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ASCT/EEE/LAB/BEE-07 (Open & Short Circuit Test)

AIM: - To Perform Open Circuit Test & S ort Circuit Test on ! Sin"#e P !se Tr!nsformer to $etermine T e P!r!meters Of T e E%ui&!#ent Circuit. INSTR'MENTS RE('IRE$:
S. No. 1. !$ "$ -$ *$ .$ 7$ Instruments Single Phase ariac %att&eter '(na&o )eter T(pe A&&eter (),) A&&eter (),) olt&eter (),) olt&eter (),) Single Phase Trans/or&er Range 0-!"0 !$*/*A+ #*0 /"00 0-* A 0-!0 A 0-"0 0-"00 #0 A Qty. 0# 0# 0# 0# 0# 0# 0#

T)EOR*:(A) Open Circuit Test ,/ one o/ the 1in2ing o/ a single-phase trans/or&er is3 0ept open circuite2 an2 AC suppl( is gi4en to the other 1in2ing3 the trans/or&er ta0es a s&all current calle2 the no load current, 1hich is o/ the or2er o/ ! to *5 o/ the /ull loa2 current$ The no loa2 current has t1o co&ponents3 the &agneti6ing co&ponent Im pro2ucing the /lu7 in the trans/or&er core an2 the 1or0ing co&ponents I+ to suppl( the iron core losses in the core$ The s&all copper losses in the 1in2ing at this re2uce2 current are negligi8le$ Thus3 the po1er input to the trans/or&er un2er this con2itions e9ual iron losses ta0ing place in it$ ,/ %03

an2 ,0 are the rea2ings o/ the 1att&eter3 4olt&eter an2 a&&eter respecti4el(

2uring no loa2 1hen connecte2 as per the 2iagra&$ The no loa2 e9ui4alent para&eters are calculate2 as /ollo1s cos, I+ R0 .0 /0 I 0 I0cos, /0 I0

(B) Short Circuit Test ,n this test lo1 4oltage 1in2ing is short-circuite2 & e7peri&ent is per/or&e2 at high 4oltage si2e (usuall( *-#05 o/ nor&al pri&ar( 4oltage) allo1 4oltage at correct /re9uenc( applie2 to the pri&ar( is continuousl( increase2 until /ull loa2 current is /lo1ing in the pri&ar( se4en secon2ar($

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ASCT/EEE/LAB/BEE-07 (Open & Short Circuit Test) Since in this test applie2 4oltage is s&all percentage o/ actual 4oltage$ The &utual /lu7 pro2uce2 is also a s&all percentage o/ actual 4alue$ :ence3 core losses are 4er( s&all$ %ith the results3 thus 1att&eter rea2ing represents /ull loa2 copper losses$ i$e.

0sc Rsc

/sc Isc . Isc1

%here3 W= rated ohmic losses; Vsc = rated voltage; Isc= rated current


PROCE$'RE:(A) Open Circuit Test #$ The suppl( is s1itche2 on 1ith 4ariac as its &in$ position$ !$ The 4oltage applie2 to the trans/or&er is a2;uste2$ "$ Onl( one set o/ rea2ing correspon2ing to the rate2 4oltage is su//icient to calculate the co&plete result$

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ASCT/EEE/LAB/BEE-07 (Open & Short Circuit Test) (B) Short Circuit Test #$ Connect the circuit as gi4en in the circuit 2iagra&$ !$ appl( 4oltage sc 1ith the help o/ 4ariac 1hich is re9uire2 to rate2 current "$ <ote the rea2ing o/ 1att&eter3 4olt&eter & a&&eter$ -$ S1itch o// the AC suppl($

O3SER/ATION TA34E:(A) Open Circuit Test S. No. 7. !$ (B) Short Circuit Test S. No. #$ !$ /SC 5&o#ts6 ISC 5!mpere6 .SC 5+!tts6 /0 5&o#ts6 .0 5+!tts6 I0 5!mpere6

RES'4T:Open Circuit Test has gi4en the /ollo1ing result= #$ T e /!#ue of R0 !$ T e /!#ue of X0 - 888888888888 - 888888888888

S ort Circuit Test has gi4en the /ollo1ing result= #$ T e /!#ue of 0sc !$ T e /!#ue of Rsc "$ T e /!#ue of Xsc -$ T e /!#ue of . - 888888888888 - 888888888888 - 888888888888 - 888888888888

PRECA'TION:#$ All the connection shoul2 8e tight$ !$ 'o not touch an( ter&inal 1ithout s1itching o// po1er$ "$ <ote the rea2ing care/ull($

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