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HIRING : TECH SAVVY FACILITATORS WHEN: ( ) based at NPL Pavilion Teddington, SW



( based at NPL Pavilion Teddington, SW London

School holiday time 7-11 April WHERE: SURF AND TURF CAMP

Young people create their own video games, mobile apps and robots during a week long combined digital making and sports activity combo camp. They stretch both mind and body, building team and presentation skills. We get young people excited about the world of technology, and inspire them to create for themselves.

Essential Skills

Proficiency in HTML, CSS ( great if also JavaScript).

Excellent communication skills, with an ability to explain things clearly and simply.

A positive role model - passionate about teaching the next generation and learning more yourself.

A team player who enjoys working closely with a small group of leaders, gives and takes feedback.

Previous tutoring experience is not essential - ENJOYING BEING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE IS!

Programmes/tools the children may use and you’ll have chance to familiarise yourself with:

Hardware - Lego Mindstorms, makey makey or Arduino or raspberry pi, conductive dough, KANO

Html, Css, JSBIN

Mozilla webmaker tools - Popcorn, Thimble, Goggles

Scratch ( for games and animation

Gamesalad (

Kodu (

What's in it for you?

Paid work experience, to fit around your life and or studies

A hourly rate of the living wage (c£8)

Enjoy an incredible week with other fun and inspirational leaders motivated to make a difference in the lives of young students.

Gain strong leadership and teaching experience by helping to run an innovative camp.

Networking - a chance to work and learn and meet other local volunteers (e.g. experienced teachers, corporate volunteers or guest speakers, Duke of Edinburgh Award students, Stemnet ambassadors from science or industry)

What's Involved? 5 Full days; at camp from 8.00-5/6pm with about 20 young people (8-13 years)

Access training materials from code club, Freeformers, apps for good, CoderDojo, Mozilla

Learn best practices in how to teach digital making to small and large groups.

Develop strong presentation skills.

Build your leadership credentials.

Creating and shaping the experience for the pilots and for future campers by sharing your ideas.


better - a link to something you have created in one of the programmes above. We will hold informal interviews by phone and then face to face (casual dress) over the next couple of weeks., with a brief CV, some links to your work, even