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5 S is a powerful improvement process that gets impressive results. The main challenge of implementing 5 S is developing a shop floor understanding of its key points and tools. Of late Security is added as the 6th S and Safety as the 7th S. And it makes sense that after all the hard work of sorting, arranging, cleaning, standardization, Training and discipline, we need to form a good habit to maintain the safety of the workplace and also the security of important documents. This is where the concept of the 7th S are involved. This training is intended to give your staff powerful knowledge that your staff can use to make your workplace cleaner, neater and safer, their jobs simpler and more satisfying.


Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to :
Understand The Practicality Of The 7s Principles And Its Derivation Appreciate The Benefits & Contributions Of 7s Housekeeping To Productivity, Quality, Safety, Security And The Environment. Know How To Keep The Workplace Neat, Clean, Well Organized And Secured For Confidential Documents And Materials. Know How To Set Up A Professional 7s Facilitator And Steering Committee Design And Develop 7s Housekeeping Plan For Implementation Utilize Effective Methods For Sustaining 7s Good Practice Of Housekeeping Get Everyone Involve In The 7s Housekeeping : A Must For Everyone From Bottom To Top Management Know How To Use 7s Housekeeping To Enhance Safety And Hence Reduce Potential Accidents And Made Them A Habits For Maintenance.

Module 1 - Introducing The 7S Housekeeping Concept
What is 7s Good Housekeeping all about? The Problems of Poor Housekeeping and how it affects your environment, your productivity, safety, security at the work place and working morale of the employees. Benefits of 7s Housekeeping to Employee, Machines & Tools, Materials, Work in Progress, Products, Expensive & Important Materials, Confidential documents, Suppliers and Ultimately the Customers.


Module 2 - The Roles Of 7s In The Organization

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a 7s Facilitator ? How to form an Effective Steering Committee and identify its Responsibilities? What are the Contribution of the Steering Committee in Promoting the7s ? Workshop Activity: Setting up of Steering Committee & selecting members. Roles and

Module 3 - Implementating Or Refreshing The 5s Methods

What are the 7s and why do we need them ? o Implement S1 SEIRI - Sorting Schedule Seiri Action Plan Separating the necessary from the unnecessary items How to take action on those unnecessary items and REPORT to management? Workshop Activity: Systematic Approach to Red tagging unwanted items. o Implement S2 SEITON - Arranging Identifying Workplace Organization with Seiton Strategy Storage Organization at the workplace. Problems avoided by implementing Orderliness Implement S3 SEISO - Cleaning Planning & Consolidating a Daily Cleaning Schedule & Procedures Making Cleaning and Checking Habitual Cleanliness means Inspection Workshop Activity: How to Prepare a Comprehensive Cleaning Schedule? Implement S4 SEIKETSU - Standardizing What are the Tools for Seiketsu How to design and develop a 7s Housekeeping Checklist Make Sorting, Arranging, and Cleanliness a Habit Workshop Activity: Establishing Checklist & Responsibilities Implement S5 SHITSUKE Training & Discipline Implement Shitsuke Activities Photo Display, 7s Corners, 7s Contest , 7s Competition , and etc The generation of Awareness and Excitement to support 7S implementation and maintenance. Know how to Create Conditions for the Implementation of Discipline Implement S6 SECURITY Protection of Documents, Premises and Environment Implement Security Activities Identify and Segregate Confidential documents Plan for special storage for Important and Confidential documents and materials. Know how to ensure and design the storage place to be adequately protected from pilferage and losing of important companys information. Check plan on premises, and environment to be securely locked and protected from potential break-in. Implement S7 SAFETY Know the Common types of ACCIDENTS by NOT implementing the seven 7s and how to manage them. Know how 7S is directly responsible for the Safety at the workplace. Your Workplace Safety Action Plan Workshop Activity: Identifying unsafe areas due to poor housekeeping & security

Module 4 - 7S Progress Tracking And Monitoring Checklist

What is a 7s Progress Tracking and Monitoring Checklist ? How to use Seiri, Seiton, and Seiko checklist to inspect designated workplace. Know the Common types of resistance to implementing the 7 s and how to handle them.

Module 5 - Maintain And Sustain 7 S Activity

Learn the Tools and Techniques for Promoting & Sustaining Discipline Apply the Five Pillars as the Foundation for Improvement Activities Your Group Action Plan


All Manufacturing & Administrative Personnel - Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Foreman, tore & Warehouse personnel and people who wants to develop Practical Housekeeping skills, knowledge and implement at their workplace

This stimulating program will maximizes the understanding and learning through lecture, discussion, case studies and practical activities.