,ance'
irst *atented dro*2%all ,ethod to trigger an e6*anda%le rea,er$ )hich eli,inates *re,ature triggering inde*endent o& +OB$ &lo)$ or BHA *ressure' irst docu,ented$ signi&icant vi%ration reduction %# li,iting aggressiveness o& the *ilot %it )ithout reducing ROP using *atented EE1teer de*th2o&2cut control technolog#' irst docu,ented use o& the GaugePro JP1 e6*anda%le sta%ili4er a%ove a rea,er to signi&icantl# increase drilling e&&icienc# %# eli,inating collar )hirl &or higher ROP )ith lo)er )eight on %it'






1*ecialt# Products
R+D> rea,2)hile2drilling technolog#
Regardless o& the drilling asse,%l# or a**lication$ the R+D> ena%les #ou to drill out ce,ent$ &loat e.ui*,ent$ and drill and rea, the re,aining interval in one continuous o*eration' Our &i6ed2%lade eccentric rea,er tackles hole2o*ening a**lications in the ,ost de,anding )ell%ore geo,etries'

De*th2AdAusted Cutters
+ith our *atented a**roach$ individual cutter e6*osure is care&ull# adAusted to %alance the load$ reducing vi%ration and i,*roving cutter dura%ilit#'

Hole2O*ening Blade
Our *atented %lade design delivers s,oother drilling in the transition &ro, *ass2through to drill si4e'

O*ti,i4ed H#draulics
Co,*utational &luid d#na,ics o*ti,i4es no44le *ositioning$ ,a6i,i4ing cuttings re,oval and cutting structure cooling'

Pilot Bit le6i%ilit#

-se Tricone or PDC *ilot %its$ de*ending u*on the a**lication re.uire,ents'M

A**lication Versatilit#
R+D> &or straight2hole rotar# a**lications' 1igni&icantl# reduces the cost o& conventional drilling and rea,ing )ith an ideal co,%ination o& *ilot %it and BHA selected to o*ti,i4e drilling e&&icienc#'

R+D>1: &or ,otor steera%le or rotar# steera%le a**lications' +ith 4ero ,oving *arts$ this tool signi&icantl# reduces the cost o& underrea,ing )hile eli,inating the ,echanical risks'

R+D>1T:F>J signi&icantl# reduces the risk o& ,echanical &ailure in tight )ell%ores )ith a one2*iece *ilot %itFrea,er design that o&&ers ,a6i,u, hole clearance'


R+D>1T F >J
M >1T N >J are one *iece tools


1*ecialt# Products
EECase casing %it s#ste,
Reduce ?PT %# co,%ining drilling and casing in one run )ith the industr#(s onl# steel casing %it s#ste,' 5ou can co,*lete a )ell that traditional technolog# could not co,*lete %ecause o& severe losses or unsta%le &or,ations$ including ru%%le 4ones$ lost circulation 4ones$ de*leted reservoirs$ and underground %lo)outs' Genesis PDC %it drillout ensures additional ,illing o*erations are unnecessar#'

Drill *ro%le,atic )ells including ru%%le 4ones$ lost circulation 4ones$ de*leted reservoirs and underground %lo)outs' +ith EECase #ou can co,*lete a )ell that ,a# not have %een *ossi%le using traditional technolog#' Drill out &loat e.ui*,ent$ the EECase %it and drill the ne) hole si4e )ith roller cone and PDC drillout %its' O*ti,i4ed h#draulics are reali4ed &ro, co,*utational &luid d#na,ic anal#sis )hich ,a6i,i4es the %it(s cooling$ cleaning and cuttings eAection'


EERea, casingFliner shoe

Reduce drilling cost )ith &e)er tri*s using the industr#(s ,ost ro%ust casingFliner shoe' This is the onl# steel rea,ing shoe that is PDC drilla%le' +ith a tungsten car%ide and PDC cutting structure$ enhanced dura%ilit# ena%les #ou to rea, longer intervals through the ,ost challenging %arriers and get to TD in a severel# co,*ro,ised %orehole'
aster drilloutOEERea, technolog# is drilla%le )ith a standard PDC or roller cone in onshore and o&&shore a**lications' Reduced drillout riskOEERea, concave *ro&ile drills out &ro, the center to the shoulder$ eli,inating the risk o& leaving an undrilled *ortion do)nhole' ail2sa&e circulationOThe industr#(s onl# casingFline shoe to o&&er a secondar# %#*ass *ort$ )hich allo)s nor,al circulation or ce,enting to continue in the event o& no44le *lugging'

EERea, Lite


EERea, Heav# Dut#


1*ecialt# Products
B#,era h#%rid drilling technolog#

Higher overall ROPG 7aintains PDC2e.uivalent ROP in so&t &or,ations )hile increasing ROP in harder &or,ations that are t#*icall# drilled %# roller cone %its' Lo)er vi%rationG The uni.ue design o& B#,era %its *rovides an e6tre,el# sta%le drilling *lat&or, that ,itigates vi%ration *resent in roller cone and PDC environ,ents' Better tool&ace controlG 1u*erior directional %it &or ,otor or rotar# a**lications )ith %etter tool&ace control and steera%ilit# than a PDC' I,*roved tor.ue controlG B#,era %its o&&er unrivaled tor.ue ,anage,ent in the toughest &or,ationsL even in transition 4ones tor.ue is controlled )ith s,ooth and &ast drilling'


1*ecial A**lications
The HedgeHog i,*reg %it has an aggressive$ %alling2resistant cutting structure )ith o*ti,i4ed h#draulics and advanced ,atri6 ,aterial' The o*ti,i4ed %lade con&iguration ena%les ,ore &or,ation re,oval'

Interru*ted Cutting 1tructure

Increased drilling e&&icienc# )ithout an# uncut %otto, %ecause o& staggered$ overla**ed *osts that allo) shale to &lo) through' T)ent#2&ive *ercent ,ore dia,ond volu,e in the cone area than standard i,*reg %its )ith *ost2over2%lade design' O*ti,al sand and shale drilling )ith ,a6i,i4ed %lade count'

Enhanced H#draulics
I,*act2&orce directed )here %alling occurs )ith uni.ue *orted design' Enhanced ROP )ith dee* Aunk slots that o*ti,i4e cuttings re,oval and li,it hole s)a%%ing during tri*s'

7atri6 le6i%ilit#
The ,atri6 )ears slightl# &aster than the dia,ond to ensure the ,ost e&&icient cutting structure' Each ,atri6 &or,ulation is ,atched to the litholog#$ achieving the o*ti,al rate o& &resh$ shar* dia,onds &or enhanced ROP'

?atural Dia,ond
+e have a variet# o& natural dia,ond st#les &or rotar# and ,otor drilling in hard or a%rasive &or,ations' There are various si4es$ grades and concentrations o& natural dia,ond in these %its &or #our s*eci&ic a**lication' The cro)n *ro&iles are designed &or o*ti,u, *er&or,ance'

Our 1ideTrack line o& PDC and natural dia,ond %its is designed &or sidetracking using rotar# or ,otor' A tungsten car%ide ,atri6 %od# construction ensures erosion resistanceL there(s natural dia,ond *rotection on the gauge' There are shallo) cone *ro&iles &or ,ini,al resistance to directional changes' The short shoulder radius enhances the lateral cut )hen side &orces are a**lied &or success&ul kicko&&'

1*eed 7ill
These natural dia,ond %its ena%le #ou to drill casing )indo)s' The &lat *ro&ile )ith short shoulder radius o&&ers the greatest sur&ace area in direct contact )ith the casing' This design ensures dura%ilit# )ith an aggressive edge' The s,aller$ less2e6*osed dia,onds have high i,*act resistance to *revent %reakage )hen drilling steel casing'

Custo, designed &or #our a**lication$ our Balla1et %its have ther,all# sta%le *ol#cr#stalline dia,ond cutters to drill ,ediu,2 to2hard &or,ations' The cro)n *ro&iles o*ti,i4e *enetration rates and %it li&e )hen running on rotar# or ,otor'

?atural Dia,ond


1*eed 7ill



API Dia,ond Bit Tolerances
?o,inal Bit 1i4e OD inch -* to C 9F<$ incl' C >;F9> to 8$ incl' 8 !F9> to !9 9F<$ incl' !9 >;F9> and larger
M Converted &ro, inches

API Dia,eter P Tolerances P ?o44les P 7ake2u* Tor.ues

OD Tolerance inch Q"' 2 "'"!; Q"' 2 "'">" Q"' 2 "'"9" Q"' 2 "'"<; ,,M Q"' 2 "'9D Q"' 2 "';! Q"' 2 "'=C Q"' 2 !'!<

T A Values o& Co,,on ?o44le 1i4es

?o44le 1i4eM = D 8 !" !! !> !9 !< !; !C !D >" >> ! '"9=C '"<8! '"C>! '"=C= '"8>D '!!"< '!>8C '!;"9 '!=>C '!8C9 '><D; '9"CD '9=!> > '"=;> '"8D> '!><> '!;9< '!D;C '>>"8 '>;8> '9""= '9<;! '98>= '<8=" 'C!9C '=<>< 9 '!!>= '!<=9 '!DC< '>9"! '>=D< '99!9 '9DD8 '<;!" ';!== ';D8" '=<;; '8>"< !'!!9= < '!;"9 '!8C9 '><D; '9"C" '9=!> '<<!D ';!D; 'C"!9 'C8"9 '=D;< '88<" !'>>=> !'<D<8 ?u,%er o& ?o44les ; C '!D== '><;< '9!"C '9D9; '<C<" ';;>> 'C<D! '=;!= 'DC>8 '8D!= !'><>; !';9<" !'D;C! '>>;; '>8<; '9=>D '<C"> ';;CD 'CC>= '==== '8">" !'"9;< !'!=D! !'<8!" !'D<"D >'>>=9 = '>C9! '9<9; '<><8 ';9C8 'C<8C '==9! '8"=9 !'";>9 !'>"D" !'9=<< !'=98; >'!<=C >';8DC D '9""= '98>= '<8=" 'C!9C '=<>< 'DD9C !'"9=" !'>">C !'9D"C !';="D !'8DD" >'<;<< >'8C8D 8 '99D> '<<!D ';;8! 'C8"9 'D9;9 '88<" !'!CCC !'9;9" !';;9> !'=C=! >'>9C; >'=C!> 9'9<!" !" '9=; '<8"8 'C>!9 '=C=" '8>D! !'"<; !'>8C> !';"99 !'=>;D !'8C9< >'<D;" 9'"CD" 9'=!>>

M /?o44le si4e in 9>nds o& an inch'0

API Connection Chart F Reco,,ended 7akeu* Tor.ue

HBit 1u% Bit OD /inches0 Connection ODI /inches0 9 9 !FD 9 !F< 9 !F> 9 9F< and larger < !FD < !F< < !F> ; !F> ; 9F< C and larger = !F> = 9F< and larger D !F> D 9F< 8 8 !F< and larger
Q/In so,e cases$ C ;FDI reg is used'0

HReco,,ended 7ake2u* Tor.ueI /k?,0 >'< 2 >'= 9'9 2 9'C <'> 2 <'C <'> 2 <'C C'9 2 C'8 ='" 2 ='= D'C 2 8'< !"'9 2 !!'< !C'8 2 !D'C >>'< 2 ><'C >='C 2 9"'9 ;"'9 2 ;;'< ;='8 2 C9'C C;'; 2 =>'! =D'9 2 DC'! 8!'C 2 !""'D 8C'! 2 !";'= /!""" &t2l%0 !'D 2 >'" >'< 2 >'= 9'! 2 9'< 9'! 2 9'< <'C 2 ;'! ;'> 2 ;'= C'9 2 C'8 ='C 2 D'< !>'; 2 !9'= !C'; 2 !D'! >"'9 2 >>'< 9='! 2 <"'D <>'= 2 <C'8 <D'9 2 ;9'> ;='= 2 C9'; C='C 2 =<'9 ="'8 2 =D'"

9 !F> 2 < !F> < !=F9> 2 ; ; !F9> 2 = 9FD

>29FD REG >2=FD REG 92!F> REG

= !9F9> 2 8 9FD 8 !9F9> 2 !< !F>


!< 8F!C and larger


M /Converted &ro, &t2l%0

/?o44le si4e in 9>nds o& an inch'0

/In so,e cases$ = ;FDI reg is used' -se a**ro*riate tor.ues &or API connection$ not %it si4e$ in these cases'0


Dia,ond O*tional eatures

In2Gauge PDC Tri,,ers /G;0
Additional PDC cutters are &lush ,ounted on the leading edge o& the gauge *ads' The# *rovide e6tra dura%ilit# on the %it gauge *ads &or a**lications that *re,aturel# )ear a conventional TCIF?D gauge' G9 G; GC G= GD G8 G!> B9 ?11 7! -! -9 -< J JJ JDO 5 1te* Gauge In2Gauge PDC Tri,,ers 1*iral Gauge T1P Dia,ond Gauge Longer Gauge Than 1tandard E6tended 1leeve Active Gauge PDC Cutters TCI +ear Bnots ?onstandard 1hank Chi*7aster H#draulics ?atural Dia,ond -*drill PDC -*drill /9FD2in'0 PDC -*drill /!F>2in'0 1ingle Ro) o& Backu* Cutters T)o or 7ore Ro)s o& Backu* Cutters EE Case Drillout Bo62-* Connection

E6tended 1leeve /G80

or greater %it sta%ilit# )hen drilling )ith high rotational s*eeds$ an o*tional gauge sleeve ,a# %e added'

Bo62-* Connection /50

1o,e directional drilling a**lications utili4ing tur%ines re.uire the s,allest *ossi%le distance %et)een the %it &ace and the lo)er %earing sta%ili4er' This can %e achieved %# using a *in2do)n connection on the tur%ine'

1*iral Gauge /GC0

7a6i,i4es %orehole coverage &or enhanced sta%ilit#' The s*iral gauge o*tion is one o& ,an# chordal dro* ,anage,ent tools that reduces vi%ration severit#'

J Backu* Cutters /J0

1ingle ro) o& %acku* cutters'

EECase Drillout /JDO0 JJ Backu* Cutters /JJ0

T)o or ,ore ro)s o& %acku* cutters' Added to standard PDC %it designs$ this technolog# ena%les PDC %its to drill through EECase casing %its'

TCI +ear Bnots /B90

TCI )ear knots ,ini,i4e large tor.ue variations and *rovide cutters additional *rotection &ro, i,*act da,age'

?atural Dia,ond -*drill /-!0

The u*drill &eature drills the &or,ation )hen the %it is rotated )hile tri**ing out o& the hole' This reduces the risk o& *ro%le,s in tight holes$ unsta%le &or,ations or salt sections'

Longer Gauge Than 1tandard /GD0

The GD o*tion is an# gauge length that is longer than the standard gauge length &or a given %it si4e' In so,e high2rotation s*eed a**lications$ such as )hen using tur%ines$ ,a6i,u, %it sta%ili4ation and dura%ilit# are re.uired' There&ore$ gauge length is increased to ,eet s*eci&ic a**lication re.uire,ents'

PDC -*drill /9FD2inch0 /-90 PDC -*drill /!F>2inch0 /-<0

The u*drill &eature drills the &or,ation )hen the %it is rotated )hile tri**ing out o& the hole' This reduces the risk o& *ro%le,s in tight holes$ unsta%le &or,ations or salt sections'


Tricone Drill Bits

Hughes Christensen line o& Tricone %its )ith advanced technolog# and a revolutionar# design *rocess achieves ,a6i,u, *er&or,ance in a de&ined a**lication'

Product Lines
VanguardOPre,iu, Tricone %its designed &or su*erior *er&or,ance in challenging a**lications' ?e6t generation advance,ents in %earings$ car%ide$ h#draulics and shirttail *rotection *rovide the &le6i%ilit# to design the right %it &or virtuall# an# Tricone a**lication' V7O7etal2to2,etal sealing s#ste, VGOHigh As*ect Ratio /HAR0 elasto,er seal

7JOA ver# relia%le$ long2li&e steel tooth and TCI ,otor %it Tricone line designed &or de,anding a**lications' Their ,etal2seal %earing *ackage has set ne) standards o& relia%ilit# in tough drilling environ,ents' GJO ield2*roven elasto,er2sealed Tricone %its that utili4e highl# e&&icient co,*onents to consistentl# deliver longer runs at ,a6i,u, *enetration rates in either rotar# or ,otor

TritonOThese roller2cone %its &eature an O2 ring sealed Aournal %earing' Their ti,e tested cutting structures deliver a .ualit# %orehole and high *enetration rates'

eatures and O*tions

A C C C9 DDJ Air @ournal Bearing$ Air ?o44les Center @et Conical21ha*e Insert Three2Directed Center @ets D1E Dia,ond Gauge /99R0 F Dia,ond Tri,,ers /;"R0 DDT D1E Dia,ond Gauge /99R0 F Dia,ond Tri,,ers /!""R0 DH Dia,ond Heel Co,*acts /!""R0 DH! Dia,ond Heel Co,*acts /;"R0 DP Dia,ond2Enhanced 1ta%ili4ation Pad D1 Dia,ond2Enhanced 1hirttail Co,*acts DT Dia,ond Gauge Tri,,ers /!""R0


DT! Dia,ond Gauge Tri,,ers /;"R0 DJ D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts /99R0 DJ" D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts />"R0 DJ! D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts /;"R0 DJ> D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts /!""R0 DJ9 D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts 2 !st Ro) /99R0$ >nd /!""R0 DVH Dia,ond Vanguard Heel DVHJ" Dia,ond Heel Q>"R Gauge DVHJ Dia,ond Heel Q99R Gauge DVHJ! Dia,ond Heel Q;"R Gauge DVHJ> Dia,ond Heel Q!""R Gauge G Enhanced Gauge 2 +ear Resistant

H 7 7 P R 1 1TL T T! T9

Enhanced Gauge 2 Breakage Resistant 7otor Hard&acing 7 Technolog# Leg 1ta%ili4ation +ear Pad 1*ra#2Coat Cones 1hirttail Co,*acts 1hirttail N Leg Hard&acing High&lo) ?o44les /> High&lo)0 High&lo) ?o44les /! High&lo)0 High&lo) ?o44les /9 High&lo)0

Tricone Bit Ele,ents

1teel Tooth Bit

Cone !

Tungsten Car%ide Insert Bit

Heel Ro) Cone !

@et ?o44le

1*ear Point


Cone 9 Cone > Cone > ?ose Ro) Inner Ro) Boss Pad Cone 9


Platinu, Tricone Drill Bits

Our *re,iu, Tricone line utili4es ne6t generation technolog# to create the ,ost e&&icient and dura%le Tricone %its' Vanguard %its are custo, designed to ,eet the individual re.uire,ents o& s*eci&ic a**lications' ro, tough car%onate drilling in the 7iddle East to delivering a .ualit# hole in directional a**lications$ Vanguard %its are setting ne) standards o& *er&or,ance and relia%ilit#'
Vanguard VG %its
VG %its rel# on a High As*ect Ratio /HAR0 elasto,er seal' Its uni.ue geo,etr# *rovides enhanced sta%ili4ation as it ,aintains o*ti,u, sealing *osition )ithin the %earing'

Vanguard V7 %its
V7 %its utili4e the industr#(s ,ost relia%le %earing *ackage' Its uni.ue ,etal2to2,etal sealing s#ste, *er&or,s long hours under the ,ost challenging conditions'

High2Ca*acit# Grease
?e)$ high viscosit#$ and high ther,al sta%ilit# grease &or,ulation increases the %earing load carr# ca*acit# and ensures long %earing li&e'

A**lication ,atched cutter arrange,ents

Co,*uter ,odeling so&t)are is used to statisticall# i,*rove resistance to tracking' Pitch and distance %et)een inserts are con&igured to eli,inate %it tracking$ reduce cutter )ear and i,*rove *enetration rate'
BO11 1tandard

1TL 1hirttail *ackages

Patented 1TL shirttail and leg hard&acing *ackages are custo,i4ed to ,ini,i4e severe leg )ear in directional a**lications and ensures su*erior %earing and seal *rotection in di&&icult a**lications'

Engineered co,*acts
Tougher$ )ear resistant teeth )ith custo, car%ide grades allo) our engineers to ,atch aggressive tooth sha*es )ith s*eci&ic &or,ations and drilling a**lications'

Vanguard TCI )ith BO11 eature


Vanguard Geother,al %its

Bits designed &or the e6tre,e te,*erature 4ones' Their uni.ue ,etal2to2,etal sealing s#ste,$ )ith ne) elasto,er co,*onents ,ade &ro, high te,*erature resistant co,*ounds$ ,akes the Vanguard Geother,al %its an ideal choice &or hot2hole a**lications'

Vanguard Directional %its

Designed &or high ROP and relia%le %uild rates$ these %its ,ini,i4e *otential roller cone directional challenges such as unrelia%le %earing *er&or,ance$ e6cessive OD )ear$ and high c#clic loading &ailure'

Vanguard Ara%ia %its

These %its are designed &or the nona%rasive 7iddle2Eastern car%onate ,arkets' Ara%ia %its utili4e car%ide grades s*eciall# develo*ed &or car%onate &or,ations )ith innovative cutting structures &or higher ROP and sustained dura%ilit#'
Vanguard TCI

Vanguard 1teel Tooth %its

These %its are designed &or dura%ilit# and s*eed' Vanguard steel tooth %its deliver the &astest drilling achieva%le in a range o& so&t &or,ations as )ell as e6ce*tional dura%ilit# in the ,ore de,anding and e6tre,el# a%rasive high2)ear a**lications'

Vanguard 1T


Classic Tricone Drill Bits

7J %its are &ield *roven and designed s*eci&icall# &or the rigors o& high2s*eed rotar# and ,otors$ high te,*eratures and other de,anding a**lications' The *atented single2energi4er ,etal2seal %earing *ackage is une.ualed %# co,*etitors$ setting ne) standards in long li&e and relia%ilit#'
1E7 Bearing Package
7etal %earing seal )here all relative rotar# ,otion occurs %et)een t)o lu%ricated ,etal sur&aces' 7etal seals *rovide a su*erior alternative to elasto,er sealed %earing designs )hen o*erating in high2s*eed$ high2 te,*erature and a%rasive conditions' E6cluder *ackage )ith strategicall# *ositioned %acku* ring is one o& a grou* o& &eatures targeted s*eci&icall# at *reventing the detri,ental e&&ects o& ,ud *acking' E.uali4er *ackage &eatures a *roven co,*ensation s#ste, and custo,i4ed grease )ith a lo)er coe&&icient o& &riction'

BO11 eature
The BO11 s#ste, delivers near si62 *oint contact )ith the %orehole )all &or une.ualed %it sta%ilit# that *rotects the cutting structure &ro, da,aging lateral %lo)s'


7otor Hard&acing
Tungsten car%ide *article hard&acing is li%erall# a**lied to the shirttail and u* the leading edge o& the leg &or additional *rotection in high2s*eed$ directional or a%rasive a**lications'

7J H#draulics
7J %its o&&er %oth %iased and un%iased h#draulic con&igurations that are &ine tuned &or s*eci&ic a**lications'

7J 1teel Tooth


GJ %its deliver *roven %earing$ h#draulic con&igurations and cutting structure technolog#' The ke# to &aster$ longer runs are %its designed &or virtuall# an# Tricone a**lication' e)er %its *er section$ &e)er tri*s out o& the hole$ &e)er da#s to co,*lete the )ell result in a lo)er cost2*er2 &oot &or our custo,ers'

G9 Bearing
1ilver2*lated cone %earingOsolid lu%ricant coating trans&ers heat a)a# &ro, load sur&aces' Hard2,etal allo# )ear *adOreduces &riction and retards )ear &or %etter cou*ling %et)een *in and cone' Custo, grease &or,ulationO te,*erature2resistant grease reduces &riction and increases load2carr#ing ca*acit#' Enhanced elasto,er ,aterialO *ro*rietar# elasto,er ,aterial resists a%rasion and ther,al degradation under highl# adverse conditions'

Engineered Co,*act 1ha*es

Aggressive$ dura%le sha*es are the result o& research into individual co,*act attri%utes )hich are no) &ine tuned to ,atch s*eci&ic &or,ations and a**lications'

GJ H#draulics
GJ %its o&&er %oth %iased and un%iased h#draulic con&igurations that are &ine tuned &or s*eci&ic a**lications' -n%iasedG ConventionalO1tandard no44le con&iguration directs &luid %et)een the cones to)ard the corner o& the %orehole )all'


BiasedG Clean 1)ee*O?o44les are *ositioned so that the &luid strea, cleans the heel and adAacent heel teeth'

J1trea,O?o44les are *ositioned so that ,ulti*le ro)s o& the cutting structure are cleaned'


1tandard Tricone Drill Bits

Triton %its are ti,e tested technolog# that deliver consistent *er&or,ance and a .ualit# %orehole at a ,odest *rice'
Relia%le Bearing
A relia%le %earing *ackage incor*orating &ield *roven elasto,er and lu%ricant research$ %earing geo,etr# and ,etallurg#'

High E&&icienc# Drilling

Triton %its %ring relieved cone steel$ aggressive tooth *itches and active shear2cutting gauge co,*acts to deliver a lo)2 cost *er&or,ance solution'

H#draulic le6i%ilit#
A )ide range o& availa%le no44le or Aet si4es hel*s o*ti,i4e %it h#draulics &or ade.uate cutting re,oval and &ast ROP'

Triton 1T

Triton TCI


1*ecial A**lication Bits

1tar> steel tooth and TCI sli,hole %its o&&er re,arka%le %earing relia%ilit#$ car%ide grades and %it sta%ilit# )hich allo) #ou to drill &aster and sta# in the hole longer' Ther,al2resistant grease and *ro*rietar# hard&acing add to this *roven technolog#' In directional and highl# a%rasive a**lications$ a &ull line o& dia,ond gauge o*tions are availa%le'
Precision Bearing F 1#nthetic Grease
Lo)er &riction &orces reduce %earing )ear and increase %earing2load ca*acit#'

1hirttail Co,*acts
Tungsten car%ide co,*acts in the shirttail reduce leg )ear in a%rasive &or,ations and deviated or hori4ontal )ell%ores'

Enhanced H#draulics
?o44le con&iguration cleans areas susce*ti%le to %alling' 1u*erior return &lo) &or %etter chi* re,oval'

1teel Tooth Endura Hard&acing


Pro*rietar# hard&acing technolog# is a**lied to the inner teeth and gauge sur&aces to )ithstand )ear'
1TJ 1T



AirJL %its
AirJL Tricone %its are s*eci&icall# designed &or de,anding air a**lications' 1*eciali4ed s#nthetic grease *lus an a**lication2s*eci&ic %earing and seal geo,etr# reduce )ear$ i,*rove relia%ilit# and increase seal e&&icienc# in harsh air2drilling a**lications'

1tronger Gauge and Heel Ro)s

Better car%ide grades$ co,*act sha*es and cone *ro&iles i,*rove gauge2holding$ resist co,*act %reakage$ reduce vi%ration and enhance ROP'

-ni.ue Center Bore


This uni.ue AirJL technolog# directs the air &lo) to the center o& the hole %otto,$ increasing hole cleaning )hile o*ti,i4ing ROP'


Technical Data
PLATI?-7 A**lication

?o,enclature P Bearing Packages P eatures

Product eatures and Enhance,ents
Code A C /Pre&i60 C /1u&&i60 C9 DDJ DDT DH DH! DP D1 DT DT! DJ DJ" DJ! Cutting 1tructure 1TA?DARD DJ> DJ9 DVH DVHJ" DVHJ DVHJ! Roller Cone IADC Code DVHJ> G H 7 /Pre&i60 7 /1u&&i60 P /Pre&i60 R 1 ,,M 2"' Q '=8< 2"' Q !';DD 2"' Q >'9D! T T! T9 P /1u&&i60 Descri*tion Air @ournal Bearing$ Air ?o44les Center @et Conical21ha*e Insert Three2Directed Center @ets D1E Dia,ond Gauge /99R0 F Dia,ond Tri,,ers /;"R0 D1E Dia,ond Gauge /99R0 F Dia,ond Tri,,ers /!""R0 Dia,ond Heel Co,*acts /!""R0 Dia,ond Heel Co,*acts /;"R0 Dia,ond2Enhanced 1ta%ili4ation Pad Dia,ond2Enhanced 1hirttail Co,*acts Dia,ond Gauge Tri,,ers /!""R0 Dia,ond Gauge Tri,,ers /;"R0 D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts /99R0 D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts />"R0 D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts /;"R0 D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts /!""R0 D1E Dia,ond Gauge Co,*acts 2 !st Ro) /99R0$ >nd /!""R0 Dia,ond Vanguard Heel Dia,ond Vanguard Heel Q>"R Gauge Dia,ond Vanguard Heel Q99R Gauge Dia,ond Vanguard Heel Q;"R Gauge Dia,ond Vanguard Heel Q !""R Gauge Enhanced Gauge 2 +ear Resistant Enhanced Gauge 2 Breakage Resistant 7otor Hard&acing 7 Technolog# Leg 1ta%ili4ation +ear Pad 1*ra#2Coat Cones 1hirttail Co,*acts High&lo) ?o44les /> High&lo)0 High&lo) ?o44le /! High&lo)0 High&lo) ?o44le /9 High&lo)0 P#ra,id Co,*acts E6a,*le JL2<"A GJ2C!D GJ2!DC 7J2C9! 7J2"8DDJ 7J2"8DDT 1TJ;"DH 1TJ;"DH! GJ2DPCC GJ2D1>" 7J2"8DT 7J2!DT! 7J2"8DJ 7J2"8DJ" 7J2"8DJ! 7J2"8DJ> 7J2"8DJ9 VGD2>"DVH VGD2>"DVHJ" VGD2>"DVHJ VGD2>"DVHJ! VGD2>"DVHJ> 7J2>"G GTJ2!!H GTJ27! GJ2>"7 HR2PCC 7J2R"8 7J21>" 7J2T"9 7J2T!"9 7J2T9"9 VGA2!"P

V G D >" DVH
Vanguard *roduct line 1eal T#*e CLA11IC eature Cutting 1tructure

7J R >" DJ
eature 7J *roduct line eature Cutting 1tructure

GJ C !
eature GJ *roduct line

RC !!=

API Roller Cone Bit Tolerances

?o,inal Bit 1i4e OD inch 9 9FDI 2 !9 9F<I$ incl' !<I 2 != !F>I$ incl' != ;FDI and larger
M Converted &ro, &t2l%

OD Tolerance inch 2"' Q '"9!9 /!F9>0 2"' Q '"C>; /!F!C0 2"' Q"89D /9F9>0

Bearing and Per&or,ance Packages

Vanguard VJG @ournal Bearing Ball N Roller Bearing 7etal 1eal Elasto,er 1eal GT Per&or,ance Package High Te,*' Package Directional Package -nsealed V7 VG -ltra7a6 /7J0 GJ 1TAR> /1TJ0 GTJ Triton









1i4e and +eight

Tungsten Car%ide Product Line
Bit 1i4e inch 9 9F< 9 =FD < !FD < !F> < ;FD < 9F< < =FD ; ; !F< ; !F> ; ;FD ; 9F< ; =FD C C !FD C !F< C !F> C ;FD C 9F< = !F> = ;FD = =FD D !F< D 9FD D !F> D ;FD D 9F< D =FD 8 8 !F< 8 !F> 8 =FD !" !F> !" ;FD !! !! ;FD !! =FD !> !> !FD !> !F< !> !F> !9 !F> !< !< 9F< !; !F> !C != != !F> !D !F> !8 >" >! >! !F> >> >> 9FD >9 >9 !F> >< >C >D 9" ,, 8;'9 8D'< !"<'D !!<'9 !!='; !>"'9 !>9'D !>='" !99'< !98'= !<>'8 !<C'! !<8'> !;>'< !;;'C !;D'D !C;'! !CD'9 !=!'< !8"'; !89'= >""'" >"8'C >!>'= >!;'8 >!8'! >>>'> >>;'< >>D'C >9;'" ><!'9 >;"'D >CC'= >C8'8 >=8'< >8;'9 9"!'C 9"<'D 9"D'" 9!!'! 9!='; 9<>'8 9;;'C 9=<'C 989'= <"C'< <9!'C <<<'; <C8'8 <D>'C ;"D'" ;99'< ;<C'! ;;D'D ;CD'9 ;D<'> ;C8'8 C"8'C CC"'< =!!'> =C>'" API Pin > 9FD > 9FD > 9FD > 9FD > =FD > =FD > =FD > =FD > =FD 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD D ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD D ;FD D ;FD A**ro6i,ate +eight l% !< !< !C >" >" >> >> >! >; >8 >8 9; 98 <" <" <! <D <8 ;" =C =D D" 8" 8> 8< 8; 8C 8C !!" !>; !<; !;; !=; !=; !D" !89 >9< >9; ><" ><; >;" >8C 9"" 9<; <"" ;!" ;<! ;C" C"" ==D =D" !";C !!D; !!D; !!8" !!8; !>D= !!8; !<>; !<8" !<8" kg C'< C'< ='9 8'" 8'" !"'" !"'" 8'; !!'< !9'> !9'> !;'8 !='= !D'! !D'! !D'C >!'D >>'> >>'= 9<'; 9;'< 9C'9 <"'D <!'= <>'C <9'! <9'; <9'; <8'8 ;C'= C;'D ="'9 =8'< =8'< D!'C D='= !"C'! !"C'C !"D'8 !!!'! !!9'< !9<'; !9C'! !;C'; !D!'< >9!'9 ><;'8 >;<'" >=>'> 9;9'C 9;<'" <D"'" ;9='; ;9='; ;98'D ;<>'" ;D;'" ;<>'" C<C'< C=C'" C=C'" inch 9 ;FD 9 9F< 9 =FD < !FD < !F> < ;FD < 9F< < =FD ; ; ;FD ; 9F< ; =FD C C !FD C !F< C !F> C ;FD C 9F< = ;FD = =FD D 9FD D !F> D 9F< 8 !F> 8 ;FD 8 =FD !" ;FD !! !> !F< !9 !F> !9 9F< !< !F> !< 9F< !; !F> !C != != !F> >" >> >9 >< >C >D 9"


1teel Tooth Product Line

Bit 1i4e ,, 8>'! 8;'> 8D'< !"<'D !!<'9 !!='; !>"'C !>9'D !>='" !<>'8 !<C'! !<8'> !;>'< !;;'C !;D'= !C;'! !CD'9 !=!'< !89'= >""'" >!>'= >!;'8 >>>'> ><!'9 ><<'; >;"'D >C8'8 >=8'< 9!!'! 9<>'8 9<8'9 9CD'9 9=<'C 989'= <"C'< <9!'D <<<'; ;"D'" ;;D'D ;D<'> C"8'C CC"'< =!!'> =C>'" API Pin > 9FD > 9FD > 9FD > 9FD > 9FD > =FD > =FD > =FD > =FD 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> 9 !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> < !F> C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD C ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD = ;FD D ;FD D ;FD A**ro6i,ate +eight l% !> !> !> !< !D !D >" >> >; >8 9= 9= 9D 9D 98 << <; <C C8 =9 DD 8" 8> !<" !<> !<; !CD !=; >>; >;; >C; 9"" 9!; 98; <;" <C; ;!; ="; !!>; !!<; !!<; !9"" !9D" !9D" kg ;'< ;'< ;'< C'< D'> D'> 8'! !"'" !!'9 !9'> !C'D !C'D !='9 !='9 !='D >"'" >"'< >!'" 9!'9 99'! <"'" <"'8 <!'= C9'; C<'< C;'D =C'> =8'< !">'" !!;'= !>"'> !9C'" !<9'" !=8'; >"<'! >!"'8 >99'C 9>"'" ;!"'9 ;!8'< ;!8'< ;8"'" C>C'" C>C'"


IADC Bit Classi&ication

! 1eries T # * e 1tandard Roller Bearing < 1ealed Roller Bearing
GTJ2!$ RC!!< RC!>< GTJ29

; 1ealed Roller Bearing Gauge Protection Elasto,er

VG2!$ GTJ2G!$ RC!!; RC!>; VG29$ RC!9; V729$ 7J29

C 1ealed riction Bearing Elasto,er Air

= 1ealed rictionFGauge Protection Elasto,er

VG2!$ 1TJ2!$ RC!!= RC!>=

V72!$ 7J2!

V72!$ 7J2!

1ealed Geother,al

! ! 1o&t > 9 < ! > 7ediu, > 9 < ! 9 Hard > 9 <

RC!!! RC!>! RC!9!



VG29$ RC!9=

V729$ 7J29$ 7JB29


RC>!; RC>9;


RC>!= RC>9=

RC9>! RC9<=

VG2"9$ VG2"97$ VGA2">$ VGA2">7$ GTJ2""$ GTJ2""H$ GTJ2""7$ GTJ2"9$ GTJ2"9H$ RC<!; VGA2!"$ VGA2!"G$ VGA2!"7$ VGA2!!7$ GTJ2"8$ GTJ2"8H$ GTJ2!!H$ RC<9; GTJ2!!C$ GTJ2!!CH$ GTJ2!>H$ GTJ2!DH$ GTJ2!DCH

V7A2">$ V7A2">7$ 7J2""$ 7J2"9$ 7J2";H


VGA2"9$ GJ2""$ GJ2"9$ GJ2"9H$ RC<!=

V7A2"9$ 7JB2""$ 7J2"9$ 7JB2"9$ 7J2";

> < 1o&t 9 V72!!H7$ V7A2!"7$ V7A2!!7H$ 7J2"8$ 7J2"8G$ 7J2"8H$ 7J2!!H 7J2!!CH$ 7J2!D$ 7J2!DH$ 7J2!DCH GJ2"8$ 1TJ2"8$ GJ2"8C$ 1TJ2"8C$ GJ2"8H$ 1TJ2"8H$ GJ2"87$ GJ2!!$ GJ2!!C$ GJ2!!7$ RC<9= V7A2"8$ V7D2!!$ V7D2!!G$ 7J2"8$ 7JB2"8$ 7J2"8G$ 7J2"8H$ 7JB2"8H$ 7J2"8C$ 7J2"8CG$ 7J2!! V72!D$ V7A2!D$ V7D2!DH$ 7J2!D$ 7JB2!D$ 7J2!DH$ 7J2!DC$ 7JB2!DC$ 7J2!DCH V72>"$ V7A2>"$ V7A2>"7$ V7D2>"$ V7D2>>1$ 7J2>"$ 7JB2>"$ 7J2>"G$ 7J2>"H$ 7J2>> V7D2>;$ V7D>C$ V7D2>D$ V7D2>8$ 7J2>"CH$ 7JB2>"CH$ 7J2>D$ 7JB2>D$ 7J2>DG


VGA2!D$ GJ2!D$ 1TJ2!D$ GJ2!DH$ 1TJ2!DH$ GJ2!DC VG2>"7$ VG2>>1$ VGD2>"$ VGD2>!1$ VGD2>>1$ GJ2>"$ 1TJ2>"$ 1TJ2>"G$ GJ2>"H$ 1TJ2>"H$ GJ2>"7$ GJ2>>$ GJ2>>7$ GJ2>>1$ GJ2>9$ GJ2>;$ RC;!= VG2>D$ VGD2>;$ VGD2>;1$ VGD2>C$ VGD2>D$ GJ2>"C$ 1TJ2>"C$ GJ2>"CH$ GJ2>D$ GJ2>DC$ RC;>= VG29"$ VG29"7$ VGD29"7$ VG29;7$ VGA29"$ VGD29"$ VGD29"1$ VGD299$ VGD29<$ VGD29;$ GJ29"$ 1TJ29"$ 1TJ29"H$ GJ29"7$ GJ29"1$ RC;9= VG29D$ VG29DCH$ VGD29"C$ VGD29C$ VGD29DCH$ GJ29"C$ 1TJ29"C$ 1TJ29"CG$ GJ299$ GJ29;$ 1TJ29;$ GJ29DC$ GJ29DC7$ GJ29DCH$ RC;<= VG2<"$ VG2<<G$ VGD2<"$ VGD2<<$ VGD2<<G$ 1TJ2<"$ GJ2<<$ GJ2<<G

VG2>>$ GTJ2>"$ GTJ2>"H$ GTJ2>>$ RC;!;

7J2>"$ 7J2>"G$ 7J2>"H

> ; 1o&t 7ediu, 9


7J2>"C$ 7C2>D

VG29"$ VG29"H7$ GTJ29"$ GTJ29"H$ GTJ299$ RC;9;


V7D299$ 7J29"$ 7JB29"$ 7J29"G$ 7JB29"G$ 7J29"H



GTJ29"C$ GTJ299CG$ RC;<;


V7D29DC$ 7JB29"C$ 7JB29"CH$ 7J29;$ 7J29;CG$ 7JB29;CG$ 7J29DC 7J2<"$ 7J2<"G V72<<C$ 7J2<"C$ 7J2<"CG$ 7JB2<"CG$ 7J2<<C$ 7J2<<CH V7D2;;$ 7J2;"$ 7J2;"R$ 7J2;"RG$ 7J2;; V72CC$ 7J2CC$ 7J2CD$ 7JB2CD


! GTJ2<"C$ GTJ2<<C$ RCC!;

VJG2<< V7G2<<C$ VJG2<<C V7G2;; V7G2CD

> C 7ediu, 9 < ! = Hard > 9 < ! D E6tra Hard > 9 <


VG2<<C$ 1TJ2<"C$ GJ2<<C$ 1TJ2<<C$ GJ2<;$ RCC!= VG2;"$ VG2;;7$ VGD2;"RG$ 1TJ2;"$ 1TJ2;"R$ GJ2;;$ 1TJ2;;$ GJ2;;RG VG2CC$ VGD2CC$ GJ2CC$ 1TJ2CC$ GJ2CD


VG2="7$ VGD2="$ 1TJ2="$ 1TJ2== 1TJ2DD GJ2D8 VG28"7$ 1TJ28"$ GJ28;$ GJ28D7$ 1TJ288


API Casing Data

Casing 1*eci&ications Casing 1i4e OD /inches0
<';"" <';"" <';"" <';"" ;'""" ;'""" ;'""" ;'""" ;';"" ;';"" ;';"" ;';"" ;';"" C'C>; C'C>; C'C>; C'C>; ='""" ='""" ='""" ='""" ='""" ='""" ='""" ='""" ='C>; ='C>; ='C>; ='C>; ='C>; ='C>; D'C>; D'C>; D'C>; D'C>; D'C>; D'C>; D'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; !"'=;" !"'=;" !"'=;" !"'=;" !"'=;" !"'=;" !"'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !9'9=; !9'9=; !9'9=; !9'9=; !9'9=; !C'""" !C'""" !C'""" !D'C>; >"'""" >"'""" >"'""" >"'"""

Reco,,ended 7a6' Bit 1i4e Inside Dia,eter ID /inches0

<'"8" <'";> <'""" 9'8>" <';C" <'<8< <'<"D <'>=C ;'"!> <'8;" <'D8> <'==D <'C=" C'"<8 ;'8>! ;'=8! ;'C=; C';9D C'<;C C'9CC C'>=C C'!D< C'"8< C'""< ;'8>" ='!>; ='">; C'8C8 C'D=; C'=C; C'C>; D'"8= D'"!= ='8>! ='D>; ='=>; ='C>; =';!! 8'"C9 8'""! D'8>! D'D9; D'=;; D'CD! D';9; !"'!8> !"'";" 8'8;" 8'D;" 8'=C" 8'CC" 8';C" !!'"D< !!'""" !"'DD" !"'==> !>'=!; !>'C!; !>';!; !>'<!; !>'9<= !;'>;" !;'!>< !;'"!" !='=;; !8'!>< !8'""" !D'=9" !D'9=C

Casing Cou*ling OD /inches0

;'""" ;'""" ;'""" ;'""" ;';C9 ;';C9 ;';C9 ;';C9 C'";" C'";" C'";" C'";" C'";" ='98" ='98" ='98" ='98" ='C;C ='C;C ='C;C ='C;C ='C;C ='C;C ='C;C ='C;C D';"" D';"" D';"" D';"" D';"" D';"" 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; 8'C>; !"'C>; !"'C>; !"'C>; !"'C>; !"'C>; !"'C>; !"'C>; !!'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !!'=;" !>'=;" !>'=;" !>'=;" !>'=;" !<'9=; !<'9=; !<'9=; !<'9=; !<'9=; !='""" !='""" !='""" >"'""" >!'""" >!'""" >!'""" >!'"""

?o,inal +eight l%F&t

8';" !"';" !!'C" !9';" !!';" !9'"" !;'"" !D'"" !<'"" !;';" !='"" >"'"" >9'"" >"'"" ><'"" >D'"" 9>'"" !='"" >"'"" >9'"" >C'"" >8'"" 9>'"" 9;'"" 9D'"" >"'"" ><'"" >C'<" >8'=" 99'=" 98'"" ><'"" >D'"" 9>'"" 9C'"" <"'"" <<'"" <8'"" >8'9" 9>'9" 9C'"" <"'"" <9';" <='"" ;9';" 9>'=; <"';" <;';" ;!'"" ;;';" C"'=" C;'=" <>'"" <='"" ;<'"" C"'"" <D'"" ;<';" C!'"" CD'"" =>'"" C;'"" =;'"" D<'"" D=';" 8<'"" !"C';" !99'"" !C8'""

API Dri&t ID /inches0

9'8C; 9'8>= 9'D=; 9'=8; <'<9; <'9C8 <'>D9 <'!;! <'DD= <'D>; <'=C= <'C;9 <';<; ;'8>< ;'=8C ;'CCC ;';;" C'<!9 C'99! C'><! C'!;! C'";8 ;'8C8 ;'D=8 ;'=8; ='""" C'8"" C'D<< C'=;" C'C<" C';"" ='8=> ='D8> ='=8C ='="" ='C"" =';"" ='9DC D'8"= D'D<; D'=C; D'C=8 D';88 D';>; D'9=8 !"'"9C 8'D8< 8'=8< 8'C8< 8'C"< 8';"< 8'<"< !"'8>D !"'D<< !"'=>< !"'C!C !>';;8 !>'<;8 !>'9;8 !>'>;8 !>'!8! !;'"C> !<'89C !<'D>> !=';C= !D'89C !D'D!> !D';<> !D'!DD

Roller Cone Bit 1i4e OD /inches0

9 =FD 9 =FD 9 =FD 9 9F< < !FD < !FD < !FD < !FD < =FD < 9F< < 9F< < ;FD < !F> ; =FD ; 9F< ; ;FD ; !F> C !F< C !F< C !FD C !FD C ; =FD ; =FD ; 9F< C 9F< C 9F< C 9F< C 9F< C !F> C !F> = =FD = =FD = ;FD = ;FD C 9F< C 9F< C 9F< D =FD D 9F< D 9F< D !F> D !F> D !F> D 9FD 8 =FD 8 =FD 8 ;FD 8 ;FD 8 !F> 8 !F> 8 !F< !" ;FD !" ;FD !" ;FD !" !F> !> !F< !> !F< !> !F< !> !F< !> !< 9F< !< 9F< !< 9F< != !F> !D !F> !D !F> !D !F> !D

i6ed Cutter Bit 1i4e OD /inches0

9 =FD 9 =FD 9 =FD 9 9F< < 9FD < !FD < < < 9F< < 9F< < 9F< < ;FD < !F> ; =FD ; 9F< ; ;FD ; !F> C !F< C !F< C !FD C !FD C ; =FD ; =FD ; 9F< C 9F< C 9F< C 9F< C 9F< C !F> C !F> = =FD = =FD = ;FD = ;FD = !F> = !F> = 9FD D 9F< D 9F< D 9F< D !F> D !F> D !F> D 9FD 8 =FD 8 =FD 8 ;FD 8 ;FD 8 !F> 8 !F> 8 !F< !" ;FD !" ;FD !" ;FD 8 =FD !> !F< !> !F< !> !F< !> !F< !> !< 9F< !< 9F< !< 9F< != !F> !D !D !D !D


Technical Data
1tandard Bit 1i4e 9 !F>I 2 9 9F<I 9 =FDI 2 < !FDI < !F>I 2 < 9F<I ; ;FDI 2 C 9F<I = ;FDI 2 = =FDI D 9FDI 2 8 =FDI 8 =FDI 2 !9 !F>I !" ;FDI 2 !<I !<I 2 >>I !8I 2 9"I H B B B L L ?o44le AA A B

Breakout Plates P ?o44les P 7ake2u* Tor.ue

7ini2E6tended ?o44le High lo) E6tended ?o44le Center @et ?o44le

Breakout Plates

/To &it standard API rotar# ta%le Ada*ter0

Bit 1i4e Range 9 9FDI 2 9 9F<I 9 =FDI 2 < !FDI < !F<I 2 < 9FD < !F>I 2 < =FDI ; !F<I 2 ; !F>I ; ;FDI 2 ; =FDI ; ;FDI 2 ; =FDI ; ;FDI 2 ; =FDI FV FV = ;FDI 2 = =FDI D 9FDI 2 D ;FDI D 9F<I 2 8I 8 !F>I 8 =FDI !" ;FDI 2 !!I !! ;FDI !>I 2 !> !F<I !> !F>I Part ?u,%er "99"9C "9="<! "<>"<9 "<<"<= ";>";<B ";;";=B "C""C>B "C<"CCB "=;"==B "D9"D;B "DC"8"B "8<"""B "8="""B !";!!"B !!;"""B !>"!>>B !><!><B !9<!9C !9<!9CJ !<<!<C !;<""" !C"""" !=<""" !D<""" >""""" >>">>" >9"""" ><">C" ><"><"J >D"""" 9""""" 9!<"""


?o44le Availa%ilit#
1tandard 1i4e AA "" "C "D "8 !" !! !> !9 !< !; !C !D >" >> >< >C >D A B H B L L B 7ini2E6tended LHB LBB LLB Vorte6 V VB C9 Air

!9 !F>I 2 !9 9F<I !9 !F>I 2 !9 9F<I !< !F>I 2 !< 9F<I !; !F>I !CI != !F>I !D !F>I >"I >>I >9I ><I 2 >CI ><I 2 >CI >DI









9"I 9! !F>I

Breakout Plates &or E6tended ?o44les

Bit 1i4e Range ; ;FDI 2 ; =FDI CI 2 C !F<I C !F>I 2 C 9F<I Part ?u,%er ";;";= "C""C> "C<"CC "=;"== "D9"8" "8="""E? !>>"""E? !<C""!E? !C"""!E? !=<""!E? !D<"""E? >>">>"J >>"TPR >9"""!

7ake2u* Tor.ue Reco,,ended &or Rock Bit 1hanks

1hank 1i4e inch > 9FDI > =FDI 9 !F>I < !F>I C ;FDI = ;FDI D ;FDI
M Converted &ro, &t2l%

= ;FDI 2 = =FDI D 9FDI 2 8I ,,M <$!"" 2 <$="" C$!"" 2 =$;"" 8$;"" 2 !>$>"" !C$9"" 2 >!$="" 9D$""" 2 <9$<"" <C$!"" 2 ;<$>"" ;<$>"" 2 D!$9"" 8 =FDI !> !F<I !< 9F<I !CI != !F>I !D !F>I >>I >>I >9I

Reco,,ended Tor.ue &t2l% 9$""" 2 9$;"" <$;"" 2 ;$;"" =$""" 2 8$""" !>$""" 2 !C$""" >D$""" 2 9>$""" 9<$""" 2 <"$""" <"$""" 2 C"$"""


Tricone O*tional eatures

EnGauge Dia,ond Inserts /DJ0
or directional and highl# a%rasive a**2 lications$ EnGauge: dia,ond inserts deliver un,atched gauge2holding a%ilit#' Ever# third insert has a thicker dia,ond ta%le and generous cha,&er &or re,ark2 a%le resistance to %reakage'

1TL Hard&acing
Patent2*ending 1TL hard&acing is the industr#(s leading technolog# to strengthen the legs and shirttails'

Dia,ond2Enhanced +ear Pad /DP0

or additional leg *rotection in a%rasive a**lications$ &lat dia,ond co,*acts can %e added to the leading edge o& the leg *ad'

1*ra#2Coated Cones /R0

or additional )ear resistance )hen drilling directional or a%rasive a**lications$ )e o&&er a tungsten car%ide s*ra# coating &or our cones'

7otor Hard&acing /70

or additional *rotection in high2s*eed$ directional or a%rasive a**lications$ ,otor hard&acing can %e a**lied' Tungsten car%ide *article hard&acing is a**lied li%erall# along the shirttail and e6tended u* the leading edge o& the %it leg'

Gauge Enhance,ent Package /G0

or directional and highl# a%rasive a**lications$ there are tough ovoid2sha*ed inserts on the heel ro) and a generous a,ount o& car%ide inserts on the gauge'

1hirttail Co,*acts /10 Breakage2Resistant Heels /H0

A %reakage2resistance *ackage &or tough drilling a**lications )here &riction tends to heat check the heel co,*acts' Tungsten car%ide co,*acts are added to the shirttail to reduce leg )ear in a%rasive &or,ations and deviated or hori4ontal )ell%ores'

Dia,ond 1hirttail Co,*acts /D10 Dia,ond Gauge Tri,,ers /DT0

or a%rasive a**lications )here rounded gauge is a *ro%le,$ ever# gauge tri,,er is dia,ond' or additional leg *rotection in a%rasive a**lications$ &lat dia,ond co,*acts can %e inserted on the leg o& the %it'

High lo) E6tended ?o44les /T0

High lo) e6tended no44les are added to

Dia,ond Heel Co,*acts /DH0

Ever# heel co,*act is dia,ond2enhanced'

,a6i,i4e *enetration rates in hard and so&t &or,ations' These no44les are ,uch sturdier and *rovide greater &lo) ca*acit# than conventional e6tended no44les'

Dia,ond Gauge F Dia,ond Tri,,ers /DDT0

or ,a6i,u, gauge and heel2area *rotection$ ever# third gauge co,*act and ever# gauge tri,,er is dia,ond'

Center @et /C0

A &ourth Aet ,a# %e *ositioned in the center o& the %it' Center Aets$ *ri,aril#$ are used to *revent %it %alling and the associated reduction in *enetration rate' Center Aets are availa%le in %it si4es = =FD2in' and larger'

+earF1ta%ili4ation Pad /P0

+earFsta%ili4ation *ads are a steel %lock containing &lush2,ounted car%ide inserts added to the outer dia,eter o& a %it to ,ini,i4e )ear on the %it leg or %od#'

Three2Port Center @et /C90

or %it si4es !C2in' and larger )here severe %alling conditions ,a# occur$ three &i6ed *orts can %e *ositioned in the %it center'


1ales O&&ices
CO7PA?5 HEAD3-ARTER1 8!!" Grogan(s 7ill Road The +oodlands$ TJ ==9D"29C!; 7ailing AddressG P' O' Bo6 >;98 Houston$ TJ ==>;>2>;98 Deliver# AddressG 8!=; 1i6 Pines Drive The +oodlands$ TJ ==9D"2!!9" TELG >D! 9C9 C""" AJG >D! 9C9 C""8 AB- DHABI Ara% To)er$ >nd loor 1heikh Ha,dan 1treet A%u Dha%i$ -'A'E' TELG 8=!> C== 9>"" AJG 8=!> C=C 9<8D ALGERIA BP ;>= Route D(El Bor,a Hassi27essaoud 9";"" +ila#a de Ouargla Algeria TELG >!9 >8 =98!9< AJG >!9 >8 =98!9" A?GOLA 7olongo Ter,inal 98> C<C Ca%inda Angola TELG << !=! <D= D!"" J >98! AJG << !=! <D= D!"" J >="! 1onils Base <DD Porto de Luanda Re*u%lica de Angola TELG ><< > 9!! =<= AJG ><< > 9!! =C> ARGE?TI?A ARGE?TI?A F BABER H-GHE1 ARGE?TI?A 1RL F HCC Dr' To,Ts de Anchorena <;< C!!="ACH 2 Buenos Aires$ Argentina TELG ;< !! <9=D C<"" AJG ;< !! <9=D C<C" Ruta 9$ ?Y 998C 8""" Co,odoro Rivadavia Chu%ut$ Argentina TELG ;< >8= <<D <CCC AJG ;< >8= <<D 9;;; Ruta =$ B, 9'; 3D9"!JAC ?eu.uen Argentina TELG ;< >88 <<! 99=D AJG ;< >88 <<! 99D< Ruta 9<$ B, !<>= A<;C"C@A Gral 7osconi$ 1alta Argentina TELG ;< 9D=; <D!8;D AJG ;< 9D=; <D!8C< A-1TRALIA Lvl ><$ 1antos House 8! Bing +illia, 1treet Adelaide ;""" 1outh Australia TELG C! DD>99 ;D>! AJG C! DD>99 ;88; Lvl >9 H+T To)er <" Cit# Road 1outh%ank$ 7el%ourne$ 9""C Victoria$ Australia TELG C! 98C=< =!<" AJG C! 98C=< =><" Level = >;C 1t' Georges Terrace Perth$ C""" Australia TELG C! D 8>!= =!"" AJG C! D 8>!= =!"! AEERBAI@A? I1R Pla4a C8 ?i4a,i 1treet$ Cth loor Baku$ A%seron AE !""; TELG 88< !> <8=9">C AJG 88< !> <8=9""< BOLIVIA BOLIVIA F HCC B, =W Carretera Antigua a Cocha%a,%a 1anta Cru4$ Bolivia TELG ;8! 9 9;; 98!" AJG ;8! 9 9;; 98!> BRAEIL BABER H-GHE1 DO BRAEIL LTDA' Estrada de I,%oassica$ sFn2GranAa das Garcas 7acaX 2 R@ 2 >=8>"29<" Bra4il TELG ;; >< >==9 C;!< AJG ;; >< >==9 C;;8 BRAEIL H-GHE1 DO BRAEIL LTDA' Rua De4enove de evereiro$ 9" CEP >>>D"2"9"2Bota&ogo Rio de @aneiro TELG ;; >! >>CC D<"" AJG ;; >! >>CC D<8C BR-?EI Lot <82;"2C92C<$ Ta*ak Perindustrian Pekan @alan 1etia Di2RaAa$ Buala Belait$ BA9!9! ?egara Brunei Darussala, TELG C=9 9>>> "<> AJG C=9 9>>> !D< CA?ADA !"""$ <"! 2 8th Avenue 1+ Calgar#$ Al%erta T>P 9C; TELG <"9 ;9= 9<"" AJG <"9 ;9= 98"; ;!!8 2 C=th Avenue Ed,onton$ Al%erta TCB >RD TELG =D" <9< DD"" AJG =D" <9= ;="C !"<!; 2 D8th Avenue ort 1t' @ohn$ BC V!@ ;PD TELG >;" =D; 99"8 AJG >;" =D; 9C"" 8;"8 2 !!"th 1treet Grande Prairie$ Al%erta TDV <E> TELG =D" ;9> >8<> AJG =D" ;98 9;>8 ;;>; 2 9rd Avenue Edson$ Al%erta T=E !LD TELG =D" =>9 ;C>> AJG =D" =>9 C99> Bo6 9C;< Ver,ilion$ AB T8J >BC TELG =D" ;D! D;>> AJG =D" D;9 =9C= >$ C=C! 2 C=th Avenue Red Deer$ Al%erta T<P !B9 TELG <"9 9<C <=C; AJG <"9 9<! C99" >=$ <8<D 2 !>Cth Avenue 1E Calgar#$ Al%erta T>E "J8 TELG <"9 >;" >!!! AJG <"9 >;" !>>! D9 Devonian 1treet Estevan$ 1askatche)an 1<A >L= TELG 9"C C9C !C;C AJG 9"C C9C !C;" >!; +ater 1treet 1t' @ohn(s$ ?L A!C CC8 TELG ="8 =<D <8"" AJG ="8 =9D DC>< !<!B @ose*h Eat4,an Drive Dart,outh$ ?ova 1cotia B9B !7= TELG 8"> <D! "D"D AJG 8"> <D! "D!" CHILE CHILE F H-GHE1 TOOL CO' CHILE LTDA' +hile relocating to ne) &acilities in Chile$ *lease contact our o&&ices in Buenos Aires$ Argentina during this transition *eriod' Argentina F Baker Hughes Argentina 1RL F HCC Dr' To,Ts de Anchorena <;<$ C!!="ACH 2 Buenos Aires$ Argentina TELG ;< !! <9=D C<"" AJG ;< !! <9=D C<C" CHI?A Cth &loor$ To)er C$ The i&th 1.uare ?o =$ Chao#ang,en Avenue$ Dongcheng District BeiAing$ !"""!" TELG DC !" D<"" =DDD AJG D< !" D<"" =8>> =th loor$ Chi)an Building 1hekou ;!D"CD$ 1hen4hen$ GD Peo*le(s Re*u%lic o& China TELG DC =;; >CD! ;;== AJG DC =;; >CC8 9D;> COLO7BIA Calle C= ?o' =29; O& !!"D Bogota D'C' TELG ;= ! =<>!C"" AJG ;= ! =<>!=D" CO?GO Baker Hughes I?TE3 Congo 1ARL B'P' 9;= Pointe2?oire Congo TELG ><> >8<;DC! AJG ><> >8<>D!D EC-ADOR Av' A,a4onas !"!< N Av' ?aciones -nidas La Previsora Building To)er A$ ;th loor$ O&&ice ;"! 3uito$ Ecuador TELG ;89 > >>=! DD! AJG ;89 > ><C8 8<" EG5PT !<$ Road >D" ?e) 7aadi Cairo$ Eg#*t TELG >"> >=;<;9!C AJG >"> >=;<;9!; E3-ATORIAL G-I?EA Ar*tdo U=!9$ Cocoteros Calle A%ilio Bal%oa ?o' < 7ala%o$ E.uatorial Guinea TELG ><" 8 >=D! AJG ><" 8 <98D RA?CE Avenue Thi,onnier Lons$ A.uitaine C<!<" TELG 99 ; ;8 8> == "8 AJG 99 ; ;8 8> D8 >" GABO? BP ;D= Port Gentil Ga%on TELG ><! ;; 9C !> AJG ><! ;; "8 >D GER7A?5 Baker2Hughes21trasse ! Celle$ ?iedersachsen >8>>! TELG <8 ;!<! >"9 !<8 AJG <8 ;!<! >"9 !<< H-?GAR5 Lovag 1treet D$ Vth loor$ ?o !9th VIth District Buda*est TELF AJG 9C 9" C>C> 8>C I?DIA BABER H-GHE1 1I?GAPORE PTE !;th loor$ Platinu, Pla4a$ Platinu, TechnoPark Plot !=2!D$ 1ector 9"2A$ Vashi ?avi 7u,%ai$ 7aharashtra <""="9 TELG 8! >> C!;< D;"" AJG 8! >> C!;< D;!" I?DO?E1IA PT Baker Hughes Indonesia @L 7ula)ar,an B7 !C RT' !; R+' "9 ?o' C9 Batakan Balik*a*an$ Bali,antan Ti,ur Indonesia =C!!C TELG C> ;<> =C< ;=8 AJG C> ;<> =C< 9!8 Cth loor$ The Garden Centre Cilandak Co,,ercial Estate @l' Cilandak B'B'O' @akarta !>;C"$ Indonesia TELG C> >! =D" "=9= AJG C> >! =D" !CD> ITAL5 Via della Catalana 9 Ravenna$ Ravenna <D!"" TELG ""98 ";<<<><8"= AJG ""98 "D;<8=>";< Via Angelo$ 7oro !"8 Centro Co,,erciale L(Incontro 1an Donato 7ilanese$ 7ilano >""8= TELG 98 "> ;!C<";"9 AJG 98 "> ;;= "" C9" 1 1 C"> Contrada da Calcasacco di Villanova$ B, ;>Q""" Ce*agatti$ Pescara C;"!> TELG 98 "D; <8=;"! AJG 98 "D; <8=>";< BAEABH1TA? !;< A$ ?aur#4%ai 1tr BC Ba%lan$ <th &loor Al,at# ";""!9 TELG D =>=9 9" "D "" AJG D =>=9 9" "D <" > A4att#k Avr At#rau "C""!> TELG D =!>> 8" 8! "" AJG D =!>> 8" 8! 8> D 7icrodistrict Build 98 Aktau$ 7angistau !9"""" TELG D =>8> ;= 9" ;9 O&&ice !"!$ <C Bld <C 7oldagulova Avenue Akto%e "9"""" TELG D =!9> ;; =" << AJG D =!9> ;; =" >; >D Aiteke Bi 1treet B#4#lorda !>""!< TELG D =><> >C !8 >8 AJG D =><> >C !8 ;! B-+AIT Bldg' ?o' !9$ !<$ !;$ N !C O**' Al2Rasai Glass 7anu&acturing Area C$ East Ah,adi Bu)ait TELG 8C; 98D "=>" AJG 8C; 98D "=;! LIB5A T< ! Dat El,ad To)ers PO' Bo6 8!9;= Tri*oli TELG "">!D >! 99C ""D8 89 AJG "">!D >! 99; ""!< 7ALA51IA Co,,on +arehouse Phase II Be,a,an 1u**l# Base$ Be,a,an ><""= Trengganu$ 7ala#sia TELG C"8 DC>9;<< AJG C"8 DC9<;CD BABER H-GHE1 7ALA51IA 1D? BHD >;th loor$ 7anara Tan N Tan >"=$ @alan Tun Ra4ak ;"<;" Buala Lu,*ur +est 7ala#sia TELG C" 9 >!C< =DDD AJG C" 9 >!C9 >"9< BABER H-GHE1 7ALA51IA 1D? BHD A!=$ Block A 7an,ohan(s +arehouse @alan Patau2Patau PO Bo6 D!=>> D=">= La%uan T$ 7ala#sia TELG C" D= <!! =!D AJG C" D= <!> C=; HCC BIT1 7ALA51IA 1D? BHD Lot 9!$ Block 9 >nd loor$ ?a%a Building Plassau Industrial Estate 8D""" 7iri$ 1ara)ak East 7ala#sia TELG C "D; C;D D99 AJG C "D; C;8 8<< 7EJICO BABER H-GHE1 DE 7EJICO Carretera estatal ?o> B,' >9'; sFn Col EA' 7iguel Hidalgo' CP >!="; 7e6icali BC TELF AJG ;> CDC ;>9 "8 ;; BABER H-GHE1 DE 7EJICO Blv' 7anuel Zvila Ca,acho ?o' !9D ;Y Piso$ Col' Lo,as de Cha*ulte*ec CP !!;C" 7X6ico D TELG ;> ;; D;>; <<<" AJG ;> ;; D;9; <<CC BABER H-GHE1 DE 7EJICO AV' Occidental !8!8 Col' A,*liaciVn Rodr[gue4 CP DDC9" Re#nosa$ Ta,auli*as TELF AJG ;> D88 8>; "> "9 BABER H-GHE1 DE 7EJICO E4e.uiel OrdV\e4 U!"; Col' Pal,as CP 89>9" Po4a Rica$ Veracru4 TELG ;> =D> !!! !=9; F !=9C BABER H-GHE1 DE 7EJICO @uan BarragTn U ;9" Entre ! de 7a#o # GV,e4 arias Col' lores 7agon CP 8!8"" Veracru4 TELF AJG ;> >>8 89! =< 8C BABER H-GHE1 DE 7EJICO Edi&icio Cei%a Calle Cei%a sFn entre calle Al*es # calle Pirineos racciona,iento Lis%oa Colonia !ro' De 7a#o CP DC!8" Villaher,osa$ Ta%asco TELG ;> 889 !D= 8D "" AJG ;> 889 !D= 8D 9! BABER H-GHE1 DE 7EJICO B, 8 Q >"" Carretera ederal !D" Car,en Puerto Real Av' Ed4na del racc' 7undo 7a#a Par.ue Ind' Laguna de TXr,inos CP ><!8" Cuidad del Car,en Ca,*eche TELG ;> 89D 9D! "= =" AJG ;> 89D 9D ! "= =" e6t' >!8! THE ?ETHERLA?D1 +iAker,eer)eg =A Velsen2?oord$ ?oord2Holland !8;! AH TELG 9! >;! >C";"" AJG 9! >;! >C";;; ?E+ EEALA?D !== Courtena# 1treet ?e) Pl#,outh <9!" ?e) Eealand TELG C< C =;D"=8= AJG C< C =C88>D8 ?IGERIA !"B Clu% Road Iko#i Iko#i Lagos$ ?igeria TELG >9< ! >=! D<"> BABER H-GHE1 ?IGERIA LI7ITED !=; Trans A,adi Ind La#out Port Harcourt$ ?igeria TELG >9< D< >9D DD< AJG >9< D< >9C "DC ?OR+A5 Bokstadveien 9!a ?2;"C! Bokstad ?or)a# TELG <= ;; 8DC CC" AJG <= ;; >>= C8= Eko&iskveien ! <";C Tananger ?or)a# TELG <= ;! =!= 8"" AJG <= ;! =!= 8"! O7A? Al Raid House O**osite 1a%co Co,,ercial Center >nd loor$ 3uru, 1ultante o& O,an TELG 8CD ;=! ">8 AJG 8CD ;C! D;C PABI1TA? Plot ?o' !89 1treet2! 1ector I2!"F9 Isla,a%ad TELG 8> ;! <<9"=8! AJG 8> ;! <<9"=8C


1ales O&&ices
PERBABER H-GHE1 ARGE?TI?A 1'R'L' 1ucursal del Peru Av' Re*u%lica De Pana,a 9";; Piso 8$ 1an Isidro Li,a >=$ Per] TELG ;! ! <<! <> <> AJG ;! ! <<> "8 9" BABER H-GHE1 ARGE?TI?A 1'R'L' 1ucursal del Peru Av' H ;; 2 HAI Talara 2 Per] TELG ;! =< 9D>8;; AJG ;! =< 9D!!C= PHILIPPI?E1 -nit <$ <th loor RB Building ?o'! Don @esus Boulevard Corner +est 1ervice Road Ala%ang Hills$ Cu*ang 7untinlu*a Cit# !==! Phili**ines TELG C9> D<> <"D! AJG C9> D<> <!8< 3ATAR AAB To#ota To)er >nd loor ^C( Ring Road Doha$ 3atar TELG 8=< <9C ;!"8 AJG 8=< <<> >89C RO7A?IA Parc Industrial Ploiesti$ 1oseaua Ploiesti2Targoviste k, D$ !" Conului 1t Ploiesti$ Prahova TELG <" ><< <9C !!! F> F9 F< F; AJG <" " ><< <9C !!= R-11IA BABER H-GHE1 ourth loor$ Building 8 9= Leningradsk# Pros*ect 7osco)$ !>;!C= Russia TELG = <8; ==! =><" AJG = <8; ==! =><C 1A-DI ARABIA >nd Industrial Cit# High)a# Da,,a,$ 1audi Ara%ia TELG 8CC 9 D!> !D9D AJG 8CC 9 D!> >";= 1I?GAPORE >=9 @alan Ah,ad I%rahi, @urong$ 1inga*ore C>8!;" TELG C; CDC< !;!> AJG C; CDC9 9D"" 1O-TH A RICA BABER H-GHE1 1A Block B$ 1ilver)ood$ 1teen%erg Estate$ 1teen%erg Ca*e To)n$ =8<; TELG >= /"0>! ="> D!"" AJG >= /"0>! ="! !!!" 1PAI? Calle Caleruega$ D! 7adrid$ 7adrid >D"99 TELG 9< 8! ;!; ;! !D AJG 9< 8!< C=> !C! THAILA?D !;F 3 House Asoke Roo, !;!; CC 1ukhu,vit >! Road Bangkok !"!!"$ Thailand TELG CC > >C< >>!! AJG CC > >C< >>!" BABER H-GHE1 /THAILA?D0 CO'$ LTD' <>D Bho#or Road$ Ta,%ol Pha)ong A,*hur 7uang$ 1ongkhla 8"!"" Thailand TELG CC=< 9998== F D AJG CC=< 9998=8 TRI?IDAD N TOBAGO 7a*le House$ 9rd loor 9 N 9A 1)eet Briar Road 1t Clair$ Port o& 1*ain$ Trinidad and To%ago$ +'I' TELG DCD C>> 98C> AJG DCD C>> 9889 T-?I1IA Rue Ok%a I%n ?a&aa B'P' !!; B'P' !!; 9""!D 1 a6 Tunisia TELG >!C =< <8= ">= AJG >!C =< <8= ">8 I,,eu%le aAr A**' ?o' >"9$ >e,e Etage Rue Du Lac Lochkness Les Berges Du Lac !";9 Tunis$ Tunisia TELG >!C =! ;!; AJG >!C =! 8C9 ""; -?ITED ARAB E7IRATE1 BABER H-GHE1 EHO LI7ITED Hughes Christensen Division Block 2 B!D Oil&ield 1u**l# Centre Ltd' /O**osite DPC0 @e%el Ali ree Eone 2 Du%ai$ -'A'E' TELG 8=! < D"D >>"" AJG 8=! < DD9 C<D= -?ITED BI?GDO7 Baker Hughes Building 1tone#)ood Park ?orth D#ce$ A%erdeen$ A%erdeenshire AB>! =EA -nited Bingdo, TELG << ! >>< =>" """ AJG << ! >>< =>" ""D -?ITED 1TATE1 REGIO? HEAD3-ARTER1 !="!; Aldine +est&ield Houston$ TJ =="=9 TELG =!9 C>; CC;< AJG =!9 C>; CC;; ALA1BA =>C" Ho,er Drive Anchorage$ AB 88;!D2>9"8 TELG 8"= >C= CC"" AJG 8"= >C= CC>9 Pouch 9<"""< Prudhoe Ba#$ AB 88=9< TELG 8"= C;8 >9C> AJG 8"= C;8 ><C< CE?TRAL -1 C>8" He%er 1*rings Rd' +est 3uit,an$ AR =>!9! TELG ;"! ;D8 999" AJG ;"! ;D8 >88; >""= +est Third 1treet Li%eral$ B1 C=8"! TELG C>" C;; DD8> AJG C>" C>< ;98" 9""" ?orth He,lock Circle Broken Arro)$ OB =<"!> TELG 8!D <;; 9""" AJG 8!D >;8 >"<C >"> 1' 1)allo) Drive 7cAlester$ OB =<;"! TELG 8!D <>C C;D; AJG 8!D <>C C;8C 9"9" ?+ E6*ress)a#$ 1uite 9"" Oklaho,a Cit#$ OB =9!!> TELG <"; 8!= C="" AJG <"; 8!= C=<" !!>< E' Reno Oklaho,a Cit#$ OB =9!!= TELG <"; >8" =!C> AJG <"; >=D =99C >!8 1outh Dth 1treet +eather&ord$ OB =9"8C TELG ;D" ==> >9!" AJG ;D" ==> 9=!D AGE?T !<>! 9<th 1treet +ood)ard$ OB =9D"! TELG ;D" >;C 9D=> AJG ;D"2>;<2;>"" ;"" +' =th' 1uite !=>8 -nit <> t' +orth$ TJ =C!"> TELG D!= 9<D D!"; AJG D!= 9<D D!8> >;>; +ann Perkins Circle Gran%ur#$ TJ =C"<8 TELG D!= ;=8 C"!< AJG D!= ;=8 CDC; 8<" 1outh Blue 7ound Road 1agina)$ TJ =C!9! TELG D!= >9> ="!D AJG D!= >9> 9!;< !>C 1' Houston Pa,*a$ TJ =8"C; TELG D"C CC; ;">> AJG D"C CC; ;">C EA1TER? -1 !<C! Ha)n Avenue 1hreve*ort$ LA =!!"= TELG 9!D >>> 8;;9 AJG 9!D >>! D;;D ><!" 7oose Drive Laurel$ 71 98<<" TELG C"! C<8 =<"" AJG C"! C<8 !""; !<"8 1' Ada,s Carthage$ TJ =;C99 TELG 8"9 C8< >C!! AJG 8"9 C8< >88> =;D< H)# =8 1outh Palestine$ TJ =;D"! TELG 8"9 ;9D >"8; AJG 8"9 ;9D >;CC <;;C 7>D!9 lint$ TJ =;=C> TELG 8"9 D=! >8"" AJG 8"9 D98 >!=< <"D" +ashington Blvd$ 1uite < Beau,ont$ TJ ==="; TELG <"8 D<" 8<=; AJG <"8 D<" 8CC> AGE?T ;;D" Venture +a# 7t Pleasant$ 7I <<D;D TELG 8D8 ==; CC"D AJG 8D8 ==; C8"8 9!; 1outh 1tate 1treet Crossville$ IL C>D>= TELG 9"< 889 9!>; AJG =>< C8; >>CC !D"= Allen Ave 1E$ Bldg U!8 Canton$ OH <=="= TELG 99" <;; >!<" AJG 99" <;; >!;! !< Industrial Dr'$ 1te ! Du%ois$ PA !;D"! TELG D!< 9=; 8>"8 AJG D!< 9=; 8>"9 <"" I,*erial Industrial Park Bldg <"" P'O' Bo6 !9< I,*erial$ PA !;!>C TELG =>< C8; >>CC AJG =>< C8; >>8; !!;" Crest)ood Rd' 7ountain To*$ PA !D="= TELG ;=" <"9 ;C"" AJG ;=" <"9 ;C!" <88DB Elk River Rd 1 Elkvie)$ +V >;"=! TELG 9"< 8C; ;D"" AJG 9"< 8C; 9=!; G-L COA1T !9C E.uit# Blvd' Hou,a$ LA ="9C" TELG 8D; >>9 =C"" AJG 8D; =!D <<<> !!D 1outh Park La&a#ette$ LA =";"D TELG 99= D9= !<!< AJG 99= D9= !">> !;!; Po#dras$ 1uite ><"" ?e) Orleans$ LA ="!!> TELG ;"< ;C! DD>C AJG ;"< ;C! DD>8 !="!; Aldine +est&ield Houston$ Te6as =="=9 TELG =!9 C>; CC;< AJG =!9 C>; CC;; 1O-THER? -1 <"! 1' Park 1treet Brenha,$ TJ ==D99 TELG 8=8 <>! 8==; AJG 8=8 <>! 8==C D"" ?orth 1horeline Blvd' 1uite ="" ?' To)er Cor*us Christi$ TJ =D<"! TELG 9C! DD" <"C9 AJG 9C! DD" <"=! <9" ?avigation Blvd' Cor*us Christi$ TJ =D<"D TELG 9C! DD9 "><! AJG 9C! DD= "<D= !>8 Ranch Road F C"DC B High)a# 9;8 East Laredo$ TJ =D"<9 TELG 8;C =>9 ;<9< AJG 8;C =>9 ;8C> ;;!" ?orth Cage Building 7 Pharr$ TJ =D;== TELG 8;C ="> 88!> AJG 8;C >D9 =<"D !>8;" Countr# Park)a#$ 1te !>" 1an Antonio$ TJ =D>!C2>""< TELG >!" <8! 8";D AJG >!" <8! 8C>< !9""9 7ur*h# Road$ 1te 72!9 1ta&&ord$ TJ ==<== TELG >D! <8D <<<> AJG >D! <8D >9!D >C"<2A East Rio Grande Victoria$ TJ ==8"! TELG 9C! ;=; ";8< AJG 9C! ;=D C<8D +E1T TEJA1F?E+ 7EJICO 9>9= Industrial Drive Ho%%s$ ?7 DD><" TELG ;"; 98> !>D< AJG ;"; 98> !<=< <"8 ?' ?elson 1treet t' 1tockton$ TJ =8=9; TELG <9> 99C ">;; AJG <9> 99C ">C; >!"; 7arket 1treet 7idland$ TJ =8="9 TELG <9> CD! =D"" AJG <9> <8; =>"" 99"" ?' A 1treet 7idland TJ =8=";2;<C8 TELG <9> ;=" !";" AJG <9> CD9 =>"8 AGE?T >= 1outhridge 1an Angelo$ TJ =C8"< TELG 9>; C;" <;;= AJG 9>; 8<8 <=;8 AGE?T ;""; Ta%osa 1an Angelo$ TJ =C8"< TELG 9>; 8<< <888 AJG 9>; 8<< =!88 +E1TER? -1 !C=; Broad)a# 1uite !;"" Denver$ CO D">"> TELG 9"9 ;=9 DC"C AJG 9"9 D>; ;="C 9"9 D>; ;="= ;!;! Reserve Drive Evansville$ +5 D>C9C TELG 9"= <=> """! AJG 9"= <=> "!C! !="" East !;DC 1outh Vernal$ -T D<"=D TELG <9; =D8 9<!9 AJG <9; =D8 >D!; ;;< >; Road$ -nit C Grand @unction$ CO D!;"; TELG 8=" ><! =89< AJG 8=" ><! =8;C >=>! Bill*ecker Drive Rock 1*rings$ +5 D>8"! TELG 9"= 9C> CD<< AJG 9"= 9C> C=9; !>; <Dth Ave 1'+' Dickinson$ ?D ;DC"! TELG ="! <D9 C;!> AJG ="! <D9 C;!9 >8!C !st Avenue +est +illiston$ ?D ;DD"! TELG ="! ==< "9=; AJG ="! ;=> DCC8 AGE?T ;==9 -'1' H)# C< ar,ington$ ?7 D=<"! TELG ;"; C9> !<;> AJG ;"; C9> "<9D AGE?T <<8 Industrial Drive t' Collins$ CO D";>< TELG 8=" <89 9"!D AJG 8=" <89 9"9= ;"!" Lisa 7arie Court Bakers&ield$ CA 899!9 TELG CC! D9= 8=!! AJG CC! D9= 8C"! AGE?T >!;" DeAnn Drive Carson Cit#$ ?V D8="! TELG ==; DD> =8D9 AJG ==; DD> D9D= AGE?T <9" Douglas Lane +oodland$ CA 8;==C TELG ;9" CCC >!!8 AJG ;9" CCC <=>C VE?EE-ELA Avenida Interco,unal 1ector Las 7orochas Via Ter,inales 7aracai%o$ Al lado de la Escuela Las 7orochas$ Ciudad OAeda Estado Euilia$ Vene4uela TELG ;D >C; <""> ;;; AJG ;D >C; <""> ;=C Av' CC' ?_ C>2C"8' !_ Eta*a Eona Industrial 7aracai%o 2 Edo' Euilia Vene4uela TELG ;D >C! =9C9 ><< AJG ;D >C! =9C> CC" Av' Alirio -garte Pela#o Ed&' Harvest Vinccler 2 Piso ! 7aturin 2 Estado 7onagas TELG ;D >8! 9""9""" AJG ;" >8! C<9"8;8 VIET?A7 BABER H-GHE1 cFo BITEJCO O&&ice Building$ >nd F !=th &loor !82>; ?gu#en Hue Blvd$ District ! Ho Chi 7inh Cit#$ 1'R' Vietna, TELG D< D 9 D>! 9=9>F9=<> AJG D< D 9 D>! !<"! BABER H-GHE1 Petro Vietna, To)ers$ ;th loor$ 1uite ;>" ?o' D Hoang Dieu Vung Tau$ 1'R' Vietna, TELG D< C< 9;! "<>; AJG D< C< 9;! "<>C 5E7E? Villa UC O&& 1treet ?o' >< 1anaa$ 5e,en TELG 8C= ! <!< <C> AJG 8C= ! <!= DDD


Ter,s and Conditions F +orld)ide

Orders &or rental e.ui*,ent /HE.ui*,entI0$ services /H1ervicesI0$ and the su**l# or sale o& *roducts or e.ui*,ent /HProductsI0 to %e *rovided %# BABER H-GHE1 I?CORPORATED$ or its o*erating divisions$ or its direct or indirect )holl#2o)ned su%sidiaries /in each case as a**lica%le re&erred to herein as HBHII0 to its custo,ers /each a HC-1TO7ERI0 are su%Aect to acce*tance %# BHI$ and an# orders so acce*ted )ill %e governed %# the ter,s and conditions stated herein and an# additional ter,s *ro*osed or agreed to in )riting %# an authori4ed re*resentative o& BHI /these ter,s and conditions and an# such additional ter,s collectivel# re&erred to herein as the HAgree,ent(0' An# additions to or ,odi&ications o& these ter,s and conditions$ or an# ter,s and conditions contained in C-1TO7ER(s order inconsistent here)ith$ shall not %ind BHI unless acce*ted in )riting %# an authori4ed re*resentative o& BHI' !' PA57E?T TER71 -nless alternate *a#,ent ter,s are s*eci&ied or a**roved %# the BHI Credit De*art,ent$ all charges$ including a**lica%le *acking and trans*ortation costs$ %illed %# BHI are *a#a%le )ithin thirt# /9"0 da#s o& the date o& invoice' At BHI(s o*tion$ interest ,a# %e charged at the rate o& ten *ercent /!"R0 *er annu, unless such rate contravenes local la) in )hich case the interest charged )ill %e the ,a6i,u, allo)ed %# la)' O*erating$ *roduction or )ell conditions )hich *revent satis&actor# o*eration o& E.ui*,ent$ 1ervices or Products do not relieve C-1TO7ER o& its *a#,ent res*onsi%ilit#' >' CA?CELLATIO? ProductsG Orders &or Products )hich are su%Aect to cancellation a&ter acce*tance %# BHI )ill %e su%Aect to a restocking charge o& at least t)ent#2 &ive *ercent />;R0$ *lus an# actual *acking and trans*ortation costs' Products s*eciall# %uilt or ,anu&actured to C-1TO7ER s*eci&ications$ or orders &or su%stantial .uantities ,anu&actured s*eciall# &or C-1TO7ER$ ,a# onl# %e canceled su%Aect to either /i0 *a#,ent o& a cancellation &ee %# C-1TO7ER$ or /ii0 a return credit against &uture *urchases$ to %e deter,ined solel# %# BHI' Credit &or unused Products )ill %e issued &or the .uantit# returned at the original *urchase *rice$ less restocking or cancellation charges$ *rovided the returned Products are in reusa%le condition' ?o credit )ill %e given &or shi**ing charges incurred %# C-1TO7ER' In no event )ill credit %e allo)ed &or Products returned )ithout *rior )ritten authori4ation %# BHI' E.ui*,entF1ervicesG In the event C-1TO7ER cancels an order &or 1ervices or E.ui*,ent$ C-1TO7ER shall %e lia%le &or all costs incurred %# BHI in the ,o%ili4ationFde,o%ili4ation related thereto$ and an# other reasona%le costs incurred %# BHI incident to such cancellation' In addition$ a restocking charge o& at least t)ent#2&ive *ercent />;R0 o& the original order ,a# %e a**lied at BHI(s sole discretion' 9' THIRD2PART5 CHARGE1$ TAJE1 C-1TO7ER shall *a# all third2*art# charges$ in co,*liance )ith BHI(s current *rice list$ and an# sales$ use$ rental or other ta6es that ,a# %e a**lica%le to transactions hereunder' C-1TO7ER shall *a# all a**lica%le custo,s$ e6cise$ i,*ort and other duties unless other)ise agreed to in )riting %# an authori4ed re*resentative o& BHI' C-1TO7ER shall *rovide necessar# i,*ort licenses and e6tensions thereo&' <' RI1B O LO11 A?D TITLE or Product sales )ithin the -nited 1tates o& A,erica$ title and risk o& loss shall *ass to C-1TO7ER as soon as the Products de*art BHI(s *oint o& origin' or Product sales outside the -nited 1tates o& A,erica$ unless other)ise agreed to in )riting %et)een BHI and C-1TO7ER$ I?COTER7 HCPTI shall a**l# )ith the &ollo)ing e6ce*tionG TITLE A?D RI1B O LO11 RE7AI? +ITH BHI -?TIL THE PROD-CT1 REACH THE PORT O E?TR5' ;' LIABILITIE1$ RELEA1E1 A?D I?DE7?I ICATIO?G A' I n this Agree,ent$ HClai,sI shall ,ean all clai,s$ de,ands$ causes o& action$ lia%ilities$ da,ages$ Audg,ents$ &ines$ *enalties$ a)ards$ losses$ costs$ e6*enses /including$ )ithout li,itation$ attorne#s( &ees and costs o& litigation0 o& an# kind or character arising out o&$ or related to$ the *er&or,ance o& or su%Aect ,atter o& this Agree,ent /including$ )ithout li,itation$ real or *ersonal *ro*ert# loss$ da,age or destruction$ *ersonal or %odil# inAur#$ illness$ sickness$ disease or death$ loss o& services or )ages$ or loss o& consortiu, or societ#0' B' BHI shall release$ inde,ni&#$ de&end and hold C-1TO7ER$ its *arent$ su%sidiar# and a&&iliated or related co,*anies$ and the o&&icers$ directors$ e,*lo#ees$ consultants and agents o& all o& the &oregoing /re&erred to in this Agree,ent as HC-1TO7ER I?DE7?ITEE1I0 har,less &ro, and against an# and all Clai,s asserted %# or in &avor o& an# ,e,%er o& BHI I?DE7?ITEE1 /as de&ined in *aragra*h C' %elo)0 or BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( su%contractors at an# tier or their e,*lo#ees$ agents$ or invitees' C' C-1TO7ER shall release$ inde,ni&#$ de&end and hold BHI$ its *arent$ su%sidiar# and a&&iliated or related co,*anies$ and the o&&icers$ directors$ e,*lo#ees$ consultants and agents o& all o& the &oregoing /re&erred to in this Agree,ent as HBHI I?DE7?ITEE1I0 har,less &ro, and against an# and all Clai,s asserted %# or in &avor o& an# ,e,%er o& C-1TO7ER I?DE7?ITEE1 or C-1TO7ER I?DE7?ITEE1( contractors at an# tier /e6ce*t BHI I?DE7?ITEE1 or BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( su%contractors0 or their e,*lo#ees$ agents or invitees' D' ?ot)ithstanding *aragra*h B' a%ove$ should an# o& BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( or BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( su%contractors( instru,ents$ e.ui*,ent or tools /HToolsI0 %eco,e lost or da,aged in the )ell )hen *er&or,ing or atte,*ting to *er&or, the 1ervices hereunder$ it is understood that C-1TO7ER shall ,ake ever# e&&ort to recover the lost or da,aged Tools' C-1TO7ER shall assu,e the entire res*onsi%ilit# &or such &ishing o*erations in the recover# or atte,*ted recover# o& an# such lost or da,aged Tools' ?one o& BHI((s e,*lo#ees are authori4ed to do an#thing )hatsoever$ nor shall an# o& BHI((s e,*lo#ees %e re.uired %# C-1TO7ER to do an#thing$ other than consult in an advisor# ca*acit# )ith C-1TO7ER in connection )ith such &ishing o*erations' 1hould C-1TO7ER &ail to recover such Tools lost in the )ell$ or should such Tools %eco,e da,aged in the )ell$ or da,aged during recover#$ C-1TO7ER shall rei,%urse BHI the re*lace,ent value o& such lost Tools or &or the cost o& re*airing an# Tools so da,aged' urther$ all risks associated )ith loss o& or da,age to *ro*ert# o& BHI I?DE7?ITEE1 or BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( su%contractors )hile in the custod# and control o& C-1TO7ER or during trans*ortation arranged %# or controlled %# C-1TO7ER$ shall %e %orne %# C-1TO7ER'

?oteG this agree,ent contains *rovisions )hich inde,ni&# andFor release the inde,ni&ied andFor released *art# &ro, the conse.uences o& its o)n negligence and other legal &ault'

B' and C' a%ove %# carr#ing e.ual a,ounts o& insurance /or .uali&ied sel&insurance0 in an a,ount not less than -'1' `;$"""$"""'""' H' THE EJCL-1IO?1 O LIABILIT5$ RELEA1E1 A?D I?DE7?ITIE1 1ET ORTH I? PARAGRAPH1 B' THRO-GH ' O THI1 ARTICLE ;' 1HALL APPL5 TO A?5 CLAI7/10$ LO11E1 OR DA7AGE1 +ITHO-T REGARD TO THE CA-1E/10 THEREO I?CL-DI?G B-T ?OT LI7ITED TO PRE2EJI1TI?G CO?DITIO?1$ +HETHER 1-CH CO?DITIO?1 BE PATE?T OR LATE?T$ THE -?1EA+ORTHI?E11 O A?5 VE11EL OR VE11EL1$ I7PER ECTIO? O 7ATERIAL$ DE ECT OR AIL-RE O PROD-CT1 OR E3-IP7E?T$ BREACH O REPRE1E?TATIO? OR +ARRA?T5 /EJPRE11 OR I7PLIED0$ -LTRAHAEARDO-1 ACTIVIT5$ 1TRICT LIABILIT5$ TORT$ BREACH O CO?TRACT$ BREACH O D-T5 /1TAT-TOR5 OR OTHER+I1E0$ BREACH O A?5 1A ET5 RE3-IRE7E?T OR REG-LATIO?$ OR THE ?EGLIGE?CE OR OTHER LEGAL A-LT OR RE1PO?1IBILIT5 O A?5 PER1O? /I?CL-DI?G THE I?DE7?I IED OR RELEA1ED PART50$ +HETHER 1-CH ?EGLIGE?CE BE 1OLE$ @OI?T OR CO?C-RRE?T$ ACTIVE OR PA11IVE' I' R EDRE11 -?DER THE I?DE7?IT5 PROVI1IO?1 1ET ORTH I? THI1 ARTICLE ;' 1HALL BE THE EJCL-1IVE RE7ED5/2IE10 AVAILABLE TO THE PARTIE1 HERETO OR THE 7ATTER1$ CLAI71$ DA7AGE1 A?D LO11E1 COVERED B5 1-CH PROVI1IO?1' C' DIRECTIO?AL DRILLI?G C-1TO7ER shall release$ de&end$ inde,ni&# and hold BHI I?DE7?ITEE1 har,less &ro, and against an# Clai,s arising out o&$ or related to$ su%sur&ace tres*ass arising out o& directional drilling o*erations or other o*erations *er&or,ed %# BHI or its e,*lo#ees$ C-1TO7ER or its e,*lo#ees$ or other contractors or their e,*lo#ees' C-1TO7ER shall &urnish BHI )ith a )ell location *lan /certi&ied %# C-1TO7ER as correct0 setting out the sur&ace location o& the )ell$ the lease$ license$ or *ro*ert# %oundar# lines$ and the %otto, hole location o& C-1TO7ER(s directionall# drilled )ell' I& in the course o& drilling the )ell$ it %eco,es evident to BHI that the certi&ied *lan is in error$ BHI shall at once noti&# C-1TO7ER o& the error$ and C-1TO7ER shall %e res*onsi%le to regulate all directional drilling &actors so that C-1TO7ER(s )ell %otto, hole location )ill %e situated on C-1TO7ER(s *ro*ert#$ license$ or leasehold at total de*th o& the )ell %eing drilled' =' C-1TO7ER +ARRA?T5FBI?DI?G A-THORIT5 I& C-1TO7ER is not the sole o)ner o& the ,ineral interests$ the )ell or the &ield$ C-1TO7ER(s re.uest &or 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent or Products shall constitute C-1TO7ER(s )arrant# that C-1TO7ER is the dul# constituted agent o& each and ever# o)ner and has &ull authorit# to re*resent the interests o& the sa,e )ith res*ect to all decisions taken throughout the *rovision o& an# 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent or Products hereunder' C-1TO7ER )ill de&end$ release$ inde,ni&# and hold BHI I?DE7?ITEE1 har,less &ro, and against all Clai,s resulting &ro, the allegation %# an# *erson that C-1TO7ER has ,isre*resented or lacked su&&icient authorit# to re*resent such *erson as )arranted %# C-1TO7ER in this Article' D' ACCE11 TO +ELL A?D 1TORAGE +ith res*ect to onshore and o&&shore o*erations$ C-1TO7ER shall *rovide at its e6*ense ade.uate ,eans o& trans*ortation re.uired &or E.ui*,ent$ Products and BHI *ersonnel to gain access to or return &ro, a )ell site$ and shall o%tain at C-1TO7ER(s sole cost and e6*ense all *er,its$ licenses or other authori4ation re.uired &or BHI to enter u*on )ork areas &or the *ur*oses conte,*lated' +hen necessar# to re*air roads or %ridges$ or to *rovide trans*ortation to ,ove E.ui*,ent$ Products or BHI *ersonnel$ such shall %e arranged and *aid &or %# C-1TO7ER' C-1TO7ER shall *rovide sa&e trans*ortation and *ro*er storage s*ace at the )ell site$ ,eeting all a**lica%le sa&et# and securit# re.uire,ents and consistent )ith good industr# *ractices$ &or the E.ui*,ent and Products$ including )ithout li,itation$ all e6*losive and radioactive ,aterials' 8' RADIOACTIVE 1O-RCE1 Radioactive sources )hich ,a# %e used in BHI(s( 1ervices are *otentiall# dangerous' C-1TO7ER agrees to co,*l# )ith all a**lica%le govern,ental regulations governing the use and handling o& radioactive sources' In the event a radioactive source %eco,es stuck in a )ell$ C-1TO7ER$ at

C-1TO7ER(s sole risk and e6*ense )ill /i0 use s*ecial *recautions to *revent da,aging the source during recover# o*erations$ or /ii0 i& the source cannot %e recovered$ isolate the radioactive ,aterial %# ce,enting it in *lace or %# other ,eans consistent )ith a**lica%le regulations' !"' +ARRA?T5 A' 1ervicesG BHI )arrants that the 1ervices to %e *rovided %# BHI *ursuant to this Agree,ent shall con&or, to the ,aterial as*ects o& the s*eci&ications set &orth in the relevant sco*e o& )ork docu,ent agreed to in )riting %# BHI and C-1TO7ER' In the event that the 1ervices &ail to con&or, )ith such s*eci&ications$ BHI shall re2*er&or, that *art o& the non2con&or,ing 1ervices$ *rovided BHI is noti&ied thereo& %# C-1TO7ER *rior to BHI(s de*arture &ro, the )ork site' B' E.ui*,entG BHI )arrants that the E.ui*,ent )ill %e o& the t#*es s*eci&ied %# C-1TO7ER and )ill %e in good o*erating condition' Lia%ilit# &or loss or da,age to E.ui*,ent is set &orth in Article ;' C' ProductsG /EJCL-DI?G DRILL BIT1$ ELECTRIC 1-B7ER1IBLE P-7P1 A?D A11OCIATED CABLE A?D 1-R ACE E3-IP7E?T$ 1PECIALT5 CHE7ICAL PROD-CT1 A?D 1PECIALT5 PROD-CT10G BHI )arrants that the Products to %e *rovided %# BHI *ursuant to this Agree,ent shall con&or, to BHI(s *u%lished s*eci&ications or the s*eci&ications agreed to in )riting %# BHI and C-1TO7ER' I& an# o& the Products &ail to con&or, )ith such s*eci&ications u*on ins*ection %# BHI$ BHI$ at its o*tion$ shall re*air or re*lace the non2con&or,ing Products )ith the t#*e originall# &urnished or issue credit to the C-1TO7ER$ *rovided BHI is noti&ied thereo& in )riting )ithin thirt# /9"0 da#s a&ter deliver# o& the *articular Products' D' Drill BitsG BHI )arrants that the drill %its to %e *rovided %# BHI *ursuant to this Agree,ent shall con&or, to BHI(s *u%lished s*eci&ications' I& an# o& the drill %its &ail to con&or, to such s*eci&ications u*on ins*ection %# BHI$ BHI$ at its o*tion$ shall re*air or re*lace the non2 con&or,ing drill %its )ith the t#*e originall# &urnished or issue credit to the C-1TO7ER$ *rovided BHI is noti&ied thereo& in )riting )ithin ninet# /8"0 da#s &ro, the date o& shi*,ent' E' Electric 1u%,ersi%le Pu,*s and Associated Ca%le and 1ur&ace E.ui*,entG BHI )arrants that the electrical su%,ersi%le *u,*s and associated ca%le and sur&ace e.ui*,ent to %e *rovided %# BHI *ursuant to this Agree,ent shall con&or, to BHI(s *u%lished s*eci&ications' I& an# o& the electric su%,ersi%le *u,*s or associated ca%le or sur&ace e.ui*,ent &ail to con&or, )ith such s*eci&ications u*on ins*ection %# BHI$ BHI$ at its o*tion$ shall re*air or re*lace the non2con&or,ing electric su%,ersi%le *u,*s or associated ca%le or sur&ace e.ui*,ent )ith the t#*e originall# &urnished$ *rovided BHI is noti&ied thereo& in )riting )ithin the earlier o& t)elve /!>0 ,onths &ro, the date o& installation or eighteen /!D0 ,onths &ro, the date o& shi*,ent' +arrant# clai,s %# C-1TO7ER ,ust %e su%,itted to BHI )ithin si6t# /C"0 da#s a&ter the later o& the *ulling date or &ailure date o& the electric su%,ersi%le *u,*s or associated ca%le or sur&ace e.ui*,ent' ' 1*ecialt# Che,ical ProductsG BHI )arrants that the s*ecialt# che,ical *roducts to %e *rovided %# BHI *ursuant to this Agree,ent shall$ u*on its de*arture &ro, BHI(s *oint o& origin$ con&or, to the *u%lished *h#sical and che,ical s*eci&ications esta%lished %# BHI &or each such *roduct' I& an# o& the s*ecialt# che,ical *roducts &ail to con&or, to such s*eci&ications$ BHI$ at its o*tion$ shall re*lace the non2 con&or,ing s*ecialt# che,ical *roducts )ith the t#*e originall# &urnished or issue credit to the C-1TO7ER$ *rovided BHI is noti&ied thereo& in )riting )ithin thirt# /9"0 da#s a&ter the s*ecialt# che,ical *roducts de*art BHI(s *oint o& origin' G' 1*ecialt# ProductsG In the event BHI is to *rovide Products to C-1TO7ER %ased u*on C-1TO7ER(s s*eci&ic re.uest that BHI develo*$ ,anu&acture$ test or *ut to use Products that are intended to satis&# a uni.ue need identi&ied %# C-1TO7ER and are not HstandardI Products o& BHI /H1*ecialt# ProductsI0$ C-1TO7ER here%# recogni4es and agrees that the 1*ecialt# Products %eing *rovided do not$ necessaril#$ have or contain the sa,e or si,ilar characteristics as BHI(s HstandardI Products$

E' ?ot)ithstanding an#thing contained in this Agree,ent to the contrar#$ C-1TO7ER$ to the ,a6i,u, e6tent *er,itted under a**lica%le la)$ shall release$ inde,ni&#$ de&end and hold BHI I?DE7?ITEE1 and BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( su%contractors har,less &ro, and against an# and all Clai,s asserted %# or in &avor o& an# *erson or *art#$ including BHI I?DE7?ITEE1$ C-1TO7ER I?DE7?ITEE1 or an# other *erson or *art#$ resulting &ro,G /i0 loss o& or da,age to an# )ell or hole /including %ut not li,ited to the costs o& re2drill0$ /ii0 %lo)out$ &ire$ e6*losion$ cratering or an# uncontrolled )ell condition /including %ut not li,ited to the costs to control a )ild )ell and the re,oval o& de%ris0$ /iii0 da,age to an# reservoir$ geological &or,ation or underground strata or the loss o& oil$ )ater or gas there&ro,$ /iv0 the use o& BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( or BHI I?DE7?ITEE1( su%contractors( radioactive tools or an# conta,ination resulting there&ro, /including %ut not li,ited to retrieval or contain,ent and clean2u*0$ /v0 *ollution or conta,ination o& an# kind /other than sur&ace s*illage o& &uels$ lu%ricants$ rig se)age or gar%age$ to the e6tent attri%uta%le to the negligence o& BHI I?DE7?ITEE10 including %ut not li,ited to the cost o& control$ re,oval and clean2u*$ or /vi0 da,age to$ or esca*e o& an# su%stance &ro,$ an# *i*eline$ vessel or storage &acilit#' ' ?either *art# shall %e lia%le to the other &or an# indirect$ s*ecial$ *unitive$ e6e,*lar# or conse.uential da,ages or losses /)hether &oreseea%le or not at the date o& this Agree,ent0$ including )ithout li,itation da,ages &or lost *roduction$ lost revenue$ lost *roduct$ lost *ro&it$ lost %usiness or lost %usiness o**ortunities'

G' I n the event this Agree,ent is su%Aect to the inde,nit# or release li,itations in Cha*ter !>= o& the Te6as Civil Practices and Re,edies Code /or an# successor statute0$ and so long as such li,itations are in &orce$ each *art# covenants and agrees to su**ort the ,utual inde,nit# and release o%ligations contained in *aragra*hs


including$ %ut not li,ited to$ a historical *er&or,ance against )hich &uture *er&or,ance can %e ,easured' In develo*ing$ ,anu&acturing$ testing and *utting to use an# 1*ecialt# Products$ BHI )ill %e rel#ing u*on in&or,ation and s*eci&ications *rovided %# C-1TO7ER relating to the uni.ue needs to C-1TO7ER' As such$ BHI shall have no res*onsi%ilit# &or the design$ ,anu&acture or engineering o& an# such 1*ecialt# Products$ even though BHI ,a# have *artici*ated in the develo*,ent and ,anu&acture o& the 1*ecialt# Products$ or &or an# C-1TO7ER2&urnished ,aterials$ in&or,ation and s*eci&ications' I& an# o& the 1*ecialt# Products &ail to ,eet the s*eci&ications *rovided %# C-1TO7ER u*on ins*ection %# BHI$ BHI shall$ at its o*tion$ re*air or re*lace the non2con&or,ing 1*ecialt# Products )ith /i0 the t#*e originall# &urnished to C-1TO7ER$ or /ii0 su%stituted Products having BHI(s HstandardI s*eci&ications and .uali&ications' BHI(s )arrant# o%ligations hereunder shall not a**l# i& the noncon&or,it# )as caused %# /i0 C-1TO7ER(s &ailure to *ro*erl# store or ,aintain the Products or E.ui*,ent$ /ii0 a%nor,al )ell conditions$ a%rasive ,aterials$ corrosion due to aggressive &luids or incorrect s*eci&ications *rovided %# C-1TO7ER$ /iii0 unauthori4ed alteration or re*air o& the Products or E.ui*,ent %# C-1TO7ER /iv0 the Products or E.ui*,ent are lost or da,aged )hile on C-1TO7ER(s site due to C-1TO7ER(s or an# third *art#(s negligence$ vandalis, or &orce ,aAeure /including$ %ut not li,ited to$ lightning0$ or /v0 use or handling o& the Products or E.ui*,ent %# C-1TO7ER in a ,anner inconsistent )ith BHI(s reco,,endations' urther$ BHI(s )arrant# o%ligations under this Article !" shall ter,inate i& /i0 C-1TO7ER &ails to *er&or, its o%ligations under this or an# other Agree,ent %et)een the *arties$ or /ii0 C-1TO7ER &ails to *a# an# charges due BHI' All non2con&or,ing Products shall %e delivered to the service &acilit# designated %# BHI' All trans*ortation charges related to the re*air or re*lace,ent o& non2con&or,ing Products shall %e %orne %# C-1TO7ER' An# *arts &or )hich BHI *rovides re*lace,ent under this )arrant# shall %eco,e the *ro*ert# o& BHI' +ith regard to ,aterials or e.ui*,ent &urnished %# third *art# vendors andFor su**liers$ BHI(s lia%ilit# there&or shall %e li,ited to the assign,ent o& such third *art# vendor(s or su**lier(s )arrant# to C-1TO7ER$ to the e6tent such )arranties are assigna%le' Inter*retations$ research$ anal#sis$ reco,,endations$ advice or inter*retational data /HInter*retations andFor Reco,,endationsI0 &urnished %# BHI hereunder are o*inions %ased u*on in&erences &ro, ,easure,ents$ e,*irical relationshi*s and assu,*tions$ and industr# *ractice$ )hich in&erences$ assu,*tions and *ractices are not in&alli%le$ and )ith res*ect to )hich *ro&essional geologists$ engineers$ drilling consultants$ and anal#sts ,a# di&&er' Accordingl#$ BHI does not )arrant the accurac#$ correctness$ or co,*leteness o& an# such Inter*retations andFor Reco,,endations$ or that C-1TO7ER(s reliance or an# third *art#(s reliance on such Inter*retations andFor Reco,,endations )ill acco,*lish an# *articular results' C-1TO7ER assu,es &ull res*onsi%ilit# &or the use o& such Inter*retations andFor Reco,,endations and &or all decisions %ased thereon /including )ithout li,itation decisions %ased on an# oil and gas evaluations$ *roduction &orecasts and reserve esti,ates$ &urnished %# BHI to C-1TO7ER hereunder0$ and C-1TO7ER here%# agrees to release$ de&end and inde,ni&# BHI &ro, an# Clai,s arising out o& the use o& such Inter*retations andFor Reco,,endations' BHI )ill endeavor to trans,it data to C-1TO7ER as accuratel# and securel# as *ractica%le in accordance )ith current industr# *ractice' ?ot)ithstanding the &oregoing$ BHI does not )arrant the accurac# o& data trans,itted %# electronic *rocesses and )ill not %e res*onsi%le to C-1TO7ER &or accidental or intentional interce*tion o& such data %# others' THI1 ARTICLE !" 1ET1 ORTH C-1TO7ER(1 1OLE RE7ED5 A?D BHI(1 O?L5 OBLIGATIO? +ITH REGARD TO ?O?2CO? OR7I?G 1ERVICE1$ E3-IP7E?T OR PROD-CT1' EJCEPT A1 I1 OTHER+I1E EJPRE11L5 PROVIDED P-R1-A?T TO THE PROVI1IO?1 O THI1 ARTICLE !"$ BHI 7ABE1 ?O +ARRA?T5 OR G-ARA?TEE O A?5 BI?D$ EJPRE11 OR

I7PLIED$ I?CL-DI?G ?O I7PLIED +ARRA?T5 O 7ERCHA?TABILIT5 OR IT?E11 OR A PARTIC-LAR P-RPO1E$ REGARDI?G A?5 1ERVICE1 PER OR7ED OR E3-IP7E?T OR PROD-CT1 1-PPLIED B5 BHI HERE-?DER' !!' LO1T2I?2HOLE COVERAGE In so,e locations$ lost2in2hole coverage is availa%le &or so,e E.ui*,ent' 1uch coverage ,ust %e *urchased %# C-1TO7ER *rior to the E.ui*,ent leaving BHI(s *oint o& origin &or the coverage to take e&&ect' BHI reserves the right not to o&&er coverage at its sole discretion' !>' I?1-RA?CE -*on )ritten re.uest$ each *art# shall &urnish to the other *art# certi&icates o& insurance evidencing the &act that ade.uate insurance to su**ort each *art#(s o%ligations hereunder has %een secured' To the e6tent o& each *art#(s release and inde,nit# o%ligations hereunder$ each *art# agrees that all such insurance *olicies shall /i0 %e *ri,ar# to the other *art#(s insurance$ /ii0 include the other *art#$ its *arent$ su%sidiar# and a&&iliated or related co,*anies$ and its and their res*ective o&&icers$ directors$ e,*lo#ees$ consultants and agents as additional insured$ and /iii0 %e endorsed to )aive su%rogation against the other *art#$ its *arent$ su%sidiar# and a&&iliated or related co,*anies$ and its and their res*ective o&&icers$ directors$ e,*lo#ees$ consultants and agents' !9' CHA?GE O DE1IG? BHI e6*ressl# reserves the right to change or ,odi&# the design and construction o& an# o& its Products )ithout o%ligation to &urnish or install such changes or ,odi&ications on Products *reviousl# or su%se.uentl# sold' !<' PATE?T1 BHI )arrants that the use or sale o& E.ui*,ent or Products hereunder )ill not in&ringe *atents o& others %# reason o& the use or sale o& such E.ui*,ent or Products *er se$ and here%# agrees to hold C-1TO7ER har,less against Audg,ent &or da,ages &or in&ringe,ent o& an# such *atent$ *rovided that C-1TO7ER shall *ro,*tl# noti&# BHI in )riting u*on recei*t o& an# clai, &or in&ringe,ent$ or u*on the &iling o& an# such suit &or in&ringe,ent$ )hichever &irst occurs$ and shall a&&ord BHI &ull o**ortunit#$ at BHI(s o*tion and e6*ense$ to ans)er such clai, or threat o& suit$ assu,e the control o& the de&ense o& such suit$ and settle or co,*ro,ise sa,e in an# )a# BHI sees &it' BHI does not )arrant that such E.ui*,ent or ProductsG /a0 )ill not in&ringe an# such *atent )hen not o& BHI(s ,anu&acture$ or s*eciall# ,ade$ in )hole or in *art$ to the C-1TO7ER(s design s*eci&icationsL or /%0 i& used or sold in co,%ination )ith other ,aterials or a**aratus or used in the *ractice o& *rocesses$ )ill not$ as a result o& such co,%ination or use$ in&ringe an# such *atent$ and BHI shall not %e lia%le and does not inde,ni&# C-1TO7ER &or da,ages or losses o& an# nature )hatsoever resulting &ro, actual or alleged *atent in&ringe,ent arising *ursuant to /a0 and /%0 a%ove' THI1 PARAGRAPH 1TATE1 THE E?TIRE RE1PO?1IBILIT5 O BHI CO?CER?I?G PATE?T I? RI?GE7E?T' !;' CO? IDE?TIALIT5 Each *art# shall ,aintain all data and in&or,ation o%tained &ro, the other *art# in strict con&idence$ su%Aect onl# to disclosure re.uired %# la) or legal *rocess' In the event that BHI o)ns co*#rights to$ *atents to$ or has &iled *atent a**lications on$ an# technolog# related to the 1ervices$ Products or E.ui*,ent &urnished %# BHI hereunder$ and i& BHI ,akes an# i,*rove,ents on such technolog#$ then such i,*rove,ents shall not &all )ithin the con&identialit# o%ligations included herein$ and BHI shall o)n all such i,*rove,ents$ including dra)ings$ s*eci&ications$ calculations and other docu,ents' The design$ construction$ a**lication and o*eration o& BHI(s 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent and Products e,%od# *ro*rietar# and con&idential in&or,ation' C-1TO7ER shall ,aintain this in&or,ation in strict con&idence and shall not disclose it to others$ su%Aect onl# to disclosure re.uired %# la) or legal *rocess' !C' LIE?1$ ATTACH7E?T1 A?D E?C-7BRA?CE1 1hould C-1TO7ER co,,it a ,aterial %reach o& an# ter,s and conditions o& this Agree,ent$ %eco,e %ankru*t$ insolvent$ go into receivershi* or should an# creditor or other *erson attach or lev# Custo,er(s *ro*ert# or e.ui*,ent$ BHI shall i,,ediatel# have the right$ )ithout notice and )ithout lia%ilit# &or tres*ass or da,ages$ to retake and re,ove an# o& its Products or E.ui*,ent )herever it ,a# %e &ound' C-1TO7ER shall release$ de&end$ inde,ni&# and hold BHI Inde,nitees

har,less &ro, an# and all liens and encu,%rances against Products or E.ui*,ent &urnished hereunder and shall return sa,e *ro,*tl# to BHI &ree o& an# liens or encu,%rances' !=' ORCE 7A@E-RE I& either *art# is una%le %# reason o& orce 7aAeure to carr# out an# o& its o%ligations under this Agree,ent$ other than o%ligations to *a# ,one#$ then on such *art# giving notice and *articulars in )riting to the other *art# )ithin a reasona%le ti,e a&ter the occurrence o& the cause relied u*on$ such o%ligations shall %e sus*ended' H orce 7aAeureI shall include acts o& God$ la)s and regulations$ govern,ent action$ )ar$ civil distur%ances$ strikes and la%or *ro%le,s$ dela#s o& vendors or carriers$ lightening$ &ire$ &lood$ )ashout$ stor,$ %reakage or accident to e.ui*,ent or ,achiner#$ shortage o& ra) ,aterials$ and an# other causes that are not reasona%l# )ithin the control o& the *art# so a&&ected' !D' I?DEPE?DE?T CO?TRACTOR It is e6*ressl# understood that BHI is an inde*endent contractor$ and that neither BHI nor its *rinci*als$ *artners$ e,*lo#ees or su%contractors are servants$ agents or e,*lo#ees o& C-1TO7ER' In all cases )here BHI(s e,*lo#ees /de&ined to include BHI(s and its su%contractors( direct$ %orro)ed$ s*ecial$ or statutor# e,*lo#ees0 are covered %# the Louisiana +orkers( Co,*ensation Act$ La' R'1' >9G!"> et seg'$ BHI and C-1TO7ER agree that all 1ervices$ Products and E.ui*,ent *rovided %# BHI and BHI(s e,*lo#ees *ursuant to this Agree,ent are an integral *art o& and are essential to the a%ilit# o& C-1TO7ER to generate C-1TO7ER(s goods$ *roducts$ and services &or the *ur*ose o& La' R'1' >9G!"C /A0 /!0' urther,ore$ BHI and C-1TO7ER agree that C-1TO7ER is the statutor# e,*lo#er o& BHI(s e,*lo#ees &or *ur*oses o& La' R'1' >9G!"C! /A0 /90' !8' LA+1$ R-LE1 A?D REG-LATIO?1 BHI and C-1TO7ER agree to %e su%Aect to all la)s$ rules$ regulations and decrees o& an# govern,ental or regulator# %od# having Aurisdiction over the 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent or Products to %e *rovided %# BHI or the )ork site or that ,a# other)ise %e a**lica%le to BHI(s or C-1TO7ER(s *er&or,ance under this Agree,ent' >"' GOVER?I?G LA+ ?OT +ITH 1TA?DI?G ARTICLE !8G A' E6ce*t &or 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent or Products *rovided$ or to %e *rovided$ %# BHI in ?orth or 1outh A,erica /the HA7ERICA1I0$ THI1 AGREE7E?T 1HALL BE GOVER?ED B5 A?D I?TERPRETED I? ACCORDA?CE +ITH E?GLI1H LA+$ EJCL-DI?G CO? LICT1 O LA+ A?D CHOICE O LA+ PRI?CIPLE1' B' or 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent or Products *rovided$ or to %e *rovided$ %# BHI in the A7ERICA1$ THI1 AGREE7E?T 1HALL BE GOVER?ED B5 A?D I?TERPRETED I? ACCORDA?CE +ITH THE 1-B1TA?TIVE LA+1 O OBLAHO7A$ EJCL-DI?G CO? LICT1 O LA+ A?D CHOICE O LA+ PRI?CIPLE1' >!' 7EDIATIO?FARBITRATIO? A' E6ce*t &or a dis*ute$ controvers#$ or clai, /a HDis*uteI0 arising out o& this Agree,ent &ro, 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent or Products *rovided$ or to %e *rovided$ %# BHI in the A7ERICA1$ the *arties )ill atte,*t to resolve an# Dis*ute %et)een the, )hich results &ro, this Agree,ent in a s*irit o& coo*eration' Accordingl#$ the *arties agree to engage in good &aith negotiations to reach a ra*id and e.uita%le solution' I& the *arties are una%le to resolve a dis*ute through direct negotiation$ the# )ill use the services o& a ,ediator' The rules o& the Centre &or Dis*ute Resolution /CEDR0 )ill a**l# to the ,ediation' Each *art# )ill %ear its o)n e6*enses and an e.ual share o& the costs o& the ,ediators and the %od# ad,inistering the ,ediation' I& the negotiation or ,ediation &ails to reach an e.uita%le solution to the Dis*ute )ithin <; da#s a&ter the re.uest %# either *art# to su%,it the Dis*ute to negotiation or ,ediation$ then the Dis*ute shall %e re&erred to and &inall# resolved %# the English Courts )hich shall have e6clusive Aurisdiction' ?ot)ithstanding the *rovisions o& this *aragra*h$ the *arties acce*t that the# ,a# take *roceedings &or inAunctive or si,ilar relie& in the courts o& an# Aurisdiction to restrain or *revent an# %reach o& this Agree,ent'

B' An# Dis*ute arising out o& or in connection )ith this Agree,ent &ro, 1ervices$ E.ui*,ent or Products *rovided$ or to %e *rovided$ %# BHI in the A7ERICA1 shall %e re&erred to and deter,ined %# %inding ar%itration$ as the sole and e6clusive re,ed# o& the *arties as to the Dis*ute$ conducted in accordance )ith the A,erican Ar%itration Association /HAAAI0 ar%itration rules &or co,,ercial dis*utes$ as in e&&ect on the date hereo& /the HRulesI0$ )hich are dee,ed to %e incor*orated %# re&erence$ and the ederal Ar%itration Act /Title 8 o& the -nited 1tates Code0$ e6ce*t that in the event o& an# con&lict %et)een those Rules and the ar%itration *rovisions set &orth %elo)$ the *rovisions set &orth %elo) shall govern and control' The ar%itral tri%unal /the HTri%unalI0 shall use the su%stantive la)s o& Oklaho,a$ e6cluding con&licts la)s and choice o& la) *rinci*les$ in construing and inter*reting this Agree,ent$ and direct the Tri%unal to res*ect the *arties( selection o& the la) governing the inter*retation o& this Agree,ent' The Tri%unal shall %e co,*osed o& three ar%itrators$ )ith each *art# a**ointing one ar%itrator$ and the t)o ar%itrators so a**ointed a**ointing the third ar%itrator )ho shall act as Chair,an o& the Tri%unal' 1hould an# ar%itrator &ail to %e a**ointed$ as a&oresaid$ then such ar%itrator shall %e a**ointed %# the AAA in accordance )ith the Rules' 1hould a vacanc# in the Tri%unal arise %ecause an# ar%itrator dies$ resigns$ re&uses to act$ or %eco,es inca*a%le o& *er&or,ing his &unctions$ the vacanc# shall %e &illed %# the ,ethod %# )hich that ar%itrator )as originall# a**ointed' The language o& the ar%itration$ the su%,ission o& all )ritings$ the decision o& the Tri%unal$ and the reasons su**orting such decision$ shall %e in English' The ar%itration shall %e in Houston$ Te6as$ and the *roceedings shall %e conducted and concluded as soon as reasona%l# *ractica%le$ %ased u*on the schedule esta%lished %# the Tri%unal$ %ut in an# event the decision o& the Tri%unal shall %e rendered )ithin one hundred t)ent# /!>"0 da#s &ollo)ing the selection o& the Chair,an o& the Tri%unal' An# decision o& the Tri%unal shall %e ,ade %# the ,aAorit# o& the ar%itrators co,*rising the Tri%unal' ?o a)ard shall %e ,ade &or *unitive$ s*ecial$ e6e,*lar#$ indirect or conse.uential da,ages or losses$ including loss o& *ro&its or loss o& %usiness o**ortunit#' An# ,onetar# a)ard shall %e ,ade in -'1' Dollars$ &ree o& an# ta6 or other deduction' The decision o& the Tri%unal *ursuant hereto shall %e &inal and %inding u*on the *arties and shall %e en&orcea%le in accordance )ith The ?e) 5ork Convention on the Recognition and En&orce,ent o& oreign Ar%itral A)ards /!8;D0' It is the desire o& the *arties that an# Dis*ute %e resolved .uickl# and at the lo)est *ossi%le cost$ and the Tri%unal shall act in a ,anner consistent )ith these intentions$ including li,iting discover# to onl# that )hich is a%solutel# necessar# to ena%le the Tri%unal to render a &air decision )hich re&lects the *arties( intent set &orth in this Agree,ent' >>' A11IG?7E?T BHI shall have the right to assign this Agree,ent to an# o& its su%sidiaries$ a&&iliated or related co,*anies )ithout the consent o& C-1TO7ER' >9' GE?ERAL ailure o& C-1TO7ER or BHI to en&orce an# o& the ter,s and conditions o& this Agree,ent shall not *revent a su%se.uent en&orce,ent o& such ter,s and conditions or %e dee,ed a )aiver o& an# su%se.uent %reach' 1hould an# *rovision o& this Agree,ent$ or a *ortion thereo&$ %e unen&orcea%le or in con&lict )ith governing countr#$ state$ *rovince$ or local la)s$ then the validit# o& the re,aining *rovisions$ and *ortions thereo&$ shall not %e a&&ected %# such unen&orcea%ilit# or con&lict$ and this Agree,ent shall %e construed as i& such *rovisions$ or *ortion thereo&$ )ere not contained herein' This Agree,ent contains all re*resentations o& the *arties and su*ersedes all *rior oral or )ritten agree,ents or re*resentations' C-1TO7ER ackno)ledges that it has not relied on an# re*resentations other than those contained in this Agree,ent' This Agree,ent shall not %e varied$ su**le,ented$ .uali&ied$ or inter*reted %# an# *rior course o& dealing %et)een the *arties or %# an# usage o& trade and ,a# onl# %e a,ended %# an agree,ent e6ecuted %# %oth *arties'


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