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This subject is a 100% evaluated through a test (a multiplechoice exam). The minimum passinggradeis7/10. Multiplechoiceexam: TheexamistobefoundintheEvaluationsectionofthesubject,withintheExamicon. All students are expected to upload it on its official deadline (date set in the groups academic calendar), though if wished, it can be posted in advance, due to the fact that accessisactivatedthreedaysbeforetheexamduedate. The exam is made up of 11 questions, which must be solved in 12 hours. After that set period,theaccessclosesautomatically. WithintheExamicon,tostartwiththetest,youmustclickonAttemptquiznowandthen on Start attempt. It is strongly recommended that you only press this button when feeling academically prepared and ready to answer all the questions and having the necessary time allotted to solve them, all at once, and under the best possible conditions. When pressing this button, the 11 questions will be available for the student, who can start at that precise moment. The clock/counter is visible below the Quiz navigation menu, on theleftofthescreen. Once the exam has been finished, to upload it, the student must click on Finish attempt (in the Quiz navigation menu, on the left of the screen). Then, the student must ensure that all questions have been answered to finally click on Submit all and finish. If this last button is not pressed, the exam will not be sent at all (which will involve serious academic drawbackstosortoutinthefuture). Caution:asregardstheexam,itisimportanttoconsiderwhatfollows: Savethechosenanswereachtimeyoureplytoaquestion: It is important to bear in mind that a technical drawback may occur while reflecting on any answer. So, it is paramount to save the answer immediately after replying to it. To do so, therearetwowaystoproceed: i. Click on Finish attempt (in the quiz navigation menu, on the left of the screen) andthen,tocontinuewiththeexam,inthepagethatwillopen,selectthefollowing questionbyclickingonthecorrespondingnumberinthenavigationmenuorcentral table.

ii. Click on Next (by the end of the quiz), and then, to continue with the exam, in the page that will open, select the following question by clicking on the correspondingnumberinthenavigationmenuorcentraltable. Though it is not recommended to abandon the test before finishing it, if for some reason the student must stop for a while, it is very important to check if all answers solved have beenappropriatelysaved.ItispossibletocheckthisintheQuiznavigationmenu,onthe left of the screen. If the question appears with a greylike shadow, it means it has been answeredandsaved.Caution:thoughabandoningtheexam,thetimekeepsonrunning.To comebacktothequiz,oncewithintheExamicon,pressContinuethelastattempt. Resit: If the student gets a grade lower than 7/10, this subject is considered failed. In this case, during the following term, a makeup work must be uploaded in the Evaluation section of the subject. To know the precise deadline, the student must always check the academic calendarofthefollowinggroup.ThisinformationappearsintheCourseGuideicon. Ifforinstance,yourgroupis:fp_tefl_201202 fp:FormacindelProfesorado(area) tefl:TeachingEnglishasaForeignLanguage(program) 2012:yearwhenthestudentsprogrambegins 02:monthwhenthestudentsprogrambegins The information on the area and the program is always the same. The only thing that distinguishes between the groups and also identifies them is the information regarding the yearandmonthwhentheprogramsbegin. During the year, courses begin in three different moments: in February (02), in June (06) and in October (10). So the previous example 201202 refers to the group that started in February,2012.Inconsequence,thefollowinggroupsare:fp_tefl_201206/fp_tefl_201210/ fp_tefl_201302 and so on. This means that if a student that belongs to fp_tefl_201202 fails this subject, he/she must consult the academic calendar for fp_tefl_201206 in order to knowwhentodotheresit.