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We would like to first of all give our heartiest gratitude and sincere thanks to Prof. Sanjay Mishra for assigning us this interesting project and providing us all the valuable information necessary fpor the success of our project. We are thankful to Mr. Nagar Singh owner of M/S. Kissan Flour Mill, and his sub ordinates for helping and guiding us to draw particular idea regarding production of flour. Their kind cooperation and helpfulness is highly appreciated. The group members expressed satisfaction on the opportunity provided to visit the flour mill. Lastly we would like to mention that , while we were preparing our project , we came to know about many procedures involved in the process of production of flour , at the same time it provided us great enjoyment.

Practical training is an important part of the theoretical studies. It is of an immense importance in the field of management. It offers the student to explore the valuable treasure of experience and an exposure to real work culture followed by the industries and thereby helping the students to bridge gap between the theories explained in the books and their practical implementations. Training plays an important role in future building of an individual so that he/she can better understand the real world in which he has to work in future. The theory greatly enhance our knowledge and provide opportunities to blend theoretical with the practical knowledge where trainees get familiar with certain aspects of industries, like shop floor management, production process and industrial relations. I feel proud to get myself trained at Kissan flour mill (jammu). I availed this opportunity in a very satisfactory manner and have tried to cover each and every aspect that I came across during my training period.


M/S New Kissan Flour Mills, Jammu ,a partnership firm of Ch. Nagar Singh , Ch.Jagar Singh , Ch. Ram Paul and Ch. Jatinder Singh, Ch. Balbir Singh , Ch. Rakesh Singh , Smt. Shobha Rani, Smt. Bimla Devi , proposes to set up a roller flour mill in the small scale sector for manufacturing of wheat products viz. Maida , Atta , Suji and Wheat Bran with an installed capacity of 30000 mts. Per annum based on 3 shifts and 300 working days. The unit is proposed to be located at Deeli , Bye Pass National Highway , Jammu. The unit is provisionally registered with General Manager , District Industries Centre , Jammu . The promoters have that much of land at proposed site which is sufficient for the level of activities envisaged in the project report . The proposed site at Deeli , Bye Pass Road is linked with other parts of state and other infrastructural facilities are available easily.

Wheat products form an important staple food for population in state.Demand for these products is mainly dependened upon the increase in population and the tourists inflow into the state. Further there is good demand for wheat products from armed

and para military forces. The demand for the product is reccuring and is likely to rise in the near future in view of the increase in the population and the tourist inflow in the state.

At the request of M/S New Kissan Flour Mills , Jammu ,( J&k ) Industial and Technical Consultancy Organisation Ltd. Jammu has taken up the task of prepration of Techno- Economic feasibility Report for the proposed project. The report includes inter-alia , details regarding background of the promoters , Markrting , Technical and Financial aspects of the project. The report is based on the information furnisher by the Promoters and gathered by the Consultants from other source.


As already stated M/S New Kissan Flour Mills, promoted as a partenership firm , proposes to set up a unit at Deeli , Bye Pass

National Highway , Jammu in the small scale sector for manufacture of wheat products. The bio-date of the promoters are given below :-

Ch. Nagar Singh ,aged 50 years, S/O Ch. KOULa Ram , resident of 33 A/D Gandhi Nagar , Jammu is a leading industrialist of the state and FCI Carriage Contractor as well as Civil Contractor. He is one of the partners of M/S Kissan Flour Mills , Jammu.

Ch. Jagar Singh aged 52 years, S/O Ch. Koula Ram resident of Satwari is also a leading industrialist and civil Contractor is one of the partners of Flour Mills.

Ch.Ram Paul aged 44 years, S/O Ch.Kanshi Ram, resident of Satwari is a transporter and Civil Contractor is one of the partners of mills.

Ch.Jatinder Singh aged 23 years, S/O Ch.Nagar Singh, is a resident of 33A/D Gandhi Nagar,is one of the partners of the Kissan Flour Mills.

Ch.Balbir Singh aged 22 years , S/O Ch.Jagar Singh, resident of Satwari is also one of the partners of the Flour Mills.

Ch. Rakesh Singh aged 40 years, S/O Ch.Koula Ram, resident of Satwari has got 4 years working experience in managing roller flour mill.

Smt. Shobha Rani and Bimla Devi, W/O Ch. Nagar Singh and Ch. Jagar Singh are also one of the partners of the Kissan Flour Mills.

M/s New Kissan Flour Mills , Deeli, Bye Pass National Highway , Jammu is a partenership firm. The promoters are not expected to face any difficulty in running it successfully. The organisational structure of the unit is considered reasonable. The analysis of balance sheets of M/S Kissan Flour Mills is given below :YEAR Capital Fixed Assets Current Assets Current Liabilities Term Loan Sales Gross Profit Net 2001-02 29254112.49 10443502.13 30193811.27 11383200.91 0.00 190528551.00 30865625.26 25162102.46 2002-03 49460730.18 8861579.07 40829502.11 230351.00 0.00 250742254.82 44369418.80 37499617.69 2003-04 63649010.56 6257950.46 58919818.07 1528757.97 0.00 236943940.00 35541591.00 29136280.38


The proposed plant would process wheat to produce various wheat products namely maida, atta, suji.

Consumption Pattern Of Wheat Products In Jammu Sector Total population 43.95 50.00 Average Per Capita Consumption 7.00kg 1.10kg Total Consumption (lakh tonnes) 3.70 0.055 0.49 0.19 4.49

Household Tourists Industrial consumer Para military

Demand Projection Of Jammu Region

Sector Growth Household Tourist Industry 2005 4.81 0.22 0.53 2006 4.95 0.25 0.57 2007 5.05 0.28 0.64 2008 5.24 0.31 0.69


0.19 5.75

0.19 5.96

0.19 6.20

0.19 6.43

Supply Position
In jammu region , presently, there are 20 flour mills.The total installed capacity of mills under operation is 5.40 lakh tonnes per annum. The mills are operating at different capacity levels and total output is of 3.15 lakh tonnes

Total Miling Capacity And Production

1. Miling capacity of 28 mills already in operation

Jammu + Kathua + Udhampur : 1880 tonnes/day Average capacity utilization Installed capacity Total annum production : 65% : 6.6 lakh tonnes : 4.27 lakh tonnes

Segment wise supply gap of Jammu Region

Year 2005 2006 2007 2008

Demand 5.75 5.96 6.20 6.43

Production 4.08 4.08 4.08 4.08

imbalance 1.67 1.88 2.12 2.35


The project relates to setting up of unit at Deeli, Bye Pass National Highway,Jammu fo manufacturing of wheat products VIZ. Atta , maida, suji and wheat bran.

Capacity And Production Programme

Based on plant and machinery proposed to be installed, the installed capacity is calculated as:1. Capacity per day a.Flour Products 100 tons 2.No.of shifts per day 3 shifts 3.No.of working days/annum 300 days 4.Installed capacity per annum a.Flour products 100*300=30000tons


Keeping in view the trend and eating habits of local population as well as past consumotion trend , the following product mix of production of 30000 tons for various wheat products have been assumed:ITEM Atta Maida Suji Bran QUANTITY 9900 mt 12000 mt 2 600 mt 25 7500 mt Total 100 30000 mt The above product mix is only indicative and can be changed with same set of plant and machinery as per changes in market conditions from time to time. %SHARE 33 40


The unit is proposed to be located at Deeli, Jammu. The piece of land measuring 7 kanals 6 marlas is sufficient for the level of activities envisaged in the project report. At the proposed site all infrastructural facilities like water and metalled road for transportation are expected to be available. The site is around 9 km from Jammu.For security reasons 6high and770 rft.long boundary wall is provided.


Covered Area(sq.ft) 1. Flour Mill 2. Finished Goods Godown 16200 2820

3. Raw Material Godown 4. Laboratory Section

3620 1440


Drum sieve with gear and motor Dry dtoner double deck Separators with motor Intensive dampner Barley cylinder Cyclones with air lock

Plansifters Purifiers double deck Bran finisher Fan purifiers Magnets jet filters

Conveying equipment elevator Spouting exhaust for cleaning milling

Automatic grinding system Pulleys , v belts Gear boxes Electric motors

Cleaning (Manual or modified cleaner)


Conditioner with water storage tank (Water added @ 2-3%)

Huller (For removal of bran(polishing)

Bran(5-7 %)

Plate Mill (For grinding polished wheat)


BakeryFlour fine atta

plate Mill

Bran(animal feed) 65%)

For regrinding-----Chapatti atta(50-

Cleaning of wheat
The wheat after it is received from godown is passed through separators with sieves , washer, magnetic separators and air resistence to remove foreign materials such as dust , stone pieces, etc.. Then the wheat is washed to remove any dirt and moisture is checked and regulated by addition or removal of water to make it ready for milling.

Milling of wheat
The process of miling begins with the break system by rolling mills in stages. After each break the released end product is graded depending upon the size.The bran particulars are removed by purifiers which are clothed with silk bolting cloth and used for floor dressing. The products are packed in gunny bags , weighed and stored in godown for despatch.

Quality control

The concern proposes to manufacture wheat products as quality products for which provision of laboratory and testing equipment have been proposed.To manage the laboratory , a qualified person will be appointed for quality checking of products.

Raw material and packaging materials

Wheat is the main raw material for producing maida , atta , suji and wheat bran. Wheat is available from Food Corporation of India from godowns.Atta, maida and suji will be sold in gunny bags received along with wheat.Wheat bran will be sold in 40 kg gunny bags and the cost of same is included in the cost of raw materials.However for calculating the profitability estimates, atta is considered to be sold in 100 kgs gunny bags.The unit is not likely to face any difficulty in procuring the requisite quantity of raw material and packaging material as per capacity.

TRANSPORT . The proposed location at Deeli, Bye Pass National Highway, Jammu is well connected by metalled road. Thus the unit is not likely to face any difficulty on account of transportation of raw material and finished goods.

The total connected load for the smooth operation of unit has been estimated at 495 hp including lighting load. The unit shall be installing 500 kva diesel generating set to met the power requirement in case of breakdown.

b.Water The daily requirement of water is estimated at 10 kl. The water will be available from own tube well. Necessary provision for storage of water, water pumps and water supply has been made in report.

The milling of wheat in plant will be carried out in a close circuit grinding and there is no significant wasteage . Negligible quantity of refractions like husk , wheat dust , kokkal etc.are separated prior to milling. In milling section fine dust particles in the form of atta are collected through separators in filters. In the milling section , dust collectors are proposed to be installed to collect any dust emitted during grinding , conveying and polishing

operations. There are no liquid effluents as small quantity of water is used in bins. There is nogeneration of gaseous effluents in the process and the operations of the unit are considered pollution free and whatever little wasteage is generated would be collected in filters and such materials have good economic value. So the unit is free from pollution.

To run the unit smoothly and to realise the production capacity , the unit would require a total manpower of 40 persons of different categories. The details of salary/ wages proposed to be paid to each category together wih annual salary. The manufacture of atta , maida , suji and wheat bran is well established in the state and no difficulty is envisaged in getting the skilled manpower.