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Press Release

mySmart All-in-One monitors from AOC now available

Dubai, UAE 17th March 2 1!" #is$lay s$ecialist AOC la%nches two Smart All-in-One monitors& 'he 21&() *(!&+, an- 2.&+/ *(0&0 cm, innovative to%ch-controlle- mo-els from the 72 Series -eliver e1cellent $ict%re 2%ality, soli- com$%tational $ower for a smooth An-roio$eratin3 system $erformance an- a rich set of feat%res to offer a real Smart All-in-One sol%tion& Office a$$lications, internet access, 3ames an- other a$$lications can be r%n -irectly on the mySmart All-in-One monitors& As no 4C is re2%ire-, this easy-to-%se hassle-free conce$t is the $erfect sol%tion for seniors, chil-ren or anybo-y who shies away from com$licate- an- e1$ensive com$%ter set-%$s& 'ech savvy mobile %sers, who have their files store- in the clo%-, will also benefit from the new mySmart -is$lays& 5n a--ition to their livin3-room %sa3e, the mySmart All-in-One monitors are also a 3oo- choice for $%blic -e$loyment in air$orts, ban6s, hotel lobbies, resta%rants ane-%cational instit%tions&

Running Android under a quad core PCU configuration: the mySmart All-in-One monitor a2472Pw4t

7olistic a$$roach" the Smart All-in-One sol%tion The Full HD displays employ a 1.6 GHz quad core processor from the N !D!"# T$$ series u%der a% "%droid operati%& system. Tha%'s to the "ll(i%( )%e set(up* users ca% surf the i%ter%et* play &ames or e%+oy e%tertai%me%t ,

Press Release
all -ithout the %eed for a computer. .oasti%& a sophisticated !P/ pa%el -ith touch co%trol* these bra%d(%e- models ca% act both as super(sized tablets a%d mo%itors. ")0 fits out the smart displays -ith 1 G. of DDR$ memory to pro2ide e%ou&h computatio%al po-er for a really smooth "%droid e3perie%ce. The 4 G. Flash memory lea2es &e%erous space for docume%ts* pictures a%d apps -hich ca% also be e3te%ded 2ia the /DH0 memory card slot if %eeded.

The my/mart "ll(i%()%e mo%itors ca% be li%'ed 2ia their D(/ub a%d HD5! co%%ectors. They also boast t-o 6/. co%%ectors a%d a 5icro 6/. port supporti%& 6/. o%(the(&o to act as a host for compatible 6/. &ad&ets such as pri%ters* cameras or pe% dri2es. To easily participate i% co%fere%ce or 2ideo calls* there are a built(i% micropho%e* 1 -att spea'ers a%d a 718p HD -ebcam as -ell. For i%ter%et access* ")0 equips the models -ith a% R9:; +ac' a%d a <iFi module. " $.; mm +ac' has also bee% added to co%%ect e3ter%al audio set(ups.

.oth models come i% a stylish* blac' a%d sil2er desi&% that also i%cludes i%telli&e%t tilt ad+ustability from 11= to ;;=. Tech%ical details a%d prices >e3cludi%& "T? ca% be fou%d i% the table belo-.

Press Release
'echnical s$ecifications 8 recommen-e- $rices Mo-el 4anel ty$e 9 si:e 4rocessor Memory OS US; Stora3e <i=i Connectors Car- >ea-er <ebcam S$ea6ers 4anel >esol%tion Contrast ?%minosity >es$onse @iewin3 an3les 'ilt a22724w!t 11.;@ >;:.6 cm? a2!724w!t 1$.6@ >;A.A cm?

N !D!"Te&ra T$$ Buad 0ore C 1.6 GHz 1 G. DDR$ "%droid :.1 operati%& system 1 3 6/. 1.8 1 3 5icro 6/. o%(the(&o 4 G. e550 Flash >e3te%dable 2ia /DH0? 481.11 bD&D% G"* HD5!* R9:; Ether%et* $.; mm audio +ac' 1 3 /DH0 718p >HD?* i%cludi%& micropho%e 131< Touch(co%trolled "D/ >!P/? -ith <FED bac'li&hts 1A18 3 1848 C 68 Hz 1888G1 >typ.?* ;8 5G1 >dy%.? 1;8 cdDmH ; ms GTG 174= >HD ? >0R18? 1;=( ;7=

=or f%rther information" istar 0ommu%icatio%s P) .o3 1176$1 Dubai* 6"E /a%+ee2 Ia%t Pho%eG J A71 : :18 1;17 E(5ailG sanAeevBvistarmea&com

Press Release
or ")0 !%ter%atio%al >Europe? .. . 188* 6th floor 18A7 9. "msterdam /ede%"yyKldKz Pho%eG J$1 18 ;8:6A;1 E(5ailG se-en&ayyil-i:Bt$v-tech&com Abo%t AOC ")0 is o%e of the &lobal top bra%ds i% the display mar'et. Hi&h quality* first( rate ser2ice* a% attracti2e desi&% as -ell as e%2iro%me%tally frie%dly a%d i%%o2ati2e products at competiti2e prices are the reaso%s -hy more a%d more co%sumers a%d distributio% part%ers trust i% ")0. The e3ceptio%ally broad product ra%&e of computer displays has -o% %umerous a-ards. ")0 is a subsidiary of TP Tech%olo&y Fimited* the -orldLs lar&est F0D ma%ufacturer. ")0 ser2es the <ester% Europea%* 5iddle East a%d "frica% mar'ets from its headquarters i% "msterdam. The Easter% Europea% a%d 0!/ mar'ets are ser2ed by a local office i% Pra&ue. Throu&h its %et-or' of local sales teams ")0 -or's -ith all ma+or !T distributors a%d resellers. ---.aoc(