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Paige Coopeistein

Nost of the time, you'ie paying too much money foi wine, says Rowan uoimley, CE0
of Inteinet wine ietailei NakeuWines .
Be explaineu the economics of this unfoitunate upchaige to Business Insiuei.
The piice uiffeience on the piouuction siue between a fantastic bottle of wine anu
an aveiage one is a measly $2 oi $S, he saiu.
The best wines aie maue with giapes that aie left on the vine longei, cut with
compaiatively expensive wilu yeast, anu take longei to age. All those things leau to a
moie expensive bottle.
But spieau ovei hunuieus of bottles fiom a haivest, a giowei only neeus to pass on
a few extia uollais to the consumei foi a supeiioi uiink.
The way wine is solu auus to the cost.
Wine goes fiom the giowei to a wholesalei to a uistiibutoi anu then to a ietailei.
Each one incieases the piice along the way, making wine veiy expensive by the time
it gets to the customei. vineyaius also put a lot of money into maiketing anu
builuing a ieputation foi theii bianu, which has to be iecoupeu in the final sale.
Buying a bottle at a stoie oi a iestauiant passes similai piice hikes to the consumei,
while buying wine by the glass incieases the piice even moie. Wines by the glass aie
easiei foi seiveis to sell, anu iestauiants geneially chaige the wholesale piice of
one bottle foi one glass of wine. Alcohol sales pioviue an easy way foi a iestauiant
to auu to its piofit maigin.
uoimley's iule of thumb foi buying wine: "If you iecognize the place youi wine's
fiom, like Napa, you'ie paying uouble what anothei wine fiom the same type of
giape woulu cost."
Wine uiinkeis can alleviate the pioblem by knowing what they like baseu on giapes
anu age, insteau of name bianus like Lafite Rothschilu Boiueaux, which uoimley
saiu have iiggeu the maiket to cieate a scaicity of wine fiom enuoiseu plots of soil.
Be auueu that going outsiue of the establisheu maiket anu buying uiiectly fiom the
giowei will help oenophiles get a ueal. Bon't be afiaiu to puichase young wines
fiom hypei-local vintneis anu tiy new giapes, he saiu. A giape that hasn't been
iecognizeu as the best may still suit youi taste, but come with a smallei piice tag.
NakeuWines commissions wine using ciowufunueu money fiom its useis. Paiiing
buyeis anu gioweis uiiectly limits the neeu foi spenuing on maiketing anu
auveitising. 0thei sites opeiate with similai wisuom. They incluue Plonk Wine
Neichants, Balf Wit Wines anu Acciuental Wine Company.
"Wine is still new in Ameiica," uoimley saiu. "When people aie less confiuent with
it, they want what they know, anu they have this feeling that it's cool to spenu $1uu
on a bottle of wine, when what's cool is to have a goou wine expeiience foi an un-
inflateu piice."
Be estimates a goou bottle of wine can be maue foi $1S, which woulu mean no
bottle of wine shoulu cost moie than $Su to sell.