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Windows Installation 1. Unzip *everything* inside the downloaded .7z archive (normally "HIP - <RELEASE DATE>.

7z") directly into your mod folder. 2. If on Mac OS X, proceed to the Mac OS X Installation below. If on Windows, continue. 3. Run HIP.exe, which was unzipped into your mod folder. 4. Answer the questions the command line asks. Default is "yes" for every question. 5. Enable HIP through the launcher and start the game. 6. *Optionally* delete python27.dll,, HIP.exe,, the original .7z archive, and even this file. You will probably want to keep at least the original .7z archive, though. ===================== Mac OS X Installation 1. Unzip *everything* inside the downloaded .7z archive (normally "HIP - <RELEASE DATE>.7z") directly into your mod folder. 2. Find the application Terminal that comes with your Mac. It is impossible to uninstall and bundled with every Mac. If it's not on your Launcher already, then search Finder under Applications for Terminal. It should be in a subfolder in Applications with other system utilities. Run Terminal. 3. Copy and then paste the following line of text, precisely, into the Terminal window: python "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/" 4. If you didn't paste the line-ending as well and the text is just sitting there, it's waiting for you to press ENTER. Hit ENTER. 5. You should now be running the automatic installer, and your experience should be identical to that of Windows, except Terminal is a lot more user-friendly than the Windows console. 6. Answer the questions prompted on the command line. Default is "yes" for every question. 7. Run CKII. Enable HIP through the launcher, make sure any incompatible mods (such as old versions of HIP mods) are deselected, and enjoy the game! Troubleshooting: If you experience any problems running the installer through Terminal, execute the following commands on the command prompt, and then copy/paste their output into your bug report / question on the forums: First, from a freshly-started Terminal, try running (copy/paste to make sure you don't make any syntax mistakes): python "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/" -V If that works, copy all the output from that command (scroll up if you have to do so) into your forum post. That tells us everything we need to know about your system, python version, HIP installer version, etc.

If that doesn't work, the file "" that you were supposed to extract into your mod folder probably isn't where we expect it to be for some reason. Indicate in your post if you have a non-standard mod folder location, as that would break these instructions. Check for a "" wherever you DID extract the 7zip archive. Was that in the right place? Finally, what output *does* Terminal give you instead of running the installer? If the installer ran but could not complete or did something obviously broken mid-way through, try running it this way and repeating the steps that made it crash/error: python "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/" -D This should generate a file called HIP_debug.log in your mod folder which you can attach on the forums or send in an email to: ===================== NOTE: If you're using Linux, simply adapt the Mac OS X instructions. You know how to open a terminal. The rest is the same, except for the location of your mod folder.