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10 Ways To Succeed With Women Quickly

We all want to have an attractive, fun and loyal woman (or women) in our lives. The question is; will it takes us a lifetime to figure out how to do it or can we learn this quickly so we can spend the rest of our lives enjoying ourselves with the women we ve always wanted! The "# tips $elow will get you on the fast track to success %% do yourself a favor and check them out right now.

Number 10 Learn the magic of Cocky & unny!

The technique of &'ocky ( )unny* is a magical com$ination of humor and arrogance that attracts women quickly. +ne guy wrote to me and e,plained that he walked up to a woman at a concert and said, -This $and sucks.- .eah, that s sorta 'ocky, $ut saying that to a total stranger just isn/t funny. 0f you say, -1ey, do you like this $and!- and she says, -.eah,- and you say, -2oesn/t surprise me. What are you the guitar player/s sister!* 0t/s funny, $ut it/s also kind of unclear. 0t involves the woman you/re talking to without her really $eing a$le to catch on to what you mean. 'ocky guys attract women %% that/s reality %% $ut guys who are only 'ocky also upset and offend a lot of women. 3dd more )unny %% it/s much $etter for her and for you.

Number " Learn ho# to handle $i%ot $oints!

+ne thing that helped me tremendously was learning how to handle &pivot points* %% those times when you have to make an important choice on how to handle a situation with a woman. 4et s say a girl tells you, &0t d $e weird to kiss you %% we re such good friends.* Try playfully saying something like, -.ou/re pro$a$ly not that good of a kisser anyway,- and change the su$ject. Then tease her a$out it later. What this does is set up a challenge in her mind, and it will work wonders if done correctly. 4ater, say, -'ome here,- and tell her to close her eyes. 4ean in really close, like you/re going to kiss her and she can feel your lips just touching hers, then lean $ack and say, -5ever mind, 0 still $et that you don/t know how to kiss.* 6et it! 3fter you do this three or four times, lean into smelling her neck as 0 descri$e in the $onus $ooklet called Sex Secrets that comes with Double Your Dating.

Number & 'ecome a master of #omen(s tests!

When you first meet a woman, e,pect that she s going to $e throwing out &tests* from the get go. When this happens, just look her in the eye and give her that cool, calm, sly smile that says -that was almost cute, little girl.- 1ot women are testing to find those little clues that tell them that you/re faking it %% that you/re just another loser who/s trying to act cool. 2on/t drop the $all. 6ive her a sly smile, and say, -'ute- and then say, -.ou love me.There are still more ways to succeed with women quickly... Ne)t **

+a%e one default mo%e! for e%ery situation

7ver $een with a woman $ut you didn t know what you should do next! We ve all $een there. +ne thing that really makes me laugh is that most guys spend more time rehearsing their voicemail messages then they do rehearsing scenarios with women. .ou need one good, solid, default thing to do in each common situation with women. 1ere/s your homework8 Take out a piece of paper and write down your one single favorite way to start a conversation with a woman. 9lan out exactly how it should go in your mind. 5e,t, mentally rehearse this scenario over and over until you have it clear in your mind. )inally, go out tomorrow night and use this one introduction to meet "# women. The ne,t day, sit down again for a few minutes and think a$out how it worked for you and how you could improve your approach. .ou won t $elieve your results.

Number , Learn to ans#er trick -uestions!

3s your skills improve, you ll notice women asking you trick questions like, &Will 0 ever have a chance with you!* When a woman asks a question like this, it means that she/s feeling very insecure, $ecause she knows that she/s dealing with a man who has options . :he -gets it- that you can go out and meet women any time you want, and she/s e,posing this insecurity to you $y asking this. 3nswer with, -Well, let me think a$out it- or -3 chance to do what!- or -What are you willing to offer in e,change!- in a 'ocky ( )unny tone of voice. When you answer with a confusing, funny, arrogant answer, it takes the negative tension out of the air ($ecause you used humor) and it adds some positive tension ($ecause you hinted that she does have a chance with you). This is a great opportunity to use your 'ocky ( )unny material %% so do it;

Number . /nother tricky -uestion0

4et s say you re kissing a woman, etc. and she says, &.ou just want to have se, with me, don t you!* 0 would pro$a$ly answer something like, -5o, 0 was thinking that since we were kissing passionately and feeling each other/s $odies that this was pro$a$ly going to lead to pure friendship.- 0f she pushed the issue and asked something like, -2o you just want se, or do you want to have a relationship!- 0/d pro$a$ly answer, -.ou/re right. 4et/s just go get married tonight.- 3s you know, 0 don t like the idea of $eing dishonest or misleading people. The point is that $y using a very direct, sarcastic, 'ocky ( )unny attitude, you can address the issue and $asically say, -4ook, it/s o$vious that we $oth want to have se,, and it/s +< if we do. 0t doesn/t have to mean anything in particular and if things work out $etween us, then they do.-

Number 1 2et a handle on your 3ealousy

=ealousy is an interesting emotion, especially when it comes to dating. 6enerally speaking, when a woman knows that you/re seeing other women it will make you more attractive. 1owever, you must $e careful; jealousy can make people cra>y, and it can lead otherwise normal people to do all kinds of insane things. ?y perspective is that you need to live your life and not worry a$out what others think of you. This trait will lead to women finding you more attractive. 0f you/re always worrying a$out whether a woman will $e upset $ecause she sees you out with another woman, then you/ll $e acting like a Wussy all night $ecause you/re scared. +n the other hand, if you could care less what others think of you, then it will project into all other areas of your $ehavior, and will lead to other good things. :ucceed with women quickly with these top @ techniques... Ne)t **

4no# ho# to turn around flaky! #omen

We ve all had the e,perience of setting up a meeting or date with a woman, only to have her not show up. ?ost guys think this is the end of it, $ut really it s just the beginning and it all depends on your response. The ne,t time you see her say, -+<, you/re playing hard to get, $ut it/s not working on me (in a funny way).

6ive me your e%mail and num$er, and 0/ll call you in a few days.- Then get her info, and wait a few days to call her. When you do reach her, tell her that she owes you a cup of tea for $eing flaky, and make her pay for it. When you do this correctly %% with a playful attitude %% it communicates all the right things a$out you, things that will spark her attraction toward you in a big way.

Number 5 laky #omen 66 $art 77

When a woman flakes on you, $ust her $alls, make fun of her for flaking and tell her that she/s on strike one. .ou might want to tell her8 -Well, since you flaked out on me once, now you have to take me out. 1ere/s my address and the directions to my house. 'ome pick me up.- .ou need to let her know that it/s not +< for her to $e flaky, and at the same time use her flaky $ehavior to tease her. =ust don t make the mistake of losing your &cool* and showing her that she ruffled your feathers.

Number 1 Commit to learning the skills

The single most important thing you can do to succeed with women and dating is to make the commitment to improve your skills. When you decide once and for all that you ll do whatever it takes to learn how to communicate with a woman in a way that sparks attraction, you won t $elieve how quickly your success can turn around. 0nvest in yourself, invest in your skills and it ll pay dividends for the rest of your life.