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Countables/Uncountabl NAME____________________ es ___ a/an, some, any, every, no A lot of, much, many, a few, few, a little, little Modals SURNAME_________________ __ CLASS____________________ ___

A. Fill in a, an, some or any




1. There isnt _________ electricity at the campsite. 2. There arent _________ sunglasses in the shop. 3. Ive got _________ apple in my bag. 4. There are _________ sandwiches. 5. Ill buy _________ bottle of water at the beach. 6. I havent got _________ radios in my room. 7. Is there _________ internet caf in your town? 8. There arent _________ computers in my classroom. 9. Have you got _________ brothers and sisters? 10. My teachers got _________ new car. 11. Theres _________ water in the bottle. 12. Im going to buy _________ chips. 13. There is _________ camera. 14. Shes got _________ pear. 15. You can have _________ potatoes. 16. Have you got _________ lemons? 17. Ive got _________ cherries. 18. We need _________ water. 19. Weve got _________ bread. 20. We dont need _________ strawberries. 21. Have we got _________ cheese? 22. Would you like _________ coffee? 23. We need _________ banana.

24. Ive got _________ orange juice. 25. They havent got _________ hamburgers.

B. Fill in much or many

1. My brother is very busy. He hasn't _________ got time. 2. There is too _________ noise in the street. I can't sleep. 3. How _________ eggs do I need for an omelet? 4. Does your student know _________ words in English? 5. Because of e-mails, people don't receive _________ letters nowadays. 6. My mother always put too _________ salt when she cooks. 7. There haven't been _________ sunny days lately. 8. I like that dress very _________.

C. Choose the correct answer

1. She looks pretty sick. I think she ________ go to a doctor. a) should b) can 2. Youve been driving all day. You ________ be exhausted! a) should b) must 3. You ________ smoke so much. Its bad for your health. a) cant b) shouldnt 4. Hey Im lost. ________ you help me? a) Can b) Should 5. You have such a beautiful voice. You ________ sing for us! a) should b) can 6. I know he speaks five languages, but ________ he speak Arabic? a) should b) can 7. That looks very expensive. It ________ have cost a fortune! a) should b) must 8. I ________ believe that you failed your test! a) cant b) shouldnt 9. Im on my way. I ________ be there in about 10 minutes.

a) should b) can 10. I ________ afford that. a) cant b) shouldnt

D. Fill in a little, little, a few, few

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. There is ________ money in the wallet. We cant buy anything. Ive got ________ books. My bookcase is not empty. My mum has got ________ cigarettes in the packet. She doesnt I cant wait for you. I ve got ________ time. Fred has got ________ English books. He can study for a long time. Brenda has got ________ friends. She is really shy. There is ________ butter left. We need to buy some. There are ________ people at the cinema because the film is not I have got ________ magazines. I prefer books.

have to buy any today.

very good. 10. There is a ________ pizza in the fridge if you are hungry.

Good Luck!