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Learning Outcome Two - Design Process

Students should present an individual design process that produces a range of potential directions, which reflects the concepts and ideas communicated in the exploration proposal.

Two submissions are required for this Outcome: 1. 2. A folio of at least 4 potential directions (completed works) that can be further developed in Unit 4. The visual dairy.

The visual diary documents the drawing design process. It is your record of the development of your folio. You must trial a number of different approaches and record all stages of the process carefully. The visual diary should show that you have: Used an exploration proposal as a frame for an individual design process Interpreted and responded creatively to sources of inspiration and ideas in the exploration proposal Developed subject matter conceptually and aesthetically, including experimental and exploratory work Explored and developed ideas in the exploration proposal to support the development of the individual design process. Explored materials to meet individual goals Developed and refined techniques appropriate to the communication of individual ideas Documented reflections, analysis and evaluation of the experimental and developmental work, including clarification of ideas and working processes (- made choices about the direction the art work should take) Developed a range of creative potential directions throughout the design process, documented in the exploration proposal, that communicate concepts and ideas. Identified, documented and evaluated a range of potential directions throughout the design process Used appropriate art language and terminology to annotate thinking and working practices Organised the development of artworks

Your visual diary must be set out correctly: Front Cover the front cover Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 16+ Tape your name and Hallam Senior Secondary College and the school phone number and your phone number on Title page: "Studio Arts Unit 3, and your VCAA ID number. Index / Contents Page (number all your pages) Brainstorm / mind maps / list of ideas Exploration proposal paste in a plastic wallet Production timeline / Work Plan Moodboard of inspirational images/items plus interspersed throughout the book as necessary. Drawings, artist references, prints, mixed media, photos, of at least four potential directions reflecting a thorough exploration of different materials and techniques relating to the chosen theme. These should be accompanied by detailed evaluation.

Students are to bring their workbook to every class and to submit them for formal observation and authentication.

Submission: Friday May 5th, 2013