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PREFILTERS & MICRO FILTERS FOR COMPRESSED AIR/GAS Contaminants in the form of dust, rust, carbon, water &

oil enter the Compressed Air / Gas System through the atmosphere, Compressor, Aftercoooler, Air Receiver, piping etc. Condensate generated during cooling gets added to these contaminants and ultimately you have solid dust, rust etc.!, li"uid oil/water sludge! & vapour oil & water! in the air. All these are harmful of the system and must be removed. #i"uid sludge & solids are removed by Centrifugal $oisture Separator with %emister &ads which allow only fine oil / water li"uid aerosols & vapours to escape with the air. Removal of li"uid aerosols is more comple' & difficult and is achieved by the principle of coalescence i.e. forcing the aerosol to merge with each other. (his is done passing the air through a glass microfibre medium where li"uids are collected by the fibres, through the processes of inertial impaction, interception & diffusion. )nce collected, the micro li"uid particles adhere to the fibre surface and gradually build*up into bigger coalesced droplets which move along the fibres till they attain mass which ma+es them brea+ away from the fibres. (hey are driven to the outside of the filter by the air stream, collected at the outer foam barrier and drop out from the filter element at the bottom. (he outer foam also does not allow the droplets to re* entrain into the air stream. (wo ,ilters are generally used in series * &refilter & $icrofilter, for removal of larger & smaller aerosols, respectively. &icture shows - .os filter elements being assembled /n a $icro ,ilter. 0n modem machines & e"uipment, presence of oil / water even at very low level is harmful, particularly where the air is in direct contact with the product e.g. air/et weaving, +nitting, etc., use of air as reactant, pneumatic conveying, bag filter operation, Gas $fg. &lants, etc. Removal of oil/water is also very important for air used in instrumentation & controls, powder coating / spray painting, sand /grit blasting, high speed production machines, etc.


Air when compressed, collects dust & water from atmosphere, oil from the compressor & rust from the Receiver, Aftercooler, pipelines, etc. (his compressed air can be used only after removing these contaminants by installing separators & filters. (he heavier solid & li"uid contaminants get separated in the Aftercooler Separator and the Air Receiver. 0!1e air now contains light solids and oil &. water both li"uid & solid!. (he second stage of separation is done by passing the air through ,ilters. 2arlier, porous ceramic elements were used but these get clogged fast leading to higher pressure drop and had to be cleaned fre"uently. S&A.(2C3 has now developed a ,ilter 2lement fabricated from S.S. screenlwiremesh which gives lower pressure drop & re"uires only occasional cleaning. (hese 2lements can replace ceramic without any changes re"uired in the e'isting ,ilters

(hese separate out very fine li"uids/solids, oil mist & vapour carried forward after the $oisture Separators. %ifferent filter elements are used for re"uired service4 &orous &lastic/Ceramic Candle fine li"uids/solids removal!. 5orosilicate $icrofibre/Activated Carbon )il mist & vapour removal!. #i"uids/solids can be removed upto 6.1 micron si7e and oil content reduced upto 6.61 ppm