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Adolescent Problem in the catcher in the Ryi 1. 2. 2.1.2 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1." ". $. %.

Introduction Adolescent Problem in the catcher in the Ryi Adolescent Problems Holden Confronts Holdens Protection of innocence Holdens disgust for the honiness of the adult !orld Holdens alienation from society #he Im act of the adolescent Conclusion &ibliogra hy roblems on Holden

Introduction #he catcher in the Rye !as !ritten by famous American !ritten '.(. )alinger* It is an autobiogra hical no+el by him. #he author has brought his o!n e, eriences as a school boy to life through the rotagonist of the no+el* Holden Caulfield. #his study deals !ith adolescent issues in the catcher in the Rye our study focuses o the rotagonist of the no+el !ho !ill be the material. It argues the adolescent roblems !hich include- Holdens rotection of innocence* his disgust for the honiness of the adult !orld and his alienation from society. #he story of this no+el is about a high school boy his name is Holden Caulfield* his roblem is ho! to become a gro!nu man. #he control theme of no+el is essentially on him. Holden finds himself caught bet!een childhood and adulthood in the stic.y situation of adolescence. Also he !ants to a+oid maturity and finds craning the childhood innocence he has already lost.

Holden Protection of Innocence Holden told his sister* that he !ants to be a catcher in the rye. He imagines- children are laying in a field of rye near a cliff. Holden has been osted at the erimeter of the rye field. He sa+es children from falling o+er edge of the cliff. #hat cliff symboli/e the transition from childhood to adulthood and he !ants to .ee them as an innocent children not hony adults. Holden sees that the rotection of innocence* es ecially of children as a rimary +irtue. It is +ery closely related to his struggle against gro!ing u . #hrough his e, erience* he .no!s that it is difficult for a child to gain the !orld of adults. )o he !ishes to sa+e them from running headlong into the big bad !orld of gro!nu s. #he eo le he all re resent or rotect innocence for e,am le* he thin.s of 'ane 0allagher* not as a maturing young !omen* but as a girl !ith !hom he used to lay chec.ers. #he red hunting hut is not only symboli/ed as a uni1ue* but it also symboli/es Allies and hoebes hair. Perha s Holden associates it !ith innocence and urity he belie+es these t!o children. Holden used to +isit the museum !hich is also re resent the lace !here e+erything is stable and safe. 2othing changes and Holdens childhood too is li.e it* !here e+erything is sim le* understandable and finite. he hates conflict* he is confused by Allies senseless death* and he fears interaction !ith other eo le. Here !e can see Holdens struggle against maturity.

Holdens alienation from society Holden can hardly ma.e any friends e,ce t his sister and 'ane 0allagher. Conse1uently* he feels lonely and de ressed. It is his isolation that things about his emotional!n. Holden 1uarrels !ith his friends and they lea+e him. He is an alien in his o!n house. He fears his father and so li+es in hotels or in hostels. He does not remain at home as he has failed in some courses. He !ants to lea+e his country for e+er but hoebe ersuades him from going abroad. Holden e,em lifies ty ical teenage feelings of alienation. He re3ects the idea that life is a game. He has friends but he cannot continue his friendshi . He feels that no one understands him and that e+eryone is a hony. He thin.s that no one honest* and e+erybody !ants to be some things else. He feels that the only erson !ho understands him is hoebe. He does not ha+e relationshi s !ith girls or anyone because he feels that he is the only genuine erson in the !orld. 4hen Holdens brother Allie died* Holden feels that he loses the !orld as a !hole. He feels loneliness* he considers him as a friend. Holden is an aty ical teenager. He is more than most adolescents. He is also in the midest of an identity crisis. All teenagers go through there hases* so e+eryone can relate to Holden to some e,tent. He is socially ine t. Although he has many friends and ac1uaintances he can not form lasting meaningful friendshi s. 5ost teenagers although they do ha+e insecurities are able to function in relationshi s. Holden actually regresses bac.6li.e state of mind. He is constantly d!elling on the death of his younger brother and a+oids his arents.

Holdens disgust for the phonies of the adult world . Holden calls others honies* !hich is one of Holdens fa+orite conce ts. He feels surrounded by dishonesty and false retenses. Holden unli.e the usual fictional teenager* does not e, ress normal rebellion. He distrusts his teachers and arents not because he !ants to se arate himself from them* but because he cant understand them in fact there is a little in the !orld that he does understand. #he only eo le he trusts and res ects are Allie* his brother and hoebe his younger sister. 7+eryone else is a hony of some sort. Holden uses the !ord hony to identify e+erything in the !orld !hich he re3ects. He re3ects his roommate stradlater because atradlater does not +alue the memories so dear to Holden. 7+en 7rnie* the iano layer* is hony because he is too s.illful. Also Holdens most trusted teacher* 5r. Antolini* ro+es to be a hony !hen he attem ts to fondle Holden. Holden insists that he is surrounded by honies. He labels others as honies as a !ay of himself feel li.e he has things together and e,actly !ho he says he is * but in reality he is 3ust a hony as he thin.s e+eryone else is.

The impact of the adolescent problems on Holden #hese ad descent roblems Holden confronts e,ert great influence on him and results in his erratic beha+ior and his negati+e attitude to!ards eo le* society almost erratically and im ulsi+ely. #hese seems to be no rational or reasonable moti+ation for his beha+ior. 4hen stradlater fails to a reciate Holdens com osition* Holden sudden tears it into ieces !ith great anger. His fight !ith stradlater also sho!s Holdens inability to control himself* !hen he sus ects that stradlater has sle t !ith his old friend* Holden res ounds by unching him. 4hen Holden calls sally to ha+e a date. (uring lunch* Holden com laints that he is fedu !ith e+erything around him and suggests that they run a!ay to ne! 7ngland* !here they call li+e in a cabin in the !oods* !hen sally re3ects his idea* Holden calls her* royal ain in the ass and she starts to cry. Holden feels that he can not e+en get the idea of going to ne! 7ngland. Holden has negati+e attitudes to!ards e+erything and e+eryone he meets. He strongly disgusts the hony things in society* es ecially and !orld of mo+ies he often calls hony. Holden tells 'ane 0alla her that he hates e+erything ta,icabs* li+ing in 2e! 8or.* hony guys !ho call the lunts angels. Holdens unhealthy attitude to!ards se, deser+es are attention. He is disturbed by the fact that he is around by .in.y* se,ual beha+ior such as s itting in ones artners face.

conclusion Adolescence is a com licated time in a ersons life. 9ften* an adolescent does not .no! !here he:she fits in. as an adolescent Holden canfield is faced !ith the harshness and ressures of reality in gro!ing u . A feeling of loneliness and alienation is !hat aty ical teenagers face on their assage to!ards maturity. #his feeling leads Holden to his destruction among his relationshi s !ith other eo le in the society. Holden is much more than a troubled teenage going through a hase indeed Holden is a +ery s ecial boy !ith s ecial needs. He does not understand and not !ish to understand the !orld around him. Holden re resents a social ty e of adolescents gro!ing u in a corru t and decadent !orld and ser+es a mirror for his tears. #here is a lot in him !ith !hich the young can identify. 5uch of Holdens candid outloo. and life* on eo le around him* on society is still rele+ant to the youth of today and contains a truth of an eternal nature. ;rom the adolescent roblem Holden meets* it is clear that the arent and eo le in society should care and lo+e one another* es ecially children that !e should hel the young ada t them to the changing society* and that !e should hel young establish healthy outloo. on !orld and life. #hus the young can gro! u in a sound !ay.