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Scheme of Work, Lesson Plan, Material Designing In designing the scheme of work, I encountered so many type of format. According to

Mr. Baratithasan, there are no fix formats for scheme of work. So, I decided to create one of my own formats to complete Task 1 for this assignment. It is quite confusing to plan a scheme of work even though just for one week. I cant just mix up everything and expect to achieve the learning standard during the lesson. I must take concern of the time available for me to teach in the classroom. I would say that the sequencing and grading part is the hardest of all since I have no experience in creating this scheme of work. I need to consider the level of difficulty of items and which learning standard to use. Generally speaking, it is not easy to create a scheme of work unless you have a vivid picture of how to create it. For the lesson plan, I have made decision to create a writing based lesson plan. The focus is on writing skill while the integrated skills are listening and speaking. I choose writing based lesson plan based on my experienced. The ideas just came up from my mind of making the wishing tree for the students. It is actually quite a good idea to make such a thing because it is different from others and from what we did before. Thinking out of box does help me a lot in creating this lesson plan. I did receive some help from peers regarding the activities that I can implement. They gave me a lot of brilliant ideas which I decided to pick some at random to be implemented in my lesson plan. The method that I used in my lesson plan is Audio-lingual method. The audio-lingual method is used as a tool to help create a sense of fluency for some students. I implemented this during the production stage when students need to come in front and talk about their messages for the wishing tree. Direct method is more to controlled drills which may encourage shy students to speak. I will give chance to students who are really not participating in the classroom to talk in front. Even though, it seems harsh for the weak students but it will develops their pronunciation and grammar throughout the class. Moreover, after they have done talking in front, I will praise and reward them in which will make them feel appreciated of what they have done. Students are going to be actively participating in an activity if teachers are able to make students feel like they are not alone in the classroom even though they are weak in certain skills. As for the theory, my lesson plan is based on Constructivism by John Dewey. Constructivism, as perspective in education, is based on experiential learning through real life experience to construct and conditionalize knowledge. In the production stage of my lesson plan, I let students to construct their own sentences and phrases after I guide them by showing the samples of messages to be put on the wishing tree. Students are able to construct their own phrases in which challenge them to relate them with their schemata.

Moreover, by using this theory, my students will be able to integrate the new knowledge with existing knowledge and this will create a type of learner which is innovative and creative. Constructivism encourages discovery learning where students need to work and create something by themselves. I have three lesson objectives which I implemented in the lesson plan. Two of them are for the writing task and another one is for listening and speaking task. It is obvious that my focus skill is writing, so I going to need at least two lesson objectives but if I have more than two, it will makes my lesson go chaotic as there will be more language focus in one single teaching and learning session. The first objective is for students to write a message in a manila card provided by me to be put on the wishing tree. I think that this objective is measureable and achievable since I will only ask them to write a simple message which suits year-4 students proficiency level. The second objective is simple as I only ask them to write 3-5 simple sentences in the form of mind map. This is during the presentation stage because to develop their creativity in creating a mind map which will be handful for them later on. The last objective is about the integrated skill which is to let students fill in the blanks the worksheets given by me while listening to the Earth Song. This activity will be quite interesting because students need to be alert and attentive during the activity. They wont be able to answer it if they are interacting and communicating during the vi deo showing. In conclusion, by the end of this assignment, I manage to learn how to create my own format for scheme of work. I actually learned a lot to improvise my lesson plan time by time. It is true that making a teacher is not easy as being said but I will strive for the sake of family and future generations. Moulding students is a part of an excellent teacher.