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Student instructions You can find two caselets on International Business Environment for MID examination You are

required to follow the guidelines given below to answer the case 1. Identify the facts of the case and write in a sequential order . Identify the !roblem of the case and write clearly ". #rite the analysis of the case $. #rite the answer to the question%s& given at the end of the case '. (onclusion of the case )he !oints 1* CASE STUDY - I In +ctober ,,$* )itan Industries -td. %)I-&* a leading manufacturer and mar.eter of watches* /ewelry* eye wear* and other lifestyle !roducts* a!!ointed 0amir 1han %0amir& as the brand ambassador for its )itan range of watches. Bi/ou 1urien %1urien&* (hief +!erating +fficer %#atches&* )I-* said* 2)here is a !erfect fit between 0amir and )itan 33 their stature* timelessness* and the love and trust they both share with the !eo!le* both nationally and internationally* this an ideal !artnershi!. Moreover* 0amir has a universal a!!eal that extends to everyone* across age grou!s* /ust as our watches do.4 #ith the celebrity endorsement* )I- ho!ed to !romote the latest trends in the industry. )he idea was to ma.e watches that would be seen as style and fashion accessories rather than /ust utilitarian devices. )he com!any decided to use 0amir in brand and !roduct communication on television and in the !rint and outdoor media. )hough the vast distribution and service networ. of )I- had served as an effective entry barrier in the 155,s* foreign brands were becoming increasingly !o!ular in the early ,,,s* than.s to the !aradigm shifts in the retail scenario and the growing affluence of the Indian consumers. 0nd )I- found that it was not safe even at the bottom of the !yramid. )he grey with chea! (hinese im!orts and the unorgani6ed sector had cornered a si6able chun. of the low3 end )he a!!ointment of 0amir 1han as brand ambassador for the )itan brand was seen as an attem!t to broad base the a!!eal of the )itan brand. 7uestions 1. #atches that would be seen as style and fashion accessories rather than /ust utilitarian devices3 write your comments and $ are must and the !oints " and ' are o!tional

CASE STUDY - II )M0 a world class software solution came into the with a slogan 2#orld class 8olutions for #orld3class +rgani6ations4. 9or more than twenty years* )M0 8ystems has created the most technologically advanced Maintenance Management 8oftware available. )hese advanced !roducts* along with world3class training* su!erior !rofessional services* and outstanding technical su!!ort are .ey reasons )M0 is the !referred solution !rovider for facility !rofessionals throughout the world. )M0 !rides itself on having the industry and technical ex!ertise to create solutions that transform organi6ations. )M0 creates leading edge* state3of3the art solutions by combining significant business ex!ertise* !owerful research ca!abilities* and innovative ways of Most im!ortantly* )M0 creates these solutions based on the needs* demands* and suggestions of more than 1*",, clients who maintain more than ":*,,, facilities* re!resenting .' billion square feet of s!ace. )hese are world3class organi6ations that have maintenance o!erations /ust li.e yours. Most im!ortantly* )M0 will always be committed to your success. 1& Describe the role of mar.eting in )M0* what are the !lans can you suggest in im!roving the mar.eting of )M0.