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SONIC FURY CCRIDER THE BIG CHEESE METHOD MAN ORGASMIC ANOMALY TODAY'S TOPIC: THE GREATEST SCAM OF ALL TIME Well, here it is. My in depth look at the greatest scam of all time. We have a ll been victimized, and there's not much we can do to stop it. If you watch TV, you're a victim. I f you have sex, you're a victim. If you vote you're a victim. If you read magazines and books you're a victim. Basically anyone who lives in the United States is a victim. This scam involves the government, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the health care professionals of this nation. And the tool of destruction is the AIDS virus. Yes, despite what you have heard, the government created the AIDS virus, and des pite what they say, there are precautions you can take. 1. Stay away from high risk groups. This includes gay men, IV drug users, hispa nics and anyone from the african continent. This also includes people who have been with the af forementioned groups 2. Don't even bother using rubbers. They are just a ploy from the pharmaceutica l companies to increase sales. Seems to have worked, eh? 3. Don't do IV drugs. You can do all the coke, pot, acid, speep, uppers, downer s you want, just stay away from heroin. Lated I will examine each of these in detail. But first some history. AIDS was created by the government. Period. It was first discussed by Congress in the early 1970's. Henry Kissinger wrote a top secret document, National Security Memorand um 200, in which he indicated that depopulation of the third world should be a priority to our government. While I will not go into the morality of this idea, since there are good and bad points to discuss, I will continue. The next piece of evidence is a record of a Senate appropriations commitee in Ju ly 1969, in whice ten million dollars were shelled out for the development of a "synthetic b iological agent

that would impair or destroy the human immune system." A genius idea for the ul timate chemical weapon. Which I cannot bring myself to condemn either, since warfare i s a part of human nature. Next is the actual deployment of the HIV virus, not yet named. T his occured in 1972, when the World Health Organization went into Central Africa to administer smallpox vaccine. Again, I really don't care about that either, since it doesn't affect me. I'll just bring the facts to light, since the media won't. The next incident is the deployment of HIV virus to homosexuals recieving Hepati tus B vaccinations in New York and San Francisco in 1978. Soon thereafter every singl e one died of a mysterious disease. Oh well, just afew dead fags, right? Well, after that the AIDS epidemic is history. The only thing is, the media isn 't going to tell you the truth, and the government sure as hell isn't. That's what Money Inc is here for, to enlighten the lame, educate the stupid. Thank me later, when you are having great unprote cted sex without fear of dying! Next we will examine the risk to normal people. This is the point of concern to me. Since the media controls the world and the government controls the media, the govenment co ntrols the world. By the way, when we talk of the government we are not talking about Clin ton and the inept losers in Washington, we are talking about the secret govenment that reall y controls the world. There is no real center of this government, but let's just say that thei r hearts are in Isreal. If you know what I mean. Anyways, as far as risk is concerned, if you belong to one of the high risk groups, you might as well make out your will now. The virus was made to de stroy the people in these groups. As for the rest of us straight, white, American people who don't associate with the high risk people, the risk is so small that to explain it wou ld put you to sleep. Let's just say you have a better chance of winning the lottery and getting struc k by lightning on the way to pick up the money and then your corpse getting struck by a meteroite. There are a few extremists out there who would have you believe that this virus will kill us all and we should stop having sex and live in a cave. There are also people who bel ieve it's just a hoax altogether. Then there's me. What we all agree on is that condoms do not work. The virus is so small that is would pass right through the latex. Like shooting a golf ba ll through a basketball hoop. If you use a condom, use it to prevent pregnancy, not in fear of death. Well, this concludes our first lesson in the greatest scam of all time. Soon I

will release more information pertinent to the investigation, but until then just keep this in min d. And remember, don't fear this scam. Stand up to it and spread the word, soon we will overcome this conspiracy and bring the truth into light. Copywrong 1995 Money Inc Holdings Ltd All rights convicted of bestiality in a court of law. This material is the sole opinion of the author and the members of Money Inc. A ny offense taken to this material is too fucking bad and you can go suck dick.