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1 DECEMBRIE 1918 UNIVERSITY OF ALBA IULIA History, Archaeology and Museology Department



Fourth edition

Time and Cause of Death from Prehistory to Middle Ages

Time Flies (art courtesy of janussyndicate)


21-23 September 2014 ALBA IULIA (ROMANIA)

Dear Colleagues, We are glad to inform you that the fourth edition of our International Symposium, Homines, Funera, Astra: Time and Cause of Death from Prehistory to Middle Ages, will take place at the 1 Decembrie 1918 University of Alba Iulia (Romania) from the 21st to the 23rd of September, 2014. This scientific meeting will regroup archaeologists, anthropologists, philologists and epigraphists. Suggested topics for this years edition are: the use of burial rite, grave goods, and grave architecture to date a funerary feature; 14C AMS data and Bayesian modeling; the use of grave orientation and palynological data to establish the moment of burial; time in ancient Greek and Latin literature and epigraphy (analepsis, prolepsis, time awareness, age, time of death, flow of time, multiple simultaneous presents, etc.); the use of epigraphic and other written sources to establish time and cause of death; perimortem and / or postmortem injuries; epidemics, blunt force trauma, etc. The interdisciplinary approach will provide the opportunity to exchange viewpoints experiences and results concerning the proposed thematic. The program of this event is: Sunday, 21 September: Welcoming the participants at Alba Iulia. Registration Monday, 22 September: Lectures and panel session Tuesday, 23 September: Lectures and panel session; Field trip Wednesday, 24 September: Departure of participants Papers and abstracts may be presented in English and French. The publication of the proceedings of this international symposium has already been arranged. The cost for accommodation and meals is approximately 200 Ron ( 50 Euro) for three nights. In case you decide to accept our invitation, the deadline for sending a half-page abstract together with an image (plan, photo or else) to dr. Raluca Koglniceanu ( is 30th of June 2014. Thank you. Organizing Committee: Mihai Gligor (1 Decembrie 1918 University of Alba Iulia, Romania) Raluca Koglniceanu (Giurgiu County Museum, Romania) Roxana-Gabriela Curc (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iai, Romania)
This symposium is supported by the project From Inhumation to Cremation in Romanian Neolithic and Eneolithic. New Archaeological Evidence, Burial Practices, and Osteological Approach (PNII-RU-TE-20123-0461, no. 53/30.04.2013, Principal Investigator Dr. Mihai Gligor).