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Writing Assigment Make a comparison text about the advantages of study individually and study in a group for about

300 words! Study has became part of our entire life and always accompany our steps on gaining maturity and success of life. Study can be committed in formal and informal ways. Study in formal ways can be explained as activity of study which is conducted by formal institution such as what we have got on our elementary school, on our high school or even on our university course. Then study in informal way, other way of study , is part of study which is more emphasize on the development of emotional and spiritual side instead of intellectual side, although it doesnt close the probability that intelligence might be developed as the emotional and spiritual are build up. As a student, study has become common thing which is used to do on every single day. People have their own way to study. Some say that study individually is more favorable and the other say that study in a group gives more benefit. Whatever people say, each of them has their own advantages. As we know, there are at least 3 different types of people consider on their tendencies of receiving and processing message. Some people feel comfort to study using visualization (visual), then the other tend to use their listening ability (audio) or their high sense of art. It will be better if they are pointed to do individual learning according their own way of study rather than study in a group. But, dont you think that a group of people with same way of study will be great also to do study group? They can share information one and each other about problem on any subject, how to study in a good way, etc. Of course, it is done according to their own way of study. Besides, they can sharpen their ability on arguing through group discussion and also enrich their knowledge by trying new positive things from others. However, study individually it selves also has many advantages to be consider. It is more concentrate less talk ; safe more time directly to the point or material that we dont understand and also it can be done anytime the willingness for study is come. Besides that, by study individually, we are indirectly doing two activities in once. The first one is study for materials that we study for and the second one is study to understand and be able to seek what our own problem is and what we can do to solve them. So, both individual and in a group study has their own benefits to be consider. It is all up to us to choose the way of study which most suitable for us. Dont get wrong!

Name : Thaniya Triagustine Kalimantoro NRP Class : 3312100083 : English 11

Lecture : Umi Tristyanti