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Xibo Step by Step Guide to Adding PowerPoint Content

Creating your PowerPoint Content

PowerPoint content for Xibo displays needs to be carefully checked to ensure that it is compatible with Xibo. 1. Make sure your presentation is the right shape. PowerPoint slides are 4:3 ratio by default. a. In PowerPoint Click the Design Tab and then Page Setup. b. On the Page Setup screen there are 3 settings which are relevant to Xibo displays. Clicking the Screen Sized For: dropdown box will give you options for On Screen Show (4:3), On Screen Show (16:9) and On Screen Show (16:10). These correspond to the templates used for Xibo. So if you display is running 16:10 ration use the On Screen Show (16:10).

2. Make sure your presentation has slide timings. If you run the slide show on your PC and the slides and animations advance without your interaction, then you've done it right. It is also useful at this time to make a note of the length of the presentation in seconds. a. Click on the Animations Tab and ensure that On Mouse Click is not ticked and that Automatically After has a value and is ticked. 3. It is also Important to ensure that the slideshow is setup correctly to run with timings and also not to show the scroll bar in a multi-slide presentation. a. Click on the Slide Show tab and select the Set Up Slide Show option. b. On the Set Up Show screen there are two things to check. i. Ensure that Browsed by an individual (window) is selected and that Show Scrollbar is not ticked.

ii. Ensure that Advance Slides is set to Use Timings, if present.

4. Finally, Xibo is not Compatible with Office 2007 format files, so when you save the presentation it is important to save it as 2003 format. a. Click the Office Button in the top left corner and click Save As. b. Navigate to where you want to save the document, give it a name and click the Save as Type dropdown. Select PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation.

Sending to Xibo
Once the PowerPoint is complete we can upload it to Xibo and Schedule its display. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Open a Web Browser and goto Sign in using your username and password. Click Layouts. Click Add Layout. Fill in the screen which pops up taking care to stick to the Naming Convention mentioned in the user guide (School/Department Layout). Set the Shared and Template as required.

6. Click Save to finish. 7. As this is a PowerPoint layout we do not need to set the background and can proceed to Double Click the Grey area on Screen. 8. Click the PowerPoint Icon on the top bar. 9. Use the Browse Button to select the PowerPoint file you want to upload. 10. Give the Media a Name using the Naming Convention in the User Guide (School/Department Media Type Description). Set the Duration in seconds (this is where making a note of the time in PowerPoint is useful). And set the access rights. Click Save. And then Close the

Region Options Box. 11. Now Click back to the Dashboard and select Schedule. 12. Click on the Date when you want the Layout to start displaying. 13. Select the Display/s you want the Layout to display on, Set the dates and time you want the display to run for using the Start and End Time, and select the Layout from the Layout Dropdown.

14. Once you are happy with the setup, click Save. You layout will now display at the times and dates you have specified.