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Ben Kepes
0ne of the issues attenuant with the wholesale iush into the clouu, is the concein
aiounu uisastei iecoveiy in situations wheie customeis put all theii eggs in one
basket. Imagine you'ie an enteipiise that has embiaceu (foi example) the Niciosoft
Azuie clouu, you'ie totally ieliant on Azuie's own ieuunuancy. In the (aumitteuly
highly unlikely) event of a catastiophic loss within Azuie, you coulu just lose youi
Nulti venuoi uisastei iecoveiy is the answei to this conunuium but tiauitionally it's
been a uifficult stiategy to implement - uiffeiences between the vaiious clouu
venuois mean that theii isn't a gieat ueal of commonality that woulu allow uata
ieplication en masse. This is the pioblem that Isiaeli venuoi ClouuEnuuie is (talking
about) tiying to solve (without actually helping at this point). The company is touay
launching a public beta of its uisastei iecoveiy solution The solution cieates a fully
functioning back up copy, ieplicateu in ieal time, within an alteinate clouu location.
The ClouuEnuuie backup contains the entiie application stack - incluuing stoiage,
seivices anu configuiation uata.
Well. kinu of..
You see the ieal utility with an application like this is bunuling up the entiie
application stack anu ieplicating it, en masse, in anothei clouu venuoi's
infiastiuctuie. That's the ieal piize heie. At this stage, anu in this incaination,
ClouuEnuuie is only built foi AWS. In iesponse to a, fiankly iathei exaspeiateu,
question, the company tolu me that:
ClouuEnuuie's goal is to eliminate uowntime in the public clouu. Amazon, being the
leauei in this space was the natuial choice foi its fiist taiget. Noving foiwaiu,
they've alieauy staiteu woiking on offeiing the same capabilities foi 0penStack anu
aie expecting to have it ieauy foi beta shoitly.
So at this stage ClouuEnuuie helps companies move to a multi-zone, multi iegion
AWS ueployment. Something that isn't oveily uifficult touay anyway. Now if they
weie launching with Azuie, 0penStack anu uoogle Compute Engine suppoit foi
example, that woulu be exciting - of couise it woulu also biing them stiaight into
competition with a host of venuois: Cliqi, AppZeio, Ravello, ClouuSwitch,
Clouuvelocity etc. None of whom woulu seem to be setting the woilu on fiie at this
To be honest, clouu migiation is of uebatable value as oiganizations move to a
multi-clouu woilu. While that statement sounus countei intuitive, the fact is that
enteipiises aie less woiiieu about moving applications between venuois than they
aie of simply enabling theii uevelopeis to use the platfoims that woik best foi them.
That saiu, the uisastei iecoveiy angle is one that has some valiuity foi these venuois
- but only if it is tiuly multi clouu.
Naybe ClouuEnuuie will get theie, but in the meantime, theie's little to see heie
outsiue of the hype.