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klepsch group - the plastic power network


EDITION 07/2012


Division 1 is engaged in the development and marketing of high value plastic sheet materials for internal and external applications in the automotive, commercial vehicle, truck, bus, railway and general vacuum forming industries. senosan sheets are distinguishable by their unique colour range and surface quality. The use of these vacuum formable, pigmented plastics has become established worldwide and in many cases replaces the very labour and cost intensive painting process.

In particular, senosan products offer highest UV stability, very good impact strength, high temperature resistance and recyclability together with problem-free processing by thermo-forming.

for Electric Vehicles

E-Mobility has a high influence on vehicle technology. The new concepts demand lighter materials and different processes. A space frame construction combined with thermoformed plastic body parts provides a weight-reduction which goes together with a lower initial tooling investment. Senoplast develops and supplies senosan sheet material for motorway certified (M1) electric cars which meet existing safety and comfort requirements. Key advantages of senosan sheets are: l high-quality paintfree surface (no investment in paint line) l low investment for thermoforming tools For these and much more reasons senosan is the ideal material for electric and niche vehicles in small series.

Niche vehicles with senosan

for the vehicle and general vacuum forming industries

The commercial vehicle industry is faced with the pressure to produce exterior and interior panels, which meet the highest demands in regards to design. At the same time such parts must offer much more functionality. Here finished modules are demanded that can easily be attached to the vehicle, or panels that can function as structural parts as well. In addition, the market is demanding more individuality and variety at constant or even reduced production volumes. Therefore, technologies are called for that offer lower tooling costs. Driven by growing environmental regulations, painting is becoming increasingly expensive. As a reaction, OEMs are searching for technologies that offer pre-coloured surfaces that do not require painting. All these performance and cost-reduction requirements are met by commercial vehicle panels made of senosan sheets. In addition, senosan sheets may be reinforced with various materials and processes, in order to produce structural panels.

Well known, globally active manufacturers of trucks, tractors, construction equipment and busses today use senosan sheets for the production of exterior and interior vehicle panels.

For the general vacuum forming industry a comprehensive product range in the most varied of materials, surfaces and colours is available. The application areas go from designer parts, covers, sport and fun items, lawn mower covers right through to various containers for use in the food industry. Above all, high flexibiliy in combination with excellent customer service and short reaction times are important factors for success in this business sector.

products for external use

AM50 SOLAR EG composites

Coextruded ABS/PMMA multi-layer sheets have proved themselves for many years in external use and excel due to their high gloss surface (Class A) and very good UV resistance, also available with a matt surface.

Both solid colours and metallic effect colours can be matched to customer requirements.

AS50/55U EG machine smooth embossed

Coextruded ABS/ASA multi-layer sheets with machine smooth or embossed surface.

AS composites offer good UV stability and high chemical resistance. Standard colours, special colours on request.

CM60 SOLAR EG high glossy matt with embossing

Coextruded ABS-PC/PMMA multi-layer sheet. By using polycarbonate blend in the base layer, the result is increased heat deformation

resistance and clearly higher impact strength compared with the AM50 composites.


Senoplast offers wide-ranging know-how on the subject of colours and can colour match to customer requirements. All new colours for external use undergo a comprehensive 3 step test procedure regarding UV stability. A special accelerated test for pigmented initial injection moulded samples and Xenon weathering of vacuum formed sheet samples can be carried out in house. On customer request vacuum formed coloursamples can be submitted to the Florida external weathering test.

senosan sheets for micro and intermediate cars used for the Ligier product range

Adhesion, assembling and reinforcing

Senoplast has a broad know-how regarding thermoforming and trimming technologies. Support with further process steps such as adhesive bonding, fixing and reinforcement techniques is offered by Senco R&D upon customer request. A special application engineer is responsible for each business field and customer services can also be provided on-site.

products for interior use

A50EG SOFTFEEL embossed

Softfeel is a coextrusion of high impact ABS with a top layer of matt TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). The matt surface offers high

abrasion and scratch resistance. A choice of embossing patterns give a leather-like touch. Standard colours.

AA50 EG composites glossy matt and supermatt embossed

These ABS multi-layer sheets have very good mechanical properties such as impact strength and rigidity. The surface can be glossy, matt or

supermatt and the material is offered in various embossing patterns. Additional UV stabilising is possible.

C60EG composites also flame retardant

For structural parts with high demands in terms of impact strength and temperature, PC (polycarbonate) blends are available. Require

ments regarding burning behaviour and flame resistance vary according to application and suitability should be checked in advance of use.

Softfeel interior application, customer Ligier

easyglide - EG
Some senosan products are finished with a co-extruded easyglide layer on the reverse of the sheet. This enables better vacuum forming and optimises thickness distribution in the formed part. The constant material quality on the reverse of the sheet guarantees consistent bonding and re-inforcing results.

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Senco (Europe) is like its sister company Senoplast a member of the Klepsch group. While Senoplast continues to focus on its core markets for co-extruded products, Senco (Europe) produces and markets co-extruded Films for the automotive industry. Declared goal of Senco (Europe) CEO Wilhelm Klepsch is the complete orientation of all company activities towards the needs and high quality requirements of the automotive industry. This goal is achieved with a dedicated team and an ambitious investment effort. In autumn 2006 a new production site under cleanroom conditions was opened. Today this site manufactures all senotop Films for exterior and interior applications. Senco (Europe) co-operates closely with Senco R&D, the research and development company within the group. This ensures a continuous product development with a focus on automotive requirements as well as a know-how transfer regarding processing technologies from thermoforming to reinforcing and trimming.
In 2011 Senco (Europe) has implemented a quality management system and applies it effectively. Auditing took place in agreement with the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2009.

Paintbase and decor Films

senotop paintbase and decor films are paintable or printable. A multi-layer construction guarantees high heat resistance and top surface quality.

Series application: l Roof system Mercedes class R and class M l VW Passat, Polo, Scirocco and Seat Ibiza

Coloured Films for interior applications

senotop Coex-Films for interior applications are thermoformed, trimmed and back-injected. Silk-screen printing before thermoforming is an additional production step that allows special decors of the Film. Interior surfaces with senotop show deep high-gloss colour effects. The Film technology offers cost reductions compared to painting processes since scrap rates are significantly reduced and different colour effects and decors can be manufactured with the same tooling. The co-extruded film consists of PMMA clear and colour layers, a carrier layer of ABS or PC blend and a bottom layer that ensures adhesion to the reinforcement material. Series applications: l Interior trim and door parts in Piano Black, Fluid Silver and other effect colours for BMW MINI

Cockpit components in high gloss black

senotop films in different effect colours

Coloured Films for exterior applications

senotop Coex-Films are thermoformed and reinforced by back-injection or backfoaming processes to produce exterior automotive body parts with a class A surface and high stiffness. Compared to painting senotop offers a class A surface quality at significantly reduced production costs. All colours and metallic effects are possible. The carrier layer of the Film contains PC to provide high heat and impact resistance. PMMA clear and colour layers account for UV-stability, a deep high-gloss colour appearance as well as good scratch and chemical resistance. Series application: l MAN front panel

component manufacturer Parat/Neureichenau

Because of numerous product innovations Senoplast could establish itself as an innovative high-quality supplier in the automotive branche. Senoplast does not only see itself as a supplier of semifinished products but also as an integrated system partner.

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