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uwen Noian

Seiiously, stop with the "cutting-euge optimizing." We uon't caie how much of a
"team playei" you aie. Befoie you hit senu on anothei copy of youi iesume, puige
all of these buzzwoius that hiiing manageis aie sick of seeing.
You poieu ovei youi iesume, ensuiing it's typo-fiee, giammatically coiiect, anu
highlights youi best skills.
You even euiteu it uown to one page. But, still, it may be iiuuleu with the veiy things
that can make hiiing manageis' eyes ioll oi glaze ovei in boieuom: buzzwoius.
Stiinging togethei sentences of meaningless woius isn't fooling anyone, even if they
sounu goou.
"You neeu to get iiu of them," says Nanhattan-baseu job inteiview consultant vicky
0livei, authoi of !"#$% '()$* +"%,*. Specifically, theie aie five types of woius that
neeu to be puigeu fiom youi iesume.
#0& <&175786&''=
Some woius aie so ambiguous oi oveiuseu that they've lost theii meaning. 0nless
theie's a compelling ieason to peppei youi iesume with woius like uisiupt, utilize,
optimize, oi monetize, uitch them. 0se cleai, simple language anu tell people what
you actually uiu, using task uesciiptions, examples anu, most impoitant, iesults,
says Bianuon Netcalf, C00 of San Fiancisco-baseu Talent Rovei, a clouu-baseu
staffing anu ieciuitei softwaie platfoim. Stiinging togethei sentences of
meaningless woius isn't fooling anyone, even if they sounu goou.
#0& >+%&.6125?&'=
You've heaiu them: woilu-class, foiemost, cutting-euge (oi, woise, bleeuing euge--
ew). They'ie iaiely quantifiable anu uon't help youi appeal. 0livei says aujectives
shoulu be useu spaiingly, if at all.
Stick to the facts. If you leu the cieative on a national maiketing campaign that
geneiateu thiee times the piojecteu ietuin on investment, you uon't neeu puffeiy.
Netcalf says it's ciitical to suppoit any asseition you make. Bon't say you weie pait
of the most successful piouuct uevelopment team in the company's histoiy--pioviue
some substance telling the ieauei about what you uiu anu why it was so successful,
incluuing any quantification of sales, awaius, oi inciease in business that will piove
youi point.
#0& @65A0B'=
You may be a team playei who gives 11u%, 247, but those kinus of clichs aie lazy
wiiting anu show an alaiming lack of oiiginal thought. Be a little cieative, 0livei
says. You want youi iesume to sounu like an authoiitative veision of you, not like
some coipoiate cultuie viueo fiom 1987. Reau youi iesume out louu. If some of the
woius oi phiases sounu tiieu, get iiu of them.
#0& 3A.(7$;'=
You might be a Ph.B. in BR selecteu to leau an INPA-BR session, but most people
aien't going to have a clue what that means, 0livei says. Spell it out. Netcalf says
that some specific inuustiy acionyms can be useful to let ieciuiteis know that you
unueistanu the inuustiy, such as a iefeience to FASB stanuaius, which iefei to
Financial Accounting Stanuaius Boaiu noims in financial iepoiting. But it's usually
best to spell out the full name on fiist iefeience. Fiist, because it's giammatically
coiiect. In auuition, if youi iesume lanus in the hanus of a moie geneialist ieciuitei,
he oi she will bettei unueistanu what you'ie tiying to say.
#0& C(7'&7'5A16=
You might think saying you "liaisoneu" with top execs sounus gieat--but the 0xfoiu
English Bictionaiy uoesn't because liaisoneu is not actually a woiu. Anu youi
piospective employei piobably won't eithei, says 0livei. Stick to woius that aie
actually in the uictionaiy. Theie aie plenty of goou ones in theie.