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POLITICAL PARTY; PARTY-LIST ORGANIZATION 1) DEFINITION Party: means either a political party or a sectoral party or a coalition of parties Political

Party refers to an organized group of citizens advocating an ideology or platform, principles and policies for the general conduct of government and which, as the most immediate means of securing their adoption, regularly nominates and supports certain of its leaders and members as candidates for public office. It is a national party when its constituency is spread over the geographical territory of at least a majority of the regions. It is a regional party when its constituency is spread over the geographical territory of at least a majority of the cities and provinces comprising the region. S ctoral Party refers to an organized group of citizens belonging to any of the sectors enumerated in Section 5 hereof whose principal advocacy pertains to the special interest and concerns of their sector. S ctoral Or!a"i#atio" refers to a group of citizens or a coalition of groups of citizens who share similar physical attributes or characteristics, employment, interests or concerns. Coalitio" refers to an aggrupation of duly registered national, regional, sectoral parties or organizations for political and/or election purposes ! GRO$PS %&IC& CANNOT 'E REGISTERED AS POLITICAL PARTIES

Gro()* +,ic, ca""ot - r !i*t r . a* )olitical )arti * /S c0 12 R0A0 3451): ". R li!io(* . "o6i"atio"* or * ct*; . T,o* +,o * 7 to ac,i 8 t, ir !oal* t,ro(!, violence or unlawful means# $. %hose who refuse to uphold and adhere to the &onstitution# and '. %hose supported by foreign governments.
1) GRO$PS FOR CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION /RAF- S9- $CF) (Sec. ), *+ ,-'"!. ". It is a religious sect or denomination,organization or association, organized for religious purposes# . It advocates violence or unlawful means to see/ its goal# $. It is a :oreign party or organization# '. It is receiving *upport from any foreign government, foreign political party, foundation, organization, whether directly or through any of its officers or members or indirectly through third parties for partisan election purposes# 5. It 8iolates or fails to comply with laws, rules or regulations relating to elections# ). It declares (ntruthful statements in its petition# ,. It has ceased to e0ist for at least one ("! year# or

1. It :ails to participate in the last two ( ! preceding elections or fails to obtain at least two per centum ( 2! of the votes cast under the party3list system in the two ( ! preceding elections for the constituency in which it has registered 5) REGISTRATION; ;ANIFESTATION TO PARTICIPATE IN T&E PARTY-LIST A"y or!a"i# . !ro() o: ) r*o"* 6ay r !i*t r a* a )arty2 or!a"i#atio" or coalitio" :or )(r)o* * o: t, )arty-li*t *y*t 6 -y <li"! +it, t, CO;ELEC "ot lat r t,a" "i" ty /4=) .ay* - :or t, l ctio" a ) titio" 8 ri< . -y it* )r *i. "t or * cr tary *tati"! it* . *ir to )artici)at i" t, )arty-li*t *y*t 6 a* a "atio"al2 r !io"al or * ctoral )arty or or!a"i#atio" or a coalitio" o: *(c, )arti * or or!a"i#atio"* /S c0 >2 R0A0 3451). 4o votes cast in favor of political party, organization or coalition shall be valid e0cept for those registered under the party3list system (Sec. ,, +rt. I53&, "-1, &onstitution!.

6urposes. ". %o ac7uire juridical personality# . %o entitle it to rights and privileges granted to political parties# and $. %o participate in the party3list system.
>) REF$SAL AND OR CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION Co"*tit(tio"al Pro8i*io": %he party3list representatives shall constitute twenty per centum of the total number of representatives including those under the party list (Sec. 5 ( !, +rt. 8I!. T, Party Li*t Sy*t 6 9 It is a mechanism of proportional representation in the election of representatives to the :ouse of *epresentatives, from national, regional and sectoral parties, organizations and coalitions thereof registered with the &;<=>=&. %he 6arty3list system was devised to replace the reserve seat system 9 the very essence of the party 9 list system is representation by election (8eterans ?ederation 6arty v. &;<=>=&!. No6i"atio" o: Party-Li*t R )r * "tati8 *: =ach registered party, organization or coalition shall submit to the &;<=>=& not later than forty3five ('5! days before the election a list of names, not less than five (5!, from which party3list representatives shall be chosen in case it obtains the re7uired number of votes. @ + person may be nominated in one ("! list only @ ;nly persons who have given their consent in writing may be named in the list. @ %he list shall not include any candidate for any elective office or a person who has lost his bid for an elective office in the immediately preceding election. @ 4o change of names or alteration of the order of nominees shall be allowed after the same shall have been submitted to the &;<=>=& e0cept. ". 4ominee dies or

. Aithdraws in writing his nomination, $. Becomes incapacitated in which case the name of the substitute nominee shall be placed last in the list. I"c(6- "t * ctoral r )r * "tati8 * i" t, &o(* o: R )r * "tati8 * +,o ar "o6i"at . i" t, )arty-li*t *y*t 6 *,all "ot - co"*i. r . r *i!" . /S ctio" ?2 R0A0 3@51)0 3) A$ALIFICATION A(ali<catio"* o: Party-Li*t R )r * "tati8 *: ". 4atural3born citizen of the 6hilippines# . + registered voter# $. + resident of the 6hilippines for a period of not less than one ("! year immediately preceding the day of the election# '. +ble to read and write# 5. + bona fide member of the party or organization which he see/s to represent for at least ninety (-C! days preceding the day of the election# and ). +t least twenty3five ( 5! years of age on the day of the election# In case of a nominee of the youth sector, he must at least be twenty3five ( 5! but not more than thirty ($C! years of age on the day of the election. +ny youth sectoral representative who attains the age of thirty ($C! during his term shall be allowed to continue in office until the e0piration of his term (Section -, *.+. ,-"'!. ?) ;ANNER OF 9OTING; N$;'ER; RAFFLE ;a"" r o: 9oti"!: =very voter shall be entitled to two ( ! votes. ". ?or candidate for member of the :ouse of *epresentatives in his legislative district# and . ?or the party, organizations, or coalition he wants represented in the house of *epresentatives. 6rovided, %hat a vote cast for a party, sectoral organization, or coalition not entitled to be voted for shall not be counted. 6rovided, finally, %hat the first election under the party3list system shall be held in <ay "--1 (Section "C, *.+. ,-'"!.

DD;%:=* EFIG=>I4=S T, Fo(r Para6 t r* i" t, P,ili))i" -Styl Party-Li*t El ctio" (B+4+% v. &;<=>=&!.
". B=C allocatio": %wenty percent of the total number of the membership of the :ouse of *epresentatives is the ma0imum number of seats available to party3list organizations, such that there is automatically one party3list seat for every four e0isting legislative districts. . A !(ara"t . * at :or a )arty-li*t or!a"i#atio" !ar" ri"! BC o: t, total 8ot * ca*t: %he guaranteed seats shall be distributed in a first round of seat allocation to parties

receiving at least two percent of the total party3list votes. $. Pro)ortio"al r )r * "tatio": %he additional seats, that is, the remaining seats after allocation of the guaranteed seats, shall be distributed to the party3list organizations including those that received less than two percent of the total votes. '. T, t,r -* at ca). =ach 7ualified party, regardless of the number of votes it actually obtained, is entitled only to a ma0imum of $ seats. @ %he formula in the allocation of party3list seat pronounced in 8eterans ?ederation 6arty v. &;<=>=& (E* 4o. "$),1", ;ctober ), CCC! has thus been modified. @ %he continued operation of the two percent threshold as it applies to the allocation of the additional seats is now unconstitutional because this threshold mathematically and physically prevents the filling up of the available party3list seats. %he additional seats shall be distributed to the parties in a second round of seat allocation (Barangay +ssociation for 4ational +dvancement and %ransparency (B+4+%! v. &;<=>=&, E.*. 4o. ",- ,", +pril ", CC-!. @ %he three seat cap is not a violation of the &onstitution because the "-1, &onstitution does not re7uire absolute proportionality for the party3 list system. T, G(i. li" * :or . t r6i"i"! +, t, r Party-Li*t Gro()* ,a8 co6)li . +it, t, r D(ir 6 "t* o: La+ (+ng Bagong Bayani3;?A >abor 6arty v. &;<=>=&!. ". %he political party, sector, organization or coalition must represent the marginalized and the underrepresented groups identified in Sec. 5 of *+ ,-'". <ajority of its membership should belong to the marginalized and underrepresented# . Ahile even major political parties are e0pressly allowed by *+ ,-'" and the &onstitution, they must comply with the declared statutory policy of H?ilipino citizens belonging to marginalized and underrepresented sectors to be elected to the :ouse of *epresentativesI. %hus, they must show that they represent the interest of the marginalized and underrepresented# $. *eligious sector may not be represented in the party3list system# e0cept that priests, imams or pastors may be elected should they represent not their religious sect but the indigenous community sector# '. + party or an organization must not be dis7ualified under Sec. ), *+ ,-'"# 5. %he party or organization must not be an adjunct of, or a project organized or an entity funded or assisted by, the government# ). %he party, including its nominees must comply with the 7ualification re7uirements of Section -, *.+. ,-'"# ,. 4ot only the candidate party or organization must represent the marginalized

and underrepresented sectors, so also must its nominees# 1. Ahile lac/ing a well3defined political constituency, the nominee must li/ewise be able to contribute to the formation and enactment of appropriate legislation that will benefit the nation as a whole.