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STEP 1: Enrolment/Registration.

STEP 2: Login STEP 3: Profile Filling/Save/Edit STEP 4: Photo and Signature uploading STEP 5: Payment (Challan payment/Netbanking) STEP 6: Download and Print PDFs STEP 7: Mailing STEP 1: Enrolment/Registration

Procedure for Filling Application Form Online

Each candidate must enrol their name, email and mobile number by clicking New User Register Here, which is encircled in the screen shot below. Candidate has to give a password that will be required for all other operations.

You will be directed to the following screen after clicking the link New User Register Here

NOTE: Please note that Name of the Candidate, Email Address and Mobile Number (10 digits) cannot be changed in the later stage, hence you must verify and confirm the details given above before you click button. After you click button, you will see the following screen. Accordingly, you will receive an Enrolment ID by email and SMS.

Check your email and SMS for Enrolment ID and then click visit the GATE 2014 website and login.

to proceed for login. Alternately, you can

STEP 2: Login

Give Enrolment ID, password that was used during registration and click to get Candidate Application Form Page, shown below. Candidate has to fill all the fields as per their requirement. Please keep necessary details while filling the form.

STEP 3: Profile Filling

GATE 2014 Exam Details :

(1) Select GATE Paper from the drop down list. Please note that the GATE Paper cannot be changed under any circumstances after final submission of the application form. (2) Select Choice of Examination City 1, City 2 and City 3.

Applicants Personal Details :

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Select your date of birth from Day, Month and Year drop down lists. Select Gender. Give your Parent/Guardian name and mobile number. Select Nationality, Category, Status of Person with Disability(PwD). If you select status of Person with Disability (PwD) as Yes, then you have to select another option for Scribe requirement (screen shot given below). Scribe means, the facility of assistance required during the examination for the PwD candidates. If you require assistance during the examination due to your PwD status, then choose Yes option otherwise you may choose No option from Do you require scribe assistance to write the exam?. If you choose Yes, you will be provided with a person who can be a Scribe for you. You will receive a necessary communication to fix a Scribe from the respective Zonal GATE offices.

Communication Details :

Give correct address of communication and verify the same before submitting the form, because your GATE 2014 Score Card will be sent to this address. Select ID Proof and give the reference number of the ID Proof in ID Proof Number. Note that you have to produce the same ID Card in original during examination for verification.

Qualifying Degree Details:

Select your Qualifying Degree, discipline, status on whether graduated or not in the qualifying degree, year of qualifying degree. Enter your College/University Name, address and PIN Code and save the details. Once you save these details, you may edit at a later stage as long as you have not submitted the complete application. However, this is within the deadline of application closure.

STEP 4: Photo and Signature uploading

Upload Photograph:

Before you upload your photo you have to check the following specification of the image file. (1) The photograph must be in color. (2) Photograph must be taken in a White or a very light background. (3) The photograph must have been taken after 1st July 2013. (4) In the photograph, the height of the face (between chin and the top of the forehead) should occupy about 50% of the height of the photograph. (5) The main features of the face must not be covered by hair of the head, any cloth or any shadow. The photograph must show full frontal view with both ears being visible and eyes open. (6) If you normally wear spectacles, glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses or by removing the glasses for the photo shoot. (7) You must not wear spectacles with dark or tinted glasses, only clear glasses are permitted. (8) Ask your photo studio to provide the image in a JPEG/JPG format and also on a standard 3.5 cm (width) 4.5 cm (height) print (350 x 450 pixels). (9) Have pixel width in the range 240 to 600 and ensure that the width to height aspect ratio is in the range 0.63 to 0.86. (10) File size should be between 5KB and 100KB (memory size). (11) For your own benefit it may be prudent not to intentionally change your facial features or hair style as in the photograph until the day of the exam. How to check the photo specifications in paint (windows) Right click photo image -> select Open with -> select Paint

You will see the screen, example as below

Checking Resolution, horizontal and vertical size Click Properties option as shown in the screen shot below, to check resolution, horizontal and vertical size of your image.

Resolution, this should be > 200dpi

Width should be 350 Height should be 450

Select Pixels

If properties of the image file are as shown above, i.e., resolution =200dpi, width=350 pixel, height=450 pixel, then you can upload the image file, otherwise, you can resize the image. The procedure for resizing the image is given below. However, you have to set the required resolution during photo processing. CHECK THE HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL PIXEL SIZE (1) Click you find the screen shown as

Click on pixel in height. Cropping of image

and check Horizontal and Vertical pixel size and crop the image to 350 pixel in width and 450

1 2 (a) Click on Select, see (3). (b) Click and hold mouse button at top left corner (2) as shown in the figure. (c) Drag the mouse up to bottom right point (3) as shown in the figure and leave. 3 You will find the area marked in dotted line (see the next screen shot).

Note area to be cropped in blue dotted box

Click on Crop to crop the image to the box

Uploading Signature:

Before uploading your signature, you have to check the following specification of the image file. 1. Please draw a rectangular box of size 7cm (width) 2cm (height) on an A4 white paper. Put your signature with black or dark blue ink pen within this box. 2. Scan the signature in JPEG/JPG format using a scanner at 200 pixels per inch (dpi), and crop the image to the box. Procedure of cropping the signature A. Open the scanned signature with paint (see the screen shot below). 1 4

(a) Click on Select, see (3). 2 (b) Click and hold mouse button at top left corner (2) as shown in the figure. 3 (c) Drag the mouse up to bottom right point (3) as shown in the figure and leave. You will find the area marked in dotted line. (d) Click on Crop, see (4)


The cropped image will look like

3. Save the image. 4. Ensure that the file size is between 5KB and 100KB. 5. Have pixel width in the range 300 to 600 and ensure that the width to height aspect ratio is in the range 3.15 to 3.97. 6. Note that only JPEG/JPG image formats will be accepted and photographs of the signatures taken using mobile phone or digital cameras are not acceptable, and can result in disqualification of the application without any refund of the fee. Check the preview of the images after uploading and if you are not satisfied with the preview quality, you can upload new image files again (screen shot is given below).

After uploading the image files proceed for payment by clicking button. Please note that once you submit the application at this stage, there is no facility to edit any of the details. You will be proceeded to choosing payment option.

STEP 5: Payment
You will get the following screen shot for payment. You have to choose one of the following Payment Modes (1) Offline Mode of payment (challan mode), which is available either from State Bank of India or Syndicate Bank. Click (2) For online mode of payment click you have to click to process further. for offline mode . If you choose this, you will be seeing a button Pay , which

If you select , you will find option to select either State Bank of India or Syndicate Bank (screen shot is shown below). Select one of the bank and press button.

For Offline payment, the following Screen shot will appear if you Proceed Next for PDF Download

STEP 6: Download and Print PDFs

(1) Download Challan in pdf format by pressing Sample Challans are shown below: SBI Challan:


Syndicate Bank Challan:

The candidate has to put their signature in white space provided above the Candidates Signature and proceed to any branch of SBI bank, if the challan is SBI or proceed to any Syndicate branch, if the challan is Syndicate for payment. Note that it may take some time for the data processing so that your information to reach the respective Banks. In order to take care of this, it is advised to visit the Bank 48 hrs after generating the challan and submitting the application form. After payment is made, bank official will put their signature and seal on the GATE COPY and CANDIDATE COPY and return you back these two copies. You have to send signed and sealed GATE COPY along with printed Application Form to Zonal GATE Office (address printed on Address Slip) and retain CANDIDATE COPY with you for future reference. Sample GATE COPY that candidate has to send is shown below.

(2) Download application in pdf format by pressing The pdf of Application form will contain two pages


Page-1: Address Slip and Instructions (cut the address slip along the dotted line and paste on A4 size envelope; retain the Instructions with you) Page-2: Application Form. Sample Address Slip and Instruction sheet is as below

Sample Application is shown below

Paste here same photo which you have uploaded during application process

Put your full signature here (NOT IN CAPITAL) Get it signed by Principal of your college Get seal of your college Date of getting it signed (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Paste your photo in the space provided on the application form Put your full signature in the box at the bottom provided for signature. Take the Application Form to your College Principal and get it signed by him. Keep a photo copy of the Application Form for your future reference. Put the original Application Form in A4 Size envelope. Cut the Address Slip (printed in page-1) and paste it on the envelope and send it to the Zonal GATE Office.

Note: If you find the following blank space with a message as given below, in place of Certificate from Principal, then you may ignore (3) in the above. Because, you have declared yourself as a candidate who has completed the degree already. In this case, you have to attach necessary degree certificate/marks sheets.